Sunday, December 09, 2018

Auteur Watch - Anthony Hemingway

Damn.  Another long one.  Well, some people dream of directing TV, and they actually stay there!  It must put one in mind of prison, directing so much television.  I mean, check out the guy's tats!  But that's directing these days; some do it to tell stories, others to get on the cover of "Tattooed Director Monthly."  Others do it for the push-ups... see that most recent season of "Project Greenlight" for an example of that; maybe the only example.  But let's take a look at this thing a little closer!  It's not all Hallmark specials and "Moment of Truth"-type dealie boppers here.  We got "The Wire", we got "American Crime Story", and we got Red Tails.  I remember the ad campaign for this one, actually!  George Lucas wanted to add to his list of high-profile disasters.  You know, The Radioland Murders, Howard the Duck, what have you... well, he was clearly overdue for one.  Red Tails is a semi-comic book adaptation of the story of the Tuskegee Airmen.  I seem to remember the TV trailers differently; at about 0:51 is a shot of some soldiers about to get into their planes.  They seemed to have a little more rapper-type swagger in the TV trailers.  The focus of the movie is more on the aerial heroics, and a lot less on the experiments with syphilis that recently came to light.  I mean, why be depressing?  Why go for Oscar (TM) glory on this one?  Not like this... not like this.
Anyway, future TV directors, study this guy's résumé very carefully.  Look at all the episodes of the various things he's directed, and see if you can find a day off in there somewhere.  Get a cot!  Get yourself a comfy cot, because you'll be sleeping on the set, my friends.

Intermittent Winter Mittens

Brought to you by "Dirty John."  If you've used the IMDb at all this week, you've probably seen an ad for "Dirty John."  And if someone else comes in the room and sees that on your computer screen, they inevitably go "Eww!  What are you looking at that for?"  So PLEASE, I BESEECH YOU, someone get tired of these ads for "Dirty John" soon!  I understand that Eric Bana needs to make bank and all, but PUH-LEEEZE!!!!  Anyway, it's a down week for the box office.  No debuts this week, but big things are coming for Christmas, of course.  Aquaman, for one.  Also, I saw what was apparently a fake ad for a new, PG-13 rated Deadpool movie.  Which is a bit of a relief for me, as the Deadpool movies seem pretty NC-17 as it is.  Anyway, seeing as how there are no debuts, it is of course time to take a look at the cumulative totals instead of what's already out there.  The new The Grinch is clearly the winner, with over 200 million domestic in the bank after only five weeks... someone's bank, we don't know exactly who yet.  Next up, Bohemian Rhapsody is no slouch, with 173.6 million after six weeks.  Not bad at all for something not based on a comic book this time of year!  And of course, Tommy Maitland is going to mention his cameo at his next contract renegotiations.  He has a right to be proud.  As for me, I've taken a renewed interest in my eye floaters now that I'm on a brief vacation from my regular paying job.  There's a particularly dark small one that's been troubling me, and there's this other one that looks like a cluster of balloons on a balloon-sized string; you know, one of those hot dog-shaped balloons that balloon folders use to make sh... stuff.  But apparently, there's like, hundreds of YouTube videos on this very subject!  Serious ones!  Actual, serious ones!  Not enough to change the name of this blog, mind you, but still!  Clearly I gotta go.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Auteur Watch - Hemamset Angaza

Oh good!  Another short one.  Welp, of the four titles on the official online résumé of this Hemamset Angaza that the Internet mortals are all talking about, clearly the most prominent amongst the four is that one installment of the Barbershop series that he or she is responsible for... hey, don't laugh!  It was good enough to lead to a superhero movie!  You know, the pinnacle of Hollywood?
...I'm sorry, I've apparently / clearly made another one of my trademark Malaprop-ish errors again.  I meant to say that Hemamset Angaza... I'm having a little trouble typing these days, in addition.  You know the middle finger?  Well, I only flipped off the one driver, but apparently that was enough to cause upon me a curse.  Either that, or my finger is shedding its thick winter coat far too early, and one of those pinker, more sensitive layers of skin is exposed enough to cause me some heartbreak and pain.  Okay, back on topic.  No, the film is called Good Hair and... sorry, wrong again.  Is it Toupay or Not Toupay Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut HeadsHAIR???  What can me say, folks, this is me legacy.  You ever meet anyone like that?  You're about to tell someone the answer to a riddle you're posing, or a story you're telling, and the other person tries to guess IN THAT VERY INSTANT.  I mean you're just about to tell them and they go "A trace of gallium arsenide?" or "Cow bell?" or "Bruce Willis was a ghost all along?"  It's usually me doing that!  I don't get it!  Anyway, now that I've actually gone back to look, the title seems to be In Our Heads About Our Hair... I don't get it.  Must be the cultural difference or something.

Possession Obsession

Drat.  I thought I had The Exorcist on DVD.  But, I did happen to happen upon Peter Hyams' 1999 classic, End of Days, and because I'm in a lazy pinch, it will just have to suffice.  I just wish his films weren't so ambiguous... I mean, is that a good guy or a bad guy in the enclosed pic?  That's Leon Vitali, right?  Anyway, all these deliberations are in honor of the solo debut this week, something called The Possession of Hannah Montana Hannah GraceIt's a make-or-break moment for its star, Shay Mitchell.  She was one of the "Pretty Little Liars," but now she's on her own... I guess.  Is the show still on?  What channel?  Oh well.  It's at the library, so that's some legitimacy, about all some shows can ask for these days.  Kinda hard to be in a position of power for the next round of contract renegotiations, however, when your big film debuts at #7, unfortunately.  I mean, if it was an indie pic in 300 theaters, and getting early Oscar (TM) (R) (C) buzz, that's a different story.
But I did want to mention some depressing news I heard this weekend... I'm sorry, I'm so depressed about it that I'm not even going to post a hyperlink to the story.  Not that I didn't anticipate it happening, mind you; that's how cynical I am, but the headline had to do with some accusers against noted astrophysicist and heir to Carl Sagan's throne, Neil deGrasse Tyson.  And I couldn't help but read that and think, c'mon.  Well, the various movements involved, I guess they have to keep trying, but really.  Isn't Bill Cosby and one of the Weinsteins good enough?  Now we have to go after the scientists, too?  How about when the Oscars (TM) (C) (R) get a hot young starlet to hand out the yearly technical awards?  Can we shut that down too?  It's sexist, and body shames the rest of us non-celebrity losers, for two. 
But the testing of these things must go on.  Louis C.K. might come back, Kevin Spacey never ever will, Geoffrey Rush might come back, and Morgan Freeman... again, c'mon.  But I think the official charges against Morgan Freeman were that some women were made "uncomfortable" by him.  I don't know what the punishment is for that, exactly, but let's see if it's affecting anything yet... nope, The Shawshank Redemption is still the #1 movie on the IMDb, as of this writing, and always will be, forever and ever amen.  Stephen King's short stories seem to translate better into movies somehow, go figure.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Short Reviews - December 2018

Accept - With Michael Gabe as Frank.  Also with Daniel Jarvis as Frank's Son.  Also with Louise Marie Kerr as Frank's Daughter 1.  Also with Melissa Riggall as Frank's Daughter 2.  Production Assistant: Joe Franklin.

"Adam Adamant Lives!" "To Set a Deadly Fashion" - With George Gibson as Frank.

"African Patrol" "Killer from the Forest" - With Martin Wyldeck as Frank.

Aggregate - With Ira Katz as Frank.

"The Alice" "Episode #1.11" - With Steve Dodd as Frank.

Almost - With Mark Doyle as Frank.  Producer: François Gamaury.  First Assistant Director: François Gamaury.  Grip: Frank Hellebrand.

Ambulance - With Thomas Bo Larsen as Frank.  Digital Compositor: Frank Thomas.

Amitie - With Jerry Robin as Frank.

Angel Town - With Francisco Aragon as Martin (as Frank Aragon).  Also with Frankie Avina as Spider.  Also with Mike Moroff as Frank.  Writing Credits (written By): Francisco Aragon.  Writing Credits (written By): Frankie Avina.  Stunts: Frank Torres.  Music Editor: Frank McKelvey.

Anomie - With Robin Parrish as Frank.

April Fools Day - With James Detmar as Frank.

"Aspe" "Bijna beroemd" - With Günther Lesage as Frank (as Gunther Lesage).  Also with Francesca Vanthielen as Hannelore Martens.  Directed by : Frank van Mechelen.  Writing Credits (writer): Francesca Vanthielen.  Colorist: Frank Temmerman.

Atlanta Heat 2 - With Keith Allen Hayes as Frank.

Autopilot - With Jay Bodnar as Frank.

"Bachelor Father" "Bentley and the Social Worker" - With Hal Riddle as Frank.

"Bad Weather Films" "The Mustache" - With Andy Greene as Frank.

"Bang Bang" "Episode dated 11 October 2005" - With Ernani Moraes as Frank.

Bark Ranger - With Ryan Manning as Frank.

"BBC2 Playhouse" "A Pocketful of Dreams" - With James Marcus as Frank.

Bed of Fear - With Marcus Garrett as Frank.

Being Frank - With James McDougall as Frank.

Bennie - With Tim de Zwart as Frank.

Between the Lines - With Jon Korkes as Frank.  Also with Frank Licato as Car Owner.  Writing Credits: Frank Licato.

"Big Little Boss" "The Takeover, Pilot" - With Tom Lopez as Frank.

"The Birds II: Land's End" - With James Naughton as Frank.

Blank Canvas - With Bart Petty as Frank.

Blodig Hevn i Las Bøgas - With Anders Kjærmann Jensen as Frank.  Also with Ken-Børre Langås as Frank's other buddy.  Also with Arild Syvertsen as Frank's third buddy.  Also with Hallgeir Torbjørnsen as Frank's buddy.

Bloodlust - With Kelly Chapman as Frank.  Also with Frank Brunetti as Buck.  Writing Credits : Frank Brunetti.  Special Thanks: Frank Thring.

"Blossom" "Who's Not on First" - With Kevin Jamal Woods as Frank.

"Bob Servant" "The Wedding" - With Jonathan Watson as Frank.

The Bookie's Lament - With Brian Mallon as Frank.

Bottom Feeders - With Roger Lenwood as Frank.

Brainscan - With Frank Langella as Detective Hayden.  Also with Vlasta Vrana as Frank.  Writing Credits (screenplay): Frank Langella.  Director Of Photography: François Protat.  Swing Gang (as Francois Gosselin): François Gosselin.  Continuity: France Lachapelle.

The Bridge - With Ted Hope as Frank.

"Brothers" "There's a Lid for Every Pot" - With Sanders Cupac as Frank.

Burned and Blackened - With Alexander Fraser as Frank.

By Blood - With Steve Fleming as Frank.

Calibre - With Cameron Jack as Frank.

Candy's Room: Soleil Noir - With Francesca DiPaola as Candy.  Also with Billy Garcia as Frank.  Writing Credits : Francesca DiPaola.

The Casper - With Robert Factor as Frank.  Also with Bob Lopez as Frank.

Chain Reaction - With Richard Henry as Frank.

"Chase Belafonte's Working Title" "The Contracts" - With Jeff Caetano as Jeff Caetano / Frank.

"Chicago Fire" "Ambush Predator" - With Patrick Lane as Frank.

"Chopper Squad" "Pilot" - With Tony Bonner as Frank.

"The Circuit" "Of Mice and Men" - With Peter Francis as Elder Albert.  Also with Jonathon Yuline as Frank.  Writing Credits (written By): Peter Francis.

The Cleaner - With Jerry Zellers as Frank.

The Clouds - With Alec Sullivan as Frank.

"The Collector" "Another Collector" - With Tony Alcantar as Frank.  Also with Franco Maravilla as Filipino Teenager.  Writing Credits (written By): Franco Maravilla.

Coming Apart - With Harssh Singh as Frank.

Confessions of a Fruit Fly - With Francois Bryon as Frank.  Writing Credits (writer): Francois Bryon.  Co-producer: Jean-François Parent-Paquette.

Cord - With Vincent Gallo as Frank.

The Course - With Stevie Haimes as Frank.

"Crime Traveller" "A Death in the Family" - With Jack Chissick as Frank.

