Thursday, August 25, 2005

Axe Effect Ad

Anyway, so there's this Axe / Tag Body Spray ad I'm obsessed with now, but now that I've made this image file I think I can move past it. Besides, there's already new ones to ingest and develop an immunity to. They've had some colorful ad campaigns along the way, the Axe/Tag people. The DVD collection of them may make a ripping Boxing Day gift. (Wow! The complete First Season with commentary!) I kinda like the one where we see the Tag Body Spray molecules working their way through the food chain until they get down to maggot level, and the maggots form a heart shape. They've since stopped the creativity and the subtlety of those ads and have now focused on the fundamentals, and so I finally get it now: they're selling the world's first Date Rape perfume. A perfume that gets women to just leap on you. Wow! Foregoing all that touchy feely crap in between. That can only be a positive thing, right?
As for this particular ad, what can I say? Why can't I live in a building with plumbing like that? Ladies discount: "Okay, this is the main living area. There's this shower pipe right in the middle of it, but on the plus side, you can use it as a stripper pole! Turn this place into a nightclub, hire a bouncer, cover charge, serve drinks, help pay the rent." Shyeah, right.

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