Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Film's Purpose

It's been a while since I blurted out a review, so why not give it a shot?  It's like riding a bicycle, I'm told.  Of course, it helps an awful lot if you've seen a film to review.  Remember that kids: before you take up the sordid but rewarding task of reviewing a film, always watch it first.  Always.  Even an Adam Sandler film, because he does throw the occasional curve ball in there.  I mean, a Pauly Shore cameo in "Sandy Wexler"?  That's not nothing!
Anyway, the film in question this time, in this instant case is called A Dog's Purpose.  And let me just say up front... boy, I must be a real pain in the ass to live with.  I didn't pick the film... well, you know how it is.  If it were up to me, Big Lebowski every night.  At least once.  Then once again with the swear counter.  You too?  So I let my roommate pick the viewing choice for the evening, then he says "And don't look up anything about it on the internet."  He likes surprises, and apparently really hates it when I ruin them.  You know, don't look up any reviews... ACTUAL reviews, not whatever the f... heck this little internet backwater is.
So, to sum up what we've covered so far, the film is A Dog's Purpose... and the word 'purpose,' of course, has special meaning to a film buff.  After all, it is purpose that defines us, that created us... I can't remember the rest.  It's giving me a special headache now, frankly.  Meanwhile, somewhere in an alternate universe, the argument is still going on.  "Yeah, a human designer!"  "It had a DESIGNER."  "Yeah, a human designer!"  "It ... it had a DESIGNER."  And even though I was forbidden from looking up anything about the film A Dog's Purpose, anything at all... I was told that it's an Amblin production.  You know, Steven Spielberg.  Now, I love and respect Spielberg as much as the next denizen of Hollywood... but I must confess that he's not the greatest producer in the world.  One of the greatest directors, sure, no question, but... Harry and the Hendersons?  "The Land Before Time" series?  One of the eighty-six producers of the Transformers movies?  I mean, I'm sure everyone in Hollywood owns several original prints of all these movies, and more than a few copies on 4K Ultra Blu-Ray and all that, but... probably a little hesitant to watch them.  Just sayin'.  A Dog's Purpose pretty much falls in line with that.
Not that it doesn't have its moments.  For example, it seems that what caught my roommate's attention was the plot, because it involves reincarnation.  Spoiler alert: it's a very movie friendly version of reincarnation.  It seems that dogs can retain information from life to life.  That's the overall premise of the plot.  But for our sakes, the series of lifetimes is limited to nostalgia's sweet spot: from the 1950s to the 1980s or so.  I'm not sure what year the film ends up in at the end, but I think it's somewhere in the awful 2000s.  There's not many cultural touchstones during this period to rely on.
Unlike Fluke, where it's the viewpoint of a man reincarnated into a dog's body, we have a dog with the voice of a man.  Spoiler alert: it's Josh Gad doing an impression of Tobey Maguire.  We race through puppyhood and lots of cute shots of young puppies.  I tell you one thing: selected clips of this movie ought to do great on YouTube.  In some ways, it already is!  I do like that, in various lifetimes, we're treated to puppies being given away for free by various people, and of course with badly handwritten signs advertising as such.  It's all just wonderfully shot, and the soundtrack chosen with great care... mostly the '50s songs that the characters sing to.
We are treated to life from the point of view of a dog.  One can't help but feel the touch of Cesar Millan in the writing.  You know, stuff about the pack leader and what not.  Early on, the dog tries to summarize what life is all about.  'Living in the moment' is one of the tenets, of course.  I personally am SO SICK of being told to live in the moment.  Somehow it seems to imply credit card debt, for one.  For some reason, "living in the moment" is never given a concrete example.
One person who probably is not living in the moment, the way people ought to live in the moment, is the father of Ethan, the boy that the first dog is drawn to.  "I need to stick with this boy," the dog says to himself.  The boy and his mother love the dog, but the pre-alcoholic, surly workaholic salesman of a father is reluctant.  He eventually agrees, but it seems like a plot device.  I will say that I was kind of relieved that the boy Ethan was not a nerd.  Ethan eventually winds up playing for the high school football team, and the dog, who eventually comes to be named Bailey, goes to school with Ethan.
Ethan... Coen?... .anyway, Ethan's story is the main story of this film.  Wait a minute... is this film trying to be a series of short films like Amazon Women on the Moon or something?  Or for a more current example, Movie 43?  Maybe, ever so slightly.  But Ethan's story is the main story, don't forget that.  Sadly, the characters in Ethan's life are a bit stock.  The stock positive mother, the stock surly father, a stock bully named Todd for Ethan who ends up burning down Ethan's house.  To be fair, Todd pushes a lit firecracker through the old timey mail slot of Ethan's front door.  The fire quickly spreads... man!  Did someone paint that house with gasoline?  Justice for Todd is swift, and Bailey the dog even gets to help out.  Bailey grabs Todd by the leg, and soon enough two policemen are right there!  It doesn't help that Todd quickly confesses.  "It was an accident!" he says.  Now, maybe I'm just cynical, but I thought that that was a bit hokey.
The whole film's a bit half and half that way.  Ethan falls in love with a girl... I still believe in love from time to time myself.  But after Ethan breaks his leg, he also breaks off his relationship with said girl.  That seemed believable to me.  The breakups I had at that age weren't over a broken leg, but it happens.  Relationships get formed, they feel like they're going to last forever, then suddenly they don't.  The dog was there for some of it, though.  "Hmm!  Ethan seems to be looking for food in her mouth!  He didn't find any... but he didn't stop looking!"  Yeah, we get it.  Kinda gross, but very funny.  Huge laughs with the focus group audience, I'm sure.
What's this film gotta do to get some tears out of me?  Well, the opening credits sequence of Life of Brian might've done the trick!  Anyway, we move on to the go-go '70s where the new Bailey is a girl police dog.  There's an opening reference to "Hey, where's my..."  Very tastefully done.  Garry Shandling called, wants his dog castration bit back.  I felt a little bit cheated by the '70s sequence.  Where's the afros?  The platform shoes with goldfish in the heels?  Where's the chase on foot that ends up interrupting a porno shoot?  But there is a missing girl case that Bailey ends up solving.  Seemed a bit hokey to me, but whatever.  The police dog ends up getting shot, giving the narrator a chance to lighten up the mood a bit by conflating gun shots with vaccinations.  Worst shot ever, that kind of thing.  Gotta go!  John Oliver's on!
And for those of you who are concerned that the ongoing war between cats and dogs doesn't get addressed, not to worry.  Ethan's family does have a cat, and there's some chasing involved, a little hissing, and best of all... spoiler alert... the cat dies.  Not the dog's fault, BTW, but the dog tries to revive the cat by going in the backyard and digging up the cat's body, and bringing it back into the house.  Yuge laughs in that focus group audience.  Yuge.  Now, this may seem bad, but hey.  It's not like some West Virginian poured gasoline onto your cat, am I right?  Must be some kind of local mountain custom or something.  Hmm.  Well, I've said too much already.
Now, for those of you who are fans of How to Make an American Quilt, you might get a little case of déjà vu here.  If I remember correctly, and I might not, there was a crow that helped put together a broken relationship.  Well, that's what the reincarnated dog does here.  Sorry, SPOILER ALERT.  Ethan ends up marrying his childhood sweetheart whom he dumped lo those many years ago... I think it's Hannah.  Hello Hannah!  Love those old timey expressions.  She's a successful web site developer now, he's still running the family farm, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.  They have a big outdoor wedding.  Ethan even invites Todd to the wedding as his Best Man!  That came as a shock to me... sorry, just kidding.  Wouldn't that have been something, though?  If Ethan made amends with his bully that way?  Bullying may be a thing of the past in our schools now, but it will live on forever in movies, kids.  I mean, who doesn't like the occasional "Well, well, well... what have we here?  New meat!" in their cinematic experiences.
...that's about all I can remember.  So, the director was Lasse Hallström; somehow, I expected something better from him, but whatever.  It's a new day.  Among the five writers involved, one was Maya Forbes, who I remember from the glory days of "Larry Sanders"... has the #MeToo movement banned that one yet?  Anyway, my roommate will be excited to learn that there are two sequels to this in the works.  So many more films to watch, so little time...

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

Auteur Watch - Director X

...which brings me to the director of the new SuperFly, Director X, the director with the X-Ray eyes.  Sure, SuperFly is a huge bomb now, but people forget: the language of film is universal, and it's forever.  I'll be able to rent the new SuperFly from the library in six months, no question.  Hollywood types may seem dumb, but they know a good infrastructure investment when they see one.  If you want the kids to come in and play, they need a good playground.  Now, you and I may not have heard of this ... this Director X the Mortals and Immortals clearly know a lot about, but this is his debut on the national stage.  If you've seen commercials for the new SuperFly, you've seen that it's directed by "Director X."  What, Alan Smithee's chopped liver?  Yes he is.  This could change the DGA database and practices in general as we know it.  This could be a major paradigm shift.  And judging from the picture on Director X's all-important IMDb page, he can own the dance floor with the best of the Douchebags all day.  And like some of the contestants in that last season of "Project Greenlight," he can do push-ups all day and never tire.  The clearest urine of the best of them.  Don't ever forget that, kids.  Kids who dream of being Hollywood directors, you need two things.  One: know your craft.  Sorry, LEARN your craft.  And two: push-ups.  Always do your push-ups.  Well, that's what Director X did, and now here he is.  And yes, for those of you who are fans of Alex Haley's work, it's true... he's going to go to Mecca and change his name to Director Shabazz.  Good night everybody!  I'm here all week, try the veal...

