Sunday, July 29, 2018

Auteur Watch - Rob Hardy

After trying out the silver screen for a while, Rob Hardy gave up and switched to television.  And you gotta give him props or something!  Seems to be a better fit.  Sure, he'll only do a couple episodes of a given show, but hey.  If he's happy, I'm happy.  And he seems to have a broad spectrum of what type of stories he'll tell.  I mean, between Trois and The Gospel...

Always Had to Break It when I Mix with Other People Cuz I Knew I was Not Very Clean

Looks like the Russians have once again taken an unhealthy interest in my site.  They're probably just trying to find my password.  They've got my email address, now it's that darn password.  They've got the finest UNIVAC on the case!  Not to worry!  Of course, there's not a lot of ad space on my site, alas.  Must be why I'm not getting anywhere in life.  Incidentally, where can you see the new 2018 anti-Democrat ads?  They got one where someone from a Shutterstock public domain picture says "I walked away from the Democrats because of such and such."  One of them asked "Since when is it okay to joke about raping the president's daughter?"  ...damn, can't find the pic.  Coulda sworn I saved it, but it was a stock photo of a black woman, so the Russians really know how to give the knife a good ol' twist.  Well, Ice-T wrote a song about raping the vice-president's daughters a long time ago, and I don't think that was received too well in the lame-stream media, if memory serves.  But that was a much simpler time.  Now that we've got our first Corporate president, you'd think the rules would be a lot more relaxed, right?  Not so!  See, they love all the power of the presidency, but the responsibility that the office used to represent?  Not so much.  The burden of proof that the president committed a crime is very high now, and the burden of proof that there's a threat to the president or the presidency is indeed quite low.  But who knows?  Maybe it will all be over soon.  Kinda depends on the president's core support base: CEOs.
Anyway, the box office.  I occasionally use this space to pontificate about that.  Well, as expected, the latest Tom Cruise Mission:Impossible-related juggernaut is #1.  Which must be a bit of a relief in the Mapother household.  If memory serves, the one he had last year wasn't!  And the one the year before that!  What did he do right this time?  Who knows.  I've been watching a lot of interviews with Lloyd Kaufman of trauma fame... I mean, Troma, and he talks a lot about his struggles with the MPAA.  You know, the Motion Picture Association of America.  He would often clash with them when trying to get an R rating.  A guy like Tom Cruise, however, probably does everything he can to insure that PG-13 for a Mission: Impossible pic.  Different strokes for different folks?  Is that the apt cliché?
The only other debut this week is another little something straight outta left field called Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.  Well, this is what I get for not reading Variety on a semi-regular basis.  I also have a hard time finding out what channel these things are on.  Apparently, this movie is the logical extension of a TV show it's based upon.  Five seasons, over 200 episodes?  That's... that's quite the schedule there!  And I suppose that having Superman in it doesn't hurt.  Boy, do these Superman fans ever get whiplash from all the different shows he's in?  And all the different men who've played him?  And then of course there's Ben Affleck in ... Hollywoodland?  Does that count too?  So many questions.  Well, I'll let you worry about the answers to all that, as I'm off to my next assignment!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Auteur Watch - Gary Hardwick

...oh, right!  I keep forgetting to write something about our latest and greatest auteur.  "Writing" I of course use in the broadest sense of the word.  But what can one say about a Hollywood auteur like Gary Hardwick?  Well, if you look at his IMDb Top 4, you might be tempted to call him a Black Hollywood auteur... nah, that's too wordy.  How about Bl-ollywood auteur?  I mean, take a film like The Brothers.  Judging from the brief plot description, it sounds like one of those films... I can't think of a good example.  I guess Bye Bye Braverman is similar: four guys who were friends, and one of them is getting married, threatening to alter their collective bro-mance forever... oops.  It's actually his funeral.  Close enough.  Okay, how about Tomcats?  Better example for some?  Here's a link to a good line from Ebert about wedding bells breaking up That Old Gang of Mine (TM)(C)(R).  I haven't seen The Brothers, but because D. L. Hughley is in it, I can't take it too seriously as a drama.  And I'm just assuming that he gets to throw in his usual line to the groom to be: "On your honeymoon... you gotta make her say my name one time."
But Hardwick did strike gold of sorts with 2003's Deliver Us from Eva.  I think they had that on Comedy Central one time even!  It's hard enough to make a movie as it is, and even harder to find a new pun on an old cliché line like "deliver us from evil."  Plus, when you get into the Gabrielle Union business, you don't want to be out of it, apparently.
And then I took a closer look at 2007's Universal Remote.  I saw the word "Murphy" at the top of the poster and I thought to myself, oh!  Eddie Murphy!  Must be an obscure pic he did in between his bombs of the time.  But no, it's his brother Charlie of "Chappelle's Show" fame.  He got out from under his more famous brother's shadow a little bit... hmm!  Here, his name's buried in the middle of the credits in the cast, yet he's the star on the DVD's cover!  Let's check the reviews... well, something called "Film Critics United" seems to damn it with just above faint praise.  Incidentally, I wasn't consulted on their findings, but whatever.  I mean, it's film critics UNITED!  That's got some heft to it, don't it?  I mean, it's not dyslexic film critics untied! 
But I guess, ultimately, critics and the public aside, when you make a film that doesn't do well like Universal Remote, you probably say to yourself that it's time to get out of this damn business of silver screen show, and think about going back to your original choice of profession: helping the homeless.  Of course, getting into a good job helping the homeless is about as easy as finding a good rent-control apartment in New York City.  Everyone's already got all the good homeless people.  You know, the camera friendly ones with a good set of dentures and what not.  Then you realize that, even though there are some prestigious jobs helping the homeless, even they can't get any funding anymore.  You know, the global stock market crash of '08 and what not.  And then the first day you're working with the homeless, and this dude leans over and coughs into your ear!  Ick.  So you go to the doctor the next day, and he announces that you have tuberculosis.  Then he compounds it by putting on a face mask for the rest of his visit.  Insult upon injury.  So you try to get back to your old industry, because basically, any employer you go to cops an attitude about your previous choice of profession.  They can be in show business too!  They've got a script!  It's a timeless tale about a manager of a paper warehouse who dreams of becoming a manager of a lumberyard.  Not necessarily a step up, managerial-wise, but it gets you closer to the outdoors that purports to be great.
So you try backpacking around Europe for a while... or, at least, that's what you start out to do, but there was this little café in France where they serve these great croissants.  Not what the Americans think of as croissants, of course.  This is the real deal here.  Real butter, lots of wine to wash it down... thankfully, the right project comes along to save you from couch potato oblivion... should that be capitalized?  And so we get The Perfect Match.  It's about a black playboy... a blayboy, if you will.  Oh, but that's me all over, isn't it?  I mean, a playboy is a playboy, right?  No matter the ethnicity.  Of course, you wouldn't have films like How to Be a Latin Lover, right?  Anyway, The Perfect Match is a return to form for Hardwick of sorts.  Instead of delivering us from Eva, this time it's deliver us to Eva.  Good switch!

A Strong and Powerful Denial about Matt Emeott?  Anyway... gotta come back later, we gotta sit round the HDTV and watch something on CNN about sketch comedy.  I think it's called "Crossfire."  Didn't they re-cancel that already?  Better run.
...okay, I'm back.  Think I've already run out of ellipsis for one lifetime.  Anyway, the box office this week.  Denzel doesn't have that third Oscar (TM) (R) (C), but he's got a #1 movie this week!  Some consolation, right?  It's called The Equalizer 2, and I think he uses the same gesture that Charles Bronson does at the end of Death Wish 1, if only in the trailer.  But there's probably a compilation on YouTube of all that.  Do I gotta go and do everything around here?
Meanwhile, for the opposite demographic, there's the sequel to the highly successful Mamma Mia! and it's called Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.  Well, this is a class-act sequel, so no mere Roman numeral to identify this one... which reminds me!  I was just reminiscing about the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers.  See, when you have a Master's degree like I do, you kinda have to act like it.  Fur instance, you have to know the definition of "energy," which is simply the ability to perform work.  And the definition of "work" is a series of actions to perform a task.  And "TASK" is... oy, on and on it goes.  But simply put, ordinal is the one that identifies something in terms of a list.  So, in movie sequel terms, The Equalizer 2 is cardinal, whereas Shrek the Third is the other one... I mean, ordinal.
...where was I?  Oh, right.  Speaking of thirds, the third and final debut this week is the latest horror movie, and I believe this one is a sequel as well.  I mean, dayamn!  There's eight sequels this week!  As David Letterman would say, probably on CBS, you got your Equalizer (ding), you got your Mamma Mia! (ding), you got your Hotel Transylvania (ding), you got your Maze Runner (loud, annoying buzz), you got your Ant-Man (ding), you got your Incredibles (ding), you got your, um... Cabin Boy 2: Plimsoll Line Boogaloo (LOUD, ANNOYING, TREMOLO BUZZ), you got to Heidi high (EVEN LOUDER ANNOYING BUZZ)... sorry, they played that on La Radio aujourd'hui... you got the Jurassic Park, you got the Purge movie, and the latest in the Unfriended franchise, which they do admit is related.  I went to the extra bother to make the hyperlinks, because I know I would possibly thank myself later for it.  Do the hard work up front, kids.  I peruse some of my old brain farts about the box office, and I usually hate myself for not doing all the links and what not.  Go figure!  These things don't stay relevant forever, and they might be hard to look up as well.
I mean, sure, technically, the Purge movie is a prequel or something, and this Skyscraper movie isn't a sequel to anything... unless you count Die Hard, of course.  Plus, this is just the latest Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson movie... to me, they all kinda blend together as one long wasted outing at the cineplex.  He's like Jason Statham that way.  I get amnesia from Statham movies, usually.  Why, I oughta write about that or something!  No, the only movie that doesn't seem to be a sequel to anything is Sorry to Bother You... unless you count "Dear White People."  Oh, s'z'nap!
Yeah, there was hell raised in Helsinki last week, no doubt about it.  And on that bad pun, I should end.  Hate the game, not the Mexican word for beach (playa)

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Auteur Watch - Chris Hardwick

...I put him in my list for some reason... but I don't remember why.  Note to self: add the 'why' next time.  Well, he is one of the hardest-working men in the business we know as show.  Working harder than the no-legged man at a butt-kicking contest.  Alas, does he have anything to show for it? that his house?  @$$hole.