"The Crossroads of History" "Hitler" - With Paul Scheer as Frank.

The Cutting - With Joost Wijnant as Frank.  Makeup Artist: Francesco Rossi.

Damascene - With Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Frank.

"Dark Matters: Twisted But True" "Unabomber, Salvation by Starvation, Get the Lead Out" - With Ben Addis as Frank.  Music by: Paul E. Francis.

Das Leuchten - With Jakob Hufnagel as Frank.  Also with Yvonne Simon as Franks Mutter.

The Day the Fish Came Out - With Arthur Mitchell as Frank.

De Überbliema oder Ois bleibt besser - Mit Werner Gerl als Frank.  Auch mit Franz Rinkes als Paul.  Writing Credits : Franz Rinkes.

Dead Positive - With Kemal Yildirim as Frank.

Death at a Funeral - With Peter Dinklage as Frank.  Standby Painter: Frank Rodriguez.  Stand-by Buyer (as Franklin Rodriguez): Franklin 'Frankie' Rodriguez.  First Assistant Sound Editor: Dana LeBlanc Frankley.  Special Thanks: Frank Oz.

Deguello - With Frank Ledezma as Mobster #1.  Also with Jonny Vera as Frank.  Writing Credits (written By): Frank Ledezma.

Departure Date - With Luis Guzmán as Frank.

"Le dernier lien" - With Christophe Malavoy as Frank.

Detour - With Ted Huckabee as Frank.

"The Diary of Evelyn Lau" - With Dana Wyse as Frannie.  Also with Bill Bow as Frank.  Also with Frank C. Turner as Minister in Van.  Writing Credits (book): Frank C. Turner.

"Die Lüge" - With Friedrich Karl Praetorius as Frank.

"Dierbaar" - With Hans Dagelet as Frank.  Also with Michiel Romeyn as Collega frank.  Also with Laus Steenbeeke as Collega frank.  Also with Frank Groothof as winkelchef.  Writing Credits : Frank Groothof.

Dirty Money - With Timothy Patrick Cavanaugh as Frank.

"Do You Remember?" "Park People" - With Roy Marsden as Frank.

Dominoes - With Joseph Giannunzio as Frank.

"The Doris Day Show" "Mr. and Mrs. Raffles" - With Norman Stevans as Frank.

"Drake & Josh" "The Really Big Shrimp: Part 1" - With Brian Treitler as Frank.

"Drifters" "Sober" - With Bob Mortimer as Frank.

A Dubious Night - With Jim Porter as Frank.

E-mail Express - With Arno Kempf as Frank.  Cinematography by: Frank Huesmann.

"Ed" "The Road" - With Eric Thal as Frank.

Ein idealer Ort - With Matthias Neukirch as Frank.

Elysium - With Fadi Elnaggar as Frank.

"En fri mand" - With Ole Ernst as Frank.

"The Equalizer" "The Caper" - With Richard Hamilton as Frank.

"Ettor & nollor" "Episode #1.1" - With Søren Malling as Frank (as Sören Malling).  Visual Effects Artist / Visual Effects Editor: Frida Franker.

"Ex-Best" "Episode #1.10" - With Jonathan Togo as Frank.

Eyes Beyond Seeing - With Morton Hall Millen as Frank.

Falcon Song - With Jeter Rhodes as Frank.  Also with Carl L. Franks as Preservation Society Member.  Writing Credits (co-writer): Carl L. Franks.  Cinematography by: Bruce Francis Cole.

"Family" "John Paul" - With Jonathan O'Connell as Frank.

Fatum - With Alex Lugo as Frank.

Fifth Vanity - With Jack Michel as Frank.

"Finney" - With Neil Shackleton.  Also with Frank Ellis.  Series Writing Credits (6 Episodes, 1994): Frank Ellis.

"Flächenbrand" - With Horst Frank as Lothar Steingruber.  Also with Manfred Krug as Frank.  Writing Credits (screenplay): Horst Frank.

Float: A Brief Story - With David Storrs as Frank.

Fool's Paradise 2 - With Paul Sambo as Frank.

"Forsthaus Falkenau" "Das Island Abenteuer" - With Thomas Balou Martin as Frank.

"Frasier" "How to Bury a Millionaire" - With Michael McShane as Frank.  Head Paint Foreman: Frank Galvan III.

French Exit - With Craig Vincent as Frank.

From the Dead - With Will Leon as Frank.

The Gambler - With John Goodman as Frank.  Also with Frank Lui Geo as Lamar Loyalist (uncredited).  Also with Frankie Ponce as Man Holding Lamar Sign (uncredited).  Writing Credits (1974 Screenplay): Frank Lui Geo.  Writing Credits (1974 Screenplay): Frankie Ponce.  Stunts: Frank Torres.

Garfield - With Frank Payne as Engineer #2.  Also with Joseph Edward Taylor as Frank.  Writing Credits (written By): Frank Payne.  Costume Design by (as Suttirat Larlarb): Marie France.  Greens Coordinator: Frank McEldowney.  Paint Supervisor (as Francesco A. Paolone): Tony Paolone.  Matchmove Coordinator: Rhythm & Hues: Frank Annunziata.  Matchmover: Rhythm & Hues (as Francis Camacho): Francis L. Camacho.  Render Coordinator: Rhythm & Hues: Frank Du.  Animator: Rhythm & Hues: Elisabeth Franklin.  Digital Compositor: Rhythm & Hues: Frank Maurer.  Best Boy Electric: Frank Mathews.  Key Grip (as Frank A. Montesanto): Frank Montesanto.  Production Assistant: Second Unit: Frank Tignini.

"George Lopez" "Team Leader" - With Mel Rodriguez as Frank.  Producer: Frank Pace.  Set Designer (as Francoise Cherry): Francoise Cherry-Cohen.  Script Supervisor: Frances Alet.

"The Ghost Squad" "Necessary Means" - With Matthew Storey as Frank. 

Gisela - With Oliver Bröcker as Frank. 

"Goede tijden, slechte tijden" "Aflevering 5200" - With Ditmar Marlin as Frank. 

"The Good Life" "John Hurts His Leg or Tales from the Crip" - With Sean Babb as Frank. 

"Grace Under Fire" "Pilot" - With Dave Florek as Frank.  Gaffer: Frank Doll

"Grange Hill" "Kicking Life" - With Rebekah Joy Gilgan as Fran Williams.  Also with Christopher McGown as Frank. 

The Greatest Play Ever - With Eric Lynch as Frank. 

Guess Train - With Jorge Alvarez as Frank. 

Gurn! - With Petros Kladis as Frank. 

Hamlet's Ghost - With Erik Mineo as Frank. 

Hard Way: The Action Musical - With Todd Charmont as Frank.  Visual Effects Producer: Trixter: Franzisca Puppe.  Lighting Technician: Franziska Hurm.  Camera Operator: "b" Camera: Franz Kastner

"Hasta que el dinero nos separe" "Billetera vacía" - With Carlos Cámara as Lic. Francisco Beltrán.  Also with Frances Ondiviela as Rosaura Suárez 'La Casada'.  Also with Rafael Origel as Frank.  Writing Credits (idea): Frances Ondiviela

Have at Thee - With Jonathan Posthuma as Frank. 

The Heart: Final Pulse - With Kyle Ambrose as Frank. 

Hell's Half Acre - With Robert Shield as Frank. 

Heroes - With Caskey Swaim as Frank.  Cinematography by: Frank Stanley.  Unit Production Manager: Frank Arrigo

High Voltage - With James DiStefano as Frank.  Also with Frank Rivera as Paco.  Writing Credits : Frank Rivera.  Post-production Sound / Re-recording Mixer / Sound Designer: Bryan Franklin

"Hit the Floor" "Moving Screens" - With Martin Kildare as Frank.  Main Title Design: Franceska Bucci

Hollywood Hot Tubs - With Bill McNeal as Frank.  Also with Christopher Franklin as Shawn's Friend.  Writing Credits : Christopher Franklin

Honey Pot - With Mark Kelly as Frank.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Auteur Watch - Helaine Mildred Head

How much bad TV's a girl gotta direct to get a little respect around here?  For some, like Helaine Head, about 15 years' worth.  And this was just before the great TV Renaissance, which I think we can all agree began exactly in 1989 with "Seinfeld" and "The Simpsons," right?  But for those lucky few like Helaine, she got to work with Spielberg, took one look at him and thought to herself, Hell!  If he can do it... What they don't usually realize, of course, is that he's got a whole team to back him up, for one thing.  Not to mention the respect of the studio heads.  It can't hurt.  But to be fair, 15 years is a pretty great run.  I've only got 13 years to go in my current job to get 15; hope my back holds up and out that long.  As for Helaine, well... she's helping to mentor the next generation through such projects as Burt and the Wall Children and others.  You can find all of them under the "Miscellaneous Crew" section of her IMDb page.

USC Cinematic Arts Faculty Page

Ralph Breaks the Box Office

See?  They don't need Pixar anymore!  Well, ol' Walt's cryogenically frozen head must be smiling right now in its chamber, awaiting a donor body like Mark Wahlberg or Arnold Schwarzenegger 20 years ago, for (Wreck-It) Ralph Breaks the Internet is #1 this weekend.  "The Simpsons" alum Jim Reardon helped to write this one, and Ralph Wiggum broke my brain many seasons ago with his various nonsensical musings.  It's all connected.  Of course, the Internet has won for some time now, and it seems to be resilient enough for just about any pop culture phenomenon, porn-based or otherwise.  But television still has the ability to crush dreams like nothing else.  Take Chris Hardwick, for instance, and his show, "@Midnight," a "Jeopardy!"-ish show wherein participants, usually celebrities of varying luminescence, try to "break" or "own" the Internet by coming up with their own descriptions of various Web-based microtrends, often torn from the very day's headlines!  The final winner of the show's prize is apparently "owning" the internet for themselves for about five seconds, then quickly relinquishing it back to its rightful owners... probably the big media companies, despite what "Silicon Valley"'s Richard Hendricks was trying to do... I'm still not sure what.  A people's Internet?  No more monthly fees?  I could probably use a little relief from my bills for a while, personally.  How about you?
Anyway, so that's one sequel.  Creed II is another, a continuation of the story of Rocky Balboa, as some of you might know... but with a twist!  Ivan Drago is back, and trying to ... horn in?  Trying to steal the show.  The Cold War might not be back in full, but I think even Putin might be smiling a little bit.  Oh, it's getting glasnost-algic in here... what?  What did I say?  Yes, as long as there be a Hollywood, it looks like there will always be a boxer's tale to be told.  Is that one of the seven?  Cowboy, astronaut, politician, boxer... I don't know the rest.  Rise-fall, fall-rise, Black Cop White Cop, and Stop That Wedding!  More "Simpsons" for ya.  But the public likes these boxer stories, and Hollywood likes what the public likes, and the actors like them because they have an excuse for working out for the part.  Miles Teller and Jake Gyllenhaal, for two.
So, there seem to be three sequels this weekend, and four remakes.  We got The Grinch, there's A Star is Born, there's Driving Miss Daisy, and another remake of Robin Hood.  This time, it's the Kingsman kid himself, on loan away from Matthew Vaughn.  How'd he manage that?  And didn't Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe already do a definitive enough version of all this already?  Or even Kevin Costner to a degree?  No, apparently not.  It's just one of those stories now, like The Mummy or Tarzan or Sherlock Holmes or Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling, a perennial that can be re-told innumerable numbers of times.  Oh, and I should add The Joker, as in Batman's most profitable arch-nemesis.  Isn't he getting his own series now or something?

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Auteur Watch - Eric Haywood

Just as Harvey Pekar once found that there were suddenly many more people than just himself named Harvey Pekar, so too it is with Eric Haywood.  I mean, there's this Eric Haywood, who plays the tuba.  Then there's this Eric Haywood who plays pedal steel guitar... a far cry from tuba, indeed.  Then there's Unit Driver Eric Haywood, of The Holding fame.
But I suppose, when you get right down to it, all of their IMDb résumés pale in comparison with this week's Auteur, Eric Haywood, whose highest profile gig is working on the acclaimed "Empire."  Not that Four of Hearts isn't great and all.  You can tell because it's got that blue "HD" band at the top of... I hesitate to call it a "poster."

