Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Auteur Watch - Alain Gomis

Personally, I can't tell which of Alain's eight directorial credits is the best one, but most of them are in his IMDb Top 4.  I guess it might be too much to ask to have a feature where the actual person themselves picks out their own top 4.  They usually prefer the latest and greatest anyway, as with Guillermo del Toro and his The Weight of Water... I mean The Shape of Water.  But I did notice this right away, being an extremely visual person... check out the poster for Moonlight, and then check out the poster for Félicité.  Variations on a theme, I'm just sayin'... Then there's the poster for Brotherly Love... I remembered that reference from MY VERY OWN BLOG!  My God... it's like some kind of resource I can use now.  Anyway, back to Alain.  Welp, he's got the auteurs' prolificity; a new film every two years or so.  Can it be maintained, however?  And will he resist those tempting offers from Luc Besson to direct Taken 4?  More to come.

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