The Hottest Summer on Record

...okay, better get back to work.  But just before that, I just gotta ask... how about Brett Bennett?  I mean, I know Scott Pruitt stepped down and all... but still.  He's out there with that soiled mattress, just waiting to strike, like Roger Ailes' relatives getting vengeance on... whoever.  The House of Murdoch?  Good luck with that.  Incidentally, this blog post is brought to you by the ACLJ.  The ACLJ!  We're basically like the ACLU, except that the ACLU has about a 70 year head start.  But we're working on it!  We've distanced ourselves from Pat Robertson sufficiently enough to garner the national spotlight lately.  Somehow I ended up on their mailing list, and this came in the mail this week.  I look on the back and I'm like... whoa!  Easy with the child porn there, guys!  I know, I know... they prefer to call it 'erotica.'  Sorry about the incorrect terminology there.  Well, it is important to remember that, at the end of the day, pedophiles are people too, and they donate generously.  Usually to the wrong causes.
Okay, back to the task at hand.  It's another week for the box office, and at #1 this week is the latest installment of the profitable Hotel Transylvania franchise.  Yes, Cartoon Network's Genndy Tartakovsky is an artist who's not afraid to make a few bucks.  Not ashamed to come back to complete the trilogy, either!  His only demand?  Rob Schneider out of the cast... okay, he was never in, but he wanted it in writing anyway.  Yes, it's another happy day in Sandlerville.  Dracula at the beach.  In my day, vampires couldn't tolerate sunlight.  A lot.  It was, like, their only weakness!  Jack Crow's gonna have to spend some of his ill gotten gains on R&D for future outings.
The only other debut this week is yet another picture from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.  I don't even know if he likes to be called "The Rock" anymore.  Speaking of people with many names, they played that Katy Perry song "California Girls" on the radio, and probably a little too loud.  First of all, I'm surprised they even allow that kind of filth in this, the #MeToo era.  Second... where was the part with Snoop Dogg?  Totally gone, that's where!  Is he still Snoop Lion now?  I don't even care for the song all that much in the first place, but why you gotta butcher it like that?  Black dude always gets edited out first.  Unfortunate.  But I do know that this Rawson Marshall Thurber guy is definitely working harder than he ever thought he would.  Hope it's all fun for him!  He's getting to hobnob with the big movie stars, make the hot new 3D HD 1080p 4K entertainments of tomorrow, and the foreseeable future if all this vertical integration of the entertainment industry is to continue unabated in this fashion.  Conform as quickly as you can and keep swimming to stay in that bubble.
Before I go back to the Candy Crush, I just wanted to say one more thing about abortion.  We stand poised to lose the battle forever, or at least go back to the days of the back alley, so it's at least probably time to speak up.  That Brett Kavanaugh fella is about to join the Supreme Court and overturn Roe v. Wade.  Of course, didn't the right have a majority before?  I guess retiring justice Kennedy (brought to you by DJTJ, BTW... at least, according to him) kept it from coming up or something.  At a recent photo op, Kavanaugh and Alito were standing side by side... and they couldn't tell each other apart.  The paparazzi actually had to intervene and help them out, go figure.  Me myself, I can't help but think that we've lost the battle already if the Supreme Court gets to decide the fate of abortion at all!  But I guess ultimately anything's up for grabs if it gets into the right hands.  Mother Nature turns it all to rust, given enough time.  In the meantime, I did happen upon this helpful map on Wikipedia.  Notice all the BLUE areas of the globe.  They should probably have different shades of blue, based on future projections.  Europe at large will probably stay blue, we might turn black.  Or worse, grey.  Are there penguin abortions on Antarctica?  Anyway, you ask any Frenchman or German or anyone, and they'd probably say "Don't be silly!  Of course abortions are available to all women who need one.  Why wouldn't they be?"  Clearly they're not familiar with American extra-curricular activities these days.  I'm older, so I tend to take the ZPG route myself and say, look.  There's seven billion of us on the planet.  A third of the world's population has tuberculosis.  How many job applicants are rejected on a daily... scratch that, HOURLY basis from getting a job?  How many employers reject these people and think to themselves, hey, they're not my problem?  RELAX on the abortion thing a little bit!
Okay, time for me to go back to my usual grind, but before I do... what about Mai-Britt Vingsøe Watt?

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Auteur Watch - Kadeem Hardison

...Dwayne Wayne's a director now too?  Wotta industry.  Bet he's seen a few too many of Cosby's demons!


So out of touch.  My work wife asked me the other day "What's the password?"  I tried "Walt Sent Me" and "Swordfish" but got nothing.  I'm not up on my movie passwords these days.  But judging from her voice, maybe it was one of those Monsters Inc. movies or something.  Anyway, the fifth Marvel (TM) (R) (C) movie this year is #1, go figure.  This one's called Ant-Man and the Wasp, and its IMDb page is all gussied up for now.  Love that.  Love the new Flash-free HTML5 and CSS3 combo... that's what it is, right?  We actually watched the new Justice League last night, and... well, let's just say that Marvel's way ahead for now.  But they did get Joss Whedon, a well known Marvel conspirator, to help out with the story!  No Comic-Con revolt over that?  No one saying that Whedon sold out to the enemy?  Well, if no one complains that J. J. Abrams is working on both Star Wars and Star Trek, I guess no one cares about Whedon's choice of employer either.
Meanwhile, at the other end of the Top 10, Deadpool 2 bubbles back up from obscurity.  So we got Marvel (TM) (C) (R) at both ends of the Top 10 this week.  Clearly we need to use the Sherman Anti-Trust Act on Marvel (TM) (R) (C), but I guess it's not going to happen.  Quite the opposite these days; not to be outdone by Comcast, AT&T now owns Time Warner.  We'll see how quickly this impacts the Warner Bros. movies; how quickly it will say under the shield "An AT&T Company" instead of "A TimeWarner Company," that kind of surface thing.
The only other debut this week is something called The First Purge.  I guess it's supposed to be some kind of prequel or something.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of "The Purge," I'll try to get you up to speed: see, it's a tweak to the criminal justice system, and tweak is probably the right word for it.  There's a twelve hour period out of a 365-day year where all crime is legal.  So, if you, for example, commit a murder or a robbery during said "The Purge," and the cops go into the crime scene and gather evidence (fingerprints, DNA, what have you), they bag it and tag it and take it back to the lab and say "Nope, can't use it.  It's another Purge case.  Just send it to the basement, fast-track it."  And just like "Better Call Saul" and the various Star Wars stories, even something like "The Purge" gets the occasional case of prequel fever.  The First Purge is sort of a test-market version of the purge.  It's still 12 hours, but it's confined to Staten Island.  And the best part?  You can leave Staten Island during the Purge, but there's a $5,000 bonus if you stay!  Wonder what you get if you refer a friend.  Hmm... reminds me of that old Cherokee legend.  I'm assuming this Internet footnote is correct, of course.  But it does seem like we're opting to go with the Evil Wolf these days.  Take the new Sicario, for example.  I'm assuming it's continuing the fine tradition of that last scene where Alejandro convinces Kate Macer to sign off on the assignment.
...damn.  Almost forgot to ask again.  How about Matt Skerritt?

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Auteur Watch - Paul D. Hannah

...oh, right.  Guess I should say something about this guy.  Welp, I'll give him this: his IMDb Bio, as of this writing, is definitely short and sweet, no question about it.  Most of these are very positive about what the director's accomplished, and where they're headed in the not-too-distant, pie-in-the-sky sky's-the-limit future and what not.  Therefore, this guy's going the opposite way about it.
And it's quite a long list, I give him that!  We got a new Tyler Perry on our hands!  I mean, 19 directorial credits in 7 years or so.  Not too shabby!  I mean, the Coens ... take Joel, for example.  He's got 24 directorial credits, but it took him about 48 years to get them!  On the other hand, he's also won 4 Oscars (TM) (R) (C).  And if you go down Joel's list, you're bound to see a title or two that evokes certain emotions, either positive or negative.  Does that happen at all for Paul's list?

This Just In: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Finds Restaurant That Will Serve Her