DAYAMN... A Box Office Story

Well, Motley Fool probably saw this coming.  But before we get to all that, let me just take this opportunity to tell you about the dream I had last night... last night, this morning.  So I was sitting there, trying to read a book... ever try reading a book in a dream?  The words never seem to stand still in mine!  That probably says more about me than I thought it would.  So I'm sitting there, reading, enjoying my pouch of dessicant packets I got off of Amazon from Whole Foods, WHEN SUDDENLY... I choke to death on the one piece of chocolate inside it.  Imagine that!  Death by chocolate in a dream!  And so I float up to Heaven, you know, as one does.  They give you wings to get up there, but once you get to the Heaven Admissions Office, it's a bit of a test.  They have an interview to see whether or not you're worthy to KEEP said wings once you go inside for an eternity of sitting on clouds and playing a harp.  So I'm talking to the guy, and it's the usual deal: where do you see yourself in five years, and what not.  And I think I'm giving all the right answers: you know, I see myself in five years being assistant conductor to Gerard Schwarz of the Heavenly Choir and all that.  I leave the room, understandably nervous.  And they send someone else out to tell me the bad news.  Figures.  So this old guy with a short white beard comes out with his clipboard.  He's actually got a lot of tattoos!  That comes as a bit of a shock.  But I guess Heaven is not so different from an American prison.  Lots of time to lift weights and get tattoos, I guess.  So the guy starts talking to me.  He says "Well, The Movie Jerk, I've got some bad news."  I try to explain that that's not my name, but whatever.  Try reasoning with old people about names. 
He says "You didn't make the cut, and you're going to have to go back to Earth to try again.  We'll give you a fresh soul and all that, but unfortunately you won't remember any of this."  So, being the pushy American I am, I try to figure out what I did wrong to get rejected from the Kingdom of Heaven this way.  The guy says "...does it matter?  I just told you you won't remember any of this!"  But I insist.  "I mean, all my friends are in Heaven!  Why don't I get to spend eternity with them?"  The white bearded guy says "Well, that's part of the problem, actually.  Now, you're on Facebook, right?"
I pause a second.  Facebook?  They have that in Heaven?  That's part of the Heavenly Entrance Interview? (TM)(R)(C)  I said, "Yeah, I'm on Facebook!  It's true."  He says "Well, first of all, you didn't become Facebook friends with that many of your actual friends from High School.  That's the first thing.  Second, for some reason, you didn't wish any of them a Happy Birthday when their big day came around."  I get understandably flustered about this, but whatever.  They got me dead to rights.  "And THIRD, and more importantly, none of THEM wished YOU a Happy Birthday.  So I'm afraid you're not allowed into this playpen.  No sir.  Not while I'M still alive and kicking."  I try to reason with the guy, of course, not thinking it would count as a general Karmic demerit for future lifetimes.  He finally says "And to be perfectly frank, we don't want your filthy, gutter types in our nice clean Heaven.  Good day, sir."  Rude, but polite, I suppose.  After all, he's a bodyguard for Heaven!  You'd imagine they'd be tough.  I woke up sweating, but that's partly because I left the window open last night.
...did I mention Scott Elliott yet?  How about this Scott Elliott?  And what about Naomi?  Okay, I've wasted enough peoples' time for one blog post.  As you may have heard, The Incredibles 2: Box Office Boogaloo opened at #1 this weekend.  You'll be seeing that at the gas pumps, perhaps, along with what's the #1 book and the #1 song.  Ooh!  Is that new Stephen King book doing real good?  But anyway, back to the movie.  I mean, 180 million?  That's Avengers-type numbers!  Well, arguably, it is a superhero movie.  Therefore let me be one of the first (on record) to make the suggestion... a third Oscar (TM)(C)(R) for writer director Brad Bird?  Wouldn't hurt if he came out as somewhere on the LGBTQQIA rainbow either.  Or would that just be gluttony?  I mean, it's not like Spielberg needs more affirmation.  We know!  He associates with quality people!  We know that!  We've seen that!
In other news, our second debut this week is far behind in third place, and it's called Tag.  Yes, that's right... the classic child's game is now an 'R'-rated movie with Ed Helms and that "Mad Men" actor fella.  We've matured beyond the old days of Bert and Ernie on Classic Sesame Street... kinda feels like we've devolved somehow.  Also kinda feels like that old white privilege... sorry, White Privilege (TM)(R)(C) that gets talked about a lot these days.  Hence the one black dude.  I'm just saying that Tyler Perry has yet to make a similar movie about a nice Christian black family with a similar multi-generational childish pastime that keeps them going.
Meanwhile, in seventh place, which is clearly disappointing to the filmmakers, is the 1080p 4K reboot of the 70s classic Superfly.  This one's called SuperFly, a victory for camel casers everywhere.  Now, I'm no armchair psychologist... oh, wait!  But I sorta am, right?  Anyway, I'm no accomplished Armchair Psychologist (TM) (R) (C), but when I saw the trailer for the new Superfly while searching through the commercials on "The Daily Show," even though we're living in the golden Hollywood age of sequels and reboots and Hollywood feeling ashamed of the old Roman numeral system of sequels, I still couldn't help but think to myself, oh man.  You can't remake Superfly, can you?  I mean... it's Superfly!  You can't remake that.  I mean, what next?  A remake of Willie Dynamite?  Roscoe Orman's been on Sesame Street for 40 years now!  He's too clean cut to make a cameo appearance in that.  And what about Cleopatra Jones?  You gonna remake that too?  How are you gonna replace Shelley Winters as Mommy?  I mean, it's Shelley Winters!  You know, Jonathan's sister?  Right?  You just can't do it.  You just can't.  I mean, sure, maybe Camryn Manheim's available and all, but...

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Auteur Watch - Henry Hampton, this guy's no fun.  Looks like his first directorial experience left a bit of a bitter taste, though.  For some, directing is the end-all be-all.  For some like Hank Hampton, however... they look around the setscape past the rather cheap-looking director's chair to where the producer is.  They see him chain smoking and talking on the telephone all the time and think to themselves, "Hey!  That's where I wanna be."  And want to be he did... something like that.  And so, producing shows for PBS was it, right up til the end.  Something depressing about that.  No time to enjoy retirement?  I guess you can't when you're in the business that is show.  Alas, lung cancer claimed Hampton before he could earn that stupid new title of "P.G.A." that seems to go after producers' names now.  What did that used to stand for?  Oh right... a golf tournament.  Maybe this is a step up, who knows.  Or maybe there'll be a big lawsuit like when the two WWF's clashed.

When Harry Met Meghan

Welp, as I kinda thought might happen, Ocean's Eight was #1 this weekend.  Oh, it's on, Expenda-belles!  Is that one still happening?  ...nothing happening as of this writing, but they've already got a slot on the IMDb, thank God.  So important.  Anyway, our second debut this week is a non-Purge related horror pic called Hereditary.  Hard to say if this will make Toni Collette's IMDb Top 4, but she is kind of sick of About a Boy and Little Miss Sunshine being in there.  Will nothing bump those two out of contention?  Incidentally, Firestarter called... wants its plot back.
The only other debut this week is a little something for the indie-film Hipsters out there called Hotel Artemis.  So much more etymology to look up on Wikipedia... well, here's a nice starter set for you.  Something tells me that someone in the movie, sooner or later, is going to tell this very story!  Ten thousand dollar bet, anyone?  Apparently the movie is about a hotel for criminal dogs, and it's one of those places where you have to follow the rules, as in Payback or the John Wick series.  Alas, it didn't connect with theater-going audiences this weekend, but who knows?  Maybe later on with pay-per-view or HBO audiences.  That's about all you can hope for these days, in general.
Now, as most of you know, I hate to wax political, but... this Scott Pruitt, man.  He's making a bit of a nuisance of himself.  All these corruption stories.  For a cinematic equivalent, I think you'd have to go with the bad alien from 1987's The Hidden... sorry, SPOILER ALERT.  Somehow he seems to have gotten the idea that the Federal Government is his own personal bank account.  It's kinda like how John Kasich seems to run for President for the buffet opportunities.  Stuffing his face on camera, saying "We've got to work to protect Social Security, Medicaid, all that crap... mmm... can you pass the chocolate-filled croissants, please?  And some more coffee?  They don't go good without coffee."  But I am also a flagrant Name-ist, and I couldn't help but wonder what a guy with a name like Scott Pruitt... I mean, what does that do to a guy, having the same letter twice in a row in both your first and last name?  It's hard to say!  There's so few people like that in Hollywood!  I mean, sure, you got Seann William Scott, the American Pie guy, but he seems to have turned out okay, right?  I mean, he hasn't molested any banks or robbed any children, right?  I know, bad example... first of all, he's a three-name person, and his first name ends with two 'n's... okay, I got a good one.  Will Ferrell.  Sure, an 'l' is no 't', but he fits the criteria, am I right?  Plus, he's got that new series about a rich family called "Success"... I mean, "Succession."  So, you know, telling stories about the people we should be telling stories about.  Who cares about Uggo's and people homelier than Kim Alexis, am I right?  For one thing, who's got the time?
...ooh!  Okay, here's a good one.  Scott Garrett.  Apparently, Scott is the only first name that ends with two 't's.  Doesn't seem particularly kleptic... kleptocratic?  That's what we got in the White House right now... a kleptocracy.  Once upon a time the White House was... okay, not necessarily the place you look to for moral guidance, especially with that Warren G. Harding bastard in there, but still.  Then you've got the supposed polar opposite of Hollywood.  But let me just say this: Hollywood wouldn't exist as an industry were it not for the Scott Garretts that populate it.  Starting off as an actor, he slowly worked his way into the ranks of set dressing.  Big field, large union... for some reason, being Drapery Foreman was his dream.  Of course, once you do a movie like Epic Movie, naturally you might question your place in the universe in general, and in Hollywood in particular.  Same thing happened to Marion Dougherty on her last movie... I thought See Spot Run was her last movie!  So much for that anecdote!!!
...ooh!  Here's a good one, and not a Scott!  How about Brett Barrett?  He might be a good example... and I'm just going ahead and assumpting... assuming he's a he.  Or is Brett a girl's name yet as well?  Damn.  Guess I'm not woke or something.  For some reason, Benjamin Bratt came to mind.  Anyway, this Brett Barrett character... must've been tough being them.  Looks like their jolly Hollywood career fizzled out quickly.  Well, it's almost expected once you've been on a hit show like "Cheers."  And of course, as with grades K-12, the relentless teasing continued.  Every time Brett went on set, on with the jokes.  I mean, arguably it's true, "Barrett" sounds like a drunk person trying to say "Brett."  But do they really have to do that joke every time?  Is it still funny after ... 25 episodes?  This is the kind of thing that would make a person bring a gun to the set... Anyway, Ted Danson felt bad about all the teasing, so he gave Brett a job on his next sitcom called "Ink."  But somehow it all just wasn't the same, so goodbye after two episodes.
Oh well.  C'est la guerre.  Better check in later... ooh!  Here's another.  How about Matt J. Bartlett?  Résumé's kinda short... oh, crap.  I actually reviewed that one!  For some reason, couldn't bring myself to add my name to the list.  So, short answer, this guy's probably like Pruitt.  Oh, why can't I include someone like Florence Lawrence here?  I mean, she's probably got the record!  FIVE letters are the same in her first and last names! ...drat.  Not her real last name.  Never mind.
Ooh!  Here's another good, non-Scott one.  Garrett Bennett.  Looks like he's a good, Pacific Northwest boy.  Short résumé, sure, but an extremely positive IMDb bio page.  I mean, when you get an Audience Award at a major international film festival, well... who wouldn't want to crow about that?  Plus, I'm already a fan of his film called End of the Icon.  Sure, I'll probably never see it, but... great title!  Just add "epic" and "game-changing" to the list of things to END and I'll die a happy man.
Okay, gotta run again... ooh, wait!  How about Brett Blewitt?  Or Scott Bobbitt?  Or Matt Bowkett?  Or Scott Bramlett even? 
How about Matt Burnett?  Or this Matt Burnett?  Or this one or that one?