Post-Election Stress Disorder

Drat.  Well, the Old White Men are surely rejoicing this weekend because they've still got Florida and Georgia... for now.  And, no need for a prolonged Brooks Brothers riot this time either!  And Roger Stone is still out of jail, and dressing fabulously.  Guy must be doing something right!  Meanwhile, I hope that Dish (TM) (R) (C) and HBO (C) (R) (TM) resolve their dispute real soon.  I think Dish (C) (TM) (R) wants more money probably.  That's usually how these things work.  Piracy is not a victimless crime, so why does it feel like I'm still in the sea, trying to fend off the sharks while staying afloat at the same time?
Oh well.  I complain too much as it is.  Meanwhile, at the Global Storytelling Factory, J. K. Simmons Rowling has clearly decided that giving away all that sweet, sweet "Harry Potter" money and writing non-fantasy YA novels for a hobby... was a really terrible idea.  Back to the Hollywood sulphur mines instead.  And so, the latest installment of Fantastic Beasts reigns supreme at #1.  And no mere Steve Kloves this time!  This time, the screenplay is J.K.'s and J.K.'s alone; but to let off a little anti-Hollywood steam, they're both actually going to consult on Season 7 of "Ray Donovan."  Go figure.
The second debut this week is called Instant Family, and I guess it means that Mark Wahlberg had so much fun on the two Daddy's Home movies that he's decided to keep working with writer-director Sean Anders.  Well, David O. Russell has moved on to greener pastures, and P. T. Anderson, well... that was another one-time thing.  Marky Mark will always be grateful for every auteur he's hitched his star to.  Even that hack Ridley Scott, that's right.  Even though he ended up having to donate his salary for charity, it was still so worth it.  As for Rose Byrne, well... I thought she was married to someone.  The IMDb has to scale back some of the information they give out for free, clearly.  When she goes to Spago's, she has to keep reminding people "I was in Brides Maids, you know!"  Even though she doesn't care for that kind of humour.
And finally, our third debut this week is a return for the new Steve McQueen, the Oscar-winning director of 12 Years a Slave.  His latest is called Widows and it's getting the critical acclaim and poor box-office performance you'd expect from something like that.  Another one of those movies I have to get to at some point.  What hole in the plot must I overlook in order to enjoy the critical height it reaches?  Speaking of which, what about the Coens' latest, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs?  Is it chopped liver?  No big ad campaign for it?

Monday, November 12, 2018

Auteur Watch - Dennis Haysbert

When you've worked with a long string of hacks like Michael Mann, Jonathan Kaplan and Lewis Teague... ugh... one can't help but think to themselves, man!  I should become a director!  For Dennis Haysbert, however, he's clearly opted to just live with the pain.  Having tried directing only once, and that was for a show he was already on, well... not terribly adventurous, is it?  But a 7.7 rating, as of this writing, that's... pretty good, right?  They don't yet have TV rankings by a single episode, but that's coming.  A few SQL statements in the right place on the server side, some JavaScript on the website side... some nerds could stand to make a few more millions off that, no?  Or we could just rely on good old fashioned wetware memories?  What are the greatest TV moments in a single episode?  Who shot J.R., Ellen coming out of the closet, Newhart waking up from his eight season fever dream, Alan Alda crying on "M*A*S*H", the last episode of "Breaking Bad," what have you... nope, sorry, an episode of "The Unit" will probably fall down into that obscure middle ground where nothing escapes.  As for the worst television moments... so many things to Google (TM) (R) (C), so little time.  Here's a web page, but... it seems to be just some terrible things in regular history, not TV history.  Let's try to FOCUS here, people!  Speaking of which...

The Grinch Who Stole Veteran's Day

I tell you darlings, I get more hits when people don't think I'm coming back!  Well, it's a good old fashioned box office: family friendly, nostalgia friendly, what have you.  All the new, edgy stuff didn't fare so well this weekend!  The new Salander pic without James Bond OR Rooney Mara; she's all grown up and doing mom roles already, sigh.  The latest J. J. Abrams thing that will leave you wondering which door you used to get into the theatre, and... well, that's it for the debuts.  No, the big new, great-place-to-dump-off-your-kids-4-2-hours is the latest incarnation of the Grinch.  And who does the voice of this new CGI Grinch?  Why, an Englishman, of course!  Sure, it's superstar and one of the ten busiest actors working today, Tom Wilkinson Benedict Cumberbatch.
...I almost forgot to mention my corporate sponsor.  Strange because I've got one standing right behind me right now.  This blog post is brought to you by Tall Guys Who Don't Play Basketball.  Tall Guys Who Don't Play Basketball!  No, really, it's an original question they've never heard before.  You're the first!  Anyway, it's of course not just a victory for Mr. Cumberbatch (spoiler alert: it actually is) and not just for the estate of Dr. Seuss... why hasn't the MeToo or the TimesUp movements revoked that guy's license yet?  Or Rand Paul?  Just because he comes up with rhymes real nice doesn't actually make him a doctor, you know!  No, it's also a victory for another Pixar-ish studio called Illumination.  I'd post a link to it, but the IMDb wants you to pay for that privilege.  So, I'll do the next best thing and post a link to Christopher Meloni... sorry, Meledandri.  I always get those two mixed up, as you may know.  This blog post is clearly also brought to you by typos.  Typoes!  Every blog post has 'em.  Yes, this mega-producer and amateur Vladimir Putin lookalike clawed his way up through traditional Hollywood the old fashioned way.  80s hits like Quicksilver and Opportunity Knocks... you know, movies they don't show on TV anymore.  Not because they're terribly indecent, mind you.  It's just that... well, let me put it this way.  When's the last time you heard a song like Lighthouse's "Pretty Lady" on the radio?  Anyone ever request to hear it?  Or how about April Wine's "Caught in the Crossfire"?  Ever hear THAT on the radio?  Anyone ever request to hear it?  Did you even KNOW there's a band called April Wine?  You know, I'll bet there's a fascinating story behind that name.  Well, they used to be called The Silver April Wine, but that was the early '70s, a time of one 45 minute song on an album and what not.
But then, after 1994's Trial By Jury... I'm not sure exactly how one would categorize that.  It's kind of like how there was a spate of movies like Big in the '80s.  As David Letterman would say, you got your Big (ding), you got your 18 Again (ding), you got your Regarding Henry (BUZZER)... maybe it was all John Grisham's fault, and maybe Bill Clinton to an extent.  Because there was Trial By Jury and The Juror.  That was another good one.  O.J. Simpson's fault as well.  No wonder people try to get out of jury duty!  The latest one is this trial of El Chapo, a notorious drug lord, and apparently he has enough assassins working for him to make the lives of the twelve jurors a living hell.  Cocaine is still just that profitable.  But after Trial By Jury didn't post Jurassic Park-style numbers like everyone had hoped, well... it was time for Meledandri to take a little break from all the madness, all the early morning coffee runs for tempestuous Hollywood stars and producers.  This Windows 95 thing was all the rage back then.  Computers were poised to be as ubiquitous in the home as the water heater or the automatic garage door opener!  Maybe this is what the future would hold instead of the next cup of coffee for MGM's lead electrician.  And Meledandri, whatever he did to make himself useful in the CGI era, it seems to have paid off a little bit!  Sure, 2002's Ice Age doesn't seem like much of an achievement now, but there was a lot of tears, sweat and... something else involved in getting it off the ground.  Sure, he still had to get the occasional cup of coffee for Ray Romano, but why not.  A little less eyestrain involved as opposed to looking at computer screens all day.  All that's left now is to try and get that Oscar (TM) (R) (C) for Best Animated Short.  It's a start!

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Auteur Watch - Peggy Hayes

Lately things don't seem the same... wait for it.  Anyway, good!  Another short one.  I appreciate that more and more as my free time grows less and less.  This ... Peggy Hayes, as the Mortals refer to her, is responsible for one feature, and one alone, and it's called Nandi.  And because I gotta do all the work around here, I can safely say that it's not at either Netflix or Scarecrow.  Scarecrow's search feature leaves a little bit to be desired, but there seems to be nothing between Nancy and (The) Nanny, so I'm going to say they don't have it.  But I would like to take this opportunity to play a little Six Degrees of Spielberg Kevin Bacon, which seems to have fallen out of favor and or flavor these days, ever since a bunch of monkeys did it on that one episode of "Friends."  I believe it's called "The One Where the Zoo Monkeys Play that Stupid Six Degrees Game."  But who to start with?  Why don't we say that Peggy Hayes directed Nandi, which stars Leland Jones as the Island of Dr. Moreau.  Leland was in Domestic Disturbance with... a bunch of people, but the quickest path is that Vince Vaughn is in it, and he was in The Lost World: Jurassic Park directed by Spielberg.  So that's three degrees of separation, but now it's just a matter of the strength of the connections.  I mean, what good is it if even Leland Jones won't return your calls?  You gotta find an entirely new path!  All together!...
So 1998 was a wash.  The kind of thing where you think you're going to direct features for the rest of your life... and, unfortunately, you act like it, so cast and crew alike think you're an a-hole.  Nine years later, no one will still let you direct, but the following opportunity comes up to be a third Assistant Director.  Hmm!  How far down the food chain is that?  But work is work, and it goes without incident, and it's now a beloved direct-to-video classic... right?  Okay, the 358th Most Loved Video of 2007.  That's ... that's not bad, right?  So that was 2007.  What a year.  The Coens' coronation at the Oscars and all that.  Which means we were overdue for a triumphant return to the biz by Peggy Hayes in 2016.  And... nothing?  I guess she won't get stuck with the nickname "Nine-Year Nandi" then.  Good for her!  ...Peggy's still just a girl's name, right?

Mr. Singer

Ooh!  A chance to do a double pun.  Anyway, maybe it's the traditional sources.  Maybe it's Tommy Maitland going on Colbert to say it's just a really, really good film.  And he's done some real crap over the years, but this one's the shi... real deal Holyfield this time.  Maybe Sacha Baron Cohen's kicking himself a little bit right now, because he'd talked a bit about doing this project for a while... or maybe Borat mentioned it.  Where was the new Bohemian Rhapsody bio-pic type deal mainly promoted?  Etsy?  Mashable?  Wherever it was, it sure worked!  Fifty million domestic?  It's apparently a Fox movie that probably didn't get promoted on Fox News.  But it is nevertheless a triumph for the old guard of the likes of Peter Morgan, a one-man screenplay machine, and Bryan Singer, a one-man directing machine.  He's back!  Jack the Giant Slayer is all forgiven!
Meanwhile, in second place, Disney tries to breathe new life into an old standard.  In this case, it's that old Christmas standby called the Nutcracker.  Now Balanchine free!  Well, someone at Disney figured if you attached a couple of realms to it, who knows?  Maybe it'll be big at the box office.  But it's too scary to be a Christmas release, so how about the week after Halloween?  Who knows?  Maybe it'll be such a hit, it'll still be around in time for Christmas, like how the first Home Alone started out at Christmas, then stuck around the next THREE MONTHS.  Can we capture that lightning in a bottle again, asks every studio head ever?
Our third debut this week is... oh!  It's a Tyler Perry joint!  I think he's moving away from his Christian base and trying to get some of that Me Too / Time's Up magic, dare I say.  Well, who isn't, really?  But his fall 2018 film is called Nodoby Nobody's Fool... I just can't type today!  Reminds me of this stupid overly sexual ad for boner pills that says on it "I gotta Dig Bick!"  Yeah, we know, we're the ones with the filthy minds.  A lot of old guys seem to get stuck with these ads.  X-rated ads that say basically "Hey, 70-year old guy!  Buy our medication-type substance and screw like you're 20 again!  And here's some free, complementary porno DVDs while you're at it."  Wonder how their wives feel about these letters?  I guess they tolerate it as much as they can without stabbing their husbands in the eye with the serrated bread knife.  This just in: I've been told I have the wrong hyperlink.  At #3 this week isn't a 1936 film starring Edward Everett Horton and Glenda Farrell.  It's called Nobody's Fool and... sorry, got it wrong again.  That was the 1986 film of the same name, starring Rosanna Arquette and Eric Roberts.  Yeesh.  And because I just love Robert Benton so much, as faithful readers of this thing can attest to, I'm not even going to post a hyperlink to the 1994 film of the same name... damn, did it anyway.  No, Tyler's new film is called Nobody's Fool... sorry, that's a link to a music video by Bon Jovi's old fool, Cinderella.  Poor bastard, didn't even get a VH1 Behind the Music special out of the deal.  Now, I've probably written this before, but I am just obsessed with it.  I checked Tyler Perry's IMDb page once, and there it was as plain as day, he was going to make a film called Tyler Perry's A Jazz Man's Blues.  WHERE IS IT?  ...oh!  Here's a link to mere rumors and gossip, but it's still something!  Apparently it's to be a post-WWII pic, so it'll be a stretch.  He doesn't seem to do period pieces.  They all take place in the not-so-spectacular now, where Christian values seem to have been all but forgotten.  But we do get to her some right pretty speeches, don't we?  I was fairly entertained by a soliloquoy in one of his plays, "Neighbors from Hell," I think it was.  Got that from my local library.  Also something called XXI: O'Day, which I've been meaning to review, but... I'd be the first one!  Wouldn't want to screw something like that up, now, would I?

