Sunday, September 30, 2018

Auteur Watch - Hannah Hart

Oh, I LOVE people who have the same first letter in their first and last names... Paula Patton, Brigitte Bardot... guys too!  Tate Taylor?  Is that his name?  Director of The Help and Lee Daniels' The Butler?  Oh, wait.  Tate Taylor didn't direct that!  Anyway, certain lucky ones get to be a big deal like Hannah Hart.  She wears many hats: actress, producer, writer, self... pretty long IMDb Bio for someone so young and relevant.  Directing, well... that can be a different speed.  So many thousands of decisions to make.  So much responsibility, so little glory at the end of the day.  You might find yourself sleeping on the floor of the soundstage on the really tough weeks, but at least you're mobile!  Frees you up to get your rented outfit for the big awards shows at night.  So far she's directed two episodes of something called "My Drunk Kitchen."  Ah, how the kitchen has evolved over the decades.  In some households, the wife was supposed to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  Then again, a household like that... would they really allow both?  Any Conservative (TM) (C) (R) household worth its weight in sea salt, they wouldn't allow the wife to be in the kitchen barefoot.  No sir.  Strictly high heels at all times.  It's a kitchen, not a bordello!  But these days, in Hollywood households, the kitchen's the biggest room in the house!  You need room in there to swing a cat or two.  All those knives and burning hot stoves... a more than perfect place to get drunk.  Some cooking sherry for the pan, the rest for my liver, that's my motto.  Fox News of course is responding in kind with its own reality cooking show called "My Drunk Supreme Court."  Gee, wonder what that's based on...

This Just In: Q. Anon Meets With Spielberg, Wants Tom Hanks To Play Lead In Biopic

You know, exposing a massive, widespread government conspiracy involving child molesters at the highest levels of power can be exhaustive, but it's never too early to plan for future depictions of yourself!  Movies!  Books!  Podcasts!  The sky is the limit, and so is the imagination.  My secret source at Amblin told me that this Q. Anon fella had a script and everything!  Not since Antwone Fisher has this happened... well, not so much a script, really.  More of a rough outline.  Actually, I think it was just a soundtrack list.  The anonymous whistleblower said to Spielberg's representative... Steven himself doesn't take meetings anymore... they got kicked out for listening in, my secret source, but they heard the guy say "It's just a soundtrack list to capture the mood, really, more than anything.  Can you get Limp Bizkit?  Now, can you get the Bizkit to do some Beatles covers?  Because I really truly believe that that's the zeitgeist here and..."  That's about when my source was caught and detained, but I am still able to pass these notes on to you... for now.
Whelp, I must once again admit to irrelevance.  This must be the new rule among Hollywood reporters: you ignore Kevin Hart at your peril.  Or is this more of a win for Tiffany Haddish?  Hard to say.  Are they the hot new team like Kevin Hart and The Rock?  Sorry... can we still call him that?  Every once in a while, a star like Kevin Hart comes along, and everything they touch turns to gold.  We'll have to wait twenty years or so to see how this rates in his total body of work.  Will it be in the guts of the Top Five?  Or just merely lost somewhere in the love handles?  In any event, this one's called Night School, and it's most definitely another win for Spike Lee's successful cousin!  I mean, don't get me wrong, Spike's still enjoying the last part of his Second Act with BlackKKlansman... or however it's spelled... but Malcolm's no slouch!  Dude's doing something right.  He's got, what... two or three #1 debuts under his belt?  Maybe more.  It helps in this game called Hollywood, it definitely helps.
Meanwhile, in the world of Pixar-ish, something called Small Foot comes in at #2... I guess it's one word.  Smallfoot.  There was an ad for it someplace; I believe it was in some new crevice on the web they found to place ads, but for the life of me I can't remember where.  Don't worry, though... it's not going to be too much in Terra territory; we don't wanna go there.  Just a simple, delightful twist on the Yeti legend.  A Yeti travels to the big city to try and find out if humans are real.  Get it?  Also, they seem to be close to .. they being the various CGI artists involved, they seem to be close to emulating claymation, thereby putting the likes of Will Vinton and Nick Park out of business.  But that certainly doesn't mean the claymation film I'm making in the solarium with my Canon Rebel EOS still can't see the light of day, right?  Right?  Anyone out there?  Yes, they are, Movie Hooligan, they just have better diversions to choose from.
Our third and final debut this week is for the more morbid amongst us, thank God.  When are we supposed to have any fun?  Sounds like a slight variation on the Saw series.  It's called Hell Fest, and it takes place at a horror-themed amusement park... hmm!  Are there any to begin with?  My friends never seem to have vacation photos of such a place.  They don't show them to me, anyway.  Maybe I'm lucky in that regard.  I mean, really, wasn't that the main problem with the Saw series?  We get to witness the worst acts of arbitrage, but in a very private setting.  Maybe if it was more like a proscenium, where you can stand above it all in the rafters or so, and sit and watch the blood-curdling acts happen right there before you.  Real live theatre!  With popcorn and Goobers!  Well, this debuted at #6, so it'll probably go the way of Brainscan and Shocker instead of the way of Saw, but who knows.  Maybe it's big overseas.
I didn't even get to Brett Kavanaugh!  Well, I think enough comedians have eviscerated him already, including Matt Damon, who's not necessarily a comedian, and he won't necessarily have a recurring role on Saturday Night Live for long, but oh well.  I think I need to say it: Kate McKinnon does a damn near perfect Hillary Clinton, and her Jeff Sessions is good, but Lindsey Graham?  Well, hopefully she won't have to do it too often, but it seemed to be more like Mitch McConnell than Lindsey Graham.  As for Kavanaugh himself, well... I think there's no question, he's given the worst televised performance of a Supreme Court nominee I've ever seen.  It's a sham, and he likes beer.  Yeah.  I mean, even Robert Bork had some dignity.  Just a little sweaty, sweaty dignity... maybe he was just nervous.  I haven't seen it in a while.  Then there's Douglas Ginsburg, who didn't get the job because he smoked some weed.  A toast to his getting out of prison very soon; it was a different time.  Also, does it help when Orrin Hatch and Lindsey Graham are outraged like that?  I guess Kavanaugh appreciated it, but somehow it didn't seem to help.  I mean, unless it brings the sham to a complete halt, does it really help all that much?  I'm thinking not.  And I didn't even see the thing John Oliver showed, when the attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford had to shut down the special prosecutor's line of questioning about the payment of the cost of the lie detector test.  For some, a nice moment; for others, a good reason to start yet another hashtag like #LieDetectorTestCostPaymentsMatter or #LieDetectorTestCostReimbursementsMatter... this is why I'm not in the field of advertising, clearly.  Oh, but The Movie Hooligan!  Kavanaugh's got a stellar record!  Really?  What record is that?  The Wanted's "Glad You Came"?

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Auteur Watch - Jackée Harry

Well, what can be said about her that already hasn't been said?  "227" was kind of a big deal in its time, right?  And perhaps, out of loyalty to the medium, perhaps because Hollywood is like high school in terms of rigid social structures, ONLY WORSE... she tried her hand at directing, but only a couple shows.

Well I'll Go To The Foot Of Our Stairs

Man, Google has everything!  And Lycos has that 2 percent share that iMacs seem to occupy these days... Oh, right, almost forgot our sponsor.  This week's Box Office Report Retort is brought to you by Chipotle.  Chipotle!  Remember: you can't spell Chipotle without E. coli.  In other news, some in my corner have given up hope and have resigned themselves to the possibility that Kavanaugh is going to get on the highest court in the land.  But who knows?  I mean, everyone thought Roe v. Wade was doomed before John Roberts became Chief Justice.  Why, even he himself thought he was going to get to be the lucky one to put the final nail in the coffin.  But then... then he got the job, time gets away from you, and somehow it never came up.  The rubes didn't seem to mind either, as long as they have their guns.  If you can't have an abortion, after all, you might as well have a gun.  Better than abortions!  The only other thing that comes to mind is this show I saw some of called "Mysteries at the Museum."  Better put a link to it before I forget.  They had a piece about an unsuccessful prospector named Ed Doheny.  After several unsuccessful attempts at getting gold, he eventually struck oil: literally and actually.  They said something to the effect of that oil made him one of the richest men in the world, richer than... Rockefeller?  Now, maybe I'm losing my faith in humanity in general, and in American capitalism in particular, but I really wish they said something about how we've been dealing with climate change ever since.  I mean, God bless the Dohenys and all that, but man!  We gotta dump sulfuric acid in the sky now for... probably the rest of our days!  Pretty big mess to clean up.  And they already considered putting ... no, PUMPING all the excess CO2 into the ocean, but go figure!  It's ALREADY HAPPENING!  AUTOMATICALLY!!!!!  It's, um... kinda how Mother Nature works.  But, you know... these guys are Capitalists, not scientists!  They also said Doheny was the inspiration for the Daniel Day-Lewis character in There Will Be Blood... you know, no time to dwell on how that character was a complete bastard.  On to the next get rich quick story!  Quickly on to it!
And so, we find that it's not 2004 after all.  Back then, Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 was #1 at the box office!  Sure, the week after it was Spider-Man 2, but still!  No small thing.  But nowadays we got all these streaming services... maybe his latest is a big hit on one of those.  His latest is called Fahrenheit 11/9 and it's about Agent Orange, as you all might know.  Now, let's all sit back and let the death threats just roll on in, Anti-Semitic and otherwise.  You know, I was just thinking about how the Republicans are always pushing for a government shutdown.  And then, when it actually happens, what's the first thing out of their mouths?  "The Democrats wanted this!"  But who knows?  Maybe someday there'll only be one political party in this country, but it'll be divvied up as the Rich Republicans and the Poor Republicans.  I mean, there will have to be a dividing line somewhere, no question, so it might as well be an economic dividing line.
No, the #1 movie this week is in the realm of the fantastical, which is where most of us would rather have our heads right now.  This one's got an old-timey long title, in the grand tradition of films like Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines and its even more ridiculous follow-up.  This one is called The House with a Clock in Its Walls.  I'd be very, very surprised if Cate Blanchett's actually been looking for a project to do with Jack Black, but whatever.  Here she is as Ian Anderson, by the way.  Who would've thunkett, Blanchett?  In any event, it's a triumph for the PG rating.  It used to be the kiss of death for a movie!  I haven't done the stats on this, but a PG-13 is typically what you want if you want a #1 movie.
(Monday night) I... wow.  I know the Supreme Court is a prestigious place to work and all that... I mean, it's right there in the name!  Supreme!  Doesn't Taco Bell (TM) (C) (R) still have a burrito that's supreme?  I dunno, though... I might have to go back to Subway (C) (R) (TM) for one of those new... whatever they were, something with beef.  Not quite pastrami; that's not cost effective.  Simply not.  I think I got distracted again.  So, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, AKA "Bart O'Kavanaugh" just wants everyone to know, it's just these two victims and that's it.  And maybe the whole gang rape thing.  Trust me, even the hardened agents over at the FBI don't want to look into these three dozen victims or so.  They really don't, because they'll have a couple of months of sleepless nights over the 150 victims of Judge Kavanaugh's Gang Rape Ring. (TM) (C) (R)  So many victims, and why this is all coming out now about the 780 victims is beyond me.  Bad timing, jealousy, hard to say.  And Michael Avenatti's in on this one too!  Let me be the first to suggest it... Avenatti / Biden 2020!  Run, Joe.  Either run or take an early retirement, one of the two.  Yes, Avenatti's a busy guy these days, what with Stormy Daniels and all, and also helping these over 3,528 alleged victims of Judge Brett "Drunken Busyhands" Kavanaugh's permanent floating orgy through the legal process.  Who better to overturn Roe v. Wade than someone who apparently needs it the most?
But let's try to put out of our minds the X-rated world we're living in.  I was musing on the PG rating earlier, wasn't I?  It seems most of your big-time mainstream directors have flirted occasionally with the PG rating.  The first few Star Wars movies had that rating, and the first two Indiana Jones did as well.  The Coens' The Hudsucker Proxy is their only PG-rated outing.  Not Kevin Smith, though.  He won't go under a PG-13; a pride thing.  Quentin Tarantino sticks with the 'R', I'll give him that.  Probably will for the other two films he's apparently only going to do, bringing the total to ten.  Well, probably good to get out of the game before you get old and stale.  But Eli Roth, a bit of a Tarantino protegé, is the director of this The House with a Clock in Its Walls thing.  He's stopped his worrying and has learned to love the PG!  Well, he got tired of all his R-rated fare completely tanking, and he, like most people of his generation, loved the first The NeverEnding Story.  So why not something fanciful like that?  A little less gritty than 2011's Hugo?  And of course, Jack Black was in the third one, so that's a connection to geek out about.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Auteur Watch - Wendell B. Harris, Jr.

