Thursday, May 31, 2007

My God! An Actual Response!

Usually it's been something along the line of "Great Blog, Let me help you lower your mortgage payments..." but not this time! Comforting to know there's a kindred spirit out there that's just about as depraved as I am.  Clearly I need to work on my fart jokes; they need to improve in quality and quantity.  I haven't even mentioned Harry Potter 5 yet, but if I were this guy I'd patent the phrase "3quel". It's the three-peat of the aughts, and you don't even have to buy people pizzas at halftime. Let's face it: there's just no improving on Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. How do you come up with the third title? Maybe there's hope: after all, they eventually got around to Creepshow 3. It'll probably have to be a video release, something like Breakin' 3: Breakin' vs. Krumpin'. Anyway, X-Men 3's lucky it came out a year earlier, huh?

Then we tore William Friedkin a new one. Sadly, the 2000s ain't the new 1970s yet for ol' Billy Freek. Only three films so far this decade... and ZERO Oscars! Oh, snap! But now that Sherry Lansing's retired you can spend more time with the fam, once you get that new awards case installed in the house. At 70 years old, isn't it time to retire buddy? Right after Woody Allen, right?

I must confess I need to catch up on my Adrienne Shelley movies. I just remember her in Trust asking for ... ten bucks? I'm pathetic. I saw BGDCTGE on cable too many years ago; don't remember much about that, except that Joan Micklin Silver went Hollywood. Except for that A Fish in the Bathtub. It's one of those great, stand-alone titles like F.I.S.T. or Castle Freak, or Future Shock. Gymkata forever!

p.s. oh yeah, almost forgot. I feel half-ashamed about it, but I just can't wait. I saw about ten minutes of No Country for Old Men. Here's the link. Oh, if only the Coens would make movies that go directly to video like Steven Seagal does now... I don't know, there'd probably be a down side to it. Tschuß!

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