Sunday, December 24, 2017

Auteur Watch - Sunu Gonera

I dunno... Maybe a little jealous, but you gotta be happy for the guy.  Just sounds a little bit like he's been tooting his own IMDb horn a tad.  Don't the "trade marks" sound a bit too positive?  A bit of sadness in there, tho(ugh); rugby's loss, I guess.  AND the banking community!
Alas, after working his way up through "running" past TV commercials... wonder if Ridley Scott still does them... then on to his big American silver screen debut with 2007's Pride... hmm!  What does that poster remind me of... that's it!  That was my first thought, with gay porn a close second... DISTANT!  I mean distant.  But even the best of those who succumb to the allure of Hollywood get disappointed after a while.  Take Omarosa, for instance!  What would Optimus Prime do after getting kicked out of the White House?  To be fair, he's a big guy-type robot, and there are a lot of antiques in that old house.  A bit like a bull in a china shop.
But as positive as Sunu is about life, clearly there's no positive spin to be had about going from the silver screen to directing an episode of "Madam Secretary."  Could always be worse!  Sure, CBS doesn't have the zazz and or sex appeal of, say, an original series on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but still pretty good!  He's not tired of getting it done quickly already, is he?  That's the one drawback about network TV these days... long hours, quick setups.  Oh, you gotta be a sprinter, and probably willing to get four hours of sleep on a mattress behind the set.  A good few feet behind the standing plywood, in case you roll over in your sleep a lot.  Saves you on hotel bills!

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