Phew!  Thank God.  Another short one.  But you know what?  I'm actually going to make an attempt to hunt down this... this bit of celluloid the Mortals on the Surface (TM) (C) (R) call Cham(a)eleon StreetBRING IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (a few minutes later) God bless you, Mueslix!  I mean... Fitnlex... whatever.  You know what I'm trying to say.  Somehow, I can't stomach Road Trip.  I think I'd prefer to keep my memories of what little I've seen of it the way they are.  I saw the part with Horatio Sanz and... was it French toast?  A more innocent time.  I guess it was a metaphor for the presidency after Clinton or something at the time, whoever it was.

Everything Rebooted is Meh Again he really gonna do it?  Is he really going to take the Shallow Dive (TM) (R) (C) into the DVD storage to find the original Predator?  And so, at the box office, the Cable Ace (TM) (C) (R) award for Best New Thing on TV goes to "Old Starsky and Hutches."  And of course, accepting this award is the son of the guy who played Huggy Bear (C) (TM) (R)!  I'm sorry, but if you have to Google (TM) (R) (C) that quote, you probably don't belong here... did I get all six permutations of that yet?
Anyway... and so, the reboot of the original 1987 Predator, called The Predator, is #1 at the box office.  I have yet to listen to a Predator commentary, but I'm pretty sure if the screenwriter were talking about it, he... and it's most definitely a he... would say that he got the idea in film school when he was watching Psycho, because that movie is about a robbery at first, but then... then it blossoms into something completely different.  But the cops in Psycho and the big, burly, cigar-smoking Army types in Predator are nothing if not resilient, and responsive to changes in their environment, and they both quickly learn that what they're dealing with is out of this world.  Anyway, nice to see the guy from the Rocket Mortgage commercials getting work.  I know, I know... he's originally from Mad TV and one half of "Key and Peele."  Well, the other guy might have an Oscar (C) (R) (MT)... but he's not in the new Predator!!!!!  Kinda like how Garfunkel kept Simon out of Catch-22... I mean, does Simon have to do everything better?  Absolutely EVERYTHING???!!!!!  Where was I... oh, right, someone named Boyd Holbrook also is in the cast as Quinn McKenna, because having him named Jack would be not cliché enough.  And as you can see from his IMDb bio, he is an American actor and fashion model, and in this, the Age of the Selfie and the Selfie Stick, you know which of those two is the more important... hmm!  This all seems vaguely familial... I still say they're related.
Our second debut this week is a 1080p 4K re-release in select cities of A Serious Man... sorry, that's wrong.  I mean it's a 1080p 4K fullscreen re-release of A Simple Wish... no, that's wrong too.  What is that darn thing called?  A Simple Plan"The Simple Life"A Simple LifeA Simple Twist of Fate?  "8 Simple Rules"?  Simply IrresistibleDemi Lovato: Simply Complicated?  ...oh, right!  I can just check the list!  Derrrr...... A Simple Favor!  That's the one.  Because even wacky comedy director Paul Feig wants and or yearns to be more Coen-esque.  I mean... where did Blake Lively disappear to?  Was she ever really here all that much to begin with?  All those years busting her all... and ass.. on "Gossip Girl," and she's got almost about as much traction as Melissa Joan of Arc.  I guess Clarissa explained it all all too well!  She put herself out of business!
The third debut this week is called White Boy Rick.  It's the tragically compelling and the compellingly tragic story of rap mogul Rick Rubin and... I'm sorry, I got that wrong again.  Let me take a second look at the movie's poster.  So this 16 year old kid becomes a drug trafficker and an FBI informant at that tender young age.  Well, Jimmy Conway was a bit of a prodigy in his own way, too.  But I can't help but wonder what Nat X would make of all this.  He would of course find it to be no surprise that a young WHITE kid could do both those things at that age, and become a U.S. Senator afterwards.  If a BLACK kid did both of those things... well, first of all, the FBI would never allow it.  And second, he could only get as high as the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, something like that.  I'm, of course, speculating on a hypothesis here.  Anyway, it's probably too soon to predict a second Oscar (R) (TM) (C) for Matthew McConaughey, but surely he'll get the Thalberg for something, or maybe one of those Jean Hershholt ones for all he's done to further the cause of legalized marijuana.
Our final, fourth debut this week is an interesting one, if only to me.  A sequel of sorts, also about Louis Zamperini, and it's called Unbroken: Path to Redemption.  While it's too soon to say whether or not it's on the level of The Godfather: Part II (spoiler alert: it's not), it seems to be clear that it will probably be considered a triumph in Christian cinema circles.  After all, the director and part-time caveman is named Harold Cronk, director of such fine features as God's Not Dead 1 and the probably Christian-skewed The Adventures of Mickey Mouse Matson and the National Copperhead Treasure.  I don't know if the kids will like it / fall asleep halfway through it, but it will leave the adults asking this: I wonder what it was that Frank Drank?  And, how do I get some?  Billy Graham's son is also in Unbroken 2: Christian Boogaloo, but somehow I don't think his flock are going to turn this one into a must-see memorable classic.  The secular critics sure aren't!  I know, I know... the filmmakers are boasting about how much less this one cost to make than the original.  More green screens, less edits, that kind of thing.  That's not a good thing, guys.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Perfect World