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Auteur Watch - Tanya Hamilton

When you got a TV show, and you need one episode directed... who can you call?  Why, our next auteur, of course!  Tanya Hamilton.

Adrift, Action Point... Something Beginning With "A'

We've only got two debuts this week... meanwhile, all the losers and haters in the Lame Stream Media (TM)(R)(C) are talking about how the latest Star Wars prequel "limped" over the 100 million finish line.  Okay, it's true and all, but... I dunno.  Try a little tenderness, will ya?  Just gimme some tenderness beneath that honesty, okay?  Anyway, on to the debuts.  The first one this week is called Adrift... same old story about one or more people alone in the ocean.  You know, if this were made ten to twelve years ago, Dane Cook would've been in the lead.  Perfect audience for one of his standup concerts.  Sorry, co-lead.  I know, it's based on a novel, but still... didn't All Is Lost come out not so long ago?  Just sayin'.
Gotta go soon, but the other debut is called Hot Rod... no, wait, that's the 2007 Adam Sandler Andy Samberg vehicle.  No, the current instant case is called Action Point, and it's basically Johnny Knoxville doing a dramatic version of a Jackass movie.  Apparently, none of the Jackass movies or seasons of the TV show are available at the library.  Bias much?  Some of the Chucky movies are, oddly enough.  That's right, kids should learn about possessed toys, and not something off of MTV.  Ooh!  Almost forgot.  Probably other stuff I forgot to mention, but I want to give a shout out to Johnny Pemberton, who stands out in the cast, if only because, as of this writing, his IMDb pic is upside down.  Clearly taking a page from Drop Dead Fred, am I right?

Friday, June 01, 2018

Short Reviews - June 2018

*batteries not included - With Hume Cronyn as Frank Riley.  Also with Frank McRae as Harry Noble.  Executive Producer: Frank Marshall.  General Manager: ILM / Special Visual Effects: Warren Franklin.

"13 East" "Maggie's Special Friend" - With Phil Proctor as Father Frankie.

3-Headed Shark Attack - With Rebekah Hart Franklin as Scientist (as Rebekah Franklin).

"72 Hours: True Crime" - With Don Allison as Frank Groves (1 episode, 2004).  Also with Kris Holden-Ried as Frankie (1 episode, 2004).  Also with Brian Frank as Martin Edelenbos (1 episode, 2006).  Also with Egidio Tari as Frank Kavcic (1 episode, 2006).  Also with Frank S. Alonzi as Tony Cordasco (1 episode, 2004).  Also with Frank Schiavone as Car Seller (1 episode, 2007).  Also with Frank Coney as Himself - Detective (1 episode, 2003).  Also with Frank Daulby as Himself - Sketch Artist (1 episode, 2004).  Also with Frank Kavcic as Himself - Exhibits Officer (1 episode, 2006).  Also with Frank Roselli as Himself - Detective (1 episode, 2007).

"ABC TGIF" - With Patrick Duffy as Frank Lambert.

Action Figures - With Frank Cseke as Frank 'SMASHed' Lewis.

"The Adventures of Spin and Marty" - With Stan Jones as Frank.  Series Directed by (unknown Episodes): Francis D. Lyon.

"Aidan 5" "The Long Road Home" - With John Michael Stubbins as Frank.

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" "Total Loss" - With Dave Willock as Frank Voss.  Also with James Beck as Frank Voss (as Jim Beck).

Alle dagen feest - Mit Peter Faber als Wessel Franken.

"Always and Everyone" - With Ralf Little as Frankie (2 episodes, 2000).  Also with Michael Angelis as Frankie Hills (1 episode, 2002).  Also with Frank Lauder as Neil (1 episode, 1999).  Also with Keith Marsh as Frank Raven (1 episode, 1999).  Also with Frank Mills as Bill Mallett (1 episode, 2002).  Producer (2 Episodes, 2000): Francis Hopkinson.

"American Experience" "Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided Part 1 - Ambition" - With John Hope Franklin as Himself.  Also with Frank J. Williams as Himself (as Judge Frank J. Williams).

Americana - With Bill Fairbairn as Frank Wells.  Also with Gregory Waller as Sam Franklin.

The Angola Deception - With Glenn Wrage as Frank Marshall.

ANZAC Girls: Matron Grace Wilson - With Thomas Cocquerel as Lieutenant Frank Smith (archive footage).

"Armstrong Circle Theatre" "Kidnap Story: Hold for Release" - With Addison Powell as Frank Leggett.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - With Sam Shepard as Frank James.  Grip: François Balcaen.

Austin Found - With Sid Wilson as Frankie.  Also with Samantha Frank as Search Party.  Also with Frankee Rojas as Friend of Missing Girl.  Music by: Ryan Franks.

The Babysitter 3D - With Darren Arsenault as Frank.

Bad, Bad Men - With Jamie Mann as Frank.

Bannock - With Spike Hicks as Frank Tanna.

Battle Hymn - With Jock Mahoney as Major Frank Moore.  Also with Frank Chase as Sailor (uncredited).  Music by: Frank Skinner.

"Bebel und Bismarck" - With Holger Franke as .  Also with Frank-Otto Schenk as (as Frank Schenk).  Also with Franz Viehmann as .

"The Being Frank Show" "Episode #2.50" - With Frank D'Angelo as Himself - Host.  Also with Jason Kucherawy as Frank Fan.  Also with Martha O'Neill as Frank Fan.  Also with Ron Sparks as Frank Fan.

"Berliner Weiße mit Schuß" - With Brigitte Grothum as Franziska Briger / ... (3 episodes, 1984-1988).  Also with Franziska Bronnen as Luise Hintertupfinger (1 episode, 1984).  Also with Franz Muxeneder as Sepp Hintertupfinger (1 episode, 1984).  Also with Helmut Zierl as Frank Kilian (1 episode, 1989).

"Bewitched" - With Roy Roberts as Frank Stephens.  Also with Steve Franken as George Barkley.  Also with Robert F. Simon as Frank Stephens.  Also with Laurie Main as Francis.  Also with Frank Wilcox as J. P. Sommers / ... (2 episodes, 1968).  Also with Tim Herbert as Frank / ... (2 episodes, 1965-1967).  Also with Larry Barton as Frank / ... (2 episodes, 1967-1968).  Also with Fredd Wayne as Benjamin Franklin (2 episodes, 1966).  Also with Frank Maxwell as Sanford Stern (1 episode, 1966).  Also with Joy Harmon as Francie (1 episode, 1966).  Also with Frank Alesia as Golfer (1 episode, 1967).  Also with Francine York as Venus.  Also with Elisabeth Fraser as Frances Hotchkiss (1 episode, 1965).  Also with Lloyd Bochner as Franklyn Blodgett (1 episode, 1969).  Also with Frances Fong as Mrs. Tanaka (1 episode, 1970).  Also with Kathee Francis as Joyce (1 episode, 1966).  Also with Judson Pratt as Frank Eastwood (1 episode, 1967).  Also with Frank Jamus as Bruce (1 episode, 1969).  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1965): Frank Waldman.

"Big Love" "Kingdom Come" - With Bruce Dern as Frank Harlow.  Also with Frank Novak as .