Will Success Spoil Dennis Lehane?

Violence against children.  Is there any more satisfying topic for a Hollywood movie to tackle?
Or even maybe for society in general?  Ben Affleck's 2007 directorial effort, Gone Baby Gone, starts with a child abduction case that gets some attention from the local media... it's a Boston story, by the way.  You can tell from the severely Boston-local actors and actresses that David O. Russell would later try to get for his 2010 feature, The Fighter.
Well, the first half of the feature starts off promisingly enough.  We have the inherent conflict of some private detectives being called in by members of the grieving family, even though every cop in the city seems to be working on the case.  Morgan Freeman gets wind of this, and goes to see the two detectives himself.  He lists some grim child abduction statistics and... hey!  That would be so perfect for the trailer!  Then he says that he doesn't care who cracks the case, just as long as it gets done.  Perhaps in a case as grim-looking as this one is turning out to be, some outside help would be just the thing, for the police in general, and for everyone more specifically... something like that.  Casey Affleck, Ben's younger, and now Oscar (TM) (C) (R)-winning brother, is one of those detectives.  Michelle Monaghan is his partner-in-crime... solving crime, so to speak.  This seems like the start to a Luc Besson pic to me, for some reason.  Also, I know I should like Michelle Monaghan... I'll get there eventually, just give me time to catch up.
Well, this crack team of McKenzie Kenzie and Gennaro, they generate some leads right away, even slightly impressing the team of Poole and Bressant, the two cops they've been more or less assigned by Morgan Freeman to work with.  Morgan Freeman's character name, incidentally, is Jack Doyle.  And as you know, I'm a recovering Name-ist, and, spoiler alert, I don't recall the filmmakers relying on that old standard trope of someone turning to the character in a movie named Jack and saying "JACK!!!  Be careful, he's dangerous" ... something like that.  It's kind of like how the hot young actress at the Cannes Film Festival gets to the top of that staircase, then turns for the paparazzi.  Thankfully, my falling off the Name-ism wagon is totally worth it, because at one point, the male detective, Casey Affleck, asks "Bressant.  What is that?  French?  Would you like a nice red wine with your boudin?"  I may have mis-remembered that, but the guy does confess to being from Louisiana originally, and not an all-important native of Boston.
As you would expect from a crackling mystery yarn, there's more to the story than what's merely on the surface.  In this case, the general ennui of Boston seems to be covering the list of suspects in this child kidnapping case, but once that's peeled back, and once they more or less nail down the whereabouts of the young girl who was kidnapped, it's not hard to have some suspects to point to.  It's about a medium-sized list of suspects in this story.  Sometimes everyone's a suspect, sometimes it's just a stranger or a coincidence, but... needles to say, a rather un-matronly picture is painted of the mother whose child was kidnapped.  And I'll confess it, I think I even said out loud that the daughter was probably in a better place!  But it was said in the comfort of my own home, mind you.  Then we find out that, not only is the mother a bit of a cokehead, but she brings her daughter along sometimes when she's running drugs for the local Haitian drug kingpin, and... time out for a second.  Isn't all that, um... extremely illegal in this society?  Even in Boston?  Don't people go away for life for that?  Aren't there still people serving rather ungodly sentences for much less involving pot?  As Sonny Valerio once quipped, am I dreamin' here or what?  (...go to the bottom of the page.  Alas, someone hasn't made that billion dollars yet, coming up with a system for hyperlinks that will take you to a specific centimeter on a page.  But it's coming!  And they'll announce their IPO on Colbert when it happens, trust me.)  But it is worth it for the joke.  Did you hear about the cokehead mother who took her child along with her on a drug run?  You know, transporting drugs for the local drug lord, so she says "What am I supposed to do?  Leave her at the day care like an idiot?"  Of course, detective-for-hire Kenzie isn't too far removed from the drug lords himself.  He's familiar with "Cheese," and this other wicked fat dude named... I think it's the Bubba Rogowski character.  Somehow I missed that, even though the Closed Captioning is always on in our house now.  Reminds me of that old Brian DePalma comedy Wise Guys... damn, they don't have it on the IMDb "Quotes" page.  Some old chestnut about how organized crime is the fourth biggest employer in New Jersey, something like that.  Gotta hand it to that Brian DePalma: he was there to fix the first Star Wars early on, sure, but he  has the ability to take any genre and not quite do it right.
Anyway, so this Bubba Rogowski ends up doing some detective work for Kenzie.  Long story short, Bubba ends up tracking down some rather seedy characters we're introduced to early thanks to Poole and Bressant... my faithful viewing companion didn't even stop to notice that one of them was Hector Salamanca!  Well, he was a little bit younger back then.  Anyway, long story short... I know, a bit too late for that... Kenzie's second stop at the House of Usher is with the two detectives.  One gets caught in some crossfire, the source of which is never found.  They apparently never determined exactly how many people were in the house to begin with.  But Kenzie eventually stumbles upon the big moment of truth.  Spoiler Alert.  I mean, this is what we're building up to, really.  No amount of warning might be able to fully heal us afterwards.  Violence against children.  How grim is this going to get?  We get into that room, there's a sink with some blood in it and a pair of underwear, we're treated to a mercifully short shot of a dead child, we have an accused child molester saying "It was an accident."  It's the kind of thing a really hip critic might refer to today as "tragedy porn" or some word other than tragedy.  Long story short, Kenzie shoots the child molester in the head.  Time for the second act of the film.
And it's at this point that, I don't know... I mean, things were starting to break down already, but depending on your mood, then they really start to go South.  Not for critics of the time of the film's initial release, apparently!  Hailed as a classic, but not really hoisted on the shoulders of the moviegoing public that much.  I mean, it broke even, and Affleck directed again and all that.  And even though Detective Kenzie did what anyone else would do in a similar situation, and it's an unusual situation... at least, one would hope.  I mean, there's a gun, a dead child, and a guy saying "It was an accident".  One might not want to wait for the cops to show up.  However, Kenzie seems to regret his decision made in haste, but he's not exactly repenting in leisure for the rest of the movie.  Now the movie enters either Serpico territory, or The Verdict / ...And Justice for All territory, taking on the system as a whole.  I mean, if you're going to tackle corruption, why not aim for the stars?
No one is spared.  Well, Ed Harris's... I mean, Bressant's final gesture is kind of funny.  What starts out as a simple robbery of a bar quickly turns into harassment of a very specific witness who's not very good at keeping his mouth shut.  Also, there's something about that Boston air.  I mean, a guy gets shot in the chest twice, yet is able to run to the tallest building in town?  Sure, the guy ends up dying, but... I mean, man!  What an epic shot!  Could've ended the movie on that shot!  And a hundred lesser movies would have, but this is not your average movie.
I'll try to tiptoe around the ending as best I can.  I mean, there are spoilers and there are spoilers.  But consider the grim statistics.  That they're on the film's IMDb Quotes page certainly helps: half of all the children in (abduction) cases are killed flat out, and if the abductor isn't caught on Day One, only about ten percent of the cases are solved.  But how about the statistics on films about child abductions?  Do you recall a film about a child abduction in which the child isn't returned?  In the original Ransom! from 1956, the abductors of the child aren't even shown!  That's how horrible the crime is.  As of this writing, there are almost 9,000 films and or TV shows with the keyword "kidnapping" associated with it... The Green Mile?  Shows you how good my memory is.  I thought it was just a boring, 3-hour prison film.  Anyway, despite the pleadings of Detective Gennaro, who takes the side of the status-quo, so to speak, Detective Kenzie busts the case wide open.  When will the fools ever learn?  It's not the child kidnapping that gets you, it's the cover-up!  A similar argument is made in Win-Win, that even though the mother's a bit of a trainwreck, she's still a mother and we need to respect that... ooh!  Amy Ryan's in that one too!  She goes the opposite way, if memory serves, in terms of character.  Affleck and Oscar-winning cinematographer John Toll, a long way from Braveheart and Legends of the Fall, breathe new life into that old visual cliché of a bunch of cop cars coming up, their lights blaring, as if to say that justice is indeed being served.  I look at it a little differently now, now that I just saw it last night.  It seems like the film wants to have it both ways.  We have the gruesome murder of a (different) child, then the tonic to make the pain of that go away.  If that's the case, maybe they should've opened with the murdered child, then have two hours of tonic.  Similar to how Spike Lee's Clockers opens with grisly crime-scene photos... that's all of that I've seen, I can't vouch for the rest.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Short Reviews - November 2018

AGAIN with the Frankensteins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"100 Years of Horror" "Dracula and His Disciples" - With John Carradine as Himself - Actor, 'House of Frankenstein' (archive footage).  Also with Freddie Francis as Himself - Director.  Also with Francis Lederer as Himself - Actor 'Return of Drcula'.  Writing Credits : Freddie Francis.  Writing Credits : Francis Lederer.

"The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie" "The Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters" - With Nagatha as Baron Henry von Frankenstein.  Also with Baron Henry von Frankenstein.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Sequels - With Dink O'Neal as Frankenstein.

"The Adventures of the Spirit" - With Glenn Strange.  Also with Lionel Comport.  Also with Billy Knaggs.

"Ævar vísindamaður" - With Snorri Engilbertsson.  Also with Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson.  Also with Björgvin Franz Gíslason.  Series Writing Credits (33 Episodes, 2014-2017): Björgvin Franz Gíslason.

"Ævar vísindamaður" "Lokaþátturinn" - With Snorri Engilbertsson as Victor von Frankenstein.  Also with Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Skrímsli Frankensteins.

Alex's Halloween - With Connor Barrett as Imaginary Frankenstein.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein - With Michael Bell as Dr. Frankenstein.  Also with Frank Welker as The Monster / Man dressed up as Frankenstein / Sammy Squirrel / Movie Director (voice).  Writing Credits: Frank Welker.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein - With Michael Bell as Dr. Frankenstein.  Also with Frank Welker as The Monster / Man dressed up as Frankenstein / Sammy Squirrel / Movie Director (voice).  Writing Credits: Frank Welker.

"Am laufenden Band" "Episode #2.7" - With Rock van Hulton as Frankenstein Monster.  Cinematography by: Dieter Frank.

Andante - With Nathanael León as (as Nathanael León 'Frankenstein').

"The Andy Dick Show" "Episode #1.6" - With Craig Doyle as Frankenstein.

Another You - With J. Dennis Washington as Frankenstein (as Dennis Washington).  Key Hair Stylist: Francesca Paris.

"Arabela" - With Frantisek Filipovský as Stunk.  Also with Frantisek Peterka as Fantomas.  Also with Frantisek Hanus.  Also with Vít Olmer.  Series Writing Credits (13 Episodes, 1979): Frantisek Filipovský.  Series Writing Credits (13 Episodes, 1979): Frantisek Peterka.  Series Writing Credits (13 Episodes, 1979): Frantisek Hanus.  Sound (13 Episodes, 1979): Frantisek Fabián.  Conductor (13 Episodes, 1979): Frantisek Belfín.

Art Lord and the Self Portraits: The Unauthorized Music Video - With William Cashion as Himself / Dr. Frankenstein / Dude #2 / Dude #5.