As some of you may already know, I hate to do plugs here, but I am starting this... ooh!  How about Elliott Moffitt?  ...Anyway, as some of you may already know, I hate to do plugs here, but I am starting this new non-profit that I'm pretty excited about.  Sure, it's not terribly earth-changing stuff as the bigger, sexier non-profits are, but I think this one will do some targeted good where it's very sorely needed.  Let me describe the situation: you're in the shower area at the gym and you go to take a shower.  And usually in these showers they will have soap dispensers with this industrial-grade soap that gets the job done, but frankly it's not the greatest soap in the world, to put it mildly.  I'm a Soap Snob (TM) (R) (C), I'll admit it.  I also don't believe in shopping at those grocery outlets that get all the stuff they couldn't sell at a regular supermarket.  You'd be surprised how long these cans of Planters(TM) (C) (R) Cashews can last!  Really!
Anyway, back to the instant case at hand.  So, you got those soap dispensers in the mens' shower.  I can't vouch for the womens' shower, but here's what happens in the men's half of things.  Every once in a while you get a guy showering that didn't bring soap, and so he's HAMMERING away at the soap dispenser, because he's showering and he's got to be clean.  And he's HAMMERING and HAMMERING away at the soap dispenser, about ten times every ten seconds.  So, what my charity would do is go up to this guy, knock on the shower, and give him a bar of soap.  A guy would hand the showering guy a bar of soap with its own little carrying case, and the guy would yell at the top of his voice "JUST BRING YOUR OWN SOAP NOW.  BRING YOUR OWN GOD DAMN SOAP."  I think it's going to do some good!
Boy, speaking of swearing... that Trey Gowdy's got a serious case of potty mouth these days!  I believe he was in some committee harassing Rod Rosenstein... you know, the Jewish guy... telling him to end this Russia investigation.  I believe he said "If you have evidence, present it to the damn Grand Jury."  Sir!  Then he said to finish the investigation "the hell up."  If I had kids, they might have been watching that!  I mean, my GOD Sir!  Is this the kind of example to lead our kids with?  You get elected to Congress and you start using the potty mouth?  Yeah, potty mouth's no good in my kitchen, but it's perfectly all right in the People's House?  So many conflicting messages for our youth people.  Welp, as long as they grow up into suit-wearing, chain-smoking teenagers, am I right?  Meanwhile, our douchey Russia-installed president keeps doing his usual douche-y things: repealing any and all Obama laws, acts and declarations, calling them "failed", having his two scoops of ice cream.  I can see why he wants this Russia investigation to end.  All of his friends are starting to go to jail!  Wotta bummer for a successful businessman, for the successful businessman.  But the big news this week is that he just might have a second Supreme Court pick coming up real soon.  And as he teased in the news, he's got a list!  And he's checking it twice!  Fingers crossed for Janice Rogers Brown, personally.  You know, because Obama badmouthed her.  Now, the Supreme Court is responsible for at least a couple disastrous decisions recently: Gore v. Bush and Citizens United come to mind.  The big one, of course, upon which our fragile standing in NATO hangs in the balance, is the big one.  Roe v. Wade.  For the Christian Right in this country, they're getting very excited.  "Finally!  After 45 or 50 years or so, we'll get the courts to overturn it."  They can't wait.  For everyone else, though, up to and including those who've ever needed an abortion, it spells trouble.  Personally, I think we shouldn't wait for the Supreme Court to decide.  Let's just have it out right now, America.  Bring it on.  Do your worst.  Let's start with what Trump suggested, that women who've had abortions should be punished.  How about women who've thought about having abortions?  Why not add them to the list?  Don't worry, Ted Cruz has a list of names.  And it's a long one.  But he's got files, and they're compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2012, so we're good to go.  And as long as America is turning into Hitler's Germany in WWII, let's have a Kristallnacht, but only for Planned Parenthood.  Maybe throw in that restaurant that Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave.  You know, just for good measure.  Well, there was a lot of confusion that night!  Someone mistook it for a Planned Parenthood!
But let's not stop there.  How about we just start killing children outright?  Let's say that the mother carried a baby to term, but at some point she thought about having an abortion, and told a friend about it.  That's the key right there: telling a friend about it.  Served, witnessed, dead child.  And of course, if we find out that the father is a homosexual, but an Old School one that knows the importance of conforming in this society and went ahead and had a baby anyway... BOOM.  Child's executed, preferably by firing squad.  Jim McGreevey, for example.  He's a Democrat, right?  We'll start with the Democrats, and the children of Buono voters... and probably stop there.  Any Republicans like Larry Craig, well... they just won't get to work on K Street.  Punishment enough.  It's time to cleanse the soul of this nation, people.  Jesus is coming in 2048, and he won't be happy if there's a single abortion that year.  In America.  How about we fire up the House Un-American Activities Committee again?  Go after Liberal Socialists?
Clearly I haven't given this enough thought as, say, Stephen Miller, for example.  Still, I feel a sense of accomplishment!  ...ah, I'm probably just repeating myself from earlier somewhere.  Anyway, let's get on to the Top 10, which doesn't usually repeat.  Except this week, where Jurassic World: Revenge of the Fallen (Spielberg) and The Incredibles 2 (Brad Bird, Spielberg protégé) are #1.  The top debut this week is the sequel to Sicario which came in at #3 with chump change.  Sure, 19 million's not bad... but it cost 30 million in TV ads to get that 19 million!  Then there's Uncle Drew.  Turns out there was actually a film to go along with the great ad campaign!  I forget... was it with Pepsi?  Seems like they don't do great ads anymore.  The 80s and 90s?  Michael Jackson!  Britney Spears!  That young girl who was good at lip syncing!  Well, two out of three ain't bad.  Now this Uncle Drew debuts at #4.  You're depressing me, America.
Our last debut this week is for the international market, and it's called Sanju.  Better make the hyperlink now because I won't be able to find it later.  Oh, this Ranbir Kapoor is India's answer to John Turturro, no question.  In other news, hugging the bottom of the Top 10 is the Fred Rogers documentary called Won't You Be My Neighbor?  ...I forget why it's called that.  But you gotta hand it to Fred Rogers.  The #MeToo movement hasn't gotten to him yet.  And they probably could, too.  Seems like everyone's got some ugly thing at the back of their closet.  Or maybe Fred's political affiliations aren't to the pleasing of Fox News.  Guess he's not a top priority yet... oh, yeah!  We also lost the Jordan Klepper show this week.  Alas, too many people said to themselves "Oh, yeah!  I meant to watch that.  Oh well."  His show was given just about the same treatment as "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore."  A few eruptions on Black Twitter perhaps, but the world moved on just the same.  Anyway, Jordan Klepper's show, "The Opposition," made fun of fringe Right Wing things like Alex Jones and Tami Lohren and... God knows what else.  Who's going to pay attention to them now?

Short Reviews - July 2018

Hannibal: Season Three - Getting the Old Scent Again: Re-imagining Red Dragon - With Richard Armitage as Himself - 'Francis Dolarhyde'.  Also with Zachary Quinto as Himself / Neal Frank.

"The Complete Churchill" "Never Despair" - With Frank Roberts as Himself - British Minister in Moscow 1945-1947 (as Sir Frank Roberts).

"Call the Cops" - With Garfield Morgan.  Also with Frank Windsor.

"America's Next Top Model" "Lana Marks" - With Daniella Clarke as Herself - Frankie B. Jeans.  Directed by (segment Director): Claudia Frank.

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" "Maya Rudolph & Martin Short/Leslie Odom Jr./Courtney Barnett" - With Jimmy Fallon as Himself - Host / Frankie.

"Horizon" "The Hunt for the Higgs" - With Frank Wilczek as Himself - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (as Prof Frank Wilczek).

"Roche & Böhmermann" "Ausgabe 11" - With Sebastian Frankenberger as Himself - Pro Rauchfrei Aktivist (as Sebastian Korbinian Frankenberger).

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" "Kevin Bacon/Greta Gerwig/Nick Thune" - With Frank Walker as Himself - The Roots: Percussion (as Frank Knuckles).  Musician: The Roots: Frank Walker.

"Maigret" - With Sheila Burrell.  Also with Francis De Wolff.  Also with William Franklyn.  Also with Pauline Yates.  Also with Michael Phillips.  Also with Frank Ellement.  Also with Frank George.  Also with Bernard Kay.  Also with Marigold Russell.  Also with Frank Shelley.  Also with Frank Williams.

"Jury" - With Frankie Jordan.  Also with Frances Low.  Also with Nelson E. Ward.

"Boy Meets World" - With Ethan Suplee as Frankie Stechino.  Also with Leon White.  Also with Don Calfa.  Also with George Wyner.  Also with Frank Novak.  Also with Francis X. McCarthy.  Also with Frank Slaten.  Also with Frank Foti Jr..  Best Boy Electric (unknown Episodes): Frank Hughes.  Key Costumer (22 Episodes, 1993-1994): Melissa Franz.  Production Staff (1 Episode, 2000): Suzanne Francis.

"Malcolm in the Middle" - With Christopher Masterson as Francis.  Also with Frankie Muniz as Malcolm.  Also with Margarita Franco.  Also with Nicolas Roye.  Also with Markus Flanagan.  Also with Evan Reece.  Also with Owen Reece.  Also with Franc Ross.  Also with Frank Crim.  Also with Henry Gibson.  Also with Frank Clem.  Also with Daniel Escobar.  Also with J.T. Kubala.  Also with Scott Berkhausen.  Also with Frankie J. Allison.  Also with Howard George.  Also with Frankie Ingrassia.  Also with Easton Gage.  Also with Mary Wickliffe.  Also with Tyler Ryan.  Also with Jacob Franchek.  Also with Scott Francisco.  Chief Lighting Technician (4 Episodes, 2005): Frank Jacobellis.  Music Editor (106 Episodes, 2001-2006): Scott Francisco.

"What About Brian" - With Bill Murray as... I mean, with Taylor Kinner.  Also with Thomas Crawford.  Also with Meredith Baxter.  Re-recording Mixer (1 Episode, 2006): Frank Morrone.  Key Costumer (13 Episodes, 2006-2007): Frank Alexander.  Music Preparation (uncredited) (25 Episodes, 2006-2007): Frank Macchia.

"Crimi Clowns" - With Frank Aendenboom.  Also with Frank Lammers.  Also with Tom Audenaert.  Also with Robert De La Haye.  Series Film Editing by (1 Episode, 2017): Frank Van Looy.  Co Editor (14 Episodes, 2017): Frank Van Looy.

"Almost Human" - With Viv Leacock.  Genny Operator (6 Episodes, 2013-2014): Frank Olic.  Additional On-line Editor (uncredited) (13 Episodes, 2013-2014): Francisco Peralta.

"Crystal's Balls" - With Hunter Stiebel.

"The Secret" - With John Woodvine.

"Ruby Gloom" - With David Berni as Frank.  Also with Ryan Malcolm.

"Sports Talk Radio" - With Marcus Hondro.

"The Ford 50th Anniversary Show" - With Franklin D. Roosevelt as Himself (archive footage) (as Franklin Delano Roosevelt).  Also with Franz Rupp as Himself.  Also with Frank Sinatra as Himself.

"Hitler's Bodyguard" "Kill Hitler Before War Starts" - With Frank Roberts as Himself (archive footage) (as Sir Frank Roberts).

The Kick - With Bawriboon Chanreuang as Frank (as Boriboon Chanruang).

Bully - With Daniel Franzese as Cousin Derek.  Also with Frank Ilarraza as Detective Frank Ilarraza (as Detective Frank Ilarraza).

"The Directors" "The Films of John Frankenheimer" - With John Frankenheimer as Himself.  Also with Evans Evans as Herself (as Evans Frankenheimer).  Also with Frank Sinatra as Himself (archive footage).

"Medical Incredible" "Nail Gun Heart" - With Frank Coufal as Himself (as Frank Coufal MD).

"Le chevalier Tempête" "Episode #1.11" - With Franck Estange as Ricardo (as Frank Estange) (credit only).

"Schuld" "DNA" - Mit Frank-Leo Schröder als Staatsanwalt (als Frank Leo Schröder).

The Revenge of the Dead Indians - With Frank Gehry as Himself (as Frank O. Gehry).  Also with Frank Zappa as Himself.

"Alle meine Kinder" - With Frank-Otto Schenk as Pelle (as Frank Schenk).  Auch mit Susan Lucci als ... wie Sie selbst, natürlich!