Well, I better hurry up and review this one before I completely forget.  This is one that my partner in crime wanted to watch, so therefore he gave it way way too much of the benefit of the doubt.  It's called First Kill and... ugh.  It's symptomatic of movies these days: a plot that's complicated as hell, line readings that are a little different than the movies I grew up with, fast editing, faster camerawork (on smeary digital "film")... what else?  Some of these modern filmmakers seem to think that the more shaky the camerawork is, the better.  Spoiler alert: it's not.  Especially here.  I'll try not to spoil the labyrinthine plot any further, but I will say this: First Kill has a complicated plot, but not as complicated as others of its type!  Maybe Hollywood's trying to de-complicate some of these plots!
Oh, another thing all these movies seem to have is at least ten vanity logos up front, after the studio logo.  It takes a village to make one of these things, after all.  My viewing partner was particularly struck by this one, even though this has been happening for a while now.  Ten companies producing these things, thirty-plus executive producers... I don't know how far it goes back, maybe a couple decades.
Anyway, on to the plot.  It all starts with a bullying... well, first it starts with a guy in a tunnel.  He pokes his head up into a bank vault, so clearly he's up to no good.  Next scene: we see a kid playing with some dolls in the lunch room.  Even I think he's ripe for a bullying.  Alas, all we're treated to is one slow-motion fist.  Cut to the father.  His job?  Some type of hedge fund manager, on the make to join the one percent.  The one example we get to illustrate his duties?  He's bemoaning these new solar panel stocks, and trying to broker a deal for some good ol' fashioned petroleum-based ones.  Good luck with that, dude.  The stuff's running out, didn't you hear?  The EROI's going up, not down, dude.  Hate to break it to you.
WHEN SUDDENLY... the father finds out his son's having trouble at school.  A guy like that, you'd think he'd just get the kid his own tutor or something.  I've tried as long as I could to give young Darth Vader here a pass; he was pretty great in Shattered Glass, after all.  Maybe that was the only one.  He does what he can here with the material he's given.  Anyway, he deigns to briefly stop work and give the 99 percent a fighting chance.  He's going to start his long weekend early and take his young douchebag-in-training son on one of those bonding trips upstate.  WILL IT GO AS PLANNED???!!!!!!!
I don't know if I can do this without spoiling the plot too much, so... SPOILER ALERT.  The father and son, semi-direct handmaidens of the one percent, drive upstate to where the air is clean, the water is cleaner... and apparently gives rise to supernatural abilities, like tolerance to pain!  It does tend to go up in movies, after all.  Take my Jean-Claude Van Damme example... ah, skip it.  Can't find the hyperlink to it.  The father explains to the son about the transcendent quality of deer hunting, how it made him the man he currently is and what not.  And so, they engage in just that.  We start to wonder if it's all some kind of setup.  Did the hedge fund manager dad buy a deer in advance?  Was it brought to this spot by some sort of courier that would handle that kind of thing?  I'm thinking UPS or DHL... never deal with the locals.  Especially when you're a relatively big time hedge fund mgr. type and what not.  Cut to the chase: a deer is found.  They're about to take aim... but NOT WITH JUST ANY GUN.  I plum damn near forgot: they shoot some practice rounds with said valuable gun.  Oh, my cans!  My precious, antique cans!!!  Look what ya done to 'em... love that.  Better quit now while you have the chance, I'm tellin' ya!
Okay, so we got the deer thing happening.  WHEN SUDDENLY... this father and son dyad run across some sort of double cross gone wrong.  Two guys are arguing.  The one dude shoots the other.  Acting quickly, father takes his big, long gun and shoots the other shooter dude.  Chaos erupts, emotions are shattered, and... I plum forgot to mention.  The stockbroker husband is married to an ER doctor.  I think she came along for the ride... clearly, I didn't get to this revue early enough.  This woman probably fails the famous Bechdel Test.  But to be fair, she's ... SPOILER ALERT... she's taken hostage later!  That's... that's at least Oscar (TM) (R) (C) - worthy, no?  N'est ce pas?
To cut to the chase again... man!  I jump around worse than a heavily edited Michael Bay movie!  We end up in the couple's summer cabin, and the wife is pulling a bullet out of the guy the father shot.  This is where things started breaking down for my viewing partner, but not so much that we had to completely stop the movie.  He said "See, I don't believe that.  A doctor can't take a bullet out of a person like that; I don't believe that.  You could lose your license to practice medicine.  You're only allowed to remove a bullet from someone in a hospital."  And so, we find the mortally wounded gunman lying on their couch, recuperating.  Here's where it jumped the shark for me: recovering quickly, the gunman opens an eye.  He leaps up, grabs the couple's kid, holds a knife to his throat and says ... oh, I forgot.  A crucial plot detail: there's a key that gets thrown during the shootout.  The kid sees the key, and I guess the father does too.  The wounded gunman needs that key.  He's got the knife to the kids' throat, tells the father that he really, really, really needs that key, then proceeds to find transportation back to the scene.  The father convinces the gunman that he should go along for the ride, too.  He was probably a lawyer before becoming a hedge fund manager; terribly persuasive.
Now, back to how complicated plots are these days.  Now, you'd think a key that important would be for something of National Security-level importance.  Spoiler Alert: not really here!  The key leads to the loot from the robbery, and the loot has been stashed at the small town's local post office.  And I couldn't help but think to myself the usual Really?  Seriously? type of deal.  I mean, really?  Seriously?  Does any hardened criminal worth his weight in salt use a drop point so public?
There's also a thrilling chase through a relatively well maintained dirt road in the forest.  The father follows after the pickup truck on a Quadmaker 4-wheeler vehicle.  You know, the kind that put Grandma in the hospital in Napoleon Dynamite.  Again, something about that sweet mountain air and water.  Father takes a pretty good header off it at one point, but he knows his stunt falls, and takes the fall without severing his spinal column.  Soon enough, he's back on his feet following chase.  All films have fast, Michael Bay-type cutting these days, but they also will slow down the film for you when there's a really cool part.  In the old days, pause on a VCR worked pretty well, but it was good enough, you know?  We knew we couldn't capture stills from these things, and we were happy with that!  These days... does the father have a Tramp Stamp (TM) (C) (R)?  Apparently!  Nah, must be his stunt double.  I've attached the picture so you can see as well.  I don't know if it all started with 300, but it was in there, too.  They would slow down the action at what they felt were key points (in the action), then go back to regular speed.  I don't remember The Lord of the Rings relying on that too much.
Oh, there's also a Terminator-ish cop in pursuit.  SPOILER ALERT: the son, having quickly become a man during the course of this cinematic trial-by-fire, goes all Home Alone 2 on that cop's ass.  Now, you'd think the cop would be dead after the fall he takes.  Spoiler Alert: well enough to get the cuffs put on him at the end!
I didn't even get to the Bruce Willis character, playing the small town sheriff that isn't quite what he seems on the surface of things.  Yes, Bruce Willis is in this, starting to attempt these fatherly roles he so didn't used to play.  He initially auditioned for the father role in this.  He's still got it!  He can put on the right father wig for the part!  Sadly, for whatever reason, just wasn't meant to be.  So, The Movie Hooligan, if that is your real name, DID YOU LIKE IT?  Bottom Line Time here, man!  Get to the damn Point already!  I can honestly say that I don't think I liked it.  But I did place a hold on it from my local library.  I have yet to grab a still from it.  Movies like this are trying as hard as they can to be original, if only in execution.  This one relies on plot devices that stretch reality a little too far.  One last point, SPOILER ALERT: were this a better written script, they would've gone the William Fichtner in (THE MOVIE) Heat where the crooks end up stealing some of hedge fund manager Hayden Christensen's money, or somehow Christensen's wheelings and dealings have caused the town to go into default, and is now being run by a ruthless "City Manager" type that seems to be popping up everywhere... but this is so not that movie.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Auteur Watch - Thomas Allen Harris

When I look at photos of this guy, this directer fella here on IMDb, I can't help but recall... I am getting on in years, after all... I recall semi-fondly my first year of college, and a bunch of us freshmen were standing around, shooting the sh... breeze, and this one ambitious nerd type had a photo of himself, either from his yearbook, or just one that he carries around.  He did help me land my first paying gig, reading books onto an audio tape-type substance for the disabled, so I should be more grateful to him for that, probably.  He was okay, maybe a little too over-eager.  But he was talking about his smile in the picture he was showing, and he asked the group "Now, doesn't that smile say to you 'I'm going to be in charge of the world someday'?"  I made the mistake of voicing my opinion and said that it looked a little more like a "Hey, baby..." kind of thing.  He vehemently disagreed.  It's what I thought, what can I tell you?  Well, the same goes for this Ken Burns wannabe I'm profiling this week.  I'm just saying that Ken Burns' priority seems to be more towards the work, and less towards taking a good photograph of himself.  But hey, what do I know?  Everybody's a critic.
Mr. Harris' work skews toward the documentary type, and he seems to have done pretty well for himself!  But he was still finding his voice in the early '90s when he was just starting out.  Here's something on the ol' résumé called Black Body.  As you can read from the IMDb plot description of it, it's an emotionally powerful reflection on racism, using a series of moving pictures of a black torso with barbed wire around it.  For the audiophile in all of us, "emotionally loaded voice-overs."  I guess I'll just have to imagine it.  I mean, from the plot description, this sounds like something that wouldn't, and frankly shouldn't be merely available on the YouTubes for free.  Am I right?  (checking the Tubes that are of You...) RIGHT!  Oh well.  But like any director worth his or her weight in salt, they should always have several interviews on said YouTubes discussing the art of the film director and otherwise.

The Job Is Still Fun

Tough choice to make this week.  How to honor the #1 movie this week called The Nun?  Do I choose a still from The Blues Brothers with... what's her name?  Or do I pick something that honors the trailers I kept seeing?  It was always the "jump scare" part, to (try and) coin a phrase.  You know: the nun looks one way, and the scare comes from the other.  So I decided to go for the ladder... latter, and I thought of the perfect example of it, contained in the attached pic.  By the way, are you in said attached pic?  Wink wink.  Also, beware of people on Facebook whose only photo is of a bikini model, usually a girl... something tells me they aren't who they think they are.  Anyways, I spent the last few minute minutes reading about a feller by the name of Hal Holbrook... sorry, that's Boyd Holbrook.  No relation, apparently, like Kate Bosworth and Keri Russell.  Having the same name was close enough.  As you can read from the first sentence of his IMDb bio, Boyd Holbrook is an American actor and fashion model.  You know which of those two is the more important, of course, in this, the Age of the Selfie.  Personally, I kinda hope Cosmopolitan is wrong about the impending Age of the Belfie.
The only other geniune debut this week is the Luc Besson- and The Bride Wore Black-inspired Peppermint.  Look for it next year when it becomes either an Amazon Prime or a Netflix miniseries.  As for our current Russian agent in the White House, well... nope, sorry.  Even though most of his staff is humoring him most of the time, and they're not actually killing the Syrian president, among others, the job is still fun.  Besides, he really really can't go back to the private sector.  Too many lawsuits waiting for him, too many creditors and ex-employees seeking payment.  Meanwhile, this Brett Kavanaugh could very well be this generation's Robert Bork, minus the voluminous waterfalls of flop sweat.  I do like the way Cory Booker phrased one of his remarks, saying "It's not just about Roe v. Wade.  There's health care, and things that affect people's lives."  Yes, yes, we know... Roe v. Wade affects people's lives, too.  But the slight implication of that is that Republicans and their judicial nominees are petulant children when it comes to Roe v. Wade.  But why should Republicans care about that?  After all, these laws of men like Roe v. Wade, all that comes and goes like the tide.  Republicans answer only to a higher power... the Koch brothers.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Auteur Watch - Monika Harris

Oh, good!  Another short one.  Whelp, we're currently, as of this writing, in the midst of '90s nostalgia.  HOWEVER, and this is a big however, I think it's so far restricted to the first half of the '90s, before the whole world went crazy with consolidation.  Well, just the business world, of course.  The Sherman Anti-Trust Act typically isn't used on individuals.  No, the first half of the '90s was SUPPOSED to be epitomized by the rock group Dee-Lite... am I spelling that right?  Gotta take another Wikipedia break here...Deee-Lite.  That's it.  I guess even the Wikipedia page doesn't want to call them a one-hit wonder.  So cruel.  Of course, Deee-Lite wasn't enough for most people.  There were others who wanted to move their butt like a squirrel on a nut, so the C + C Music Factory would have to do.  Sadly, the factory was quickly shuttered and sold to a German conglomerate.
But this was all before the brief but prolific heyday of one Monika Harris.  It goes without saying... but I'll type it out anyway.  As you can see from her writing credits, it's one episode of "Silk Stalkings"... wasn't that on USA?  Characters welcome!  The old "USA Up All Night," on the other hand... no longer welcome, so it would seem!  So there's "Silk Stalkings" and a feature film called Legal Deceit.  No reviews of it yet, but it is available on VHS from Scarecrow!  Hope that helps!  It's a thinly-veiled autobiographical narrative about a character named Sydney Banks... a name that doesn't quite correlate with a name like Monika Harris, so that works.  That's good writing, folks.  And who knows?  Maybe that's what happened to Monika.  Maybe showbiz wasn't what she ultimately wanted.  Maybe she's running a studio now, who knows.  Or one of these douche-y new e-companies.  Maybe she's worth a billion dollars, but she's old school and doesn't feel like going on Colbert to flog her wares.  Like that Uber douchebag, old what's-his-name.  I mean, you don't take on the taxi business without making a few enemies.
But I get too far afield again.  We were talking about Legal Deceit.  And even though, as of this writing, the film only enjoys an IMDb general quality rating of 3.9 out of 10, if only for me it now enjoys some prescience.  Maybe not The Siege-level prescience for its time, but still.  I mean, now that funds have been funneled through a law firm to go around campaign finance laws, and we come to find that The National Enquirer isn't just some naïve, almost quaint, phony newspaper, but is in fact used as a stonewall for victims of presidential sexual harassment, well... semi-legal deceit, maybe.  As Alan Dershowitz once quipped, it's "lawful but awful."  Not when Drumpf does it, of course.  That's different.  That's totally different.
So in conclusion, a toast to Monika Harris, a once powerful voice in mainstream Hollywood, quieted far too soon.  Come out of obscurity soon, girlfriend!

