Sunday, December 31, 2017

Auteur Watch - Linda Goode Bryant

Oh, thank God!  Another short one.  These days I prefer the non-prolific auteurs.  You give me that 20 year Malick-style hiatus any day.  Doesn't seem to hurt the work, right?
Anyway, of the three directorial efforts of said Linda Goode Bryant, only one has gotten any critical attention, and that's the one called Flag Wars.  See if you can guess what it's about... that's right!  It's about gay white professionals encroaching on the real estate of a black working-class neighborhood.  Sorry, if you thought it was about "Dukes of Hazzard" star John Schneider's crusade for protecting the American flag, well... close second.  Anyway, in the one interview that the link still works for, the reviewer points out that Linda's cinema verité style doesn't invoke the worst parts of Michael Moore's documentary style.  HOWEVER... and this is a big however... I mean, look at it!  It's in all caps, for Gawd'z zake!... she DOES use some of Michael Moore's style of documentary filmmaking, in that she goes home again to her proverbial Flint, Michigan, and apparently it's also Ground Zero of this housing conflict.  Not enough nuance for the one lone reviewer overall, but then again is there ever enough?

And Speaking of All the Money...

Welp, the only debut this week is All the Money in the World.  Debuting in seventh place, it seems that people are tiring of profiles of the super rich.  Was "The Simple Life" so long ago?  At least, if Kevin Spacey were still in it, people would get a chance to go out and yell at the movie screen for two hours!  Might be therapeutic.  But ultra-powerful film director Ridley Scott had to do the right thing, and redo the whole movie with Christopher Plummer instead.  Bit of a trade off.  But Plummer's done impressions before: Mike Wallace, F. Lee Bailey... doing an impression of Kevin Spacey doing an impression of J. Paul Getty's not much of a stretch.
But alas, a remake of Citizen Kane was not popular this weekend, despite the ad blitz on various media outlets.  I tell you, Marky Mark must be kicking himself for being a part of a big, stinky bomb like that.  Why didn't he just do that sequel to Contraband that his manager TOLD him to do in the first place?  No, the big winner was once again the latest installment of Star Wars, followed damn close this weekend by the Jumanji sequel/reboot, followed by Pitch Perfect 3, followed by a P. T. Barnum bio-pic, followed by a re-envisioning of Ferdinand the Bull... is there nothing original?  Does everything, and I mean everything have to be remade?  In 12-bit color in Real3D for 4K Ultra-HD Blu-Ray resolution?  We'll spare the 100GB vs. 47GB discussion for the message boards, but I mean really... are there no new ideas under the sun?  We just saw the first episode of "Stranger Things" tonight.  Kind of an "X-Files" meets "Super 8" just barely in the 1980s.  Oh, and with a little "Freaks and Geeks" thrown in for good measure.  I guess we're not moving on to Episode 2: The Wedgie-ing of the Kid Who Looks Like a Young Patton Oswalt.  We're still trying to binge watch Season 4 of "Silicon Valley," for Gawd'z zake!  It's due back at the library on the 9th!
So everything under the sun worth watching... and by watching, I mean flipping past on the Netflix list... is going to get remade.  But you know one thing that might not get remade?  Jailhouse Rock.  One of my roommates pointed that out for me; gave me permission to post it on Facebook.  Thought I'd just save it for you, my faithful readers, instead.  Sorry about being so late today, incidentally.  I was finally able to transfer power over to another computer!  Yay for me.  You know what else won't get remade?  Clambake... wow!  Guess I don't know Elvis as well as I thought I did.  Those two didn't make his IMDb Top 4.  Of course, with a guy like Elvis, really, his IMDb Top 4 should say "Known for... well, for being Elvis, for Gawd'z zake!  F... Frickin' ELVIS, man!"  Sorry, it's hard for me to keep it clean when I'm blogging about the king.  Some Like it Hot probably can't be remade, either.  All of the Norma Jean Desmond catalogue is probably safe; apparently they got it right the first time.  How about Jean Harlow in Bombshell or Libeled Lady?  How does that work anyway?  Do Hollywood screenwriters have a bunch of these type of scripts in their library just waiting for the right kind of potent sex symbol to come along and play the part?  Or do they kind of write them on the fly just after these people quickly rise to the top?  Thinly-veiled autobiographical versions of themselves?
...aww, did my roommate take... I mean, borrow my headphones?  Oh well, I didn't need them that much, I guess.  I think I still have one or two pairs of earbuds left... but as you might know, I do hate those.  I blame them for my body's overproduction of earwax, and general ear malaise in general.  Nothing to sue over, mind you, but I'd rather have a slight pain in the edges of my ears than the much worse things that earbuds seem to cause.  Guess I didn't know how to end that last paragraph.  Welp, I'm going to celebrate the new year by going to bed early.  Gotta get ready for the paying job on Tuesday.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Auteur Watch - Sunu Gonera