Assignment Terror - With Ferdinando Murolo as El monstruo de Farancksalan.  Also with Frankenstein Monster.  Music by (uncredited): Franco Salina.  Makeup Artist (as Francisco R. Ferrer): Francisco Ramón Ferrer.

Atomic Samurai - With Dawn Balcanoff as Frankenstein Chick.

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" "Avatar Roku: Winter Solstice, Part 2" - With Clement von Franckenstein as Great Sage.  Writing Credits (staff Writer): Clement von Franckenstein.

Baby Frankenstein - With Rance Nix as Baby Frankenstein.  Grip: Francis Sweeney.

"Bailando por un sueño" "Episode #6.1" - With Caro Pampillo as Herself - Guest\s(Inga-Young Frankenstein) (as Carolina Pampillo).

"Bailando por un sueño" "Episode #7.1" - With Caro Pampillo as Herself - Guest\s(Inga-Young Frankenstein) (as Carolina Pampillo).

A Beer Tale - With Lee Roy Kunz as Corey Frankenstein.  Also with Cru Ennis as Luke Frankenstein.  Also with Max Lange as Luke Frankenstein at age 5.  Very Special Thanks: Franklin Latt.

"The Ben Stiller Show" "With Garry Shandling" - With Kelly Mullis as Frankenstein's Date / Endora.  Also with Amy Stiller as The Bride of Frankenstein.

"Big Train" - With Martin Hyder.

Bikini Frankenstein - With Frankie Cullen as Dr. Frankenstein.  Writing Credits (novel): Frankie Cullen.  Music Supervisor: Anthony Francis.

"Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure" - With Jane Carr as Bride of Frankenstein (voice).  Model Clean Up: Frank Homiski.

Blood - With Lawrence Seelars as Mr. Frankenstein.  Also with Sophia Andoniadis as Mrs. Frankenstein.

The Bobroom - With Scott Yaphe as  Frankenstein.

Bordello of Blood - With Sheila Mills as Bride of Frankenstein.  Also with Iva Franks Singer as Werewolf (uncredited).  Writing Credits (screenplay): Iva Franks Singer.  Driver (as Don Bush): Donald Frank Bush.  Puppeteer: Crypt Keeper (as F. Charles Lutkus III): Frank Charles Lutkus III.

The Bride - With Sting as Frankenstein.  Also with Frank Jakeman as Circus Roustabout (uncredited).  Directed by : Franc Roddam.  Writing Credits: Frank Jakeman.  Assistant Director: France (as Laurent Bregeat): Laurent Brégeat.  Art Director: France: Damien Lanfranchi.  Production Accountant: France: Michèle Girot.  Production Secretary: France (as Patricia Reid): Patricia Reid-Douglas.

Bride of Frankenstein - With Les Baumbach as Dr. Frankenstein.  Also with Harry Nollen as The Frankenstein Monster.  Also with Shirley Nollen as The Bride of Frankenstein.

Bride of Frankenstein - With Javier Bardem as Frankenstein's Monster.

Buckystein - With Colin Cameron as Dr. Frankenstein.

Buenas noches, señor monstruo - With Andrés Mejuto as Doctor Frankenstein.  Production Assistant: Francisco Yagüe.

Cada quién su lucha - With Nathanael León as Julián Caireles (as Nothanael León Moreno 'Frankenstein').  Dialogue Recordist: Francisco Alcayde.

The Candidate - With Ted Knight as Frank Carlton.  Also with Gil Frye as Frankenstein.  Writing Credits (novel): Frank Moceri.  Camera Operator: Frank Dugas.

Captain Sparky vs. The Flying Saucers - With Charlie Tahan as Victor Frankenstein (voice).

"Caption Fail Movies" "El jovencito Frankenstein" - With Adán Latonda as Dr. Frankenstein.

Capulina 'Speedy' González: 'El Rápido - With Nathanael León as Cantinero (as Nothanael Leon 'Frankenstein').

Cazadores de espías - With Francisco Parra.  Also with Nathanael León as (as Nathanael León 'Frankenstein').  Writing Credits (story): Francisco Parra.  Costume Design by (as César Carrión): Francisco Rubio.

"Chappelle's Show" "Episode #3.3" - With Charlie Murphy as Himself - Host / Frankenstein.  Also with Nancy Otero as Frankenstein's Co-Worker.  Also with Cynthia Foster as Frankenstein's Co-Worker (uncredited).  Also with Randy Pearlstein as Frankenstein's Co-Worker (uncredited).  Also with Nick Wyman as Frankenstein's Boss (uncredited).

Christmas at Draculas - With Jonathan O'Dwyer as Frankenstein's Monster.

The Clockmaker's Dream - With John Waldron as Frankenstein, Bishop.  Location Assistant: Frank Boland.

"Club Nientiendo" - With Jorge Magaña.

"The Colgate Comedy Hour" "Episode #1.27" - With Lon Chaney Jr. as Frankenstein Monster (as Lon Chaney).

"The Colgate Comedy Hour" "Episode #4.21" - With Glenn Strange as Frankenstein's Monster (uncredited).

Coming Soon - With Mae Clarke as edited from 'Frankenstein' (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Dwight Frye as edited from 'Frankenstein' (archive footage) (uncredited).

"Conan" "And in This Corner... Gingivitis!" - With Brian Stack as Frankenstein (uncredited).

"Conan" "Everybody Wang But Don't Chung Tonight" - With Brian Stack as Frankenstein's Monster (uncredited).

Creating Frankenstein's Creature - With John Poole as Director of Frankenstein.  Also with Lucia McRae as Dr. Victoria Frankenstein.

Creature Feature - With Joshua D. Safran as Young Jackson.  Also with Leslie Kimbell as Allie 'Bride of Frankenstein'.  Writing Credits : Joshua D. Safran.  Co-executive Producer: Nicholas Frank Auger.

"Crimes en série" "Histoires d'amour" - With Christian Hecq as Frankenstein.

"Crimes en série" "La pêcheresse" - With Christian Hecq as Frankenstein.

Cruelle to be Kind - With Chris Sheets as Dr. Frankenstein.

The Curse of Frankenstein - With Peter Cushing as Victor Frankenstein.

"Cybill" - With Genie Francis.  Also with Rainer Wickel.  Also with Shannon Frank.  Also with Frank Stallone.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1998): Genie Francis.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1998): Shannon Frank.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1998): Frank Stallone.  Driver Captain (uncredited) (12 Episodes, 1995): Frank Khoury.

Damiana y los hombres - With Nathanael León as (as Nathanael León 'Frankenstein').

"The Danny Kaye Show" "Episode #3.13" - With Vincent Price as Burglar Frank / Dr. Frankenstein.

Das FrankenStein Prinzip - With Gabriel Reschl as Frankestein Monster.

A Day with Frankenstein - With Max Bogner as Dr. Frankenstein.

A Day with the Monster - With Steve Svendsen as The Frankenstein Monster.

Death Race 2050 - With Manu Bennett as Frankenstein.

Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy - With Velislav Pavlov as Frankenstein.  Key Stunt Rigger: François Coetzer.

"Decker" "Gregg Turkington's Decker vs. Dracula - Episode 2" - With Mark Proksch as Wolfman / Frankenstein.

"Decker" "Gregg Turkington's Decker vs. Dracula - Episode 3" - With Mark Proksch as Frankenstein / Mummy / Abdul.

"Decker" "Promises Kept" - With Mark Proksch as Abdul / Wolfman / Frankenstein / Mummy.  Production Intern: Francisco Aguilar.

"Der Mann im Schrank" - With Ulrich Voß as Helmut Frankenstein.

Director's Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein - With David Lawrence as Frankhead #1.

Doctor Shocker's Monster Campaign Ads 2012 - With Perry Shields as Frankenstein's Monster.  Also with Bela Lugosi Jr. as Frankenstein's father.

"Doctor Who" "Journey Into Terror" - With John Maxim as Frankenstein.

Dr. Frankenstein on Campus - With Robin Ward as Viktor Frankenstein.

Dr. Satán y la magia negra - With Nathanael León as (as N. Leon Frankenstein).

Dracula vs. Frankenstein - With J. Carrol Naish as Dr. Frankenstein.

"Edición Especial Coleccionista" "Especial Top Comedias" - With Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein (archive footage).

El ángel y yo - With Nathanael León as (as Nothanael León 'Frankenstein').

El buena suerte - With Nathanael León as Luchador (as Frankenstein).

El capitán Mantarraya - With Nathanael León as Frankenstein.

The Spirit of the Beehive - With José Villasante as Frankenstein.  Second Assistant Director (as Francisco Lucio Ramos): Paco Lucio.  Script Supervisor: Francisco J. Querejeta.

El jardín de la tía Isabel - With Nathanael León as (as Nathanael León "Frankenstein").

El misterio de Huracán Ramírez - With Nathanael León as Frankestein (as Nothanael Leon Moreno 'Frankenstein').  Also with Ramón Sánchez as Entrenador de Frankenstein (uncredited).  Art Direction by: Francisco Marco Chillet.

Enigma de muerte - With Nathanael León as Hercules (as Frankenstein).

Ensign Pulver - With Robert Walker Jr. as Ensign Frank Pulver.  Also with King Calder as Governor in 'Young Dr. Jekyll Meets Frankenstein' (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Morgan Paull as Actor in 'Young Dr. Jekyll Meets Frankenstein' (archive footage) (uncredited).

Everyone Wants Her Dead - With Cassie Neumann as Dr. Ezmeralda Frankenstein.

The Ex-Mrs. Bradford - With Johnny Arthur as Mr. Frankenstein, Process Server (uncredited).  Also with Frankie Darro as Spike Salisbury (uncredited).  Also with Frank Reicher as Henry Strand - Summers' Lawyer (uncredited).  Also with Frank M. Thomas as Mike North (uncredited).  Writing Credits (story By): Frankie Darro.  Writing Credits (story By): Frank Reicher.  Writing Credits (story By): Frank M. Thomas.

"The Faction of Farce" "Meanwhile, in Geneva" - With Ross K. Foad as Victor Frankenstein.  Also with Heather Russell-Kay as Elizabeth Frankenstein.

"Fantasy Island" "The Lady and the Monster/The Last Cowboy" - With Lynda Day George as Dr. Carla Frankenstein.  Also with William Smith as Frankenstein.  Music Scoring Mixer: Franklin Jones Jr..

Fatal Beauty - With Mark Pellegrino as Frankenstein.  Assistant: Ms. Goldberg: Franke Piazza.

Feed My Frankenstein - With Michael Horvath as Ranger Jones / 'Frankenstein's Monster' (qv).

Flesh for Frankenstein - With Monique van Vooren as Baroness Katrin Frankenstein.  Also with Udo Kier as Baron Frankenstein.  Film Editing by (credited In US Print): Franca Silvi.  Hair Stylist: Paolo Franceschi.

Forsaking All Others - With Frances Drake as Connie Barnes Todd.  Also with Harold Huber as Mr. Frankenstein - Hamburger Stand Owner (uncredited).  (from The Play By) (as Frank Morgan Cavett) And: Frank Cavett.  Writing Credits: Frances Drake.  Assistant To Producer (uncredited): Frank Davis.

"The Ghost Busters" - With Bernie Kopell.  Head Makeup Artist (15 Episodes, 1975): Frank Griffin.

"The Ghost Busters" "Dr. Whatsisname" - With Bernie Kopell as Dr. Frankenstein.  Head Makeup Artist: Frank Griffin.

"Ghouls" - With Dan Merket.

"Ghouls" "Episode #1.1" - With Dan Merket as Frankenstein.

Gigantes planetarios - With Nathanael León as Espia (as Frankenstein).

"Googy" - With Nico Colaleo.

"Googy" "Halloween" - With Nico Colaleo as Frankenstein.

"Gothica" - With Tom Ellis as Victor Frankenstein.  Graphic Artist: Jean-Francois Poupart.  Post Production Assistant: Francesca Castro.

Graves End Diner - With Johnny Zito as Frankenstein.

Guardians of the Holiday - With Josh Laukaitis as Frankenstein.

Hail to the Groupies - With Melissa Panos as Bride of Frankenstein.

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't - With John Schuck as The Frankenstein Monster.