And the Isaac (TM) (C) (R) Goes To....

I'm BAAACCKKK!!  Even though I've been having computing pains lately... hey, how about Boo Sagoo?  I know it's a bit off the farm; you know, no "tt"s in the name and what not, but I mean wow.  Wotta name... gotta go!  They're playing my song... okay, I'm back.  Lord help me, I do love that basmati rice.  Anyway, I have my backup computer here, so you shall not be deprived of a single word of my brain farts.  No sir.  Not today, not far into the foreseeable future.  At least five more years of this before my next big health scare. 
Anyway, enough of the old people.  A toast to the young people.  Young people like Oscar Isaac.  Young, successful people... he's resisting the urge and the big payday of that big Adam Slander... Sandler Netflix (TM) road pic comedy that he keeps getting offered.  The offer keeps getting larger and larger!  It's like that time the Tasmanian Devil kept hiccuping and blowing a big bubble gum bubble.  I guess it's like poker, so I hear... it's like an elevator ride, and you have to know when to get off said elevator.  It's always sad when you've hit the plateau, then you're down 30 bucks, then 50, then 100, and on and on it goes.  Sadly, Isaac has no free time anymore to contemplate the lean years when he was honing his craft and what not.  Three Star Wars pics eat up a lot of time, even for a character like Decameron Crowe... I mean, Poe Dameron.  But he does have time for the small pic in between big ones.  You know, like Keanu Reeves and the Matrix movies.  Let's see, there was Hardball and... probably others.  But when you get a project falling into your lap like Operation Finale, I guess you have to take it.  Yet another wrinkle on Germany under Hitler.  Didn't Kenneth Branagh already do this?  And wasn't it called "Conspiracy"?  ... I had to look that one up, personally.  Okay, I guess Operation Finale might count as a sequel of sorts, tracking down one of the people at that meeting.  Sorry, folks... gotta go.  Greatness calls, and also there's a new "Daily Show."

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Aretha Franklin 1942-2018

Before I get back to my usual fare here, I just wanted to take a little bit of space and time to acknowledge the passing of the Queen of Soul.  Unfortunately, we've had another spate of three big celebrity deaths.  First, the slightly-less-egotistical than Larry Gelbart and acclaimed playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon.  And then, of course, Senator John McCain, and last but not least, Aretha Franklin.  And as you can see from the attached picture, I am indeed another one of those film nerds who most closely associates Franklin with that screen classic from 1980, The Blues Brothers.  Apparently, she was in the sequel as well, but... I mean, who wants to look for that one?  I suppose I should try.  Should I further mention one of my high school memories about a skit where these young gals paid tribute to her song "Respect"?  No one else remembers that?  Spoiler alert: when it came to the "Sock It To Me" part, yes, they started throwing socks at the audience, if memory serves.  Boy, those were the daze.
Okay, here she is in the sequel, Blues Brothers 2000, where she finally righted the wrong of not using the song "Respect" in the original movie.  Um... nice job on the lip synching, girlfriend!  You know, she was so associated with that song, that I think even I, as a young man seeing that movie for the first time, wondered why they weren't using that song.  People forget that sometimes... it's a big world, and there's more than one song in it.  Speaking of other songs, I'll take a brief moment to reminisce about when MTV used to show videos.  Two of Aretha's were big at the time: "Freeway of Love" and that one with Annie Lennox about sisters.  Sorry to bore you all to tears with my clichés visible from a mile away.  I mean, why should Tina Turner have all the fun, am I right?
...guess that's all I have.  I'm going to take this opportunity to become more familiar with her catalogue.  Alas, the radio station we have it permanently tuned to at work is still sticking with today's annoying hits, like AJR's "Burn the House Down."  Worst synth trumpet ever.  This is the world you're leaving behind, Aretha.  A much poorer place now.  Go and teach the angels how to sing.

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Short Reviews - September 2018

'The Secret of Monkey Island' - With Wally Wingert as Biff the Ghost / Franklin, Man of Low Moral Fiber / Herman Toothrot / Swordfight Opponent I (voice).

'Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge' - With Wally Wingert as Herman Toothrot / Potman / Frank / Greg (voice).

'Power Factory Featuring C+C Music Factory' - With Phil LaMarr as Franklin.

'Crime Patrol' - With Frank Lopez as Airport Extra (as Frank J. Lopez).

'Day of the Tentacle' - With David Kirk Traylor as Ed Edison.

'Fox Hunt' - With Timothy Bottoms as Frank.

'Jagged Alliance' - With Aidan Devine as Frank 'Hitman' Hennessey (voice).

'Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos' - With Richard Cornell as Frank the Beggar (voice).  Also with Frank Klepacki as Grent / The Knowle (voice).  Music by: Frank Klepacki.

'The Pagemaster' - With George Flynn as Hyde / Dr. Jekyll / Narrator (Frankenstein) / Parrot.  Also with James Gale as Adventure / Frankenstein.  Also with Fran St. Peter as Dragon.

'Who Killed Mike Pence Brett Penance?' - With David Gaines as Joel Franklin.  Also with Mark Richardson as Francis Burns.  Also with Francesca Uranker as Town Meeting Character.

'Who Killed Taylor French?' - With J.D. Garfield as Frank Osmer.

'Daryl F. Gates' Police Quest: SWAT' - With Tony Vella as Officer Frank Rhea.

'Flight of the Amazon Queen' - With William Hootkins as Frank Ironstein / Bellboy / Bud / John / Chef / Spaced-Out Prisoner (voice) (as Bill Hootkins).

'The Interactive History of Frankenstein' - With Boris Karloff as Himself / Frankenstein Monster (archive footage).

'The Umbra Conspiracy' - With Frank Edwards as President Chambers (as Frank 'Rock' Edwards).  Also with Franco Vega as Robert Schmidt.

'The Dame Was Loaded' - With Terrie Waddell as Frankie Henderson (voice).

'Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games' - With Aidan Devine as Frank 'Hitman' Hennessey (voice).  Also with Frank Schorpion as Jack 'Postie' Durham (voice) (as Frank Schorpian).

'Jumpstart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain' - With Lathan Crowe as Frankie (voice).

'Piper' - With Jason David Frank as Piper.  Also with Geoff Fiorito as Singing dub for Jason David Frank.

'Pony Express Rider' - With Kyle Hester as Frank James.

'Santa Fe Mysteries: The Elk Moon Murder' - With Nelson Martinez as Frank Delgado.

'Spycraft: The Great Game' - With Charles Napier as Frank Milkovsky.

'Stay Tooned!' - With Scott Martin as Schmooze / Frank (voice).

'Synnergist' - With Brad Craig as Frankie (the pimp).  Also with Frank McEvoy as Janitor at Morgue.

'Damage Incorporated' - With Romanus Isaac as Frank / Preacher / Ryan / Wagner (voice).

'Hollywood Monsters' - With Iñaki Alonso as Frankie.  Also with Francisco Javier Martínez as Charlie Bug.  Background Artist: Francisco de Frutos.

'Star Trek: Starfleet Academy' - With Peter Flanders as Frank Malan (as Pete Flanders).  Also with Stephanie Richards as Francis Neill.  Also with Frank Welker as Additional Voices (voice).

'Big Action Construction' - With Mark Covell as Foreman Frank (voice).

'Fallout 2: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game' - With Michael Dorn as Marcus.  Dialog Editor: Frank Szick.

'Sanitarium' - With Frank Schurter as Max.  Also with Kevin Delaney as Scotty Havel / Hector Vasquez / Frank Rizzo / Ometoch / Priest / Newscaster (voice).

'Tex Murphy: Overseer' - With John Gavigan as Frank Schimming.

'Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time' - With Marcus Lewis as Justinian.  Also with Francine Scott as Isabella of Spain / Peasants / Villians (voice).

'Hype: The Time Quest' - With Holly Gauthier-Frankel as (voice) (as Holly G. Frankel).  Also with François Jerosme as (voice).

'Jagged Alliance 2' - With Aidan Devine as Frank 'Hitman' Hennessey (voice).

'Lands of Lore III' - With Sean Masterson as Frank the Guard / Luther / Mark LeGre (voice).  Music by: Frank Klepacki.

'The Longest Journey' - With Frank Rivers as Father Raul / Q'aman / Alatien Castle Watch / Vanguard Agent (voice).  Also with Francesca Longrigg as Fiona.  Also with Madison Arnold as Frank Minnelli / Stanley / Stickman Willow / Old Sailor (voice).  Also with Rolf Arly Lund as Frank Minnelli / Stanley (voice).

'System Shock 2' - With Steve Canniff as Frank Yang (voice).

'Days of Oblivion II: Frozen Eternity' - With Andreas Schwenger as Frank Stowe.  Writing Credits (dialogue): Frank Sennholz.  Writing Credits (script): Frank Sennholz.  Music by: Frank Sennholz.  Game Designer: Frank Sennholz.

'Deus Ex' - With Jay Anthony Franke as J.C. Denton.  Also with Joe Frank as Stacy Webber / Club Door Girl / Club Mercedes / Junkie / Nurse / Market Shopper Flowers / Receptionist / Destiny Savannah, VersaLife Receptionist (voice) (as Joey Franke).  Game Tester: Eidos UK / Qa Tester: Edios UK: Francesco Fraulo.

'Smuggler's Run' - With John Randolph Jones as Frank O'Grady (voice).

...gotta do this one.  Murderers' Row - Martin... Dean Martin.

'Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura' - With Michael Gough as Franklin Payne (voice).

'Conker's Bad Fur Day' - With Chris Seavor as Conker T. Squirrel.

'Max Payne' - With Bruce Kronenberg as Frankie Niagra.  Animator: PlayStation 2 Version: Lui Francisco.  Additional Model (as Frank 'Omppu' Salonius): Frank Salonius.  Thanks: Francois Piednoel.

'Point of View' - With Chris Bradford as Frank.

'Evolution Worlds' - With Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Nina (voice) (as Holly G. Frankle).  Also with Craig Francis as Jim / Mosin (voice).

'The Getaway' - With Joe Rice as Frank Carter.  Animator: Francis O'Brien.

'Headhunter' - With Don Fellows as Chief Frank Hawke (voice).  Special Thanks: Frans Mittermayer.

'Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven' - With Dan Grimaldi as Frank (voice).  Also with Francesco Catraro as (voice) (uncredited).  Also with Dalimil Klapka as Frank (voice) (uncredited).  Tech Specialist: Frank Kirchner.  External Beta Tester: Frantisek Sitárik.

'Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake' - With Joshua Silwa as Frank Hardy (voice).

'Medal of Honor: Rising Sun' - With Jon Curry as Frank Giovani Spinelli (voice).  Sound Effects Editor: Frank Szick.  Testing Manager: Electronic Arts France: Franck Badin.  Translation Manager: Electronic Arts France: Nathalie Duret.  Language Tester: Danish, EALA: Francesco Fasoli.  Language Tester: German, EALA: Peter Frankemolle.  Lead Game Tester: Electronic Arts, Los Angeles: Shelley Franklin.  Localization Manager: Electronic Arts France: Christine Jean.  Product Manager: Electronic Arts France: Marléne Masure.  Translation Coordinator: Electronic Arts France: Stéphane Tachon.  Translator: Electronic Arts France: Olivier Vera.

'Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island' - With Wayne Rawley as Frank Hardy (voice).

'Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel' - With Joshua Silwa as Frank Hardy (voice).

'Star Trek: Elite Force II' - With Lex Lang as Ensign Jack Franklin (voice).  Artist: Franz Boehm.

'Whiplash' - With Andrew Chaikin as Franklin D. Mann (voice).

'The Flying Legion Air Combat Challenge' - With Angelina Jolie as Capt. Franky Cook (archive footage).

'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' - With Frank Vincent as Salvatore Leone (voice).  Also with Frank Nitty as Pedestrian (voice).  Also with Frank Simms as Pedestrian (voice) (as Frank Sims).  Also with Franceska Clemens as Pedestrian / Radio Commercial (voice).  Also with Frank Chavez as Fernando - Talk Radio / Radio Station Caller (voice) (uncredited).  Production Department: Franceska Clemens.  Localization Test Team: Rockstar Lincoln: François-Xavier Fouchet.  Motion Capture Actor: Frank Tenpenny: Wilhelm Lewis.

'Law & Order: Justice Is Served' - With Brad Abrell as Frank Morelli / Gus Olsen (voice).

'Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault' - With Bart Tangredi as Frank Minoso.  Sound Effects Editor: Frank Szick.

'Men of Valor' - With David Anthony Pizzuto as Frank Sturgess (voice) (as David Pizzuto).  Digital Compositor (uncredited): Frank D'Iorio.

'Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch' - With Abby Murray as Bess Marvin / Frances Humber (voice).  Also with Wayne Rawley as Frank Hardy (voice).

'Shark Tale' - With Sean Bishop as Sykes / Lenny / Frankie / Police Dolphin #1 / Additional Tenant Fish (voice).

'TKKG 13 - Zelle 13' - With Frank-Otto Schenk as (voice) (as Frank Otto Schenk).

'Tony Hawk's Underground 2' - With Wally Wingert as ER Doctor / Ben Franklin / Boston Skaters / Bigfoot / Imp / Tiki Man / German Security Guard / Graffiti Tagger / Aborigine / New Orleans Jester / Evil Biker Guy / Church Ladder Guy / Construction Worker / Tagger / Dancing Nerd / Pyromaniac / Bummed Out Skater / Bullfighter / Peg-Leg Captain / The Devil (voice).

'Van Helsing' - With Shuler Hensley as The Frankenstein Monster.

'50 Cent: Bulletproof' - With Nick Jameson as Frank (voice).  Motion Capture Lead: Vayssettes Frank.

'Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood' - With Larry Brantley as Cpl. Franklin Paddock (voice).

'Conker: Live and Reloaded' - With Chris Seavor as Conker T. Squirrel.

'Haunting Ground' - With Clement von Franckenstein as Debilitas (voice) (as Clement von Frankenstein).  CG Artist: Mac Guff Ligne: Franck Clarenc.

'Indigo Prophecy' - With Allan Wenger as Martin McCarthy / Frank / Sergeant Mitchell / John Kane / Cop / Famine Reporter / Newscaster (voice).  Also with Françoise Cadol as Carla Valenti (voice).

'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' - With Wally Wingert as James Bellotti / Marvin Deane / Frank Doherty / Spencer Hastings / Xavier Mendoza / Charlie Timmerman / Rene Vaughn-Deardon (voice).

'Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon' - With Wayne Rawley as Frank Hardy (voice).  Also with Julia Francis as Charleena Purcell (voice).

'One piece: Paireetsu kaanibaru' - With Kazuki Yao as Mr. 2 / Bon Clay / Franky / Jango (voice).

'Psychonauts' - With Jessica DiCicco as Franke Athens (voice) (as Jessie Di Cicco).  Also with Paul Francis as Carpenter (voice).

'Samurai Western' - With Paul Eiding as Group Leader 1 / Frank Goldberg (voice).

'Shadow Hearts: From the New World' - With Marc Thompson as Frank Goldfinger / Mao / Al Capone (voice).

'Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII' - With Jason Harris as Frank.

'Coronation Street' - With Debra Stephenson as Frankie Baldwin (archive footage) (uncredited).

'Dead Rising' - With Terence J. Rotolo as Frank West.  Also with Dave Wittenberg as Sam Franklin.

'Gears of War' - With John DiMaggio as Marcus Fenix.  Technical Director: Digital Domain/Cinematics: Frank Bonniwell.

'The Godfather' - With Jennifer Copping as Frankie Malone.  Also with Sofia Coppola as Michael Francis Rizzi (archive footage) (uncredited).

'The Godfather: Mob Wars' - With Jennifer Copping as Frances 'Frankie' Malone (voice).

'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories' - With Garth Kravits as Frankie.  Also with Frankie Capellan as People of Vice City / Commercial (voice).  Also with Franceska Clemens as People of Vice City / Commercial / Other V Rock (voice).  Also with Frank Chavez as Fernando (voice) (uncredited).  Also with Frank Rodriguez as Hector Hernandez.  Production Team: Rockstar NYC: Franceska Clemens.  Localisation Tester: Rockstar Lincoln: François-Xavier Fouchet.  Console Programmer: Rockstar Leeds: PS2 (as Rick Frankish): Richard Frankish.

'Nancy Drew: Danger by Design' - With Jonah Von Spreecken as Frank Hardy.

'The Sopranos: Road to Respect' - With Anthony Pulcini as Frankie (voice).  Dialogue Effects Processing: Frank Szick.

'Time Crisis 4' - With Chuck Cope as Jack Mathers.  Also with Daisuke Gôri as Jack Mathers / Frank Mathers / Head of VSSE (voice) (as Daisuke Gouri).

'Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz' - With Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster (archive footage) (uncredited).

'Beowulf: The Game' - With Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Ursula (voice) (as Holly G. Frankel).

'BioShock' - With Greg Baldwin as Frank Fontaine.  Also with Peter Francis James as Dr. J.S. Steinman.

'Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway' - With Chris Burnett as Pvt. Franky LaRoche.

'Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars' - With John Huck as William Frank.

'The Darkness' - With Dwight Schultz as Uncle Paulie Franchetti.  Also with Frank Brantley as Terrence Willis / Mordo the junkie (voice).  Also with Robert Clotworthy as Frances Fox / Leslie Hound / Daniel Fears (voice).  Also with Patrick Gorman as Frank Huntzinger (voice).  Also with William Knight as Frank Rottenberg (voice).  Also with Frans Wiklund as Various (voice).

'The Godfather: Blackhand Edition' - With Jennifer Copping as Frances 'Frankie' Malone (voice).  Also with Serge Houde as Francesco Barzini / Lorenzo Allegro / Harry Paramour / Buddy Corcoran (voice).

'The Golden Compass' - With Kath Soucie as Child / Kid Frank (voice).

'Jericho' - With Armando Valdes-Kennedy as Sergeant Frank Delgado.  Additional Sound Designer: Frank Szick.

'Medal of Honor: Vanguard' - With Yuri Lowenthal as Sgt. Frank Keegan (voice).  Game Tester: Francisco Carpio.  Additional Engineer: Frantz Joseph.  Special Thanks: Frank Gibeau.  Special Thanks: Development Team: Franklin Kury.  Special Thanks: Development Team: Fran Toffler.

'Naruto: Rise of a Ninja' - With Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Additional Voices (voice) (as Holly G. Frankel).

'One Piece: Unlimited Adventure' - With Patrick Seitz as Franky (voice).  Also with Kazuki Yao as Franky / Mr. 2 / Bon Clay (voice).  Also with Greg Ayres as Young Franky / Cutty Flam (voice) (uncredited).

'The Underground Bounty Hunter' - With Sonny Bermudez as Frank.

'Don King Presents: Prizefighter' - With Jim Cantafio as Frankie.

'Fallout 3' - With Jeff Baker as Stanley Armstrong / Hannibal Hamlin / Sergeant RL-3 / Herman Gomez / Gary Staley / Button Gwinnett / Edgar Wellington II / Gary Clones / Mel / Ernest 'Uncle' Roe / Bannon / Dusty / Willy Wilson / Bronson / Stevie Mack / Paul Hannon Sr. / John Kendall / Officer Richards / Officer O'Brian / Officer Park / Officer Wolfe / Doc Hoff / Drifter / Knight Dillon / Henry Young / Ian West / Jack Smith / Jotun / Junders Plunkett / Knight Captain Colvin / Silas / Harkness (pre-transformation) / Branchtender Linden / Pappy / Frank / Paulie Cantelli / Roger Rockwell / Ronald Lauren / Rory McLaren / Scribe Bowditch / Stockholm / Micky / Carlos / Willy / Ymir / Scavengers / Brotherhood of Steel Initiates / Brotherhood of Steel Scribes / The Wasteland Junkie / Hunters / Hitmens / Escaped Slaves / Megaton Refugees / Wastelanders / Brotherhood Outcasts / Megaton Settlers / Patients / Tenpenny Tower Residents / Desmond Lockheart - Point Lookout DLC (voice).  Also with Francie Glick as Sandra Kundanicka - The Pitt DLC / Female Slaves - The Pitt DLC (voice).  Dialogue Post-production: Frank Sutherland.  Programmer: Scott Franke.