"The Bachelorette" "Episode #6.2" - With Frank Neuschaefer as Himself (as Frank).

The Saturdays: Headlines Live! - With Frankie Bridge as Herself (as Frankie Sandford).

Monstrosity - With Hal Borske as Frankie.  Also with Frank Echols as Car thief killed by Frankie (uncredited).  Also with B. Wayne Keeton as Drug dealer killed by Frankie (uncredited).  Assistant Camera: Frank Echols.  Assistant Editor: Frank Echols.  Stand-in: Frankie: Jimmy McDonough.

"Les combattants de l'ombre - Des résistants européens contre le nazisme" "Les difficiles débuts de la Résistance" - With Marcel Franckson as Himself (as Marcel Frankson).

Une fille dans le soleil - With Raymond Francky as Justin (as Raymond Franky).

1313: UFO Invasion - With Scottie Jordan as Frankie (as Scott Jordan).

Matchbook - With Virginia House as Ellen (as Virginia Frank).  Directed by : Dan Franko.  Writing Credits : Dan Franko.  Producer: Dan Franko.  Production Assistant: Melissa Franko.

"Night Gallery" "Lindemann's Catch/A Feast of Blood/The Late Mr. Peddington" - With Pat O'Hara as Frankie (segment "A Feast of Blood") (as Patrick O'Hara).  Writing Credits (short Story "The Flat Male"): Frank Sisk.

"The Amos 'n Andy Show" "Andy Falls in Love with an Actress" - With Arthur McNeely as Frank (uncredited).

Run Silent Run Deep - With Ken Lynch as Frank (uncredited).  Music by: Franz Waxman.  Makeup Artist: Frank Prehoda.  Wardrobe (uncredited): Frank R. Budz.

"Life Sentence" - With Sebastian Vargas as Frank Rojas Abbott.  Also with Emanuel Eaton.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 2018): Tad Safran.  Producer (13 Episodes, 2018): Tad Safran.  Makeup Department Head (12 Episodes, 2018): Francesca von Zimmermann.  Best Boy Greens (13 Episodes, 2018): Frank Haddad.  Assistant Editor (4 Episodes, 2018): Francesca Castro.

Karkutong - With Jonathan Peter Hargraves as Frank (voice).  Talent Assistant: Frank Quatrone.

"Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: The Abridged Series" "Straight Outta Joog" - With Mana Korihime as Serena / Amanda / Frankie.

"Chuck" "Chuck Versus the Pink Slip" - With Christian Svensson as Yuri / Frank.

"Spawn" "The Mindkiller" - With John DiMaggio as Frankie / Sykes / Bone / Cop #2 / Sleazeball (voice).

"The Real McCoys" - With Ray Kellogg.  Also with John Stephenson.  Also with John Qualen.  Also with Frank Nelson.  Also with Frank Cady.  Also with Frank Albertson.  Also with Will Wright.  Also with Sandra Francis.  Also with Frank Ferguson.  Also with Frank Wilcox.  Also with Richard Franchot.  Also with Frances Robinson.  Also with Jimmy Lydon.  Also with Frank Kreig.  Series Writing Credits (4 Episodes, 1958-1961): Frank Tarloff.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1959): Frank Gabrielson.  Series Film Editing by (57 Episodes, 1960-1963): Frank Capacchione.  Series Set Decoration by (13 Episodes, 1962): Frank Tuttle.  Series Set Decoration by (3 Episodes, 1957-1960): Frank Wade.

"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" "Boxing Helena" - With Iva Franks Singer as Woman #1 (as Iva Franks).

"Minsan lang kita iibigin" "Alexander Offers a Truce to Javier for the Sake of Their Family" - With Frances Ignacio as Adele (as Frances Makil-Ignacio) (credit only).  Also with Frank Gray Jr. as Gen. Armando Espiritu (as Frank Gray) (credit only).

"Dallas" "Venomous Creatures" - With Faran Tahir as Frank Ashkani.

Get on Up - With Aaron Jay Rome as Frankie Avalon.  Set Dresser Gang Boss: Frank Hendrick.

"20 to 1" "Sexiest Movie Moments" - With Beau Bridges as Frank Baker (archive footage) (uncredited).

Bar Barons - With Frank DaPuzzo as Professor Barkley (as Frank Dapuzzo).

"The Inspectors" "Identity" - With Jay DeVon Johnson as Franklin Barry.  Music by: Evan Frankfort.  Sound Editor: Evan Frankfort.  Composer: Theme Music: Evan Frankfort.

"The Second Coming" "Episode #1.1" - With Peter Armitage as Frank Baxter.  Also with Jazmine Franks as Jane Morris.

Naughty Nanette - With Miriam Nelson as Madelon Belleau (as Miriam Franklin).  (screenplay) (as Franz Rosenwald): Francis Rosenwald.

"Joe & Valerie" "The Meeting" - With Bill Beyers as Frank Berganski.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" "Courtship" - With Charles Borland as FBI Agent Frank Billings.  Sound Recordist: Frank Fleming.  Best Boy Electric: David Franzoni.  Driver: Frank Röth.

The Moonstone - With David Manners as Franklin Blake.  Also... what's the deal with The Moonstone and Franklin Blake?

Never a Dull Moment - With Henry Silva as Frank Boley.  Also with Mickey Shaughnessy as Francis.  Set Decoration by: Frank R. McKelvy.

"Das Traumschiff" "Der Heiratsschwindler/Frau Schliemann und das Abenteuer/Der Kinderfeind" - With Lonny Kellner as Mathilde Bosselt (as Lonny Kellner-Frankenfeld).

Steel and Glass - With John B. McCann as Frank Bradley.  Producer: Fran Neff.  Assistant Camera: Todd Irwin Francis Lauther.  Special Thanks: Tony Francesca.

"CollegeHumor Originals" - With Francesca McLafferty.  Also with Lauren Francesca.  Also with Billy Merritt.  Also with Frank Garcia-Hejl.  Also with Fran Gillespie.  Also with Amy Baklini.  Also with Choni Francis.  Also with Brian Frange.  Also with Evey Franceschini.  Also with Francis Lansang.  Also with Lyndsey Frank.  Also with George Franko.  Also with Francisco Lara.  Also with Frankie McLafferty.  Series Writing Credits (7 Episodes, 2011): Rob DeFranco.  Production Coordinator / Producer / Production Co-ordinator / First Assistant Director / Production Assistant (31 Episodes, 2016-2018): Francesca McLafferty.  Producer (7 Episodes, 2011): Rob DeFranco.  Production Coordinator/Supervisor / First Assistant Director (2 Episodes, 2016): Frankie McLafferty.  Producer (1 Episode, 2011): Ken Franchi.  1st Assistant Camera (1 Episode, 2014): Annaliese Franklin.  Series Film Editing by (1 Episode, 2013): Clark Frankel.  Production Assistant / Production Supervisor / Set Production Assistant (3 Episodes, 2015-2017): Francesca McLafferty.  Production Assistant (1 Episode, 2015): Francesca McLafferty.  Special Effects Makeup (1 Episode, 2011): Frank Ippolito.  Camera Operator (2 Episodes, 2015): Evey Franceschini.  First Assistant Camera (1 Episode, 2011): Frank Mobilio.  Assistant Editor (2 Episodes, 2011-2013): Clark Frankel.  Singer (13 Episodes, 2012): Annette Frank.  Production Coordinator / Production Assistant / Production Coordinator / Script Supervisor / Intern / Assistant Coordinator / Production Coordinator / Key Pa / Set Production Assistant (167 Episodes, 2015-2018): Francesca McLafferty.  Production Assistant / Intern (18 Episodes, 2011-2013): Clark Frankel.  Intern (11 Episodes, 2013): Jeremy Fransman.  Intern (10 Episodes, 2015): Sarah Franke.  Extra (1 Episode, 2010): Lauren Francesca.  Extra (1 Episode, 2010): Frank York.  Intern (1 Episode, 2014): Yancey 'Pon' Franco.

"The Cleveland Show" "A Short Story and a Tall Tale" - With Mike Henry as Cleveland Brown.  Also with Frances Callier as Cookie Brown (voice).

"Flesh and Bone" - With Peter O'Connor.  Welding Foreman (8 Episodes, 2015): Frank Grasso.  Camera Operator (2 Episodes, 2015): Frank Rinato.  Costume Assistant (3 Episodes, 2015): Jennifer S. Frankel.  Digital Colorist: Sixteen19 (8 Episodes, 2015): Andrew Francis.

"Harpers West One" "Episode #2.7" - With Jane Muir as Frances Peters (as Jayne Muir).  Also with John Barcroft as Frank Busby.

"The Principal" "Episode #1.1" - With Salvatore Coco as Frank Calabrisi.  Also with Aliki Matangi as Francis (Sisi) Parata.  First Assistant Camera: Francisco Vicuna.

The Yellow Truth - With John Timmons as Frank Capshaw.

"Mi gorda bella" "Episode #1.116" - With Jerónimo Gil as Franklin Carreño.  Writing Credits (screenplay Advisor): Frank Baiz Quevedo.

"Joe Torre: Curveballs Along the Way" - With Robert Loggia as Frank Torre.  Also with Robert Collins as Frank Cashen.  Also with Trent McMullen as Young Frank.  Also with A. Frank Ruffo as Neighbor.

The Postman Always Rings Twice - With Jack Nicholson as Frank Chambers.  Also with Frank Arno as Crapshooter.

"The Vise" "Black Pawn, White Pawn" - With Basil Dignam as Frank Chester.  Also with Frank Forsyth as Webster.

Wrath of the Blood Angel - With Vito Trigo as Frank Claremont.  Also with David Francis Calderazzo as Uncle Tom Claremont.

"Billy the Kid: New Evidence" - With K. Harrison Sweeney as Frank 'Windy' Cahill.  Also with Tyler Haines as Frank Coe.  Also with Hagen Mills as Frank Baker.  Also with Francis Tom Walsh as Tom O' Folliard (as Tom Walsh).

"Dinosaur Train" "Classic in the Jurassic: Air, Water & Land/Desert Day and Night" - With Ian James Corlett as Mr. Conductor / Teddy Pterodaustro / Frankie Fruitafossor (voice).