"Halloweentown High" - With Frank Gerrish as Pumpkinhead.  Also with Frank Welker as (voice).  Writing Credits (teleplay): Frank Gerrish.  Writing Credits (teleplay): Frank Welker.  Digital Compositor: Jay Frankenberger.  Stunt Double (as Frank Bare): Frank L. Bare II.

Hammer Horror - With Peter Cushing as Baron Victor Frankenstein (archive footage).

"Harvey Beaks" "Technoscare" - With Nick Sumida as Randl's Mom / Frankenstein / Clown Statue (voice) (as Nicholas Sumida).

Haunted - With David Sanders as Frankenstein's Monster.  Also with Francesca Franco as Young Woman.  Writing Credits : Francesca Franco.  Production Design by: Franco Pignataro.

He Lives - With Arik Lemon as Victor Frankenstein.

Hellzapoppin' - With Frank Darien as Man Calling for Mrs. Jones.  Also with Frankie Manning as Dancer (as Harlem Congeroos).  Also with Frank Austin as Chauffeur (uncredited).  Also with Frances 'Mickey' Jones as Herself - Dancer (uncredited).  Also with Dale Van Sickel as Man Who Falls Into Pool / Frankenstein Monster (uncredited).  Writing Credits: Frank Darien.  Writing Credits: Frankie Manning.  Writing Credits: Frank Austin.  Writing Credits: Frances 'Mickey' Jones.  Music by: Frank Skinner.  Choreographer: Whitey's Lindy Hoppers Number (uncredited): Frankie Manning.

"Here's Boomer" - With Victor Buono.  Also with Fran Bennett.  Also with Frank Welker.  Also with Jeff Rake.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1982): Fran Bennett.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1982): Frank Welker.  Producer (4 Episodes, 1980-1981): Fran Sears.  Series Music by (2 Episodes, 1981-1982): David Michael Frank.

Héroe a la fuerza - With Nathanael León as (as Nathanael León 'Frankenstein').

"A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss" "Frankenstein Goes to Hollywood" - With Donnie Dunagan as Himself / Peter von Frankenstein.  Also with Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Paul A. Partain as Franklin Hardesty (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Basil Rathbone as Baron Wolf von Frankenstein (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Glenn Strange as The Frankenstein Monster (archive footage) (uncredited).  Thanks: Frank J. Dello Stritto.

"Hollywood and the Stars" "Monsters We've Known and Loved" - With Boris Karloff as The Monster in Frankenstein's segment (archive footage).

"Hollywood: The Gift of Laughter" - With Marty Feldman as Actor - 'Young Frankenstein' (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Kay Francis as Actress - 'The Cocoanuts' (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Teri Garr as Actress - 'Young Frankenstein' (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Franklin Pangborn as Actor - 'Never a Dull Moment' (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Gene Wilder as Actor - 'Young Frankenstein' (archive footage) (uncredited).  Writing Credits (uncredited): Kay Francis.  Writing Credits (uncredited): Franklin Pangborn.

"The Horror Hall of Fame" - With Frank Gorshin as Himself.  Also with Ivor Barry as Murray Frankenstein.  Writing Credits (written By): Frank Gorshin.

"Horror Kung-Fu Theatre" "Frankenstein's Brothel of Fear" - With Willie Tarts as Dr. Frankenstein.

The Horror of Frankenstein - With Ralph Bates as Victor Frankenstein.  Also with George Belbin as Baron Frankenstein.

Hotel Transylvania - With Kevin James as Frankenstein.  Also with Fran Drescher as Eunice.  Writing Credits (story By): Fran Drescher.  Pipeline Architect: François Chardavoine.  Character Setup Lead: Frank Mueller.  Animator: Francois Laurent.

Hotel Transylvania 2 - With Kevin James as Frankenstein.  Also with Fran Drescher as Eunice.  Writing Credits (based On Characters Created By): Fran Drescher.  Technology Architect: François Chardavoine.

"House of Frankenstein" - With Peter Crombie.  Also with Gary Frank.  Series Writing Credits: Gary Frank.  Helicopter Pilot (2 Episodes, 1997): Frank M. Holgate.

"House of Frankenstein" "Episode #1.1" - With Peter Crombie as Frankenstein's Creature.  Also with Gary Frank as Mr. Endicott.  Writing Credits (written By): Gary Frank.  Helicopter Pilot (as Frank Holgate): Frank M. Holgate.

How to Make a Monster - With Gary Conway as Tony Mantell (Teenage Frankenstein).  Also with Thomas Browne Henry as Martin Brace - director of 'Werewolf Meets Frankenstein'.  Also with Frank Richards as Studio Groundskeeper (uncredited).  Writing Credits (screenplay): Frank Richards.

Hui Buh: Das Schlossgespenst - With Mac Steinmeier as Frankenstein-Geist.  Also with Franziska Schlattner as Frankensteins Braut-Geist.  Writing Credits (screenplay): Franziska Schlattner.  First Assistant Director: Frank Scharl.  First Assistant Camera: Frantisek Novák.

"Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H." "Hulking Commandos" - With Kevin Michael Richardson as Frankenstein's Monster (voice).

The Hunted - With Chris Lumb as Bride of Frankenstein.

"I Am Tim" "Fan Service" - With Nathan Bottomley as Martin Frankenstein.

"I've Got a Secret" "Episode #1.46" - With Sam Bollinger as Frankenstein.

"iCarly" "iScream on Halloween" - With Bridger Palmer as Frankenstein.  Camera Utility: Frank Maronski.

Igor: Getting Over That Hump - With Dallas James as Dr. Frankenstein III (as Jim Stevenson).

Il mostro di Frankenstein - With Luciano Albertini as Baron Frankenstein.

In the Deathroom - With Gabrielle Scharnitzky as Frankensteins Braut.

Into the Night - With Richard Franklin as Aerospace Engineer.  Also with Bud Abbott as Chick Young in 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein' (archive footage).  Also with Lou Costello as Wilbur Grey in 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein' (archive footage).  Writing Credits (written By): Richard Franklin.  Stunts: Frank Orsatti.  Best Boy (as Mike Franz): Michael Franz.

Invasion from the Planet of the Ghouls - With Tyler Antoine as Vampire, Frankenstein, Horror Host.  Also with Shannon Irrgang as Wolfman, Frankenstein.

"It's Alive: The True Story of Frankenstein" - With Lon Chaney Jr. as The Frankenstein Monster (archive footage).  Also with Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein (archive footage).  Also with Francis Ford Coppola as Himself.  Writing Credits : Francis Ford Coppola.

Ja, ja die Liebe in Tirol - With Peter W. Staub as Harry Frankenstein.  Also with Franz Muxeneder as Karl Kleinholz.  Writing Credits: Franz Muxeneder.

Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter - With Narda Onyx as Dr. Maria Frankenstein.  Also with Steven Geray as Dr. Rudolph Frankenstein.  Also with Mark Norton as Francisco Lopez.

"Kaibutsu-kun" - With Hong Man Choi.

"The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show" "Episode #1.1" - With Eric Bivens-Bush as Frankenstein.

Kiss Me Quick! - With Frank A. Coe as Sterilox / Frankenstein Monster (as Fattie Beltbuckle).  Writing Credits (uncredited): Frank A. Coe.  Sound Effects (as Frank Coe): Frank A. Coe.

"Kivikasvot show" - With Martti Liimo as Frankenstein, Dracula's Butler.

Kyûketsu Shôjo tai Shôjo Furanken - With Eri Otoguro as Keiko.  Also with Frankenstein Girl as Midori.  Also with Yukihide Benny as St. Francis Xavier.

L'éternelle fiancée de Frankenstein - With Samuel Hercule as Victor Frankenstein.

"La fiera" - With Óscar Bonfiglio.

"La fiera" "Episode #1.2" - With Óscar Bonfiglio as Frankenstein.

"La fiera" "Episode #1.3" - With Óscar Bonfiglio as Frankenstein.

La sangre de Frankenstein - With Martin Villagra as Dr. Frankestein.  Also with Alan Goyen as El Francés.  Also with José Magariños as Padre de Frankenstein.  Producer (as Roger Franco): Germán Magariños.

Lady Frankenstein - With Joseph Cotten as Baron Frankenstein.  Also with Rosalba Neri as Tania Frankenstein.  Production Design by (as Cleo Converse): Francis Mellon.  Production Manager: Frank Fly.  Sound: Francis Grappian.

The Last American - With Steve Sweere as Frankenstein.

"Late Show with David Letterman" "Episode #15.36" - With Roger Bart as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein - From the Broadway musical 'Young Frankenstein' (uncredited).  Also with Christopher Fitzgerald as Igor - From the Broadway musical 'Young Frankenstein' (uncredited).  Writing Credits (writer): Frank Sebastiano.

"The League of Science" - With Janet Jay.  Also with Adam Spencer.

"The League of Science" "5.5 Sesame Street" - With Janet Jay as Frida Frankenstein.

Les vacanciers - With Michel Galabru as Aloyse Frankensteinmuhl.  Also with Jacqueline Jehanneuf as Mme Frankensteinmuhl.

"Level Up" - With Rodger Barton.

"The Librarians" - With Sean McGrath.  Also with Michael Gladis.  Also with Franca Baroni.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 2017): Franca Baroni.  Co-producer (28 Episodes, 2014-2017): Mark Franco.  Co-producer (4 Episodes, 2017-2018): Mark Franco.  Visual Effects Producer (2 Episodes, 2014-2015): Mark Franco.  Assistant Editor (10 Episodes, 2014-2017): Jennifer Franklin.  Music Editor (42 Episodes, 2014-2018): Scott Francisco.  Assistant: Dean Devlin / Assistant: Mr. Devlin (20 Episodes, 2014-2015): Frankie Mazon.

"The Librarians" "And the Broken Staff" - With Michael Gladis as Frankenstein's Monster.  Co-producer: Mark Franco.  Music Editor: Scott Francisco.  Assistant: Dean Devlin: Frankie Mazon.

"Lit Horror 90" "Frankenstein" - With Rob Tepper as Frank.

The Lords of Salem - With Bruce Davison as Francis Matthias.  Also with Clint Howard as Carlo (Frankenstein and the Witchhunter) (uncredited).  Also with Camille Keaton as Wench Girl (Frankenstein and the Witchhunter) (uncredited).  Also with Udo Kier as Witchhunter (Frankenstein and the Witchhunter) (uncredited).  Also with Richard Lynch as Reverend Hawthorne (Frankenstein and the Witchhunter) (uncredited).  Also with Daniel Roebuck as Frankenmonster (Frankenstein and the Witchhunter) (uncredited).  Also with Ernest Thomas as Chip McDonald (Frankenstein and the Witchhunter) (uncredited).  Also with Carlos del Valle as Interviewer (Frankenstein and the Witchhunter) (uncredited).

Los fenómenos del futbol - With Nathanael León as (as Nathanael León 'Frankenstein').

"The Lost Saucer" "Transylvania 2300" - With Stanley Ralph Ross as Dr. Frankenstein XIII.

Mad Monster Party? - With Boris Karloff as Baron Boris von Frankenstein.  Also with Yetch as Francesca.  Also with Invisible Man as Francesca.  Also with Mr. Hyde as Francesca.  Also with Captain as Francesca.  Also with Mr. Kronkite as Francesca.  Also with The Monster as Francesca.  Also with Francesca as The Monster's Mate.  Poster And Promotional Art (uncredited): Frank Frazetta.

Making the Monster: Special Makeup Effects Frankenstein Monster Makeup - With Matthew Thompson as Frankenstein Monster.

"Man I Hate Mondays" "Clown & Sexy Sister Host Halloween Episode: Ghost Busters, Costumes, Scare Tactics & Pranks" - With Wes Boland as SWAT Commander / Frankenstein's Bride / Ghostbuster.

"Man I Hate Mondays" "Clown Demands Bride" - With Wes Boland as Frankenstein's Bride.

"Man I Hate Mondays" "Imposter Clown Plots Cruddy's Demise" - With Wes Boland as SWAT Commander / Frankenstein's Bride / Ghostbuster.