"Biography" "Eisenhower: Supreme Commander in Chief" - With Franklin D. Roosevelt as Himself (archive footage) (as Franklin Delano Roosevelt).  Also with François Sevez as Himself (archive footage) (uncredited).

Black Guy on a Rampage: Homicidal Vengeance - With Richard Satterwhite as Frank McMurphy.

Blindsided - With Andrew Jamison McVay as Frank.  Personal Assistant: Alyssa Franks.

"Bloopers, Outtakes, and Stuff" "Where's Waldo?: Retribution Part III" - With Brody Rasmussen as Himself - Frank - The Man at the Bar.

"The Bob Cummings Show" - With Diane Jergens as Francine Williams / ... (13 episodes, 1955-1956).  Also with Dick Wesson as Frank Crenshaw / ... (5 episodes, 1955-1959).  Also with John Hoyt as Brig. General Frank Tallman / ... (3 episodes, 1957-1958).  Also with Frances Pasco as Thelma / ... (2 episodes, 1955-1958).  Also with Laurie Anders as Frances / ... (2 episodes, 1958).  Also with Frank Wilcox as Dr. Tony Baxter (1 episode, 1955).  Also with Carol Henning as Francine Todd (1 episode, 1956).  Also with Dick Wesson as Frank Crenshaw (1 episode, 1958).

"The Bomb Shelter" "Bill Runs for Mayor Part 1" - With Corey Landis as Frank.

"Boon" "Deadline" - With Julia Deakin as Frank.

Bountiful Bounty - With Jeff Bryan Davis as Frank.

Breaking Good - With Willy Roberts as  Frank Schneider.

"Broken Dreams Blvd" - With Nic Novicki as Frank Zemmle.  Also with Franceska Lynne as Mary Lou.  First Assistant Director: John Francis.

"The Buddha of Suburbia" - With Philip Franks as (4 episodes, 1993).  Also with Abigail Canton as Frankie (4 episodes, 1993).  Also with Max Gold as Frank (4 episodes, 1993).

The Bushwhackers - With Frank Marlowe as Peter Sharpe.  Also with Eddie Parks as Funeral Franklin.  Art Direction by (as Frank Sylos): Frank Paul Sylos.  Editorial Supervisor: Francis D. Lyon.

"Cagney & Lacey" "Lost and Found" - With Graham Jarvis as Frank Boyle.  Grip: Frank Detone Jr..

Candlestick - With Nigel Thomas as Frank.  Dialogue Editor: Francisco Aires Pereira.

Carmen Jones - With Pearl Bailey as Frankie.  Also with Nick Stewart as Dink Franklin.  Also with Joseph E. Crawford as Dink Franklin (singing voice) (uncredited).

"The Catch" "The Mockingbird" - With Alex Puccinelli as Frankie.

Le Chalet - With Sylvain Raymond as Frank.

"Chase" "Sizzling Stones" - With Albert Reed as Insp. Frank Dawson.

"Chicago Hope" "Risky Business" - With George Newbern as Dr. Scott Frank.

"Chopper Squad" - With Tony Bonner as Frank (1 episode, 1977).  Also with Elizabeth Alexander as Francis Carter (1 episode, 1978).  Also with David Franklin as (1 episode, 1979).

Circus of the Dead - With C.B. Barbee as Franklin.  Also with Heather Francell as Mary Annette.

"Cleaners" "She's Alive!" - With David Arquette as Frank Barnes.  Co-producer: Frances Lausell.  Post Consultant: Francisco Cueto.

Clubless: The Legend of Victor Montango - With Will Cummings III as Heavy Handed Frank

"Cold Justice" "Mother Daughter Tragedy" - With Ormey Douglas as Himself - Franklin's Uncle.  Also with Stephanie Douglas as Herself - Franklin's Ex-Wife.

"Combat Report" "Gambit" - With Ira Kortum as Pvt. Frank Engberg.  Very Special Thanks: James Franklin.

"Compact" "Moment of Truth" - With Frances Bennett as Mary Augusta 'Gussie' Brown.  Also with Brian Hewlett as Frank McClusky.

Containment - With Ian Estey as Frank Carletto.

"Coppers" "Ato" - With Rudy Morren as Frank Torfs.

"The Court" - With Holmes Osborne as Consultant Frankel (1 episode, 2002).  Series Casting By (6 Episodes, 2002): John Frank Levey.

The Creature - With Sinah Ober as Dr. Frankenstein.

Crooked Frame - With Michael Kodi Farrow as Frank.  Also with Zac Francis as Hussain.

"Cuéntame" "Pareja Made in Spain" - With Frank Feys as Wilfried (as Frank Simone Feys).  Also with Juli Mira as Francisco Gallardo.

"The D.A.'s Man" "The Witness" - With Herbert Ellis as Frank La Valle.

"The Damnation of Harvey McHugh" "Spay Misty for Me: Part 1" - With Daniel Rigney as Frank McHugh.  Continuity: Frances McLean-Grant.

Dark Highway - With Brantley Black as Frank.

"Das verletzte Lächeln" - With Frank Büssing as Fritz (as Frank Buessing).

"De familie Knots" "Aanstelleritus" - With Marnix Kappers as Neef Herbert / Verteller / Dr. Frank Heman.

The Dead Next Door - With Roger Graham as Dr. Franklin.

"Death Comes to Pemberley" - With Francis Paul King as Headborough Brownrigg (2 episodes, 2013).  Also with Christopher Wright as Frank Stirling (1 episode, 2013).  Also with Christopher Wright as Frank Stirling (uncredited) (1 episode, 2013).

Deer Season - With Nick Fenske as Frank Caywood.

"Dempsey and Makepeace" - With Frank Jakeman as Bodyguard (2 episodes, 1985).  Also with Robert Blythe as Frank (1 episode, 1985).  Also with Brian Croucher as Frank Egan (1 episode, 1985).  Also with Francisco Morales as Cortez (1 episode, 1986).  Also with Christina Greatrex as Frances Trafford (1 episode, 1985).  Also with Frank Duncan as Judge (1 episode, 1985).  Series Directed by (1 Episode, 1986): Francis Megahy.  Series Film Editing by (4 Episodes, 1985): Frank Webb.  Series Costume Design by (5 Episodes, 1986): Frances Tempest.  Stage Manager (4 Episodes, 1986): Fran Porter.

"Der Fall Gehring" - With Thomas Schmauser as Frank Wegner.  Also with Frank Giering as Kai Wegner.  Electrician: Frank Siggelkow.

"The Desert" "All There Is to Know" - With Bill Hutchens as Frank.

The Devil Made Me Do It - With Redvers G. Russell as Frankie Fredonna.

"The Dick Powell Theatre" "Special Assignment" - With Frances Bergen as Hilda Swanson.  Also with John Newton as Frankie.  Also with Frank J. Scannell as Willie (as Frank Scannell).

"Die gläserne Fackel" "Der Konzern" - Mit Frank-Otto Schenk als Ordonanz (als Frank Schenk).  Auch mit Klaus Tilsner als Französischer Soldat.

Die Toteninsel - Mit Willy Birgel als Frank.  Mein Garten Himmel!

Distal - With Will Parrott as Franky.

Doctor Detroit - With Fran Drescher as Karen Blittstein.  Also with Peter Aykroyd as Mr. Frankman.  Also with Frank Rice as Cop #1 (as Frank G. Rice).

Dog Pound - With Dewshane Williams as Frank.  Also with Brian Francis as Kuruk's Father.  Re-recording Mixer: François-Joseph Hors.

"Dossiers: Danger immédiat" "Il ne manque que vous" - Avec Pierre Santini son Shuman / Frank.  Zut alors!

Dracula in a Women's Prison - With Tasha Tacosa as Lady Frankenstein.

"Drifters" "Funeral" - With Bob Mortimer as Frank.

"The DuPont Show of the Week" "D-Day" - With Franklin D. Roosevelt as Himself (archive footage) (as Franklin Delano Roosevelt).

"Easy to Assemble" "S. Erland Hussen #76" - With Allan Havey as Illeana's Stalker / Frank.

"The Edison Twins" "The U.F.O." - With Matthew White as Frankie.

"El C.I.D." "My Brother's Keeper" - With Tony Haygarth as Frank.  Also with Tracy Brabin as Fran.  Also with Nick Brimble as The Man at Frank's.

"The Eleventh Hour" - With Frank Gardner as Attendant / ... (3 episodes, 1962-1963).  Also with Franchot Tone as Leo Haynes (1 episode, 1962).  Also with James Franciscus as Mike Norris (1 episode, 1963).  Also with Chester Morris as Frankie Morrison (1 episode, 1962).  Also with Martin Balsam as Frank Dunlear.  Also with Anne Francis as Alicia Norris (1 episode, 1963).  Also with Frank Overton as Pete Harvey (1 episode, 1962).  Also with Frankie Avalon as Larry Thatcher (1 episode, 1963).  Also with Robert Middleton as Ed Franchi (1 episode, 1963).  Also with Frances Reid as Louise Forman (1 episode, 1963).  Also with Leslie Denison as Frank Belden (1 episode, 1963).  Also with Sandra Francis as Salesgirl (1 episode, 1963).  Also with Frank Behrens as Eddie Goodson (1 episode, 1963).  Also with Frank Aletter as Wallie Jason (1 episode, 1963).  Also with Robert Ryan as Franklin 'Hoppy' Hopp (1 episode, 1964).

"Emma Approved" "The Bachelor" - With Stephen A. Chang as Frank Churchill.

Ente gut! - With Andreas Schmidt as Frank Weiss.  Property Master: Indoor: Frank Jankowski.

"ER" "Shot in the Dark" - With Troy Evans as Frank Martin.  Casting By (as Jacque Toberen): John Frank Levey.