Hunting Humans - With Trent as Frank Cooper.

Len and Company - With Peter Outerbridge as Frank Coulter.  Digital Intermediate Editor: Frank Biasi.

"The Court of Last Resort" "The Joe Credo Case" - With Phillip Pine as Frank Credo.

Nox Mors - With Robert Allen Cruz as Frank Curtis.

"Ratten - sie werden dich kriegen!" - With Ralph Herforth as Frank Dabrock.  Also with Frank Röth as Waldemar.  Production Design by: Frank Godt.

"Gunsmoke" "The Pretender" - With Tom Simcox as Frank Dano.

Destinies Fulfilled - With Harry von Meter as Frank Davis.  Also with Caroline Frances Cooke as Mrs. Vaughn (as Caroline Cooke).

"Koefnoen" - With Paul Kooij.  Also with Frans van Deursen.

Muscle Battle: Part Two - With Domenick DeFrank as Domenick DeFrank.  Series Producer: Domenick DeFrank.

"Picket Fences" "The Bus Stops Here" - With Denis Arndt as Franklin Dell.

Little Alexander - With Frank-Otto Schenk as Oberleutnant des medizinischen Dienstes (as Frank Schenk).

"The Saddle Club" "Show Ponies: Part 2" - With Anthony Hawkins as Frank diAngelo.  Costume Supervisor: Frankie Hogan.

"Wayward Pines" "A Reckoning" - With Ian Tracey as Franklin Dobbs.  Co-producer: Cathy M. Frank.  Tracking/matchmove/layout Artist (uncredited): Frans de Vries.

Armed and Dangerous - With John Candy as Frank Dooley.  Re-recording Mixer: Franklin Jones Jr..  Transportation Captain: Frank Roughan.

"Die Sitte" "Blindes Verlangen" - With... hoh boy... Joachim Paul Assböck as Frank Dreher.

"13 Demon Street" "The Vine of Death" - With Ingemar Pallin as Frank Dylan.

"Vechtershart" "Comeback" - With Bob Schrijber as Frank Eldrink.  Art Department Assistant: Frank Neuhaus.  Location Manager: Frans Kuijper.  Auch mit Philip Seymour Hoffman als Shart.

Treasure of Ruby Hills - With Lee Van Cleef as Frank Emmett.  Directed by: Frank McDonald.

36 Hours to Kill - With Brian Donlevy as Frank Evers.

The Heart of an Actress - With Frank Newburg as The Farm Boy (as Frank Newberg).

"Emergency!" "The Inspection" - With Warren Berlinger as Frank Fennady.

"Marga Engel schlägt zurück" - Mit Bruno F. Apitz als Rainer Fischer (als Frank Apitz).

"Ghostwriter" - With Louis Todaro.  Also with Paul Francis.  Also with Fran Brill as Mrs. Ferguson.  Also with Frances Joli Garcia.  Also with Frank McClean.

"Koffie to Go" "Episode #1.1" - With Stephan Schad as Frank Förster.

"Conviction" - With Dorian Missick.  Also with Howard W. Overshown.  Also with Ray DeMattis.  Also with Frank Bonsangue.  Also with Paul L. Francis.  Also with Franco Bulaon.  Best Boy Electric / Unit Gaffer (13 Episodes, 2006): Frank McCormack.

"Adventures of the Falcon" "Invisible Destroyer" - With Gregory Gaye as Dr. Frank (as Gregory Gay).

"CHiPs '99" - With Erik Estrada as Officer Frank 'Ponch' Poncherello.  Also with Michael Vira as Franky Jr.

A Ton of Grass Goes to Pot - With Oliver Aubrey as Dr. Frank Bell.

"The X-Files" "Pusher" - With Vic Polizos as Agent Frank Burst.  Head Greensperson: Frank Haddad.  Story Editor: Frank Spotnitz.

The Fighting Devil Dogs - With Bruce Bennett as Lt. Frank Corby.  Also with Frank Baker as Marine Prosecutor-General (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Jerry Frank as Garage Henchman (archive footage) (uncredited).  Also with Francis Sayles as Renault (archive footage) (uncredited).  (archive Footage) (as Franklyn Adreon): Franklin Adreon.

Prophecy of Eve - With Norman Gee as Professor Frank Desalle.

Fly Bones - With Isaac Hanlon as Dr. Frank Evans.

"Irving Renquist, Ghost Hunter" "Closer" - With David B. Grelck as Lt. Frank Glenn.

ENSAMMA I RYMDEN - With Richard Sseruwagi as General Frank Harrison.

"NYPD Blue" "Dead Meat in New Deli" - With Dennis Franz as Det. Andy Sipowicz.  Also with Ramón Franco as Enrique Lopez (as Ramon Franco).  Also with Daniel Baldwin as Det. Frank Hughes.  Adr (uncredited): Frank Catalano.

"Mannix" "Cry Silence" - With Stacy Keach Sr. as Father Frank Lawler.

Suspiria - With Udo Kier as Dr. Frank Mandel.  Also with Franca Scagnetti as Cook.  Also with Frank von Kuegelgen as Dr. Frank Mandel (voice) (uncredited).  Film Editing by (as Goblin): Franco Fraticelli.  Still Photographer: Action Stills: Francesco Bellomo.  Continuity: Francesca Roberti.

"Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre" - With John Francis.  Also with Francine York.  Also with Andrew Duggan.  Also with Darren McGavin.  Also with Lloyd Bridges.  Also with Richard Bull.  Also with Dick Dial.  Also with J. Frank Lucas.  Also with Frank Albertson.  Also with Joseph Campanella.  Also with Frank Overton.  Also with Barrie Chase.  Also with Frank Evans.  Also with Anthony Franciosa.  Also with Eduard Franz.  Also with Frank Campanella.  Also with James Franciscus.  Also with Walter Woolf King.  Also with Janet MacLachlan.  Also with Karen Steele.  Also with Frank Barton.  Also with Robert Duvall.  Also with Connie Francis.  Also with Frankie Kabott.  Also with Frank Puglia.  Also with Tom Frandsen.  Series Directed by (1 Episode, 1964): Frank Corsaro.  Series Writing Credits (4 Episodes, 1964-1966): Franklin Barton.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1967): Frank Fenton.  Producer (2 Episodes, 1966): Frank P. Rosenberg.  Assistant Director (1 Episode, 1964): Frank Losee.  Sound (1 Episode, 1965): Frank H. Wilkinson.

Lean on Me - With Robert Guillaume as Dr. Frank Napier.  Also with Frances Sousa as Francesca.  Also with Frank Firrito as White Boy / Singer.

"Hatfields & McCoys" - With Andrew Howard as 'Bad' Frank Phillips.  Makeup Artist / Prosthetics (3 Episodes, 2012): Francesco Fabiani.  Makeup Artist / Makeup Department Head (3 Episodes, 2012): Francesca Tampieri.  Orchestrator (uncredited) (3 Episodes, 2012): Frank Bennett.

"Reno 911!" "Viacom Grinch" - With Joe Lo Truglio as Deputy Frank Rizzo.

Donovan's Brain - With Gene Evans as Dr. Frank Schratt.  Also with Frank McLure as Man leaving Fuller's Office (uncredited).  Props (uncredited): Franz Dallons.

"Dead Man's Island" - With Frank Salsedo as (as Frank Sotonoma Salsedo).  Set Costumer: Fran Murphy.

Tribes - With Mark Anthony Vazquez as MSG Frank Torrez.

"Court Martial" "Flight of a Tiger" - With Peter Graves as Maj. Frank Whittaker.

The Diary of Anne Frank of the Dead - With Helen McElwain as Anne Frank.

Lance Bronson: The Motion Picture - With Frank Alagna Jr. as Coach Frank.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation" "Need You Now: Part 2" - With Kate Lynch as Dr. Frank.

The Zombinator - With Michael Angelletta as Father Frank.  Also with Francesco Durastante as Paranormal Team Lead.

Kurutta kajitsu - With Masumi Okada as Hirosawa Frank.

What Every Frenchwoman Wants - With François Perrot as Le père.  Also with Laurent Spielvogel as M. Frank.  Directed by : Gianfranco Mingozzi.  Writing Credits (novel): Gianfranco Mingozzi.  Key Grip: François Coulin.

"Crossing Jordan" "Jump, Push, Fall" - With Dig Wayne as Officer Frank.  Sound Recordist (uncredited): Frank Fleming.

The Black Goat of the Forest - With David Dempsey as Reverend Frank.

All In - With Frank Potenza as Uncle Frank.  Also with Frank Vallelonga as Darkman's Bodyguard (uncredited).

"Great Performances" "Forget-Me-Not-Lane" - With Joseph Maher as Frank.  Also with Tom Hulce as Young Frank.  Lighting Designer: Danny Franks.

Letnie przesilenie - With Urszula Bogucka as Franka.  Also with Ireneusz Koziol as Franka's Father.  Also with Milena Lisiecka as Franka's Mother.

"Faust" "Tote weinen nicht" - With Oliver Bröcker as Andy Franke.

Underground Guerrillas - With Norman Pierce as Lieut. Franke.

"The Black Soap" - With Shaun Amin.  Also with Dion Francis.

"It's a Living" "The Wedding Show" - With James T. Callahan as Father Frank.  Also with Georgann Johnson as Phyllis Frankel.

"The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes" - With Derek Francis.  Also with Frances White.  Also with Francis De Wolff.  Also with Frank Wylie.  Also with Frank Williams.  Also with Frank Mills.  Also with Tom McCarthy.

"The Special Without Brett Davis" "A Dracula Christmas" - With Matt Barats as Frankenstein.  Also with Lena Einbinder as Bride of Frankenstein.  Producer: Frank Flaherty.

"Cinemassacre's Monster Madness" "Frankenstein" - With Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein (archive footage).  Also with Francis Ford as Hans (archive footage).  Also with Frederick Kerr as Baron Frankenstein (archive footage).

"The Whole Truth" "The End" - With Frances Fisher as Judge Ellen Rousch.  Also with Sam Upton as Tom Frankford.

"Acapulco H.E.A.T." "Code Name: The Mouse That Squeaked" - With Pierre Dulat as Frankie.

The Becoming - With Frank Capella as Cellar Zombie.  Also with Eddie Freeman as Frankie.  Also with Frank Lugo as Man Watching T.V.

