Tuesday, December 19, 2017

More Star-sploitation... War-sploitation?

Now that Disney owns just about everything... is a Lone Ranger sequel asking too much?... they're celebrating Christmas early over at the Magic Kingdom.  Yes, the new Star Wars movie is #1, big surprise, thereby ensuring Looper 2, should director Rian Johnson decide to tell that story.  Me myself, I'll probably just see it on Blu-Ray at home at some point.  So far, no spoiler alerts at work.  Meanwhile, Wonder, The Disaster Artist and Lady Bird seem to be the only films that might actually get an Oscar next year... ooh!  I know what I wanted to blog about!  So I'm at the gas station a couple days ago; Star Wars was already out, but the little news blurb wasn't updated yet!  They have a feature where they tell you what the #1 book and the #1 movie is.  Naturally, since I'm not the Book Hooligan, I couldn't tell you what the #1 book was... but they said the #1 movie was STILL COCO!  B.S. it is!
And speaking of B.S., Disney leased Ferdinand (the Bull) to 20th Century Fox so the Ice Age people could turn it into a CGI comedy for the modern era.  Yes, the Oscar-winning Disney short has finally gotten the Pixar feature length treatment it deserves... and it came in a distand 2nd place after Star Wars.  Apparently it's the best place to be.  "Hey, we did what we could!  We're up against Star Wars, you know!"  It's like the other acts that appeared on Ed Sullivan the night that the Beatles were on.  A few historians might care who they were... but that's about it.  Oh, and the real hardcore Beatles fans, of course.  Gotta rub it in someone's face!

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