Frankenstein - With Francine Morgan as Assistant Midwife.  Writing Credits (screenplay): Frank Darabont.  Writing Credits (screenplay): Francine Morgan.  Producer: Francis Ford Coppola.  Set Designer: Peter Francis.  Stunt Performer: Sarah Franzl.

The Midnight Movie Palace - With Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith as  Fraida Frankenstein.

"Minoriteam" "His Story" - With Adam De La Peña as Racist Frankenstein (voice).

"Missing Reel" "Car Chase Pictures" - With David Carradine as Frankenstein (archive footage).  Also with Vic Morrow as Franklin (archive footage).

"The Monkees" "Monstrous Monkee Mash" - With Mike Lane as Frankenstein (uncredited).

Monster Brawl - With Robert Maillet as Frankenstein.

Monster Intervention - With Jim Eliason as Frankenstein.

Monster Kids - With Tyler Ten broek as Kid Frankenstein's Monster.

Monster Mash - With David Sobolov as Frankenstein's Monster (voice).  Also with Mario Bombardieri as Frankenstein's Monster (voice) (uncredited).  Also with Roberto Stocchi as Troll / Dottore Frank Lozione / Gargoyle (voice) (uncredited).  Also with Francesco Vairano as Dottore Cariati (voice) (uncredited).  Writing Credits : Francesco Vairano.  Background Artist: Frank Brunner.

Monster Minis - With John Clise as Frankenstein.  Also with Frank Merritt as Startled Pedestrian.  Writing Credits (story): Frank Merritt.

Monster School: A New Sitcom - With Perry Shields as Frankenstein's Monster.  Production Manager: T.C. Frantz.

"Monster Shrink" "Frankenstein Crybaby" - With Aaron Pressburg as Frankenstein's Monster.

"Monster Shrink" "Igor, Not Just a Sidekick Anymore" - With Aaron Pressburg as Frankenstein's Monster.

"Monster Shrink: Dr. Dani's Fireside Vlog" "Happy Father's Day" - With Jeremy Scott Johnson as Victor Frankenstein (voice).

"Monster!" - With Frank Dingenen.  Also with Maaike Neuville.  Series Writing Credits (unknown Episodes): Frank Dingenen.

"Monster!" "Hitler Needs Woman" - With Maaike Neuville as Jesse Jane, Daughter of Frankenstein.

Monsters Anonymous - With Colin Edward Lawrence as Frankenstein (as Colin Lawrence).

Monsters Anonymous - With Sheenan Cole as Bride of Frankenstein.  Also with Daniel Levy as Frank.  Also with Frank Acierno as Fabricio.  Writing Credits : Frank Acierno.

"Moonlighting" "The Bride of Tupperman" - With Colin Clive as Frankenstein (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster (archive footage) (uncredited).  Music Coordinator: Frank Capp.

"Mou kaette kita yo!! Kaibutsu-kun subete shinsaku special" - With Hong Man Choi as Frankenstein (as Choi Hong Man).

"Movie Macabre" - With Rossano Brazzi.

Movie Monster Insurance - With Jordan Byrne as Frankenstein's Monster (as Jordan Albert).

"The Munsters" - With Frank Maxwell.  Also with Frank Gardner.  Also with Don Edmonds.  Also with Frank Evans.  Also with Frank Gorshin as Fair Deal Dan.  Also with Mike Barton.  Also with Frank Wilcox.  Also with John Alvin.  Also with Francis De Sales.  Also with John Abbott.  Also with Frank Killmond.  Also with Bonnie Franklin.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1966): Frank Maxwell.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1966): Frank Gardner.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1966): Frank Evans.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1966): Frank Gorshin.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1966): Frank Wilcox.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1966): Francis De Sales.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1966): Frank Killmond.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1966): Bonnie Franklin.  Series Art Direction by (7 Episodes, 1964-1965): Frank Arrigo.  Assistant Director (1 Episode, 1964): Frank Losee.  Sound (7 Episodes, 1965): Frank H. Wilkinson.  Driver (uncredited) (1 Episode, 1965): Frank Khoury.

Murder Princess - With Tyler Walker as Frankenstein (voice).

Mystery Men - With Lance as Casanova Frankenstein.  Also with Casanova Frankenstein as Dr. Anabel Leek.  Special Effects Assistant (as Paul Russell): Paul Francis Russell.  Motion Control Technician: Adam Francis.  Driver: Frank Valentino.

"Narcos" "The Sword of Simón Bolivar" - With Hedras Urrego as Juan Carlos 'Frankenstein'.  Also with Johan Franz Eckert as German Chemist #2.  Writing Credits: Johan Franz Eckert.  Set Dresser Buyer: Francisco Arbelaez.  Adr Recordist: Franziska Treutler.

Neutron vs. the Maniac - With Nathanael León as Gaston (as Frankenstein).

"Never Mind the Buzzcocks" "Episode #24.8" - With Chris James as Line-up - Frankenstein (uncredited).

"New York Stories" "Episode #1.3" - With Aaron Alberstein as Not Dr. Frankenstein.

Night on Has Been Mountain - With Derek Dirlam as Frankenstein.  Also with Rachel Grubb as Bride of Frankenstein.

Noblesse: Awakening - With Daisuke Hirakawa as Frankenstein (voice).

O Beijo do Príncipe - With Irene Caldeira as Lady Frankenstein.

O Frankenstein! - With Frank Victor Weinert as Masked Man.  Also with Ned Weinert as Frankenstein.  Directed by : Frank Victor Weinert.  Writing Credits (novel): Frank Victor Weinert.  Writing Credits (novel): Frank Victor Weinert.  Producer: Frank Victor Weinert.  Cinematography by : Frank Victor Weinert.  Film Editing by : Frank Victor Weinert.

"Once Upon a Time" - With Geoffrey Bayldon.  Also with Myra Frances.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1973): Myra Frances.

"Once Upon a Time" - With Daniel Francis as Baron Samdi.  Also with Nils Hognestad.  Also with Chad Michael Collins as Gerhardt Frankenstein.  Also with Gregory Itzin.  Also with Frances O'Connor as Colette.  Also with Matt Ellis.  Also with Marlo Franson.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 2018): Daniel Francis.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 2018): Frances O'Connor.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 2018): Marlo Franson.  Re-recording Mixer/effects Editor (1 Episode, 2011): Frank Morrone.  Adr Recordist (1 Episode, 2016): John Franco.  Digital Compositor (16 Episodes, 2013-2014): Frank Akrong.  Visual Effects Lead Compositor: Zoic Studios (11 Episodes, 2015-2016): Jean-Francois Houde.  Digital Compositor: Zoic Studios (7 Episodes, 2016): Francesco Panzieri.  Tracking/matchmove/layout Artist (uncredited) (94 Episodes, 2013-2018): Frans de Vries.  Camera Trainee (3 Episodes, 2014): Francisco Passuelo.  Colorist (12 Episodes, 2018): Frank Berrios.  Music Preparation (108 Episodes, 2011-2016): Frank Macchia.

One More Time - With Peter Cushing as Dr. Frankenstein (uncredited).  Production Manager: Frank Ernst.  Stunt Coordinator: Frank Maher.

"The One Ronnie" - With Rob Brydon as Dr. Frankenstein / Church Lady.  Line Producer: Francis Gilson.

The Original Monster Mash - With Roger Barr as Frankenstein.  Also with Dana DeArmond as The Bride of Frankenstein.

Pastel de sangre - With Ángel Carmona Ristol as Victor Frankenstein (segment "Victor Frankenstein").  Also with Jaime Chávarri as Henry Clerval (segment "Victor Frankenstein").  Also with Charo López as Justine (segment "Victor Frankenstein").  Also with Marisa Paredes as Elizabeth (segment "Victor Frankenstein").  Also with Eusebio Poncela as El monstruo (segment "Victor Frankenstein).  Directed by : Francesc Bellmunt.  (screenplay) (segment "Victor Frankenstein"): Emilio Martínez Lázaro.  (screenplay) (segment "Terror Entre Cristianos"): Francesc Bellmunt.  Makeup Artist: Francisco Manteca.

Pehavý Max a strasidlá - With Bolek Polívka as Henry Frankenstein.  Also with Frantisek Dibarbora as Prednosta stanice.  Writing Credits : Frantisek Dibarbora.

Pitfire of Hell - With Sky Truth as Frankensteins Babe.

Polyphony - With Christopher James Miller as Frankenstein.

Pox - With Lawrence Furbish as Frankenstein's Monster.

"Pretend Time" "Legalize Meth" - With John Farley as Frankenstein.  Writing Credits : Frank Sebastiano.  Production Accountant (as Frankie Errico): Frank E. Errico.

Profanadores de tumbas - With Nathanael León as (as Nothanael Frankenstein).

Quasimodo d'El Paris - With François Levantal as Le psychopathe.  Also with Franck Monier as Marc-Antoine.  Also with Jean-François Halin as Le conducteur alléché.  Also with Daniel Mauvignier as Frankenstein.  Writing Credits (writer): Jean-François Halin.  Writing Credits (writer): François Levantal.  Writing Credits (writer): Franck Monier.  Writing Credits (writer): Jean-François Halin.  Hair Stylist: Marie-France Thibault.  Assistant Set Dresser: Nuno Franco.  Painter: Jean-François Juvanon.  Digital Artist: Frank Baradat.  Visual Effects Artist: Francois Launet.  Casting: France: Emma Skowronek.  Finance: Danielle Francou.

Radyo - With Raul Dillo as Frankenstein.

The Revenge of Dracula - With Charles Martinka as Frankenstein Monster.

"Rick and Morty" - With Kevin Michael Richardson.  Series Film Editing by (1 Episode, 2013): Francis Hooper.  Storyboard Artist (2 Episodes, 2014): Bryan Francis.  Animator (27 Episodes, 2014-2017): Sara Franco.  IT/Tech (1 Episode, 2013): Alan Franzenburg.

Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein - With Jayson Spence as Frankie Stein.  Gaffer: Frank Barrera.

Samurai Johnny Frankenstein Black and White - With Dawn Balcanoff as Frankenstein Chick.

Santo contra Capulina - With Nathanael León as Henchman (as Frankenstein).

Santo vs. the Riders of Terror - With Nathanael León as (as Notanael León 'Frankenstein').

Santo y Blue Demon contra el doctor Frankenstein - With Jorge Russek as Dr. Irving Frankenstein.  Writing Credits (adaptation): Francisco Cavazos.

"Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School" - With Mirror Monster as Daddy Dracula.  Also with Frankenstein Senior as Revolta (voice).  Also with Scrappy-Doo as Elsa Frankensteen (voice).  Also with Pat Musick as Elsa Frankensteen (voice).  Also with Frank Welker as Matches.  Writing Credits (written By): Frank Welker.  Animation Director: Frank Andrina.

"Screen One" "Frankenstein's Baby" - With Yvonne Bryceland as Dr. Frankenstein.  Also with Ninka Scott as Dr. Frankenstein's assistant.

Se sufre pero se goza - With Nathanael León as (as Nathanael León 'Frankenstein').

"Shimmer and Shine" "A Very Genie Halloweenie" - With Dee Bradley Baker as Frankenstein.

"The Show Show" - With Katharine Franco.  Also with Timothy Crabb.  Series Writing Credits (2 Episodes, 2014): Katharine Franco.  Series Writing Credits (11 Episodes, 2013-2014): Katharine Franco.  Announcer / Mistress Of Ceremonies In Absentia (9 Episodes, 2013-2014): Katharine Franco.

Shyness - With Rob Smith as Dr. Frankenstein, Dennis (voice).

The Sick and Twisted Tale of Frankenstein - With Louis Crespo Jr. as Frankenstein.

"The Simpsons" "Treehouse of Horror XX" - With Moe Szyslak as Frankenstein's Monster.  Also with Apu as Frankenstein's Monster.  Also with Eye-patch Man as Frankenstein's Monster.  Also with Frankenstein's Monster as Edna Krabappel (voice) (as Macabre Marcia Wallace).

Son of Frankenstein - With Basil Rathbone as Baron Wolf von Frankenstein.  Also with Josephine Hutchinson as Elsa von Frankenstein.  Also with Donnie Dunagan as Peter von Frankenstein.  Also with Caroline Frances Cooke as Frau Neumüller (as Caroline Cooke).  Writing Credits: Caroline Frances Cooke.  Music by: Frank Skinner.  Assistant Director: Fred Frank.  Orchestrator (uncredited): Frank Skinner.