September 11 - With Emmanuelle Laborit as Elle (segment "France").  Also with Jérôme Horry as Lui (segment "France").  Also with Nell Mooney as Sylvia Franko (segment "India").  Directed by (segment "France"): Claude Lelouch.  (adaptation) (segment "France"): Claude Lelouch.  (dialogue) (segment "France"): Claude Lelouch.  (written By) (segment "France"): Claude Lelouch.  (adaptation) (segment "France"): Pierre Uytterhoeven.  (dialogue) (segment "France"): Pierre Uytterhoeven.  Cinematography by (segment "France"): Pierre-William Glenn.  Film Editing by (segment "France"): Stéphane Mazalaigue.  Costume Design by (segment "France"): Brigitte Masson.  Makeup (segment "France"): Marianne Borgue.  Production Manager (segment "France"): Tania Zazulinsky.  Decoration Team (segment "France"): Armand Barbay.  Decoration Team (segment "France"): Alexandre Boucan.  Decoration Team (segment "France") (as Benoît Cisilkiewick): Benoit Cisilkiewick.  Decoration Team (segment "France") (as Grégory De-Min): Grégory De Min.  Decoration Team (segment "France"): Thierry Larour.  Decoration Team (segment "France"): Hélène Maroutian.  Foley Artist (segments "France", "Egypt"): Pascal Chauvin.  Sound Editor (segment "France"): François Fayard.  Sound Designer (segment "France"): Harald Maury.  Electric Team (segment "France"): Lionel Fayard.  Camera Team (segment "France") / Focus Puller: David Frak-Lauer.  Camera Team (segment "France"): Michel Galtier.  Machinery Team (segment "France"): Cyril Kuhnholtz.  Machinery Team (segment "France"): Théo Louis Jean.  Electric Team (segment "France"): Olivier Neveu.  Camera Team (segment "France"): Elisabeth Schneider.  Electric Team (segment "Bosnia-Herzegovina"): Franc Vidmar.  Production (segment "France"): Francis Brunel.  Production (segment "France"): Anne-Simone Diep.  Production (segment "France"): Maud Quiffet.  Production (segment "France"): Tia Sackda.  Production (segment "France"): Mathilde Umhauer.  Thanks (segment "France"): Natasza Chroscicki.  Thanks (segment "France"): Yves Clanet.  Thanks (segment "France") (as Jean-Jacques Compere): Jean-Jacques Compère.  Thanks (segment "France"): Didier Diaz.  Thanks (segment "France"): Sylvain Fages.

'The Godfather II: Crime Rings' - With Gavin Hammon as Frank Pentangeli (voice).

'The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft' - With Jesse McCartney as Frank Hardy (voice).

'The Maw' - With Brina Palencia as Frank.

'Rainbow Six: Vegas 2' - With Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Sharon Judd (voice) (as Holly G. Frankel).  Producer: Jeane-Francois Porier.

'Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars' - With Peter von Gomm as Frank West (voice).

'A Vampyre Story' - With Tim Talbot as Edgar Raven / Rufus the Gargoyle / Frankie the Bat / Ozzie the Gargoyle (voice).

'Wan pisu: Anrimiteddo kuruuzu Episodo 1' - With Kazuki Yao as Franky (voice).

'Batman: Arkham Asylum' - With Danny Jacobs as Victor Zsasz.  Also with Chris Gardner as Henry Smith, Zach Franklin, Henchman #4.  (character: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel/Harley Quinn) (uncredited): Paul Dini.  (character: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel/Harley Quinn) (uncredited): Bruce Timm.

'Casebook: Episode III - Snake in the Grass' - With Graham Hamilton as Frank Marcue.

'Champions Online' - With Eric Newsome as Dr. Destroyer / Drogen Lar / Frank Zaretti (voice).

'Cursed Mountain' - With Justin McDonald as Frank Simmons (voice).

'Dragon Age: Origins' - With Matthew Ashforde as Ser Gilmore / Weylon / Healer Veras / Chantry Brother / Denerim Estate Guard / Miner / Redcliffe Militiaman / Franderel Servant / Crimson Oars Mercenary (voice).  Also with Desmond Askew as Jowan / Chanter Devons / Junar / Adwen / Blackstone Liaison / Suave Human Male / Landsmeet Noble / Dernal Garrison / Fort Drakon Guard / Haggard Human / Lothering Farmer / Redcliffe Militiaman / Alert Guard / Arl Foreshadow / Howe Estate Guard / K's Lieutenant / Hooded Courier / Lothering Refugee / Chasind / Denerim Estate Guard / Pearl Bouncer / Franderel House Guard / Tevinter Hospice Guard / Chanter Brother / Highever Servant (voice).  Also with Greg Ellis as Cullen / Cesar / Ash Warrior Leader / Disciple Cathaire / Taoran Hawkwind / Patter Gritch / Adventurer Leader / Maleficar / Blood Mage / Skinny Frank / Denerim Mercenary / Ostagar Soldier / Circle Tower Mage / Crow Assassin / Circle Tower Apprentice / Crows Thug / Matthias - The Stone Prisoner DLC / Felix de Grosbois - The Stone Prisoner DLC (voice).  Also with Gideon Emery as Taliesen / Alarith / Frandlin Ivo / Oskias / Mystical Human Male / Lothering Templar / Harrowmont Crier / Restless Guard / Redcliffe Militiaman / Redcliffe Quartermaster / Denerim Gang Leader / Howe Estate Guard / Drunken Elf / Tapster's Reveler (voice).  Also with Jamie Glover as Mad Hermit / Slim Couldry / Denoel / Denerim Patrolman / Bannorn Refugee / Howe Estate Guard / Circle Tower Mage / Franderel House Guard (voice).  Concept Artist: Fran Gaulin.

'FusionFall' - With Grey Griffin as Frances 'Frankie' Foster / Mandy (voice).

'The Godfather II' - With Gavin Hammon as Frankie Pentangeli.  Also with Ed Francis Martin as Tony Rosato / Additional Voices (voice) (as Ed Martin).

'Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony' - With Amy Franklin as The People of Liberty City (voice).  Also with Frank Rivers as The People of Liberty City (voice) (as Frank G. Rivers).  Also with Franceska Clemens as Maisonette 9 Girl - Integrity 2.0 (voice).  Production Team / Production: Pedestrians/cutscenes: Franceska Clemens.

'MadWorld' - With Charlie Adler as Jude the Dude / Frank / Killseeker A (voice).  Also with Nolan North as Operator B / Master Father (Francis) / Yokozuna Daisangen (voice).

'Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian' - With André Sogliuzzo as Al Capone / Egyptian Spearman / Ben Franklin (voice).  Art Direction by: Frank Lam.

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up' - With Gregory Abbey as Raphael / Nightwatcher (voice) (as Frank Frankson).

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled' - With Gregory Abbey as Raphael.  Production Director: Jean-Francois Prévost.

'Wan pîsu: Anrimiteddo kurûzu episodo 2' - With Kazuki Yao as Franky / Bon Clay / Mr. 2 (voice).

'Call of Duty: Black Ops' - With James C. Burns as Frank Woods.  Also with Emerson Franklin as Additional Voices (voice).

'Darkstar: The Interactive Movie' - With Frank Conniff as Alan Burk.  Also with Matt Miles as Frank.

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'Fallout: New Vegas' - With Emerson Brooks as General Lee Oliver / Major Polatli / Ambassador Dennis Crocker / Ranger Andy / 10 of Spades / Jean-Baptiste Cutting / McMurphy / Eddie / Sammy Wins / Tyrone / Bryce Anders / Romanowski / Corporal Sterling / Sergeant McCredie / Lieutenant Monroe / Doctor Alex Richards / Sergeant Kilborn / Jules / Daniel Wyand / Dermot / Frank Weathers / Gourd / Private Jeremy Watson / Johnny / Logan / Ranger Milo / Marco / Private Reynolds / Ranger Stevens / Troike / Boomer Chef / Boomer Guard / Caravaneer / Crazed Chem Addict / Crucified Trooper / Escaped Convict / Gambler / Great Khan / Gomorrah Entrance Guard / Goodsprings Settler / Gunderson Hired Hand / Injured Trooper / Jackal Gang Member / Mercenary / NCR Engineer / NCR Heavy Trooper / NCR Military Police / NCR Ranger / NCR Recruit / NCR Trooper / NCR Trooper MP / NCR Veteran Ranger / New Vegas Citizen / North Vegas Resident / Novac Settler / Omerta Thug / Outer Vegas Defender / Powder Ganger / Prospector / Refugee / Thug / Traveling Merchant / Vault 34 Dweller / Viper Gunslinger / Viper Leader / Wastelander (voice).  Also with Cindy Robinson as Angela Williams / Francine Garret / Corporal Betsy / Melissa Watkins / Michelle Kerr / Sammy Weathers / Arms Merchant / Brotherhood of Steel Initiate / Caravaneer / Crimson Caravan Guard / Gambler / Gun Runners Guard / Gun Runners Gunsmith / Local / NCR Engineer / NCR Prospector / Refugee / Street Vendor / Vault 3 Fiend Guard / Dr. Howard - Lonesome Road DLC / The Kid - Lonesome Road DLC / Trooper Gleason - Lonesome Road DLC (voice).  Supervising Dialogue Editor: Frank Turbe.

'Heroes of Newerth' - With David Dixon as Frankie Pebbles / Frosty the Icemage / Thunder Emperors (voice).  Also with Jean-Francois Donaldson as Rhino Rampage (voice).

'Kick-Ass: The Game' - With Mark Strong as Frank D'Amico (voice).

'Mafia II' - With Jeannie Elias as Francesca (voice).  Also with Frank Ashmore as Leo Galante.  Also with Larry Kenney as Frank Vinci / DJ (voice).  Also with Jason J. Lewis as Frankie Pots (voice) (uncredited).

'Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister' - With Jonah Von Spreecken as Frank Hardy (voice).