Eventyrland - With Fredrik S. Hana as Frank (as Fredrik Hana).  Also with Kjell Breivik as Frank's father.

The Exile - With Albert H. Bongard IV as Frank Jansen 'Reporter'.  Also with Blaze Bourg as Frank Jansen 'Assassin' / Terrorist #5.  Also with Aaron Saxton as Franklin.  Music by: Frank De Salvo.  Additional Boom Operator: Mike Franklin.

F.Y.D. - With John Larroquette as Frank Reese (voice).

"The Fall Guy" "Olympic Quest" - With Tony Goodstone as Frank.  Dubbing Mixer: Franklin Jones Jr..

"Family Values: The Rise of Anthony Morelli" - With Charlie Moore as Frank (1 episode, 2017).

"Father Knows Best" "Kathy Grows Up" - With Maurice Wells as Frank Yeager.

Fiebre Salsera - With Antonio Scartozzi as Frankie.  Also with Francesca Gullo as Mezcla Latina dancer.  Assistant Editor: Franzis Muller.

"Fire" - With Erik Estrada as Frank.

"Flamingo Road" "The Titus Tapes" - With Michael DeLano as Frank Coyne (as Michael Delano).  Dubbing Mixer: Franklin Jones Jr..

A Flock of Seagulls: Wishing - If I Had a Photograph of You - With Frank Maudsley as Frank Maudsley.  Music by : Frank Maudsley.

"For the People" "Pilot" - With Priscilla Barnes as Patricia Franklin.  Also with Scott Paulin as Danny Franklin.

"Forsvar" "Kæmp for alt hvad du har kært" - With Lars Brygmann as Mikael Frank.  Also with Peter Steen as Erik Frank.

"Foyle's War" "The Eternity Ring" - With Joe Duttine as Frank Shaw.

"Freundschaft mit Herz" "Machtspiele" - With Fanny Stavjanik as Iris Sandberg (as Franziska Sztavjanik).  Also with Luca Zamperoni as Frank de Fries.

FSM - With Frank Talbot as Déjà Vu - Frank.

G.P.S. - With Patrick Williams Jr. as Frank Burke (as Patrick Williams).

Garden of Lies - With Henry Bingo Goodrich as Frank.

"Genie in the House" - With David McMullen as Frank (1 episode, 2006).  Also with David McMullen as Frank (1 episode, 2006).  Also with Marie-Françoise Wolff as T.V. Presenter (1 episode, 2007).  Series Directed by (4 Episodes, 2006): Jean-François Didelot.  Line Producer: France (3 Episodes, 2009): Sandrine Benouville.  Digital Compositor (26 Episodes, 2006-2007): Jean-Francois Theault.  Visual Effects (26 Episodes, 2008-2009): Francois Hurtaux.

"Ghost Whisperer" "Cursed" - With Mohammad Kavianpour as Frank Town Person (uncredited).  Head Paint Foreman (uncredited): Frank Galvan III.  Sound Recordist (uncredited): Frank Fleming.

The Girls on the Beach - With Arnold Lessing as Frank (uncredited).

Going Down - With Dennis Haskins as Uncle Frank.  Also with Kristin Novak as Uncle Franks Blonde Bombshell.  Also with Lynette Fame as Unlce Franks Brunette Bombshell.

"Good Morning" "Episode dated 19 November 2002" - With Joel Tobeck as Frankenfurter.

"Gothica" - With Tom Ellis as Victor Frankenstein.  Graphic Artist: Jean-Francois Poupart.  Post Production Assistant: Francesca Castro.

The Great Bookie Robbery - With Frank Gallacher as  Castleway.  Also with Frank Wilson as  Bathurst.  Also with Tom Travers as  Frank Murray.

"Grey's Anatomy" - With Harley Graham as Francesca McNeil (4 episodes, 2014).  Also with Frances Nichols as Nurse Karen (4 episodes, 2017-2018).  Also with Frankie Faison as William Bailey (3 episodes, 2009-2018).  Also with Bryan Frank as Paramedic / ... (3 episodes, 2016-2018).  Also with Amy Price-Francis as Susannah Wilson (2 episodes, 2011).  Also with Micah Abbey as Frankie Baner (2 episodes, 2017-2018).  Also with Lauren Bowles as Alice Franklin (1 episode, 2005).  Also with François Chau as Mr. Chue (1 episode, 2005).  Also with Francis Guinan as Mr. Verma (1 episode, 2005).  Also with Frances Conroy as Eleanor Davis (1 episode, 2010).  Also with Elizabeth Franz as Emma Carroll.  Also with Patty McCormack as Rebecca Franklin (1 episode, 2005).  Also with Francesca P. Roberts as Estelle Byrd (1 episode, 2006).  Also with Matt Winston as Frank Jeffries (1 episode, 2006).  Also with Jack Gwaltney as Frank Newsbaum (1 episode, 2009).  Also with Frances Fisher as Betty Johnson (1 episode, 2006).  Also with Blue Deckert as Frank (1 episode, 2013).  Also with Jack Shearer as Jordan Franklin (1 episode, 2005).  Also with Frank Wood as Frank Wheeler (1 episode, 2012).  Also with Joe McGovern as Chase Franklin (1 episode, 2014).  Also with Cheryl Francis Harrington as Adrian Nelson (1 episode, 2015).  Also with Kelvin Brown as Frankie (1 episode, 2010).  Also with Roshawn Franklin as Todd Holmes (1 episode, 2010).  Also with Nicole Hayden as Kate Franklin (1 episode, 2014).  Also with Frank Kopyc as John Driscoll (1 episode, 2011).  Also with Frank Maharajh as Paramedic Driver (1 episode, 2011).  Also with Sharon Muthu as Fran (1 episode, 2011).  Also with Abbie Cobb as Frances 'Frankie' Keller (1 episode, 2013).  Also with Randy Thompson as Frank Waring (1 episode, 2007).  Also with Francesca Ferrara as Anne (1 episode, 2012).  Also with James Francis Ginty as Dr. Russell (1 episode, 2010).  Also with Matthew Downs as Frank (1 episode, 2012).  Also with Frank Merino as Funeral Home Guy (1 episode, 2006).  Also with Marcia Ann Burrs as Fran (1 episode, 2015).  Also with Frankie Ingrassia as Tyler's Mom (1 episode, 2013).  Also with Frank Ertl as Michael (1 episode, 2009).  Also with Frank Krueger as Dean (1 episode, 2017).  Also with Frances Bay as Aunt Joyce (uncredited) (1 episode, 2009).  First Assistant Director (2 Episodes, 2017-2018): Bruce Franklin.  Storyboard Artist (2 Episodes, 2010-2016): Bryan Frank.  President: Stargate Studios (38 Episodes, 2007-2011): Darren Frankel.  Chief Lighting Technician (7 Episodes, 2017-2018): Frank Esposito.  Assistant Editor (2 Episodes, 2007): Mara Safransky.  Production Staff (54 Episodes, 2011-2014): Fran Richter.  Production Staff (4 Episodes, 2015): Ella Franklin.  Set Production Assistant: Second Unit (2 Episodes, 2008): Frank Slaten.  Production Staff (1 Episode, 2016): Frankie Gaye.  Production Staff (1 Episode, 2017): Frank Klepadlo.

Gudsforladt - With Peter Aude as Frank Hjorth.

"H8ters" "After School Special" - With Kian Lawley as Kian.

"Hangin' In" "Engagement in Thailand" - With Barry Flatman as Frank.

"Hardcastle and McCormick" "School for Scandal" - With Joe Restivo as Frankie.  Also with Frank Moon as Man at Party.

"Hart to Hart" "Larsen's Last Jump" - With Renny Temple as Frank Radinski.  Makeup Supervisor: Frank Westmore.  Music Scoring Mixer: Franklin Jones Jr..

Hawaiian Shirt Tuesday - With Taylor Metras as Frank.

"Heiter bis tödlich - Hauptstadtrevier" - With Anian Zollner as Dr. Frank Schubert (1 episode, 2014).  Also with Stephan Baumecker as Frank Stolze (1 episode, 2014).  Also with Jens Schäfer as Frank Kopke (1 episode, 2014).  Also with François Goeske as David Droschner (1 episode, 2014).  Series Writing Credits (8 Episodes, 2012-2013): Frank Rohne.

The Hermit - With Gray Hawks as Frank Hale.

"The High Life" - With Bill Timoney as Frank Stettler (1 episode, 1996).  Camera Operator (8 Episodes, 1996): Frank G. DeMarco.

His and Hers - With Bruce Sabath as Frank.  Directed by : Matthew Frank Thomas.  Writing Credits : Matthew Frank Thomas.

"Hollands Hoop" "In Holland staat een Huis" - With Martijn de Rijk as Frank.  Writing Credits (scenario): Franky Ribbens.

"Homicide: Life on the Street" "Betrayal" - With Andre Braugher as Frank Pembleton.

"Horace" "Horace and the Great Outdoors" - With Anthony Wingate as Mr. Frankel.

"Hotel!" - With Francis Matthews as Frank Sneider.

How to Commit Marriage - With Bob Hope as Frank Benson.

Hunted: Outbreak - With Stephen Graham as Frankie.

"I Declare War" "Victim's Rights" - With Dan Zarembski as Frank Demarco.

"I'm Dangerous Tonight" - With Mary Frann as Martha.  Also with Dan Leegant as Frank.  Also with Frank DiElsi as City Worker.