Cabin Bound - With Tony Ohara as Frankie.

"The Cut" "A Year, Three Months, and 17 Days" - With Maisie Crossland as Frankie.

Due West: Our Sex Journey - With Justin Cheung as Frankie.  Also with Ka Long Suen as Frankie - Child.  Also with Frankie Yue as Soldier #2.

The Force Within - With David Watkins as Frankie.  Also with Frankie Mad Dog as Lombardi Boy (Club).

"Hand of God" "Welcome the Stranger" - With Santiago Segura as Frankie.

In America - With Ciaran Cronin as Frankie.  Also with Michael Sean Tighe as Frank.  Also with Frank Wood as Paediatrician.  Video Playback Operator (uncredited): Francis Taaffe.  Casting: Ireland: Frank Moiselle.  Location Assistant: New York: Frank Cattano.  Driver: New York (as Frank Appecilli): Frank J. Apicelli.  Additional Production Assistant: New York: Frank Slaten.  Special Thanks: Fran Sheridan.  Dedicatee: Frankie Sheridan.

"The Lair" "Episode #2.6" - With Frankie Valenti as Tim.  Also with Brian Nolan as Frankie.

Man with a Gun - With Matthew Imparato as Frankie.

A Night to Dismember - With Frankie Sabat as Frankie.

"Prime Suspect 3" "Part 2" - With David Gambles as Frankie.

Salt & Vinegar - With Ori Ori Wharerau-Rewiri as Frankie.

Sonny - With Thomas F. Evans as Frankie.

Tice - With Evan Underwood as Frankie.  Special Thanks: Frank Shinnick.  Special Thanks: Frank Simhai.

"Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse" "Murder Is a Private Affair" - With Jack Weston as Frankie, trumpet player.  Writing Credits (writer): Frank Fenton.

American Hot Wax - With Fran Drescher as Sheryl.  Also with Frank Campana as Leo Goldstein.  Also with Frankie Ford as Himself.  Also with Christopher Koefoed as Fat Frankie (as Christopher L. Koefoed).

The Amati Girls - With Joe Greco as Uncle Frankie.  Cinematography by: Frank Byers.  Propmaker: Frank Trujillo.  Boom Operator: Frank Meadows.  Electrician (as Frank A. Esposito): Frank Esposito.

"Marked Personal" "Episode #1.1" - With Joseph Blatchley as David Frankland.

"Central nuit" "Embûches de Noël" - With Michel Creton as Franklin.  Also with Franck Capillery as Marco.  Grip: Jean-François Garreau.

F.A.T. - With Ben Lancaster as Franklin.

A Little Resistance - With Brydi Frances as Dhelward.  Also with Christian Charisiou as Franklin.  Also with Boris Granolic as Franklin.

"Satan's House of Yoga" - With Henrique Couto as Franklin.

Twisted Fates - With K. Shawn Edgar as Franklin.

"Monk" - With Courtney Gains as Frank Nunn.  Also with Marc Vann as Curator Miles Franklin.  Also with Frank John Hughes as Trevor Howe.  Also with Tony Armatrading as Mr. Franklin.  Also with Gordon Clapp as Francis Merrigan.  Also with Gill Gayle as Frank Prager.  Also with Amara Zaragoza as Kendra Frank.  Also with Franc Ross.  Also with Judith Scott.  Also with Francesca Vannucci.  Also with John Capodice as Frankie Marino.  Also with Paul Gutrecht.  Also with Frank Novak.  Also with Jimmy Shubert.  Also with Frank Collison as Warrick Tennyson.  Also with Ryan Bollman.  Also with Frankie Ingrassia as Kroger's Receptionist.  Also with François Klanfer.  Also with Nicole Randall Johnson as Frances.  Also with Sandy Francis.  Also with Wade Williams.  Also with Kelly Fiddick.  Also with Robert Pierce.  Also with Tony Franchitto.  Also with Frank Gallegos as Chief Mechanic.  Also with Frank Clem as Ron Neely.  Also with Francisco Paco Vela.  Also with Paul Francis Sullivan.  Also with Frank Potter.  Unit Production Manager: San Francisco (1 Episode, 2002): Lope Yap Jr..  Set Decorator: San Francisco (2 Episodes, 2002): George Zimninsky.  Art Director: New York (1 Episode, 2004): Sarah Frank.  Property Master (1 Episode, 2006): Frank Escobedo.  Property Master: San Francisco (uncredited) (4 Episodes, 2006): Mike Helbig.  On-set Dresser: San Francisco (uncredited) (4 Episodes, 2006): Sean House.  Assistant Props: San Francisco (uncredited) (4 Episodes, 2006): Doni McMillan.  Stunt Coordinator: San Francisco / Stunt Coordinator: Second Unit (2 Episodes, 2002): Rocky Capella.  Key Grip: San Francisco / Key Grip: Second Unit (2 Episodes, 2002): Dave Childers.  Camera Operator: San Francisco / Camera Operator: Second Unit (2 Episodes, 2002): Mickey Freeman.  Gaffer: San Francisco / Gaffer: Second Unit (2 Episodes, 2002): Frank Strzalkowski.  Location Manager: San Francisco / Location Manager: Second Unit (2 Episodes, 2002): Gail Stempler.  Location Scout: San Francisco (2 Episodes, 2006): Dan Kemp.  Picture Car Coordinator: San Francisco (2 Episodes, 2002): Joe Hunter.  Transportation Captain: San Francisco (2 Episodes, 2002): Donald Kasich.  Transportation Coordinator: San Francisco (2 Episodes, 2002): David Pappas.  Script Supervisor: San Francisco (2 Episodes, 2002): Peggy Geary.  Production Coordinator: San Francisco (2 Episodes, 2002): Fran Massimino.  Production Accountant: San Francisco / Production Accountant: Second Unit (2 Episodes, 2002): Joyce Quan.  First Assistant Accountant (uncredited) / Second Assistant Accountant (uncredited) (4 Episodes, 2009): Kendra Frank.  Production Assistant: San Francisco (uncredited) (2 Episodes, 2006): Brad Ungar.  Adr Artist (uncredited) (1 Episode, 2004): Frank Catalano.  Production Assistant: San Francisco (uncredited) (1 Episode, 2006): Zefania Preza.

Boys Will Be Boys - With Joseph Byron Totten as Gerard Franklin (as Joseph B. Totten).  Also with Frank Wunderlee as (as Frank Wonderly).

"25 & Counting" - With Nick Greene.

"The Jack Paar Tonight Show" - With Arlene Francis.  Also with Fran Allison.  Also with Fran Warren.  Also with Frank Fontaine.  Also with Franklin Pangborn.  Also with Frank Verna.  Also with Frank Parker.  Also with Frankie Avalon.  Also with France Nuyen.  Also with Frank Lovejoy.  Also with Frank McGee.  Also with Frank Edwards.  Also with Frank Gorshin.  Also with Frank McHugh.  Also with Frank Reins.  Also with Francis X. Bushman.  Also with Frank De Vol.  Also with Gerald Frank.  Also with Franklin Loehr.  Also with Frank D'Rone.  Also with Joe Franklyn.  Also with Fran Jeffries.  Also with Francis Lederer.  Also with Franklin D'Amore.  Also with Aretha Franklin.  Also with Frank Slocum.

After the Beginning - With Jen Rand as Annabelle Franklin.  Also with Roger Wayne as Matt Franklin.

'Assassin's Creed: Unity' - With Julian Casey as Francois-Thomas Germain.  Also with Eli Ham as François Hanriot (voice).  Also with Jean-François Beaupré as (voice).  Also with François Caffiaux as Additional Voices (voice).  Also with Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Additional Voices (voice).  Also with François Godin as Le Roi des Thunes (voice).  Also with Daniel Picard as Francois-Thomas Germain (voice).  Also with Tony Robinow as Benjamin Franklin / Jacques-François-Xavier de Whyte (voice).  Also with François Trudel as Additional Voices (voice).  Special Thanks: David Francis.  Special Thanks: Jean-Francois Lachapelle.

The Spirit of '76 - With Jay Thomas as Benjamin Franklin... clearly, the filmmakers... sorry, "filmmakers" think very little of ol' Benjy.

"Valerie" "The Return of Uncle Skip" - With Arlene Golonka as Darlene Franklin.  Also with Gerald Gordon as Skip Franklin.  Grip (uncredited): Frank Detone Jr..

Walking Shadows - With Daniel Tuite as Eldon Franklin.

"The Exes" "Knotting Phil" - With Kristen Johnston as Holly Franklin.  Also with Frances Turner as Zoey Banks.  Co-executive Producer (as Franco E. Bario): Franco Bario.  Associate Producer: Frank M. Garritano.

"Murphy's Law" "Convent" - With Philip Martin Brown as John Franklin.

"Babylon 5: In the Beginning" - With Richard Biggs as Stephen Franklin, M.D.  Music by: Christopher Franke.  Musician: Christopher Franke.

"Morton & Hayes" "Home Buddies" - With Bradley Mott as Mr. Franklin.

Graham Crackers - With Karen Terrier as Pat Franklin.

"Gentlemen and Players" "Three Can Play" - With Arthur Whybrow as Sam Franklin.

Spectres - With Tucker Smallwood as Will Franklin.  Also with Lillian Lehman as Fran Mullins.  Modeling: 3D: Franz Zach.  Special Thanks: Frank Della Volpe.

Don't Lose Sight - With Michael Eiden as Dr. Franklyn.

Nika - With Ylenia Mahnic as Nika Franko.  Also with Marjuta Slamic as Mojca Franko.  Also with Sebastian Cavazza as Robert Franko.

"Playing the Field" - With Brigit Forsyth.  Also with Mike Dowling.

"Party Girl" "Payback" - With Amber Cresswell as Daniella Franks.

The Rizen - With Laura Swift as Frances.  Also with Simeon Willis as Lieutenant Franks.  Second Assistant Camera: Charlie France.

Coopersville - With Walt Sloan as Wayne Franks.

Les poètes de Ferré - Avec Alexandre Bergeron son Franky.