'Prison Break: The Conspiracy' - With Rockmond Dunbar as Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin (voice).

'Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse' - With Brian Sommer as Frankie the rat (segment "They stole Max's brain") (voice).  Web Developer: Sean Erin Francis Teague.

'Skate 3' - With Jason Lee as Coach Frank (voice).

'DC Universe Online' - With Philip Tanzini as Booster Gold / Frank Curtis (voice).

'Dead Rising 2: Off the Record' - With Terence J. Rotolo as Frank West.  Also with France Perras as Survivors / Zombies (voice).

'Dino D-Day' - With Henning Fischer as Jakob Frank (voice).

'Fight Night Champion' - With Michael Bailey Smith as Frank Hicks (voice).  Also with Jon Southwell as Detective Franco (voice).

'Haunted' - With Frank-Otto Schenk as Konfuzius (voice) (as Frank Schenk).

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'The Last Story' - With James Barriscale as Franklin (voice).

'Law & Order: Legacies' - With Gavin Hammon as Franklin Bedford (voice).

'LittleBigPlanet 2' - With Frank Todaro as Buzz Lightyear (voice) (as Frank T. Todaro).

'LittleBigPlanet 2 Toy Story' - With Frank Todaro as Buzz Lightyear / Zurg (as Frank T. Todaro).

'Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds' - With Terence J. Rotolo as Frank West (voice).  Writing Credits (scenario): Frank Tieri.  (character Created By: Shuma-Gorath) And: Frank Brunner.

'The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P.' - With A.J. LoCascio as Frank Drebin Jr. / Estaban Miranda.

'Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse' - With Jonah Von Spreecken as Frank Hardy (voice).

'Silent Hill: Downpour' - With Leer Leary as Frank Coleridge (voice).

'TwinKomplex' - With Sebastian Blomberg as Frank Sternagel.

'Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3' - With Rikiya Koyama as Frank West (voice).  Also with Terence J. Rotolo as Frank West (voice).  Writing Credits (scenario): Frank Tieri.

'Assassin's Creed III' - With David Francis as Oliver (voice).  Also with Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Additional Voices (voice).  Also with Rick Jones as Benjamin Franklin (voice).  Stunt Performer: Marie France Denoncourt.

'Battleship' - With Sam Riegel as Capt. Franklin (voice).

'Call of Duty: Black Ops II' - With James C. Burns as Frank Woods.  Dialogue Editor (uncredited): Daniel P. Francis.

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'MIB: Alien Crisis' - With Tim Blaney as Frank the Pug / Archeologist / C-YA Programmer Riddick (voice).

'Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device' - With Jonah Von Spreecken as Frank Hardy (voice).

'Purojekuto kurosuzôn' - With Rikiya Koyama as Frank West (voice).

'The Secret World' - With Irwin Keyes as Frank Madahado (voice).  Also with Jenny O'Hara as Eleanor Franklin (voice).

'Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington' - With Rick Jones as Benjamin Franklin (voice).  Stunt Performer (as Marie-France Denoncourt): Marie France Denoncourt.

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'Beyond: Two Souls' - With Tercelin Kirtley as Jimmy / Frank / Cory / Willie (voice).  Concept Artist: François Baranger.

'Dead Island Riptide' - With Jon Curry as Frank Serpo (voice).

'Gangstar Vegas' - With Scott Rayow as Frank / Radio Ads (voice).  Also with Michael Gerard as Frank's Goon / Additional Voices (voice).  Also with Ryan Stadler as Frank's Goon 2 / Radio Ads / Additional Voices (voice).

'Grand Theft Auto V' - With Shawn Fonteno as Franklin Clinton.  Also with Erik Frandsen as Andy Moon (voice).  Also with Frank Alvarez as The Local Population (voice).  Also with Ric Shaffran as The Local Population (voice).  Also with Frank Simms as Impotent Rage (voice).  Also with Frank Chavez as Fernando Martinez (voice) (as Frank X. Chavez).  Also with Frank Ocean as Blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM DJ (voice) (uncredited).  Assistant Sound Recordist: Frank Buckner.  Casting: John Frank Levey.  Additional Motion Capture: Frank Deal.  Additional Motion Capture: Frank Fortunato.  Additional Motion Capture: Frank Liotti.

'Lego City Undercover' - With Trevor White as Frank Honey (voice).

'Stick It to the Man!' - With Ty Konzak as Ray Doewood / The Man / Elderly Pilot / Don / Old Lady / Dance Announcer / Frank the Fish / Gravedigger / Dr Brom / Pyromaniac / Young Ray / Imaginary Worst Friend / Ron the Cop / Carl Sagan / Sexist General / Hungry Henry (voice).

'1954 Alcatraz' - With Chuck Kourouklis as Stutter / Thug / Frank.  Also with Gunnar Bergmann as Doctor / Frank (German).

'Assassin's Creed: Rogue' - With Rick Jones as Benjamin Franklin (voice).  Also with Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Additional Voices (voice).  Also with François Trudel as Additional Voices (voice) (as Francois Trudel).

'Call of Duty: Heroes' - With Peter Giles as Frank Woods / Logan Walker (voice).

'Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition' - With Alexandra Matthew as Gerde / Franks.

'Ghostship Aftermath' - With Ben Britton as Dr. Frank.

'Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies' - With Jonah Von Spreecken as Frank Hardy (voice).

'Schrödinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark' - With A.J. LoCascio as Schrödinger's Cat / Gellmann / Zweig / Strange / Frank / Burton / Sheldon / Higgs Boson / Quarks / Guard (voice).

'Smite' - With Holly A. Franklin as Ratatoskr / Ragnatoskr (voice).  Also with Mike McFarland as Osiris / Frankenhotep Osiris / The Re-Animated Osiris (voice).

'Thief' - With Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Civilians (voice) (as Holly G. Frankel).  Accounting: France Lasnier.  Render Wrangler: François Leduc.

'Assassin's Creed: Syndicate - Jack the Ripper' - With Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Blighters (voice) (as Holly G. Frankel).

'CDF Ghostship' - With Ben Britton as Dr. Frank (voice).

'Debiruzu sâdo' - With Todd Soley as Delta Frank (voice).

'Fallout 4' - With Avery Kidd Waddell as Hawthorne / Low Road Franklin / Horatio (voice).  Also with Franciska Friede as 'Katy' Katherine Pinn (German voice) (voice) (uncredited).

'Fate/Grand Order' - With Ai Nonaka as Anne Bonny / Medea (Lily) / Nursery Rhyme / Frankenstein (voice).  Also with Urara Takano as Francis Drake / Billy the Kid (voice).

'Lego Dimensions' - With Roger Craig Smith as The Riddler.  Also with Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo / Fred Jones / Slimer / Stay Puft / Mumsy-Doo / Dada-Doo / Stripe / The Kraken (voice).  Also with Frances Lee McCain as Lynn Peltzer (voice).  Also with JB Blanc as Franz Krieger (voice).  Also with Jean Reno as Franz Krieger (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited).  (novel) (uncredited): L. Frank Baum.  (series Created By: The A-Team) (uncredited): Frank Lupo.  (2001, 2002, 2003 Screenplays "The Lord Of The Rings") (uncredited): Fran Walsh.

'Life Is Strange' - With Daniel Bonjour as Frank Bowers / R.J. MacReady (voice).

'Madden NFL 16' - With Tony Scarpelos as Col. Frank Slade (voice) (uncredited).

'Sick Bricks' - With Robbie Daymond as Alex Awesome / Doc Devio / Green Ray / Rotten Walker / Smokey Burns / Donnie Dribbles / Franken Studz / Frost Ninja / Harry Fangface / Johnny Sweeps / Officer Kuffowitz / Socky Rockfoot / Space Stalker / Tightpants Trooper / Commander Toughneck / Spindoctor / Omega Blaster / Nefatious Nemesis / Neal Anderthal (voice).

'What I Like About You' - With Devon Drew as Bad Girl (as Devon Franklin).

'Zombie Vikings' - With Lucas Schuneman as Odin / Wade / Commentator Gork / Common Cold / Ghosts / Bork Slaves / Dead Souls / Butterfly Defense / Berzerker Announcer / Frank the Maggot (voice).

'Batman: Return to Arkham' - With Danny Jacobs as Victor Zsasz / Frank Boles / Robert Stirling / Masked Guard #1 (voice) (archive sound).  Also with Chris Gardner as Henry Smith / Zach Franklin / Henchman #4 / Inmates / Joker Thugs / Penguin Thugs / Two-Face Thugs (voice) (archive sound).  (characters: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Dr. Victor Fries & Nora Fries) (uncredited): Paul Dini.  (character: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Dr. Victor Fries & Nora Fries) (uncredited): Bruce Timm.

'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' - With Emerson Franklin as (voice) (as Emerson B Franklin).  Supervising Dialogue Editor: Formosa Interactive LLC: Daniel P. Francis.

'Dead Rising 4' - With Ty Olsson as Frank West (voice) (as Victor Nosslo).

'Kathy Rain' - With Christian Paluck as Franklin 'Goober' Goldfarb / Air Force Base Phone Operator (voice).  Also with Frank Todaro as Charles Wade / Joseph Rain (voice).

'Detective Pikachu' - With Jamieson Price as Frank Holiday (voice) (as Taylor Henry).  Also with Katsuhisa Namase as Frank Holiday (voice).

'One Piece: Burning Blood' - With Kazuki Yao as Franky (voice).

'CDF Starfighter VR' - With Dean Michael Smith as CDF Tempest - Captain Franklin (voice).

'Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite' - With Terence J. Rotolo as Frank West (voice) (as T.J. Rotolo).

'Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3' - With Gavin-Keith Umeh as Frank Simms (voice).

'Starfighter Origins' - With Dean Michael Smith as Captain Franklin (voice).

'Thimbleweed Park' - With Alex Zahara as Franklin (voice).

"1.000 maneres de menjar-se un ou" - With Sergio Caballero as Frankie.

"3Way" "Friday Night Dykes" - With Linda Miller as Frankie.

Acute Failure - With Maggie Manyan as Frankie.

All I Want for Christmas - With Michael Alaimo as Frankie.  Also with Frank Girardeau as Burly #1.  Writing Credits (written By): Frank Girardeau.  Makeup Supervisor (as Frank Carrisosa): Francisco X. Pérez.  Matte Artist: Frank Ordaz.  Grip: Frank Detone Jr..  Assistant Chief Lighting Technician (as Frank Valdez): Francis X. Valdez III.