"Im Namen des Gesetzes" - With Franziska Arnold as Dr. Claudia Lachmann (4 episodes, 1999-2003).  Also with Lars Pape as Frank Gerlach / ... (2 episodes, 2003-2008).  Also with Frank-Michael Köbe as Rechtsanwalt Karkossa / ... (2 episodes, 1999).  Also with Frank Zimmermann as Notarzt (2 episodes, 1999).  Also with Andreas Schmidt as Frank Bethke / ... (2 episodes, 1994-1999).  Also with Horst Frank as Dr. Vogel / ... (2 episodes, 1994-1996).  Also with Christian Goebel as Frank Baumann (1 episode, 1999).  Also with Pierre Franckh as Klaus Wuttke (1 episode, 2001).  Also with Frank Behnke as Dr. Thomas Clark (1 episode, 2002).  Also with Sebastian Feicht as Frank Dellmann (1 episode, 2003).  Also with Lotte Letschert as Melissa Franke (1 episode, 2000).  Also with Julia Palmer-Stoll as Jennifer Franke (1 episode, 2004).  Also with Franz Viehmann as Kaplan Wermeling (1 episode, 1998).  Also with Nathalie Emery as Petra Franke (1 episode, 2000).  Also with Marion Kracht as Ursula Franke (1 episode, 2004).  Also with Anna Bertheau as Franziska Lieffers (1 episode, 2005).  Also with Franziska Schlattner as Anke Corell (1 episode, 2005).  Also with Frank-Leo Schröder as Staatsschützer Jäger (1 episode, 1998).  Also with Frank-Lorenz Engel as Taxifahrer Hansen (1 episode, 1999).  Also with Franjo Marincic as Horst Krasulke (1 episode, 2000).  Also with Frank Droese as Benno Kruse (1 episode, 2003).  Also with August Schmölzer as Bernd Franke (1 episode, 2004).  Also with Ulrike Frank as Silvia Kreibig (1 episode, 2008).  Also with Frank Berg as Laborchef Ewald (1 episode, 2001).  Also with Claus Dieter Clausnitzer as Franz Troller (1 episode, 2002).  Also with Frank Sieckel as Peter Eggesin (1 episode, 2008).  Also with Werner Eichhorn as Herr Franke (1 episode, 1998).  Also with Franziska Troegner as Linda (1 episode, 2001).  Also with Franziska Petri as Frau Evans (1 episode, 2008).  Also with Franziska Ponitz as Taxifahrerin (1 episode, 2008).  Also with Nina Franoszek as Irene Blanbach (1 episode, 2005).  Series Cinematography by (2 Episodes, 2000): Frank Sthamer.  Series Film Editing by (6 Episodes, 1998): Franz-Josef Lanvermann.  Assistant Director (4 Episodes, 2002-2003): Frank Gotthardy.  Assistant Director (2 Episodes, 2003-2004): Frank Barthold.  Colorist (9 Episodes, 1994): Frank Doerken.

"In Justice" "The Public Burning" - With T.K. Carter as Frank Benner.  Stunt Double: Frank Torres.

"The Incredible Hulk" "Nine Hours" - With Marc Alaimo as Joe Lo Franco.  Also with Frank DeKova as Sam Monte.  Art Direction by: Frank Grieco Jr..

"Inside Story" "Auld Lang Syne" - With Francesca Annis as Paula Croxley.  Also with Alan MacNaughtan as Frank Ormsby (as Alan MacNaughton).

"Into the West" "Wheel to the Stars" - With Sean Blakemore as Ben Franklin.  Also with Francesco Quinn as Capitan de Salamanca.  Co-executive Producer: Darryl Frank.

Isolerad - With Emil Johnsen as Frank.  Poster Artist: Hungary: Frank Rizzo.

"j-5" "Episode #1.2" - With Yann Prolhac as Frank Martin.

"James Ellroy's L.A.: City of Demons" "L.A. Serial Killers" - With Mitchell Salberg as Det. Frank Salerno.  Also with Frank Salerno as Himself - LAPD Detective.

Jesse James: Lawman - With Kevin Sorbo as J.Frank Dalton.

"Joe's Life" "The Bad Influence" - With Al Ruscio as Frank Ruscio.

The Journey of Natty Gann - With Jordan Pratt as Frankie.  Also with Frank C. Turner as Farmer.  Production Assistant: Terrie Maxine Frankle.

Jungle Terror - With Frank Buck as Frank Hardy (archive footage).

"Kapitein Zeppos" "De Pukkel" - With Bart Rouffaer as Frank Brems.  Boom Operator: Frank Struys.

"Kevin Hill" "Homework" - With Rhea Perlman as Eleanor Frank.

The Killing Death - With Jeremy Dangerfield as Frank.

"A Kiss at Midnight" - With Sean Whalen as Frank O'Malley.  Post-production Coordinator: Frank Sharp.

"Komisarz Alex" "Morderczy Test" - With Andrzej Niemirski as Dr. Frankowski.

"Küstenwache" "Spiel mit dem Feuer" - With Stefan Gubser as Frank Tönz.  Also with Frank Reidock as .

La llamada del sexo - With Franklin Dominguez as (as Franklin Domínguez).  Also with Frank Braña as Toife (uncredited).  Still Photographer: Frank Natera.

"Lance et compte III" "Episode #3.13" - With François Bertrand as Jacques Lacasse (as Francis Bay).  Also with Claude Genest as Frank Ross.  Also with Valérie Valois as Marie-France Gagnon.

Last Cab to Darwin - With Elliott Weston as Frank.  Foley Engineer: Alex Francis.

"Late Night with Conan O'Brien" - With Brian Stack as Frankenstein / ... (27 episodes, 1997-2007).  Also with Al Franken as Himself (25 episodes, 1994-2006).  Also with Fran Drescher as Herself (11 episodes, 1994-2005).  Also with Frank McCourt as Himself (6 episodes, 1997-2001).  Also with Fran Lebowitz as Herself - Guest (5 episodes, 1994-2000).  Also with Frankie Muniz as Himself (5 episodes, 2000-2005).  Also with Francis Dumaurier as Artist in Murder Mystery / ... (4 episodes, 1993-2003).  Also with Frank Caliendo as Himself (4 episodes, 2001-2008).  Also with Dennis Franz as Himself (3 episodes, 1993-1997).  Also with Ani Difranco as Herself (3 episodes, 1996-2007).  Also with Joe Franklin as Himself (2 episodes, 1993-1996).  Also with Frank Black as Himself / ... (2 episodes, 1994-2006).  Also with Francis Ford Coppola as Himself - Guest (2 episodes, 1994-1997).  Also with Frank Santorelli as Himself (2 episodes, 1994-1997).  Also with Franz Ferdinand as Themselves (2 episodes, 2004-2005).  Also with Frank Vincent as Himself (1 episode, 1995).  Also with Fran Liebowitz as Herself (1 episode, 1996).  Also with Richard Francese as Himself (1 episode, 1997).  Also with Frank Gorshin as Himself (1 episode, 1997).  Also with Barney Frank as Himself (1 episode, 1998).  Also with Frank Pellegrino as Himself (1 episode, 1998).  Also with Aretha Franklin as Herself (1 episode, 2002).  Also with Terry Francona as Himself - Guest (1 episode, 2004).  Also with Daniel J. Goor as Francis Pressman (1 episode, 2006).  Also with Frank M. Ahearn as Himself (1 episode, 2009).  Also with Ford Bailey as Franco (segment "Persona Ne'll Aqua") (uncredited) (1 episode, 1999).  Also with Lela Nargi as Franco's Girlfriend (segment "Persona Ne'll Aqua") (uncredited) (1 episode, 1999).  Series Writing Credits (288 Episodes, 2002-2005): Frank Smiley.  Supervising Producer / Senior Segment Producer / Segment Producer (816 Episodes, 1993-2009): Frank Smiley.  Graphics (17 Episodes, 1995-2009): Kevin Frank.  Video (1 Episode, 1998): Frank Grisanti.  Animator (uncredited) (1 Episode, 2008): Frank Cromer.  Researcher / Talent Executive / Production Staff (10 Episodes, 1995-2007): Haleigh Safran.  Studio Manager (2 Episodes, 1993): Frank McGuinness.  Technical Manager (2 Episodes, 1995-1996): Frank Garofalo.

"Law & Order: UK" "I Predict a Riot" - With Lovelace Akpojaro as Frank.

"LearniCorns" - With Casey O'Kelly as Frankentim / ... (14 episodes, 2017).

Les givrés - With Franck Cabot-David as Franck (as Frank David).  Film Editing by: Francine Sandberg.  Costume Design by: Annick François.

"Leverage" - With Hart Bochner as Frank Madigan (1 episode, 2012).  Also with Garrett M. Brown as Dr. Frank (1 episode, 2009).  Also with Mark Lewis as Frank / ... (1 episode, 2010).  Also with Samuel Dinkowitz as Frank (1 episode, 2011).  Also with Ezra Buzzington as Frank (1 episode, 2008).  Also with Frank Broughton as Emory Wickett (uncredited) (1 episode, 2011).  Series Directed by (1 Episode, 2011): Frank Oz.  Co-producer (10 Episodes, 2012): Mark Franco.  Set Dresser (uncredited) (18 Episodes, 2011-2012): Stephen Frankland.  Visual Effects Producer / Visual Effects Supervisor (64 Episodes, 2008-2012): Mark Franco.  Music Editor (64 Episodes, 2009-2012): Scott Francisco.  Production Assistant (57 Episodes, 2008-2012): Mark Mason Franco.

"The Life of Dave the Taxi Driver" - With Phillip Dowdell as Frank Malone (1 episode, 2017).