Short Insanity 6 - With Franky as Himself (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage).  Also with Steve Buscemi as Himself (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage).  Also with Liv Tyler as Herself (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage).  Also with Sensei Gravina as (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage).  Also with Billy Bob Thornton as (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage).  Also with Alison Armitage as (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage).  Also with Eddie Griffin as (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage).  Also with Jerry Bruckheimer as Himself (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage).  Also with Kenny Bates as Himself (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage).  Also with Gil Birmingham as (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage) (as Billy Black).  Also with Michael Bay as Himself (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage).  Also with Bruce Willis as Himself (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood") (archive footage).  Directed by (segment "Franky Goes To Hollywood"): Brendan Kelly.

"Shake It Up" "Wild It Up" - With Thomas Kasp as Frankie.  Also with Lauren Caster as Frankie's Friend.  Script Supervisor: Frances Alet.

"I am Frankie" "I am... Speechless" - With Alex Hook as Frankie Gaines.

"The Detectives" "Little Boy Clue" - With Robert Karnes as Frank Garmes.

"12 O'Clock High" "The Clash" - With Robert Lansing as Brig. Gen. Frank Savage.  Also with Frank Overton as Maj. Harvey Stovall.  Producer: Frank Glicksman.

"The Investigators" "Style of Living" - With James Franciscus as Russ Andrews.  Also with Gavin MacLeod as Frankie Giff.

"La fleur des pois" - Avec Maria Gabriella Maione son Pada Giustiniani (son Gabriella Frankel).

"Sam Benedict" "Green Room, Grey Morning" - With Frank Albertson as Frank Gordon.  Also with Ken Lynch as Charles DeFranco (as Kenneth Lynch).

The Colors of Love - With Quincy Chad as Franklin Grayson.

"Kung Fu" - With Frank Michael Liu.  Also with Frances Fong.  Also with David Canary.  Also with France Nuyen.  Also with Anne Francis.  Also with Ivor Francis.  Also with Ben Frank.  Also with Frank Whiteman.  Also with Frank Ferguson.  Also with Gary McLarty.  Also with Bill Catching.  Also with Frank Wilcox.  Also with Frank Orsatti.  Series Writing Credits (1 Episode, 1974): Frank Dandridge.  Makeup Artist (36 Episodes, 1972-1974): Frank Westmore.

"JonTron" "The Skateboard Kid" - With George 'Joji' Miller as Pink Guy (as Filthy Frank).

"Bonanza" "The Dilemma" - With Walter Sande as Frank Hamilton.

"Risko" - With John Durren as Frank Harkavy.

"Bramwell" - With Tony Haygarth.  Also with Frankie Cosgrave.  Also with Frankie Jordan.

"Chiefs" "Part 3" - With Saundra Dunson-Franks as Mrs. Hawkins (as Sondra Dunson-Franks).

"Summer Day's Dream" - With John Salew as Franklyn Helmer, an American industrialist.

The Land of Shadowed Sand - With Wylie Maercklein as Frank Herne.

"Bewegte Männer" "Sterne lügen nicht" - With Ingo Naujoks as Frank Hilsmann.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation" "Believe: Part 1" - With Sara Waisglass as Frankie Hollingsworth.

"The Expert" "The Yellow Torrish" - With Basil Henson as Frank Houghton.

"Teachers" "Getting Drilled" - With Richard T. Jones as Frank Humphrey.  Utility (uncredited): Frank Montes.  Assistant Camera: Evey Franceschini.

"Spion unter der Haube" - With Uwe Gauditz as Handlanger in Frankreich (part 2).

Follow That Dream - With Frank DeKova as Jack.

"The Legend of Jesse James" "1863" - With Allen Case as Frank James.

Woman on the Run - With Frank Jenks as Detective Shaw.  Also with Ross Elliott as Frank Johnson.  Also with Frank Baker as Morgue Attendant (uncredited).  Also with Franklyn Farnum as Coroner (uncredited).

"Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre" "When Hell Froze" - With Frankie Kabott as Frankie Joslin.

How the Earth Was Carpeted - With Frank A. Lyons as The Kalpoor of Swat (as Frank Lyon).

UPW: Title Wave - With Frankie Kazarian as Frankie Kazarian.

The Race - With Colm Meaney as Frank Kensay.

The Amazing Mrs. Holliday - With John F. Hamilton as Dr. Kirke (as J. Frank Hamilton).  Also with Frank McLure as Party Guest (uncredited).  (screen Play) And: Frank Ryan.  Associate Producer: Frank Shaw.  Music by (as H.J. Salter): Frank Skinner.

"Shades of Blue" "Undiscovered Country" - With Shuler Hensley as Frank Kovach.

"Recycled Babies" "Merry F?#*!Ng Christmas, Charlie Brown!" - With Dwayne Perkins as Franklin / Samuel L. Jackson.

He Fought for the U.S.A. - With Francis X. Bushman as Frank Langdon - First Brother.  Also with Frank Dayton as Colonel Randolph.

Birdie - With Walter Wilz as Frank Laster.  Directed by : Hubert Frank.  Writing Credits : Hubert Frank.

"Detta har hänt" "Episode #2.1" - With Mikael Syrén as Frank Leboeuf.

"My Three Sons" "Katie's Career" - With Anthony Caruso as Frank Leslie.  Composer: Theme Music: Frank De Vol.  Animal Supplier / Animal Trainer: Frank Inn.

"Chicago Justice" "Tycoon" - With Richard Schiff as Frank Linden.

"The Mentalist" "The Red Ponies" - With Patrick St. Esprit as Frank Lockhardt.  Cinematography by: Frank Perl.

Repossessed - With Floyd Levine as Frank Lot.

"The Lone Wolf" "The Long Beach Story" - With Isabelle Dwan as Frankie Ludwig.

Tigerstreifenbaby wartet auf Tarzan - With Herbert Fritsch as Frank Mackay.  Also with Rüdiger Vogler as Franz.  Also with Frank Thiele as Kommissar.  Still Photographer: François Rossier.  Location Manager: François Rossier.

"Clean Break" "Episode #1.2" - With Adam Fergus as Frank Mallon.

"Crewing Up" - With Eric Schumacher.  Also with Stephen Frankenfield.

"Unschuldig" "Kunstfehler" - With Frank-Michael Köbe as Dr. Mark Simons (as Frank Köbe).  Writing Credits (head Writer): Frank Weiss.  Production Leader: Frank Lübke.

"Accident" "Departure Point" - With Peter Geddis as Frank Martin.

"Judge John Deed" "In Defence of Others" - With Andrew Westfield as Frank Martin.

Hardcore Hearts - With Franco Castan as Pastor Scott Stevenson.  Also with Jeff Prewett as Frank Masterson.

The Mayo Conspiracy - With Burt Horwitz as Franklin Mayono Roosevelt.

"Spotless" "Say What You See" - With Ciarán Owens as Frank McElroy.  Also with Francis Renaud as Capoue.  Carpenter: Frank Collins.  Script Executive (2015): Frances Flannery.

Straight to Hell - With Biff Yeager as Frank McMahon.  Also with Frank Murray as Biff McMahon.  Construction Crew: Francisco Garrido.  Sparks: Juan Francisco Miravet.

Espaldas mojadas - With José Elías Moreno as Frank Mendoza.  Also with Francisco Pando as Empleador (uncredited).

"McNamara's Band" - With Joe Pantoliano as Frankie Milano.

Bowery at Midnight - With Tom Neal as Frankie Mills.

Youth Aflame - With Warren Burr as Frank Monahan.  Musical Director: Frank Sanucci.

"Carnivàle" "Los Moscos" - With Kim Robillard as Frank Mooney.

"The Red Road" "Intruders" - With Nick Gomez as Frank Morgan.  Key Grip (as William Franklin Boone III): Frank Boone.

The Green Pastures - With Frank H. Wilson as Moses (as Frank Wilson).  Script Clerk (uncredited): Frank Fox.

"Richter Alexander Hold" "Das Horrorhochhaus" - Mit Daniel Faust als Frank Müller (im Abspann).  Auch mit Frank Peter Schmidt als Josef Putz (im Abspann).

"Maximum Security" "Pilot" - With Geoffrey Lewis as Frank Murphy.

"Black Scorpion" - With Anthony T. Pennello.  Also with Frank Gorshin as Benjamin Tickerman.  Also with Mike Butters.  Also with Tony Franchitto.  Also with Frank Kowal III.  First Assistant Director (7 Episodes, 2001): Eva Franzen.  Sound Mixer / Boom Operator (8 Episodes, 2001): Taj Franco.  Casting Intern (20 Episodes, 2001): Tony Franchitto.  Story Editor (22 Episodes, 2001): Frances Doel.  Production Secretary (22 Episodes, 2001): Frank Kowal III.  Motorcycle Officer (8 Episodes, 2001): Burton Franks.

Kings & Nines - With Frank Benettieri Jr. as Jimmy Nicks.  Also with Frank Cassone as Diner Patron.  Also with Dean Festa as Frankie Nicks.  Boom Operator / Cable Person: Frank Cassone.  Key Grip: Frank Cassone.

Los mantenidos - With Nathanael León as (as Nothanael León 'Frankestein').

Cinderella Liberty - With Frank Griffin as Obstetrician (as Frank H. Griffin Jr.).  Also with Frank O'Neal as Sailor (uncredited).  Makeup Artist (as Frank H. Griffin Jr.): Frank Griffin.

"Postbus X" - With Kurt Defrancq.  Also with Frank Dierens.  Also with Etienne Van Geel.

"The Asphalt Jungle" "The Lady and the Lawyer" - With Douglas Odney as Frank Orte.  Recording Supervisor: Franklin Milton.

'Mafia III' - With Jack Conley as Frank Pagani (voice).  Also with Frank Ashmore as Leo Galante / Additional Voices (voice).  Also with Frank Diaz as Chuckie (voice) (as Frank Cole).

Clean Break - With Ryan Lieske as Franklin Parkway.

The Sheepman - With Willis Bouchey as Frank Payton.  Also with Franklyn Farnum as Town Loafer (uncredited).  Also with Frank Marlowe as Barney - Townsman (uncredited).  Also with Frank Mills as Townsman (uncredited).  Stunts (uncredited): Frank Mills.

Love Charm - With Eduardo Fajardo as Franklin Perry.  Also with José Franco as Comisario.  Also with Francisco Alarcón as Señor cascarrabias.  Assistant Director (as F. De A. Rovira Beleta): Francisco Rovira Beleta.