Andy Made a Friend - With Julie Roy as Frankie.

"Asian Connection: Old Flames" - With Priscilla Barnes as Frankie.

Ayran Man - With Todd Charmont as Frankie.

The Baltimore Bullet - With Bill Vint as Frankie (as William M. Vint).

"The Beachcombers" "A Boy and His Dog" - With Penny Fuller as Frankie.  Film Editing by: Frank Irvine.  Editor In Charge: Fran Rayner.

The Big Blue - With Frank Conversano as Frankie.  Writing Credits (story): Frank Conversano.

Black Leather Soles - With David Groh as Frankie.

The Blunt Diaries - With Barron A. Myers as Frankie.  Also with Frank V. Aquilino as Cop #1.  Writing Credits (written By): Frank V. Aquilino.

Boys and Girls - With Aurelio De Anda as Frankie.

Broken - With Grace Holmes as Frankie.

"Bunco" - With Donna Mills as Frankie.

Can Frankie Come Out? - With Steve Fix as Frankie.

Catwoman: Resolution - With Gareth Wilmot as Frankie.

"Cheers" "Get Your Kicks on Route 666" - With Anthony Addabbo as Frankie.

"The City" "Town Without Pity" - With Claudio Masciulli as Frankie.  On-line Editor: Frank Biasi.

Coffin - With Moksha McPherrin as Frankie.

Cornerboys - With Ron Willenbrecht as Frankie.

"Crying Down the Lane" - With Eric Thompson as Det. Sgt. Franklyn (2 episodes).  Also with John Abineri as Frankie (2 episodes).

"Dark Blue" "Jane Wayne" - With Malea Mitchell as Frankie.

Deadly Consequences - With John D'Alonzo as Frankie.

Dementia: An Experiment in Terror - With Daron McFarland as Frankie.

"Die Familienanwältin" "Hinter dem Spiegel" - With Henning Peker as Frankie.  Also with Frank Voß as Zweiter Anwalt.  Writing Credits (as Daniel Douglas Wissmann): Frank Voß.  Makeup Artist (as Ursula Frank): Ursel Frank.

Don't Be Afraid of the Light - With Raam Weinfeld as Frankie.  Script Supervisor: Lori Franklin-Garcia.

"Dramatically Black" "The Djarn Djarns" - With Hunter Page-Lochard as Frankie.

"The Edison Twins" "Ghosts for Sale" - With Matthew White as Frankie.

"Ella" "Ella's Sleepless Sleepover/Ella for Class President" - With Devan Cohen as Frankie (voice).

"Ella" "Trunk Troopers Honor/Ella in Charge" - With Devan Cohen as Frankie (voice).

Everest - With Frank Lopera as Frankie.  Writing Credits (screenplay): Frank Lopera.

"Father Knows Best" "Bud, the Philanthropist" - With Barry Curtis as Frankie.  Cinematography by (as Kit Carson): Frank G. Carson.

"Find Me a Maori Bride" "Episode #1.7" - With Wairangi Koopu as Frankie.

"Foreign Exchange" - With Savana Lee Taylor as Frankie.

Funny How? - With Michael Richardson as Frankie... also with GoodFellas as the inspiration.

"George and Margaret" - With Joyce Cummings as Frankie.

"Glynis" "The Pros and Cons" - With Frank Cady as George.  Also with Bernard Kates as Frankie.  Writing Credits (creator): Frank Cady.

"Gomer Pyle: USMC" "Duke Slater, Night Club Comic" - With Frank Sutton as Sgt. Vince Carter.  Also with Ted Bessell as Frankie.  Writing Credits (created By): Frank Sutton.  Production Manager: Frank E. Myers.

"Good Witch" "Together We Stand" - With Lisa Marcos as Frankie.  Executive Producer: Frank Siracusa.

Grow Up - With Adam Iraki as Frankie.

"Happily Divorced" "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place: Part 2" - With Fran Drescher as Fran Lovett.  Also with Ralph Macchio as Frankie.  (created By) &: Fran Drescher.  (story By) &: Fran Drescher.  Writing Credits (staff Writer): Fran Drescher.  Executive Producer (as Franco E. Bario): Franco Bario.  Executive Producer: Fran Drescher.  Executive Producer: Frank Lombardi.  Unit Production Manager (as Franco E. Bario): Franco Bario.

"Hey, Landlord" "By the Sea, or at Least Rent It" - With Frank Mistretta as Frankie.  Writing Credits (writer): Frank Mistretta.

Honest Lies - With Matthew Clark as Frankie.

"House Husbands" "Episode #4.4" - With Danielle Horvat as Frankie.

Hubcap - With Christian Brunetti as Frankie.

Igazából apa - With Péter Scherer as Frankie.

Infidelity/Hard Fall - With Ivan Kane as Frankie.

Interquenchin - With Neil Gaudett as Frankie.

"Jane the Virgin" - With Francisco San Martin as Fabian.  Also with Camille Collard.  Also with Francesca Santoro.  Also with Omar Chavez.  Also with Frank Maharajh.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 2018): Francisco San Martin.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 2018): Francesca Santoro.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 2018): Frank Maharajh.

Joshua Tree - With Artie Pasquale as Frankie.

Killing Bono - With David Fennelly as Frankie.  Also with Frankie McGinty as Doug.  Writing Credits (additional Writing): Frankie McGinty.  Digital Intermediate Technician (as François Kamffer): Francois Kamffer.

Kounterfeit - With Bruce Payne as Frankie.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" "Parts" - With Joseph Moffa as Frankie.

Life After Death - With Joshua Anders as Frankie.

Little Cigars - With Frank Delfino as Monty.  Also with Felix Silla as Frankie.  Also with Frank Bonner as Gene - Hotel Bellman (uncredited).  Writing Credits (written By): Frank Ray Perilli, Frank Delfino and Frank Bonner.

"The Loneliest Runner" - With Shane Kerwin as Frankie.

Lovers Lane - With Lucy Scott-Smith as Frankie.

"Maigret" "The Simple Case" - With Frank George as Second Assistant.  Also with Marigold Russell as Frankie.  Writing Credits (creator): Frank George.

"The Marijana Method" "Fear" - With Sarah Jane Scott as Frankie.

"McCloud" "The Concrete Corral" - With Dennis Fimple as Frankie.

Milyonaryong mini - With Raquel Sayson as Frankie.  Also with Danny Labra as Francisco.

Mortal Sin - With Norman Macera as Frankie.  Production Assistant: Francisco Donoso.

Muscle Beach Party - With Frankie Avalon as Frankie.  Writing Credits (story): Frankie Avalon.  Driver (uncredited): Frank Khoury.

Mystery at the Burlesque - With Diana Decker as Frankie.

"Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" "Mall in the Family" - With Cooper J. Friedman as Frankie.

No Petrol, No Diesel! - With Helen Pearse Otene as Frankie.

Once Upon a Superhero - With Yvette Monreal as Frankie.

"Our Friends in the North" "1966" - With Shaun Prendergast as Frankie.  Also with Frank Couchman as Patrick Soulsby.  Writing Credits (written By): Frank Couchman.

"Party Betchez" "#charityevent" - With Christian Gamarra as Frankie.

"The People Zoo" "Confrontation Corner" - With Frankie Cortez as Frankie.  Writing Credits : Frankie Cortez.

"The Platoon of Power Squadron" "The First Slice" - With Brian Ruby as Frankie.

"Private Eye" "Nickey the Rose" - With Judd Omen as Frankie.

"Pticje kupaliste" - With Ivica Vidovic as Frankie.

"Raymond & Lane" "Karma Is a B-I-T-C-H" - With Frankie A. Rodriguez as Frankie (as Frankie Rodriguez).  Writing Credits : Frankie A. Rodriguez.

"Red Rock" "Episode #4.31" - With Rebecca O'Mara as Frankie.

Rich from Within - With Tajah Parham as Frankie.

Rose is Red - With Sarah Coomer as Frankie.  Also with Amanda Gee as Franca.  Costume Design by (as Luke Hupton): Francesca Wilson.

"Running with Violet" "The Hit" - With Jessii Vee as Frankie.

Savor the Insanity - With Renato Biribin Jr. as Frankie.

"Secret Agent" "The Paper Chase" - With Peter Stephens as Frankie.  Stunt Coordinator (uncredited) / Stunt Double: Patrick McGoohan (uncredited): Frank Maher.

Sexual Misfortunes - With Aurora Grabill as Frankie.

Shock Treatment - With Sinitta as Frankie.

Sidney Turtlebaum - With Francesca Marie Claire as Frankie.  Writing Credits (writer): Francesca Marie Claire.

Skin - With Robert de Hoog as Frankie.  Delegate Producer: Frank Hoeve.  Budget Controller: Frank Klein.

Somewhere in the City - With Robert John Burke as Frankie.

"Starcrossed" - With Andy Maton as Frankie.

"Studio" "Performance Art" - With Clarke Peters as Frankie.

Superfights - With John Burnheim as Frankie.  Casting: Los Angeles: Linda Francis.  Special Thanks: Frank Tamanini.

Take Five - With Andrew Ganzon as Frankie.

Test - With Scott Marlowe as Frankie.  Also with James Sofranko as David.  Writing Credits (screenplay): James Sofranko.

Things Change - With J.J. Johnston as Frankie.  Also with the title as David Mamet's trademark for ABOUT TWENTY YEARS...............................

"Tiger and Dog" "Episode 5" - With Chris Madafferi as Frankie.

"Touched by an Angel" "Family Business" - With Michael Rispoli as Frankie.  Director Of Photography: Frank E. Johnson

Twenty4Hours - With Ryan Marth as Frankie. 

"underPAID" "Secrets for Everybody" - With Dominic Oliver as Frankie. 

Van Nuys Blvd. - With Jim Kester as Frankie. 

Waitin' for Izzy - With Mike Warsaw as Frankie. 

"Wedding Belles" - With Robert Willox as Frankie. 

"White Collar" "Family Business" - With John Bianco as Frankie.  Location Assistant: Frank Trotta Jr.

Woensdag - With Kees Kemper as Frankie.  Cinematography by: Frans Bromet

You Owe Us. - With Bruno Amato as Frankie.  Also with Traci Belushi as Francis. 

"King of Kensington" - With Brian George.  Also with Carol Ann Francis.  Also with Joe Flaherty.  Series Writing Credits (unknown Episodes): Carol Ann Francis.  Singer: Theme (1 Episode, 1977): Bob Francis.