"Lincoln Heights" - With Bobby Hosea as Detective Franklin (6 episodes, 2007-2009).  Also with Jerry Zatarain Jr. as Frankie Castillo (3 episodes, 2007).  Also with Frankie Ponce as Play Student / ... (3 episodes, 2009).  Also with Frank Gallegos as Carlos Perez (1 episode, 2007).  Also with Brian Johnson as Frank (1 episode, 2007).  Also with Francis Capra as Carlo (1 episode, 2008).  Foreman (20 Episodes, 2008-2009): Frank Addotta.

"Little Witch Academia" "Amanda O'Neill and the Holy Grail" - With Ben Diskin as Frank (voice).  Also with Kazuyuki Okitsu as Frank (voice).

"Lock Up" "The Case of Frank Crotty" - With James Drury as Frank Crotty.  Set Decoration by (as Jack Collis): Frank Wade.

"Longines Chronoscope" "Episode dated 26 January 1953" - With Frank Howley as Himself - Former Military Governor of Berlin (as Major General Frank L. Howley).

"Lost Girl" - With Jason Blicker as Frank the Doorman (1 episode, 2011).  Also with Rothaford Gray as Frank (1 episode, 2015).  Also with Brian Frank as Whitman (1 episode, 2013).  Also with Rainbow Francks as Cameron (1 episode, 2011).  Also with A. Frank Ruffo as Italian Chef (1 episode, 2011).  Lead Set Dresser (40 Episodes, 2010-2015): Frank Consiglio.  Stunt: Underfae #4 (1 Episode, 2013): Jean-Francois Lachapelle.  Stunt Double: Rolly (1 Episode, 2013): Francis Limoges.  Stunt Double: Light Fae Elder #5 (1 Episode, 2015): Charlene Francique.

"Love Hurts" - With Adam Faith as Frank Carver (30 episodes, 1992-1994).  Also with David Solomon as Ralph Frankel (1 episode, 1993).  Also with Jeffrey Segal as Joseph Frankel (1 episode, 1993).  Also with Frank Mills as Ron Faulkner (1 episode, 1992).  Also with Liz Gebhardt as Frances Kelly (1 episode, 1994).  Also with François Diene as Kariba Keita (1 episode, 1992).  Also with Francis Johnson as Wesley (1 episode, 1994).

"Love, American Style" "Love and Las Vegas/Love and the Good Samaritan/Love and the Marriage Counselor" - With Jim Backus as Jerry Franks (segment "Love and the Marriage Counselor").  Also with Joan Shawlee as Bernice Franks (segment "Love and the Marriage Counselor").  Director Of Photography: Al Francis.

"Lux Video Theatre" "It Started with Eve" - With James McCallion as Frank.

"MADtv" "Episode #3.9" - With Phil LaMarr as Chance Culumus / UBS Guy Jaq / Burger Nation Customer / Frank Dillon.

"Malhação" - With Francisco Milani as Milton / ... (13 episodes, 1997-1998).  Also with Leonardo Franco as Olavo (12 episodes, 2013).  Also with Francisco Cuoco as Orestes (12 episodes, 1997).  Also with Geórgia Gomide as Mamma Franccesca - Afrânio's Mother (7 episodes, 2005).  Also with Francisco Carvalho as Sebastião - Mendigo (6 episodes, 2005).  Also with Fernando Almeida as Franklin (5 episodes, 1997).  Also with Tiago Picchi as Francisco (5 episodes, 1997).  Also with Renato Franco as Julião (5 episodes, 2005).  Also with Barbara França as Bárbara Monteiro Carvalho / ... (2 episodes, 2016-2017).  Also with Junior Madalena as Carlos 'Franja' Francisco / ... (2 episodes, 2010-2011).  Also with Francisco Vitti as Filipe (2 episodes, 2015-2017).  Also with Patrícia França as Delma Ramos (1 episode, 2014).  Also with Fernanda de Freitas as Francesca (1 episode, 2007).  Also with Jerusa Franco as Gabriela (1999) (unknown episodes).  Also with Suely Franco as Dona Laila (2003) (unknown episodes).  Also with Paula Franco as (unknown episodes).

The Man Who Lived Twice - With Franklyn Farnum as Juror (uncredited).  Also with Frank O'Connor as Frank - Policeman (uncredited).

"Marcus Welby, M.D." "They Grow Up" - With Richard Dillon as Frank.

"Mary" "Little Jo" - With James Farentino as Frank DeMarco.

"Matlock" - With Frank Kahlil Wheaton as Bailiff (13 episodes, 1986-1991).  Also with James McEachin as Police Lt. Frank Daniels.  Also with Georg Stanford Brown as Judge Stuart Franklin.  Also with Stan Kelly as Kent Franklin / ... (3 episodes, 1993-1995).  Also with Frances Fisher as Nancy Proctor.  Also with Dennis Franz as Jack Brennert.  Also with Charles Frank as Al DeMont.  Also with Franc Luz as Mike Wilson.  Also with Diane Franklin as Nancy Lamont.  Also with Frances Bay as Rose Hayes.  Also with Andrew Robinson as Frank Hayes.  Also with Gary Frank as Al Tomberg.  Also with Frances Gray as Jury Foreman (2 episodes, 1987).  Also with Frank Pesce as Bailiff (2 episodes, 1988).  Also with Richard Frank as Wally McDaniel (1 episode, 1994).  Also with Anne Francis as Janet Masters.  Also with Fran Bennett as Betty Harding (1 episode, 1990).  Also with Bill Macy as Sid Franklin.  Also with Tony Carreiro as Frank Jefferies (1 episode, 1994).  Also with Frank Aletter as Judge David Spinner.  Also with Nancy Frangione as Elizabeth 'Liz' Benson (1 episode, 1987).  Also with Lisa Waltz as Frances 'Frannie' Morrissey.  Also with Thomas Bellin as Mr. Frank (1 episode, 1987).  Also with William Schallert as Judge Elliot Franklin (1 episode, 1987).  Also with Fran Ryan as Doris Curtis (1 episode, 1989).  Also with Francine York as Older Claire Mayfield (1 episode, 1991).  Also with Deborah DeFrancisco as Waitress (1 episode, 1993).  Also with Mary Fran Lyman as Mrs. Sanders (1 episode, 1994).  Also with Robert Gentili as Frankie Lance.  Also with Frank Kopyc as Dog Walker (1 episode, 1990).  Also with John Saxon as John Franklin.  Also with Frank Taylor as Man (1 episode, 1993).  Also with Frank Waldeck as Josh (1 episode, 1993).  Also with Alba Francesca as Connie (1 episode, 1988).  Also with David Selburg as Frank Mitchell.  Also with Phyllis Franklin as Building Manager (1 episode, 1989).  Also with Brian Frank as (1 episode, 1986).  Also with Frank Collison as Unshaven Man.  Also with Frank Noon as Inmate #1 (1 episode, 1989).  Series Directed by (17 Episodes, 1988-1995): Frank Thackery.  Series Cinematography by (105 Episodes, 1986-1991): Frank Thackery.  Second Second Assistant Director / Second Assistant Director (31 Episodes, 1993-1995): Frank Waldeck.  Property Master (44 Episodes, 1988-1992): Frank Escobedo.  Property Master (2 Episodes, 1986): Frank Irving.  Costumer (1 Episode, 1989): Melissa Franz.

"McMillan & Wife" - With Francis De Sales as Banker / ... (2 episodes, 1974-1975).  Also with June Havoc as Francesca Fairborn (1 episode, 1971).  Also with Hazel Court as Frances Mayerling (1 episode, 1972).  Also with Frank Orsatti as Dewhawk (1 episode, 1971).  Also with George Wyner as Frank Daniels (1 episode, 1975).  Also with Frank M. Benard as Francois Balmain (1 episode, 1977).  Also with Frank Maxwell as Chief Inspector Hines (1 episode, 1976).  Also with John McKee as Frank (1 episode, 1973).  Also with Frank Ferguson as Amos Tolliver (1 episode, 1975).  Also with Frank J. Scannell as Roulette Dealer (1 episode, 1976).  Also with Alf Jacobsen as Frank (1 episode, 1977).  Also with Frank Delfino as Midget at carnival (uncredited) (1 episode, 1974).  Stunts (uncredited) (1 Episode, 1971): Frank Orsatti.

Mein Vogel fliegt schneller - With Eddie Irle as Frank.  First Assistant Camera: Frank Neef.

"Mercy Street" "The Belle Alliance" - With Jack Falahee as Frank Stringfellow.

A Midsummer Night's Rave - With Chris Owen as Frankie.

"Minder" "In" - With Brian Cox as Frank.  Story Editor: Frances Heasman.

"The Missing Postman" - With Joseph Greig as Frank.  Also with Frank Harper as BBC Security Man.  Also with Francis Lee as Yorkshire Policeman.