"The Vicar of Dibley" "Comic Relief Special 2007" - With John Bluthal as Frank Pickle.

The Coquette - With Frank Richardson as John Darrow.  Also with Frank Clark as Stephen Plummer (as Frank M. Clark).  Directed by : Francis Boggs.  Writing Credits : Francis Boggs.

"Dexter" "Do You Take Dexter Morgan?" - With Frankie J. Allison as Det. Pratt (as Frankie Jay Allison).  Also with Tasia Sherel as Francis.

Titanic: Sinking the Myths - With Frances Fisher as D.E. Bristow.  Also with Zach Mooneyham as Frankfurt Quartermaster.

The Awful Truth - With Robert Allen as Frank Randall.  Also with Frank McLure as Minor Role (uncredited).  Also with Frances Raymond as Minor Role (uncredited).  Also with Frank C. Wilson as Master of Ceremonies (uncredited).

"Pitch" - With Bob Balaban.  Also with Brian Francisco Molina.  Also with Fran Cox.  Stunts (1 Episode, 2016): Quentin Franco.  Best Boy Grip (10 Episodes, 2016): Frank Orozco.  Camera Operator (6 Episodes, 2016): Jerry Franck.  Extras Casting: San Francisco (1 Episode, 2016): Jerry Dwyer Jr..  Set Production Assistant: San Francisco (1 Episode, 2016): Matt Nelson.  Stand-in: San Francisco (1 Episode, 2016): Steven Wiig.

"Sky King" - With Frank Richards.  Also with Anthony George.  Also with Frank J. Scannell.  Also with Ted Wedderspoon.  Also with Gregg Palmer.  Also with Jacqueline Ravell.  Also with Frank Dae.  Also with Ross Elliott.  Also with Otto Reichow.  Also with David Bruce.  Also with Frank Fenton.  Also with John Frank.  Also with Frankie Van.  Series Writing Credits (3 Episodes, 1958): Fran Harris.  Series Writing Credits (2 Episodes, 1956): Fran van Hartesveldt.  Series Film Editing by (4 Episodes, 1952): Frank Capacchione.

"Hallo Robbie!" "Robbie sieht doppelt" - With Alexander-Klaus Stecher as Frank Riedel.

Duffy of San Quentin - With Joe Turkel as Frank Roberts (as Joseph Turkel).  Also with Frank Mills as Convict (uncredited).  Sound (as Frank Webster Jr.): Frank Webster.  Stunts (uncredited): Frank Mills.

"Standoff" "The Kids in the Hall" - With Michael Cudlitz as Frank Rogers.  Key Rigging Grip (uncredited): Frank Klepadlo.

The Profesional - With Paul Dewdney as Frankie Ross.  Still Photographer: Al Frank Monk.

Choker - With Nick Vallelonga as Frank Russo.

Something Creeping in the Dark - With Franco Beltramme as Det. Sam (as Frank Beltramme).  Also with Angelo Francesco Lavagnino as Prof. Lawrence (as Francesco Lavagnino).  Music by: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino.

"Mannix" "Hardball" - With Vincent Beck as Frank Sartino.

"R.I.S. - Die Sprache der Toten" "Königin der Nacht" - With Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen as Franka Schneider.  Also with Frank Muche as Makler Streberg (uncredited).  Writing Credits (adaptation): Frank Koopmann.  Lighting Designer: Martin Frank.  Gaffer: Frank Marggraf.

"Ein Scheusal zum Verlieben" - With Peter Weiß as Dr. Sebastian Franken.

The Tiger Woman - With Frank Marlowe as Burt (uncredited).  Also with Dale Van Sickel as Cliff Shack Thug [Chs. 2-3] / Frank - Depot Worker [Ch. 4] / Mine Heavy [Ch. 8] (uncredited).

"Harry's Law" "Head Games" - With Judith Moreland as Judge Shirley Franklin.

"Die Kanzlei" "Die Sterne lügen nicht" - With Antoine Monot Jr. as Frank Simon.  Also with Frank Röth as Egin von Brede.

"Reagan: Let's Finish the Job" - With Frans Heinsius.  Also with Willem Nijholt.  Also with Frans Ehlhart.  Graphics (4 Episodes, 1986): Frans Schupp.  Lighting Technician (4 Episodes, 1986): Frank van Aggele.  Lighting Design (4 Episodes, 1986): Frans van Barschot.

"Zack and Quack" "Zack's Christmas Letter/The Popped Balloon" - With Baylee Blu Frank as Skip (as Frank Baylee).

"The Gray Ghost" "Father and Son" - With William Allyn as Frank Smith.

Nancy Steele Is Missing! - With Frank Conroy as Dan Mallon.  Also with Frank Coleman as Fat Man (uncredited).  Also with Frank Shannon as 1917 Warden (uncredited).  Also with Richard Terry as Frankie Spain (uncredited).  Writing Credits (story "Ransom"): Charles Francis Coe.

"Harbor Command" "Fisherman's League" - With Tony Rock as Frank St. Angelo.

Sculpture - With Marv Blauvelt as Frank Steele.  Also with Michael R. Thomas as Father Frank.  Caterer: Fran Jacelone.

"Annie Oakley" - With Frank Fenton.  Also with Mickey Simpson.  Also with Duane Grey.  Also with Christopher Cook.  Also with Francis McDonald.  Also with Frank Richards.  Also with Mabel Paige.  Also with John Eldredge.  Also with Damian O'Flynn.  Also with Fritz Ford.  Also with Frank J. Scannell.  Also with Frankie Marvin.  Also with Frank Ellis.  Series Directed by (18 Episodes, 1954-1956): Frank McDonald.  Series Writing Credits (4 Episodes, 1954-1956): Paul Franklin.

The Lady or the Tiger? - With William Tannen as Frank R. Stockton (uncredited).  Writing Credits (story): Frank R. Stockton.

"The Onion News Network" "Asteroid Heads to Earth" - With Andre Ward as James 'Sugar Boots' Franklin.  Key Production Assistant: Karl Frankenfield.

The Riddle of the Silk Stockings - With Frank Smith as Frank Swartz.

"Female Artillery" - With Albert Salmi as Frank Taggert.  Music by: Frank De Vol.

College Lovers - With Jack Whiting as Frank Taylor.  Also with Frank McHugh as Speed Haskins.  Cinematography by: Frank Kesson.

"And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself" - With Eion Bailey as Frank Thayer.  Stunts: Francisco Lambert.  Extras Casting Assistant: Set: Francisco Veyro.  Costumer: Jesús Francisco García.

Le foto proibite di una signora per bene - With Osvaldo Genazzani as Frank, the Commissioner.  Also with Frank Latimore as Peter (voice) (uncredited).  Also with Edward Mannix as Frank (voice) (uncredited).

Love Birds - With Tim Quill as Frank the Gun Store Owner.  Also with Timothy Patrick Quill as Frank the Gun Store Owner... hmm.  Must be twins or something.

"Men in Black: The Series" "The Irritable Bow-Wow Syndrome" - With Eddie Barth as Frank the Pug (voice).  Directed by : Frank Paur.  Producer: Frank Paur.  Character Designer: Frank Paur.

"Nice Town" - With Josette Simon.

"Lark Rise to Candleford" "Episode #3.3" - With Fergus Drysdale as Frank Timmins.

"Thunderbirds" "Security Hazard" - With David Graham as Gordon Tracy.

"Black Harbour" - With Joan Gregson.  Also with Andy Smith.

Echte Wiener - Die Sackbauer-Saga - With Alexander Waechter as Frank V. Hammer / Franz 'Franzi' Vejvoda (as Alexander Wächter).  Also with Franz Buchrieser as Stanek.  Lighting Technician (as Franz Böswarth): Franz Böswart.

"Recht op recht" "Rode kaart" - With Peter Michel as Frank Vanseveren.

"Mary Shelley's Frankenhole" "H.G. Wells' Scary Monster Contest" - With Jeff Bryan Davis as Dr. Victor Frankenstein (voice).  Also with Britta Phillips as Elizabeth Frankenstein (voice).  Model Maker: Emily Franz.  Visual Effects Intern: Alan Franzenburg.

"The Ghouligans! Mini Series" "Chicks Dig Vampires" - ...sniff (wipe away tear).  Greatest series ever... I mean, with Shane McGowin as Fritz Von Frankenstone.  Pull yourself together, M.H.

"The Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer" - With Frank McRae.  Also with Vince Edwards as FBI Agent Frank Walker.  Also with Frank Romano as Postman.  Key Second Assistant Director: New York: François Moullin.  Sound Mixer (as Frank Meadow): Frank Meadows.

"A Vow to Kill" - With Gordon Pinsent as Frank Waring.  Also with Lili Francks as Naomi Mills.  Also with Don Francks as Smithford.  Cinematography by: François Protat.  Special Effects (as Frank Carere): Frank C. Carere

"Zeit genug" - With Pierre Franckh.  Also with Thomas Piper.  Also with Franziska Bronnen.  Also with Frank Müller-Harnig.  Series Directed by (5 Episodes, 1982): Franz Xaver Bogner.  Series Writing Credits (unknown Episodes): Franz Xaver Bogner

"GSG 9 - Die Elite Einheit" "Die Botschaft" - Mit Jorres Risse als Frank Wernitz. 

The Last Way Out - With Kurt Johnson as Frank White. 

"Judging Amy" "Happy Borthday" - With Leland Crooke as Dr. Wilbur Franks.  Casting By: Alexis Frank Koczara

"WWF Championship Wrestling" - With Frank Williams.  Also with Frank Goodish as Bruiser Brody... I didn't know the World Wildlife Fund was into wrestling too!  Weird.

You Can't Get Away with Murder - With Humphrey Bogart as Frank Wilson.  Also with Frankie Burke as Billard Player (uncredited).  Also with Frank Faylen as Boat Tour Guide (uncredited).  Also with Frank Mayo as Keeper Collins (uncredited).  Sound: Francis J. Scheid

Redemption of Captain Zorikh - With Frank Wood as Frank Wood. 

Charva - With Stephen Brent as Frank Yates. 

Charley and the Angel - With Mills Watson as Frankie Zuto.  Set Decoration by: Frank R. McKelvy

ZZ Top: Stages - With Frank Beard as Frank Beard.  Music by : Frank Beard.