I dunno... Maybe a little jealous, but you gotta be happy for the guy.  Just sounds a little bit like he's been tooting his own IMDb horn a tad.  Don't the "trade marks" sound a bit too positive?  A bit of sadness in there, tho(ugh); rugby's loss, I guess.  AND the banking community!
Alas, after working his way up through "running" past TV commercials... wonder if Ridley Scott still does them... then on to his big American silver screen debut with 2007's Pride... hmm!  What does that poster remind me of... that's it!  That was my first thought, with gay porn a close second... DISTANT!  I mean distant.  But even the best of those who succumb to the allure of Hollywood get disappointed after a while.  Take Omarosa, for instance!  What would Optimus Prime do after getting kicked out of the White House?  To be fair, he's a big guy-type robot, and there are a lot of antiques in that old house.  A bit like a bull in a china shop.
But as positive as Sunu is about life, clearly there's no positive spin to be had about going from the silver screen to directing an episode of "Madam Secretary."  Could always be worse!  Sure, CBS doesn't have the zazz and or sex appeal of, say, an original series on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but still pretty good!  He's not tired of getting it done quickly already, is he?  That's the one drawback about network TV these days... long hours, quick setups.  Oh, you gotta be a sprinter, and probably willing to get four hours of sleep on a mattress behind the set.  A good few feet behind the standing plywood, in case you roll over in your sleep a lot.  Saves you on hotel bills!

First Christmas Under the Orange Moon

Welp, if nothing else, there's happiness amongst the Kasdans this weekend: Lawrence, because his baby of many fathers Star Wars did well at the box office again, and son Jake, because the Jumanji sequel came in a close second.  Just saw the original Jumanji on sale at Walmart!  Couldn't bring myself to buying it, though.  Sorry, Robin... I guess I was just more of a fan of your talk show appearances to push the movies you were in.
But dayamn, man!  We got FIVE debuts this week!  That's like... half of the top ten!  We got Pitch Perfect 3... these days no one wants to risk a fourth installment of anything, but really, the "Pitch Perfect" idea will probably live on and re-manifest itself somehow, sometime in the future.  Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman's non-Wolverine-related latest looks like it's on its way to bombing... and hard.  But hey!  It's got that La La Land magic attached to it!  You don't usually see that, a film that says "From the Academy Award winning lyricists of..."  Move over, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber... La La Land lives on!
There's also Matt Damon's latest, as well as Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor's latest called Downsizing.  One of my more jaded friends pointed out that it's basically a knock-off of... The Incredible Shrinking Man?  One of those.  Of course, that one was an homage to Edgar Allan Poe, as well as a searing commentary on the Blacklist... probably.  I'm confident that Downsizing is more of a searing commentary on Capitalism of these, the late 2017s, the post-Amazon world where Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are jockeying for first place; meanwhile the rest of us have to go to extreme measures just to make ends meet.  Apparently, too depressing a premise this weekend.  Also, they're trying to sweep up Damon in this next new wave of powerful men getting toppled because of charges of sexual harassment.  My favorite new one is that Miss America pageant guy... not Trump, but a different guy.  He sent out a bunch of nasty emails, but they can't throw him out on harassment charges... at least, not against any of the women.  He doesn't go that way.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Auteur Watch - Alain Gomis