"Mod Squad" - With Arthur Franz as Arthur Westphal / ... (4 episodes, 1968-1971).  Also with Frank Farmer as Betts / ... (4 episodes, 1969-1971).  Also with Troy Melton as Frank Taylor / ... (3 episodes, 1968-1969).  Also with Ron Hayes as Frank Jenkins / ... (2 episodes, 1969-1970).  Also with Jed Allan as Frank Walsh / ... (2 episodes, 1970-1972).  Also with Lou Krugman as Al Franks / ... (2 episodes, 1969-1972).  Also with Edward Faulkner as Frank Dunn / ... (2 episodes, 1968-1971).  Also with Francis De Sales as Alex Tate / ... (2 episodes, 1969-1971).  Also with Frances Fong as Landlady / ... (2 episodes, 1970-1972).  Also with Fred Beir as Frank Durrant (1 episode, 1968).  Also with Frank Converse as Warren Loring (1 episode, 1970).  Also with Perry Lopez as Frank Delgado (1 episode, 1971).  Also with Arthur Batanides as Frank Devon (1 episode, 1969).  Also with Peter Brown as Lou Franklin (1 episode, 1969).  Also with Tom Tully as Frank Dever, Security Guard (1 episode, 1969).  Also with Frank Aletter as Russ Hayman (1 episode, 1970).  Also with Ivan Dixon as Dr. Frank Tarver (1 episode, 1970).  Also with Frank Maxwell as Leonard Morrison (1 episode, 1970).  Also with Susan Howard as Gillian Francis (1 episode, 1971).  Also with Steve Franken as Rabbi Elliott Tannenbaum (1 episode, 1969).  Also with Ivor Francis as Dr. Leland Forrester (1 episode, 1972).  Also with Richard Rust as Frank Devlin (1 episode, 1972).  Also with Tony Dow as Frank Parks (1 episode, 1971).  Also with Frank Marth as Fred Keller (1 episode, 1972).  Also with Mort Mills as Frank Weaver (1 episode, 1972).  Also with Ben Frank as Chauffer (1 episode, 1971).  Also with Frank Ramirez as Chico (1 episode, 1972).  Also with Stefanie Powers as Francie Drango (1 episode, 1972).  Also with Sid Melton as Mr. Frank (1 episode, 1968).  Also with Carlos Romero as Frank Salido (1 episode, 1969).  Also with Frank Schuller as Lt. Howard (1 episode, 1969).  Also with Frank Wilcox as Howard Stone (1 episode, 1969).  Also with Lloyd Battista as Frank (1 episode, 1971).  Also with Frances Lee McCain as Alice (1 episode, 1973).  Also with Russell Arms as Frank Johnson (1 episode, 1972).  Also with Jay Powell as Frank Carver (1 episode, 1970).  Also with Cesar Romero as Frank Barton (1 episode, 1972).  Also with Frank Whiteman as Havlicek (1 episode, 1973).  Also with Frank Delfino as Circus worker (uncredited) (1 episode, 1971).  Series Writing Credits (2 Episodes, 1971-1972): Ernest Frankel.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1972): Frank Telford.

Mongrel and Master - With Francis X. Bushman as Frank Mitchell, the Master.

"Montagskinder" "Episode #1.42" - With Manfred Russell as Frank Hagelberg.

"The Most Courageous Raid of WWII" - With Norman Colley as Himself, last surviving member of Operation Frankton.  Directed by : Francis Whately.  Producer: Francis Whately.

Mr. Ice Cream Man - With Francia Luna as Party Girl #2.  Also with Tiffany Keller as Franky's Mother.  Also with Ryan Keller as Little Franky.  Production Manager: Frank Alba.  Special Thanks: Franz Roland.

"The Murder Game" "Episode #1.3" - With Colin Spaull as Frank Prior.

"Mutant X" - With Douglas O'Keeffe as Frank Thorne (2 episodes, 2001).  Also with Gordon Currie as Frank Cross (1 episode, 2001).  Also with James Downing as Frank 'Speedy' Sanders (1 episode, 2003).  Also with Francisco Trujillo as Eduardo Cruz (1 episode, 2003).  Also with Amy Price-Francis as Janet Nicholls (1 episode, 2003).  Also with Frank Moore as McAllister (1 episode, 2002).  Also with Patrick Garrow as Dr. Francis Gallant (1 episode, 2003).  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 2002): Tony Di Franco.  Trainee Assistant Director (unknown Episodes): Francesca Palozzi.  Production Executive: Global (9 Episodes, 2001): Anne Frank.

"My Little Margie" "Vern's Winter Vacation" - With Ralph Hodges as Frank Fox - contestant.  Writing Credits (teleplay): Frank Gill Jr..  Writing Credits (characters): Frank Fox.

"Mystery and Imagination" "Frankenstein" - With Ian Holm as Frankenstein / The Being.  Also with Frank Barry as Wilhelm.  Also with Michael Francis as Felix.

"The Nanny" - With Fran Drescher as Fran Fine.  Also with Jamie Renée Smith as Young Fran Fine / ... (3 episodes, 1997-1998).  Also with Jackie Tohn as Francine / ... (2 episodes, 1994-1996).  Also with Nancy Frangione as Cousin Marsha / ... (2 episodes, 1993-1994).  Also with Eric Braeden as Frank Bradley (1 episode, 1994).  Also with Miko Hughes as Frank Bradley Jr. (1 episode, 1994).  Also with Francesca P. Roberts as Nurse Smith (1 episode, 1994).  Also with Fran Montano as Reporter (1 episode, 1996).  Also with Scott Baio as Dr. Frankie Cresitelli (1 episode, 1998).  Also with David Bowe as Fran's Date (1 episode, 1995).  Also with Justin Jon Ross as Frankie Tattori (1 episode, 1995).  Also with Frank Lombardi as Croupier (1 episode, 1997).  Also with Susan Wool-Rush as Fran's Friend (uncredited) (1 episode, 1997).  Series Directed by (2 Episodes, 1998-1999): Fran Drescher.  (creator) (145 Episodes, 1993-1999): Fran Drescher.  (written By) (21 Episodes, 1994-1999): Frank Lombardi.  Producer / Executive Producer (145 Episodes, 1993-1999): Fran Drescher.  Producer / Supervising Producer / Co-executive Producer / Executive Producer / Co-producer (107 Episodes, 1995-1999): Frank Lombardi.  Hair Styles: Fran Drescher / Hair Stylist (80 Episodes, 1995-1999): Faye Woods.  Paint Decorator (uncredited) (6 Episodes, 1995-1996): Lilly Frank.  Grip (44 Episodes, 1997-1999): Frank Orozco.  Production Staff / Story Editor / Assistant: Fran Drescher & Peter Marc Jacobson (91 Episodes, 1994-1999): Jay Amernick.  Production Staff / Executive Assistant: Fran Drescher / Assistant: Fran Drescher (74 Episodes, 1995-1998): Jennifer Destiny Mackenzie.  Production Associate (71 Episodes, 1993-1996): Frances Alet.  Executive Assistant / Executive Assistant: Fran Drescher & Peter Marc Jacobson (53 Episodes, 1995-1997): Howard Preiser.  Executive Assistant: Fran Drescher / Production Staff (44 Episodes, 1997-1999): Dan Passman.  Executive Story Editor / Story Editor (24 Episodes, 1994-1995): Frank Lombardi.

The Necessary Evil - With Ben Lyon as Frank Jerome.  Also with Frank Mayo as Dick Jerome.  Also with Gladys Brockwell as Frances Jerome.

"New Girl" "Thanksgiving" - With Troy Doherty as Frankenstein Kid.  Set Dresser: John Francis Kirk.

"Nicholas Nickleby" "Episode #1.10" - With Barry Foster as Frank Cheeryble.

"Nightbreaker" - With Frank Beddor as Maj. Frank Brady.  Also with Frank Koppala as Cpl. Adams.  Also with Michael Francis Kelly as Reporter #1.

"No 73" "Goose!" - With Frank Sidebottom as Frank Sidebottom (as Chris Sievey).

Norbit - With Frank Langley as Puppeteer (as Frank Langley IV).  Paint Supervisor: Frank Piercy.  Paint Foreman: Frank Spadafora.  Sound Utility: Frank Bradley.  Puppeteer: Frank Langley.  Third Key Rigging Grip (as Frank Sims): Frank R. Sims.  Music Preparation: Matt Franko.

"Nova" "Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance" - With Michael Morrissey as Frank Worsley / Lionel Greenstreet (voice).  Also with Philip Jackson as Frank Wild (voice).  Also with Tiriel Mora as Frank Hurley (voice).  Special Effects: Frank Capria.

"O.S.S." "Operation Powder Puff" - With Ron Randell as Capt. Frank Hawthorn.  Also with Francis Matthews as Peter Fox.

Office Girl - With Dirk Voetberg as Frank.

"Omerta, la loi du silence" "Episode #1.9" - With Luc Picard as François Pelletier.  Also with Manuel Tadros as Frank Vastelli.  Also with Frank Schorpion as Terry O'Neill.

One More Day - With Dennis von Hagen as Old Frank.  Also with Damien Hudovic as Young Frank.

"Orange Is the New Black" "The Reverse Midas Touch" - With Francesca Curran as Helen Van Maele.  Also with Reed Campbell as C.O. Will Frank.  Also with Frank Osso as Correction Officer (uncredited).

"Out" "Maybe He'll Bring Back a Geisha" - With Tom Bell as Frank Ross.  Art Direction by: Frank White

Over & Out - With Jeff Goodvin as Frank. 

"Pandemic" - With Nicholas Baldas as Frank Gambolli.  Camera Operator: "b" Camera (5 Episodes, 2016): Francesco Chiari

"Paris" "Paris" - With Frank Ramírez as Ernie Villas (as Frank Ramirez).  Also with Frank Marth as . 

"The Patricia Neal Story" - With Steve Eastin as Frank Gilroy. 

Penance - With Bruce W Greene as  Frank (as Bruce Greene). 

"Personally Conducted by Eric Robinson" - With The Frank Spencer Professional Formation Team as Themselves (as The Frank and Peggy Spencer Rock 'n' Roll Formation Team). 

The Pick-up Artist - With Brad Frankel as Jack's Class.  Also with Frank Teixeira as Dealer.  Also with Frank Gio as Gino (as Frankie Gio).  Hair Stylist: Frank Bianco

"Plattenküche" - With Frank Zander as Frank / ... (17 episodes, 1976-1980). 

"Police Story" "The Other Side of the Fence" - With David Groh as Detective Frank Benson.