The Son of Frankenstein - With Basil Rathbone as Frankenstein (archive footage).  Also with Josephine Hutchinson as Frankenstein's Wife (archive footage).  Also with Donnie Dunagan as Peter von Frankenstein (archive footage).

"Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" - With Frank Welker as Iceman.  Also with Walker Edmiston.  Series Writing Credits: Frank Welker.

"Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" "The Bride of Dracula!" - With Walker Edmiston as Frankenstein's Monster (voice).  Also with Frank Welker as Iceman / Bobby Drake / Wolf-Thing (voice).  (character: Frankenstein's Monster) (uncredited): Michael G. Ploog.  (character: Frankenstein's Monster) (uncredited): Gary Friedrich.  Writing Credits: .  Writing Credits: Walker Edmiston.  Writing Credits: .  Writing Credits: Kathy Garver.  Writing Credits: .  Writing Credits: Dan Gilvezan.  Writing Credits: .  Writing Credits: Stan Jones.  Writing Credits: .  Writing Credits: Frank Welker.

"The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper" - With Jim Cummings.  Also with Frank Welker.  Series Writing Credits (unknown Episodes): Frank Welker.

"Spooky Bats and Scaredy Cats" - With Christopher Robin Miller as Frankenstein / Mummy.

Sprechstunde bei Dr. Frankenstein - With Floriane Eichhorn as  Franziska Frankenstein.  Also with Fritzi Eichhorn as  Franziska Frankenstein.  Also with Silke Matthias as  Dr. Charlotte Frankenstein.

Stay Tuned - With Gene Davis as Frankensteinfeld (as Eugene Davis).

The Strange Story of Sylvia Gray - With Charles Dietz as Dr. Frankenstein.  (character Dr. Frankenstein) (uncredited): Mary Shelley.

"The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" - With Craig Armstrong.  Also with Eugene Lebowitz.  Background Designer (65 Episodes, 1989): Frank Frezzo.  Assistant Executive In Charge Of Post-production: Animation (65 Episodes, 1989): Kimberly C. Francis.

"The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" "The Mario Monster Mash/Rolling Down the River" - With Craig Armstrong as Frankenstein's Monster.  Also with Eugene Lebowitz as Dr. Frankenstein.  Background Designer: Frank Frezzo.  Assistant Executive In Charge Of Post-production: Animation (as Kimberly R. Cronin): Kimberly C. Francis.

Taking Over the Asylum: The Making of Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell - With Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein (archive footage) (uncredited).

Tales of Frankenstein - With Buddy Daniels Friedman as Dr. Gregore Frankenstein.  Also with Tatiana DeKhtyar as Lenore Frankenstein.  Also with Len Wein as Helmut Frankenstein.  Also with Scott Fresina as Frankenstein's Monster.  Also with Frank Arend as Franz.  Writing Credits : Frank Arend.  Victor Frankenstein Portrait: Pete von Sholly.

Tales of Frankenstein - With Anton Diffring as Baron Frankenstein.

The Teenage Frankenstein - With Donald F. Glut as Frankenstein Monster (as Don Glut).  Also with Charles Martinka as Dr. Frankenstein.  Also with Bert Ott as Teenage Frankenstein Monster / Hangman.

The Teenage Frankenstein Meets the Teenage Werewolf - With Donald F. Glut as Teenage Frankenstein Monster (as Don Glut).  Also with Wendel Tillman as Gregore Frankenstein.

Terror of Frankenstein - With Leon Vitali as Victor Frankenstein.

"Teta" - With Viveca Lindfors.  Also with Gerhard Karzel.  Also with Frantisek Dibarbora.  Also with Bolek Polívka.  Series Writing Credits: Frantisek Dibarbora.

"Teta" "Das Automobil" - With Viveca Lindfors as Hannah von Frankenstein.  Also with Gerhard Karzel as Albert - the Frankenstein Monster.  Also with Frantisek Dibarbora as Stationmaster.  (characters: Frankenstein) (uncredited): Mary Shelley.  Writing Credits: Frantisek Dibarbora.

"Thirtysomething" "Fathers and Lovers" - With Allan Kolman as Dr. Frankenstein.

This Means War - With Gene Wilder as Himself - Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (archive footage) (uncredited).  Production Supervisor: Insert Unit (uncredited): Frank Murray.  Scenic Painter: Warren Franklin Fox.  Motion Control Technician (uncredited): Adam Francis.  Visual Effects Artist (uncredited): Frank Synowicz.  Additional Voice: Cheryl Francis Harrington.

"Time Squad" - With Frank Welker.  Also with Earl Boen.  Series Writing Credits: Frank Welker.

Tina & Bettina - The Movie - With Mads Glesaaen Leirvik as Frankenstein.

"Toonsylvania" "Baby Human/Earth Vs. Everything/Blunder & Lightning/Little Screetchin Riding Hood" - With David Warner as Doctor Vic Frankenstein (voice).  Overseas Animation Supervisor: Franco Cristofani.

"Toonsylvania" "Darla Doily-Demon Doll/The Importance of Being Urnie/The Boogeyman'll Get You Melissa" - With David Warner as Doctor Vic Frankenstein (voice).

"Toonsylvania" "Doom with a View/Dead Dog Day Afternoon/Evolution and the Attorney/Here There Be Monsters" - With David Warner as Doctor Vic Frankenstein (voice).

"Toonsylvania" "Something Weenie This Way Comes/Ideadical Cousins/Melisserella" - With David Warner as Doctor Vic Frankenstein (voice).

"Toonsylvania" "WereGranny/The Lobster of Party Beach/The Screetchy Little Mermaid" - With David Warner as Doctor Vic Frankenstein (voice).

"Transylvania" - With Tom Reed as Victor Frankenstein.  Co-executive Producer: Frank Siracusa.

Treasure of the Haunted House - With William Depaolo as Frankenstein, Wolfman, Mummy (as Bill Depalo).

Tri plyus dva - With Basil Rathbone as Frankenstein (archive footage).

"Two of a Kind" - With Bob Stephenson.  Also with Sonya Leslie.  Also with Francesca Marie Smith.  Series Writing Credits: Francesca Marie Smith.  Series Casting By (unknown Episodes): Delia Frankel.

"Two of a Kind" "Nightmare on Carrie's Street" - With Bob Stephenson as Frankenstein (as Robert Stephenson).

The Umbrella - With Dick Francis as Michael Frankenstein.  Writing Credits (story): Dick Francis.

"Un, dos, tres... responda otra vez" "Frankenstein" - With Pepe Pascual as Dr. Frankenstein.  Also with Enrique San Francisco as El Encamillado.  Also with Narciso Ibáñez Serrador as Dr. Chicho Frankenstein (uncredited).  Writing Credits (characters): Enrique San Francisco.

The Unhandymen - With Florence El Saladin as Harris / Black Frankenstein's Monster.

The Vampire's Seduction - With Hans Rasmussen as Frankenstein.  Cinematography by: Frank Terranova.  Gaffer: Frank Kellog.

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Way... Way Out - With Boris Karloff as Frankenstein Monster - Film clip on television screen (archive footage) (uncredited).

"WCW Monday Nitro" - With Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein.  Also with Frank Parris.  Series Writing Credits (unknown Episodes): Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein.  Series Writing Credits (unknown Episodes): Frank Parris.

"WCW Monday Nitro" "Episode #5.7" - With Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein as Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.  Writing Credits : Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein.

"Weird Science" "Searching for Boris Karloff" - With Gerrit Graham as Dr. Victor Frankenstein.  Also with Richard Moll as Frankenstein's Monster.  Property Master: Frank Escobedo.

"Welt der Wunder" - With Sascha Maaz.

The Werewolf of Glenslake - With James Ciccone as Father Francis.  Also with Marc Anthony Ciccone as Frankenstein.  Also with Fran Carlisi Paxson as Sister Theresa, Homeland Security Agent.  Also with Fran Carlisle Paxton as Sister Theresa, Homeland Security Agent.  Writing Credits (as Stephen Ciccone): Fran Carlisi Paxson.  Writing Credits (as Stephen Ciccone): Fran Carlisle Paxton.

White Privilege Frankenstein - With Parker Madison as Victor Frankenstein.  Also with Chris Gentile as Frankenstein's Monster.

"The Wide World of Mystery" - With Robert Foxworth.  Also with Philip Bourneuf.  Also with Willie Aames.  Also with Anne Francis.  Also with Charles Macaulay.  Also with Mary Frann.  Also with Frank Converse.  Also with Lillian Lehman.  Also with Frances Foster.  Also with Lesley Evans.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1973): Anne Francis.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1973): Mary Frann.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1973): Frank Converse.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1973): Frances Foster.

"The Wide World of Mystery" "Frankenstein: Part 2" - With Robert Foxworth as Victor Frankenstein.  Also with Philip Bourneuf as Alphonse Frankenstein.  Also with Willie Aames as William Frankenstein.

The Wild Angels - With Marc Cavell as Frankenstein.  Also with Frank Maxwell as Preacher.  Also with Frank Gerstle as Hospital Policeman.  Writing Credits (uncredited): Frank Maxwell.  Writing Credits (uncredited): Frank Gerstle.

The World of Abbott and Costello - With Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula in 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein' (archive footage).  Composer: Stock Music (uncredited): Frank Skinner.

The World of Gods and Monsters: A Journey with James Whale - With Christopher Bram as Himself - Author ("Father of Frankenstein").

"The World of Hammer" "The Curse of Frankenstein" - With Peter Cushing as Victor Frankenstein / Doctor Victor Stein / Baron Frankenstein (archive footage).  Also with Ralph Bates as Victor Frankenstein (archive footage).  Also with Francis Matthews as Doctor Hans Kleve (archive footage).  Writing Credits (written & Created By): Francis Matthews.

Yazoo: Don't Go - With Vince Clarke as Yazoo / Dracula / Dr. Frankenstein.

You Are Now Running on Reserve Battery Power - With Raphael Lyon as Raphael Amadeus Frankenstein.

"You Wish" - With Sylvain Cecile.  Also with Franc Ross.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1998): Franc Ross.

"You Wish" "Halloween" - With Sylvain Cecile as Frankenstein.

Young-guwa daengchili - With Seung-dae Park as Frankenstein.

"La Chauve-Souris/Die Fledermaus" - With Oddbjørn Tennfjord as Frank.  Directed by : François Roussillon.  Producer: François Roussillon Et Associés: Toni Hajal.

Die Fledermaus - With Hans Junkermann as Frank, Gefängnisdirektor.  Also with Franz Felix as Alfred.  Writing Credits (opera): Franz Felix.

Die Fledermaus - With Georg Alexander as Staatsanwalt Wentin / Frank.  Also with Robert Dorsay as Chauffeur Franz / Alfred.

Die Fledermaus - With Willy Millowitsch as Frank.

"Die Fledermaus (La chauve-souris)" - With Dale Duesing as Frank.  Also with Franz Supper as Dr. Blind.  Writing Credits (adaptation): Franz Supper.  Executive Producer: François Duplat

"Die Fledermaus" - With Benno Kusche as Gefängnisdirektor Frank. 

"Die Fledermaus" - With Erich Kunz as Frank.  Unit Manager: Franz Achter.  Camera Operator: Franz Hofer

"Die Fledermaus" - With Michael Langdon as Colonel Frank. 

"Die Fledermaus" - With Benno Kusche as Frank.  Also with Franz Muxeneder as Frosch.  Writing Credits (play): Franz Muxeneder

"Die Fledermaus" - With Eric Garrett as Frank. 

"Die Fledermaus" - With Waldemar Kmentt as Frank, Gefängnisdirektor. 

"Die Fledermaus" - With David Brennan as Frank, the jailor. 

"Die Fledermaus" - With Artur Korn as Frank.  Directed by : Francesca Kemp

"The Metropolitan Opera Presents" "Die Fledermaus" - With Franz Mazura as Frank.  Writing Credits (libretto): Franz Mazura

ZZ Top: Rough Boy - With Frank Beard as Frank Beard.  Directed by : Frank Beard.  Music by : Frank Beard.