Personally, I can't tell which of Alain's eight directorial credits is the best one, but most of them are in his IMDb Top 4.  I guess it might be too much to ask to have a feature where the actual person themselves picks out their own top 4.  They usually prefer the latest and greatest anyway, as with Guillermo del Toro and his The Weight of Water... I mean The Shape of Water.  But I did notice this right away, being an extremely visual person... check out the poster for Moonlight, and then check out the poster for Félicité.  Variations on a theme, I'm just sayin'... Then there's the poster for Brotherly Love... I remembered that reference from MY VERY OWN BLOG!  My God... it's like some kind of resource I can use now.  Anyway, back to Alain.  Welp, he's got the auteurs' prolificity; a new film every two years or so.  Can it be maintained, however?  And will he resist those tempting offers from Luc Besson to direct Taken 4?  More to come.

More Star-sploitation... War-sploitation?

Now that Disney owns just about everything... is a Lone Ranger sequel asking too much?... they're celebrating Christmas early over at the Magic Kingdom.  Yes, the new Star Wars movie is #1, big surprise, thereby ensuring Looper 2, should director Rian Johnson decide to tell that story.  Me myself, I'll probably just see it on Blu-Ray at home at some point.  So far, no spoiler alerts at work.  Meanwhile, Wonder, The Disaster Artist and Lady Bird seem to be the only films that might actually get an Oscar next year... ooh!  I know what I wanted to blog about!  So I'm at the gas station a couple days ago; Star Wars was already out, but the little news blurb wasn't updated yet!  They have a feature where they tell you what the #1 book and the #1 movie is.  Naturally, since I'm not the Book Hooligan, I couldn't tell you what the #1 book was... but they said the #1 movie was STILL COCO!  B.S. it is!
And speaking of B.S., Disney leased Ferdinand (the Bull) to 20th Century Fox so the Ice Age people could turn it into a CGI comedy for the modern era.  Yes, the Oscar-winning Disney short has finally gotten the Pixar feature length treatment it deserves... and it came in a distand 2nd place after Star Wars.  Apparently it's the best place to be.  "Hey, we did what we could!  We're up against Star Wars, you know!"  It's like the other acts that appeared on Ed Sullivan the night that the Beatles were on.  A few historians might care who they were... but that's about it.  Oh, and the real hardcore Beatles fans, of course.  Gotta rub it in someone's face!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Auteur Watch - Flora Gomes

Does EVERY country in the world have its own unique auteur?  Who has at least six or seven critically acclaimed films to their credit?  It would seem so, and it just might be the case that my big local video store that I'm not allowed to drive to anymore has one of Flora's titles called My Voice.  Sounds tempting, but truth be told it's probably not even going to make the to-do list.  I'm having trouble enough trying to get the new 1080p Blu-Ray of Double Nickels, know whut I mean?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

More Oldsploitation

Of course, some of the olds are doing the exploiting these days.  Just heard our current President on TV saying "I can think of no better Christmas gift for the American people than a massive tax cut."  First of all, when our current president says "the American people," he is of course referring to his own family, who stand to gain quite a bit from this latest tax cut.  It's like how John Boehner used to say "millions of Americans" when what he meant was "Americans with millions of dollars."  Like the Koch brothers.  Second, I can think of about a hundred better gifts than a slight tweak in the percentage of what I'm already making.  But at least our current president is being honest.  I believe him when he's basically saying that he's not really a creative guy.  It's just boom, and on to the next embarrassing situation.  Gob dless the Untied Shates, everyone!
But rather than complain about the performance of Firefox this week... no, actually, I can still do both.  Let's see what my avg. fps. is this week.  Whatever it is, I still say Firefox's performance is well within the realm of IT SUCKS.  Or as my good friend Bill Ryan would say... SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS... man!  Never go on vacation.  My family members are making me watch TV all the time.  Gotta do this tomorrow.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Auteur Watch - Whoopi Goldberg

