Sunday, December 10, 2017

More Oldsploitation

Of course, some of the olds are doing the exploiting these days.  Just heard our current President on TV saying "I can think of no better Christmas gift for the American people than a massive tax cut."  First of all, when our current president says "the American people," he is of course referring to his own family, who stand to gain quite a bit from this latest tax cut.  It's like how John Boehner used to say "millions of Americans" when what he meant was "Americans with millions of dollars."  Like the Koch brothers.  Second, I can think of about a hundred better gifts than a slight tweak in the percentage of what I'm already making.  But at least our current president is being honest.  I believe him when he's basically saying that he's not really a creative guy.  It's just boom, and on to the next embarrassing situation.  Gob dless the Untied Shates, everyone!
But rather than complain about the performance of Firefox this week... no, actually, I can still do both.  Let's see what my avg. fps. is this week.  Whatever it is, I still say Firefox's performance is well within the realm of IT SUCKS.  Or as my good friend Bill Ryan would say... SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS... man!  Never go on vacation.  My family members are making me watch TV all the time.  Gotta do this tomorrow.

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