No, seriously... EVERYONE wants to direct, but more especially if your debut was with a total hack like Steven Spielberg.  Sure, technically it was 1982's Citizen, but this is the kind of detail that doesn't seem to matter, even to biographers of one of the world's lucky few.  The ones that, with the help of exposure from television and the movies, that we decide collectively as a people and as a planet, that these people are the superstars of this life.  Celebrities.  Those couple hundred people or so in the public limelight that help us make sense of all the other 7 or so billion people in total on this planet.
So how did Whoopi come to directing in addition to acting?  Well, like most actors that do it for a living, right away she knew that being the director's the thing.  The thing to be and the thing to do.  Her big chance, of course, was during one of the first "Comic Relief"s.  But if you look at the cast list, you'll notice that it was kinduva group effort, li'l bit.  I mean, how hard is it to tell four or five video cameras what to point at?  A few on the stage, a few in the audience... floor managers and bellhops for that.  Still, it was a traumatic experience, even with four co-directors, so sticking to acting and hosting the Academy Awards it was.  UNTIL..... until the right project came along, and the stars and planets sort of lined up, like just before the psychedelic trip in 2001 gets up and running.  And Whoopi decided that what better subject to do a documentary about than someone in a similar predicament as she?  How about Moms Mabley?  Perfect... but somehow it doesn't seem right that the documentary about her is one of her IMDb Top 4.  Oh well.  'Twas a different era.

Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop

To any and all Trump defenders on TV, let me just say this... PLEASE stop saying "Nothing Burger."  As the "Seinfeld" episode says, it's played.  It barely played when it first debuted oh those many weeks ago.  As you may know, Urban Dictionary dot com defines "Nothing Burger" as a Trump surrogate's answer to temporarily downplay an(other) impending (Trump-based) scandal... basically like Chip Diller screaming "ALL IS WELL!" before he's trampled to comedic death / flatness, for a cinematic example.  But I always like to teach the controversy, and I think if a Trump supporter were here right now, he or she would probably say that I'm the Nothing Burger, and I'll see them in court.  Good strategy, even I admit!  Well, banana republics work differently that way.
But hey!  Let's stick with the big news.  Pixar's latest, Coco, is still #1 at the Box Office!  It's still having fun, and it's still #1.  And of course the Adobe Flash party is still raging on at Coco's official IMDb page, as it does with all these new releases.  Let's see the tumbleweeds over at A Bug's Life... an inadvertent segue!  But I was thinking about this, because Kevin Spacey accuser Anthony Rapp finds himself in the position of the guy in The Dark Knight (2008) that everyone wants to kill in order to prevent the demolition of a hospital.  Boy, the state of health care even sucks in the movies!  He apparently said that he's now known as the guy who destroyed "House of Cards."  Well, first of all, shame on the people for not knowing the physics behind a house of cards... unless they're glued together, as with some magic tricks, even a powerful enough sigh can knock it down.  Second, even I have to admit that Season 5 of the show has headed into shark-infested waters.  As much as I love Melissa James Gibson, she nevertheless made that all-important claim that Season 5 happened very "organically;" the death of Thomas Yates, on the other hand, smacked a little bit of Dow fertilizer.  But the marketplace of sexual harassers continues to be flooded this week, distracting from the marketplace of American mass shootings.  We've got Russell Simmons' Def Harassment Jam, we got "clean-cut" Garrison Keillor in trouble, and of course Matt Lauer.  Personally, I thought that this was a troubling sign, but what do I know.  Too squeamish, I guess.
No debuts to report on this week, but the battle between Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri duking it out for indie cred in the bottom half of the Top 10 this week.  I'd be very surprised, however, if either Laurie Metcalf or Frances McDormand appear on "Saturday Night Live," even in cameo roles.  Too old to host, right?

Friday, December 01, 2017

Short Reviews - December 2017

":Dryvrs" "Bob's Direction Home" - With Jack Dishel as Jack

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4 Men & Monica - With Jack Spring as Jack... hmm!  I'm sensing a theme here...

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"Always and Everyone" "A Greater Sense of Degradation" - With Jack Deam as Jack

Amber - With Jack Jagodka as Jack... also with Richard Carrow as Stunt Double: Jack.  Because even though Jagodka USED to be a stunt guy in his own right, he's moved up in the world!  And gets his OWN stunt double now!

Aram, Aram - With Jack Hakopyan as Jack

Artists & Models - With Jack Daley as Jack (voice, uncredited)

"Ashlynn's Drunk Facebook Album" - With Jack Dreesen as Jack

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Newark Ave. - With Jack Hunter as Jack

Nickelodeon - With Jack Verbois as Jack

"Nickelodeon's Sizzling Summer Camp Special" - With Jack Griffo as Jack

A Night Out - With Jack Storey as Jack

No Experience Necessary - With Jack Conroy as Jack

No Ketchup - With Jack Walpuck as Jack

No Light and No Land Anywhere - With Jack Chaffee as Jack

Noble - With Jack Heath as Jack

Not My Job - With Jack Williams as Jack

Not My Type at All - With Jack Impellizzeri as Jack

"Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy" "Charades" - With Frank C. Turner as Jack Kroger

The Notorious Bettie Page - With Frank Hopf as Jack Kramer

Oh, Teacher! - With Jack McHugh as Jack

"On Air" - With Jack Kastenschmidt as Jack (9 3pisodes)

Once Upon a Girl.... - With Frank Welker as Jack / Jack and the Beanstalk... and a few others not really worth mentioning

"One & Done" "Pilot" - With Jack Knapp as Jack

One Night Only - With Jack Johnson as Jack

One Sunday - With Stone Jack Jones as Jack

"Open House" - With Jack Zullo as Jack (10 episodes)

Over & Over - With Bond... Jack Bond as Jack

P2 - With Jack Anderson as Jack

Paper AND Plastic - With Jack McGowan as Jack

Penrod AND Sam - With Jack Cunningham as Jack (uncredited)

Penrod's Double Trouble - With Jack Cunningham as Jack (uncredited)

"Pensacola: Wings of Gold" "At Poverty Level" - With Frank Ertl as Jack Connors

The Perfect Match - With Jack Liebel as Jack

Peripheral Vision - With Jack Ellis as Jack

The Pervert - With Jack Dunphy as the Pervert Jack

Photo Phonies - With Jack Kirkwood as Jack

Picketing for Love - With Jack Carson as Jack

Picture Perfect - With Jack Kalian as Jack

"A Piece of Cake" - With Jack Kirwan as Jack

The Pigman - With Jack McAullay as Jack

Pigskin Troubles - With Jack Born as Jack

Playing Dead - With Jack Lowe as Jack

Poker Night - With Jack Nolan as Jack

Post Post Post - With Jack Flynn as Jack

Prattle - With Jack Bence as Jack

"Problems" - With Jack Charles as Jack (3 episodes)

"Project Z: History of the Zombie Apocalypse" "Just the Two of Us" - With Jack Buttitta as Jack

"Promise the Moon" - With Frank Crudele as Mexican Jack

Psychosis - With Jack Wilson as Jack

Put Some Money in the Pot - With Jack Kirkwood as Jack

Quiz Show - With Jack Gilpin as Jack

"Ramar of the Jungle" - With Frank Richards as Jack Galvin (2 episodes)

Real Gangsters - With Frank D'Angelo as Jack Lo Giacamo

"The Ren & Stimpy Show" "Terminal Stimpy/ Reverend Jack Cheese" - With Frank Gorshin as The Reverend Jack Cheese

Rescued in Time - With Jack Standing as Jack

The Romance of Robert Burns - With Frank Sully as Jock Wilson (uncredited)

"Route 66" "To Walk with the Serpent" - With Frank Sutton as Jack Davis

"Route 66" "Voice at the End of the Line" - With Frank Campanella as Jack

"Ryan" "Moribund the Burgermeister" "Fibber the Dancing Galah" - With Frank Wilson as Jack Hayes

"Ryan" "Person or Persons Unknown" - With Frank Hamilton as Jack Will... and don't ask me what!

"Saturday Playhouse" "The House with the Green Shutters" - With Frank Wylie as Jock McCraw

The Secret Well - With Frank Jonasson as Jack Wharton... Fugitive from Justice

"Sex Games Vegas" - With Frank Harper as Jack (2 episodes)

Shadow of Fear - With Frank Forsyth as Jack Storey

"Sky King" "Speak No Evil" - With Ross Elliott as Frank Carney / Jack Cramer

Slinging Mud - With Frank Roberts as Jock #2

Sour Milk - With Frank Scantori as Jack

The St. Louis Kid - With Frank Bull as Jack... the Police Broadcaster (uncredited)

"Starsky and Hutch" "The Las Vegas Strangler, Part 2" - With Frank Converse as Jack Mitchell

Still Here: A 48 Hour Film Project - With Frank Catena as Jack

Tarzan and the Kawana Treasure - With Frank Braña as Jack

Tiger True - With Frank Mayo as Jack Lodge

"A Time of Day" "Eposide Episode #1.6" - With Frank Pettitt as Jack Stafford

"Tom Brokaw Reports: Separate and Unequal" - With Frank Melton as Himself... Mayor of Jackson

Total Force - With... yup, you guessed it... Frank Stallone as Jack O'Hara

The Train Wreckers - With Franklyn Farnum as Jack Stewart

"Verbotene Liebe" - Mitt Frank Jacobsen als Jacko (6 epizöden)

The Verne Miller Story - With Frank Costa as Jack McGurn

Western Vengeance - With Franklyn Farnum as Jack Caldwell

The White Masks - With Franklyn Farnum as Jack Bray

The Wild Life - With Frank Montiforte as Jock #2

"World's Worst Director" - With Frank O'Donnell as Jack (3 episodes)

Yesterday's Girl - With Frank Oaks as Jack.  Also with Tayla Holborow as Jack's Daughter.

The Young Poisoner's Handbook - With Frank Mills as Uncle Jack

"As the Beast Sleeps" - With Frank M(a)cCusker as Jack

"Forgot" - With Frank Perilli as Jack (4 episodes)

The Old Maid's Baby - With Jack Conn(o/e)lly as Frank Dodge

"The Standard" "Two Birds, One Stone" - With Frank Duncan as Jock

Stateline Motel - With Frank von Kuegelgen as Jack (voice, uncredited)

"Black Death: The Series" - With Fabio Fulco as Jack Franky (2017)

Blackwoods - With Sean Campbell as Jack Franklin

"A Crime to Remember" "Episode #5.3" - With John Block as Jack Franks

"Entanglement" - With Randy J. Blair as Jack Franklin

Forest Warrior - With Wil Shriner as Jack Franklin

"Hi-Jacked" - With Stephen Levinson as Jack Franklin

Holt of the Secret Service - With Jack Cheatham as Agent Frank [Chs. 3-5, 8-9, 15]

"Married... with Children" "Dud Bowl" - With Stan Ivar as Jack Franklin

"Navy Log" "The Long Weekend" - With Gregory Walcott as Jack Franklin

Silverdome - With Glenn Pakulak as Jack Franco

'Star Trek: Elite Force II' - With Lex Lang as Ensign Jack Franklin (voice)