Saturday, December 19, 2015

Porky in Remakeland

See now, for someone like me, it's Porky in Wackyland or nothing.  Maybe if I saw Dough for the Do-Do first, of course, I'd think that it was the better of the two.  And maybe if I saw Laurel and Hardy's Perfect Day without the extra music first, I'd think it was the better of the two.  I can't think of an example off hand where I changed my mind and thought the second one I saw was the better... see?  First impressions really are that important!  Remember all those documentaries you saw about birds and their elaborate mating displays?  Well, the same thing applies to people and movies.  Now eat your bacon!
Anyway, you're probably going to kill me for this, but I think I'll save a more in-depth analysis for Porky in Wackyland, the film upon which Dough for the Do-Do is almost completely based.   But I would like to point out that, much like the Stooge shorts, there seems to be some slightly new sequences here.  First of all, the close-up of the "Wackyland" sign seems to have different audio.  In fact, the audio of Dough for the Do-Do seems, in general, to be a lot less wacky.  The big musical number doesn't quite sync as well to the animation this go-round.  Also, they cut out all the times that the dodo bird screams in panic when trying to escape Porky... damn.  Now I gotta calculate the percentage of new footage.  Nice going, The Movie Hooligan.
Anyway, so I think the Wackyland sign's different, and I know for sure that the part where Porky falls before getting introduced to the dodo is different here.  In Porky in Wackyland he slides down a long chute.  Here, he gets the Screwy Squirrel treatment.  Porky's fall is faked with a phony backdrop, and yet, his pain and suffering is real.  I'm thinking of Screwball Squirrel where the dog rolls down the big hill in a barrel, and Screwy Squirrel's at the bottom of the hill providing the musical accompaniment to the dog's epic roll.
As for the third difference, well... SPOILER ALERT.  In Porky in Wackyland, if memory serves, Porky tricks the dodo with a fake newspaper... see, newspapers used to be how people got their news, and yes, to the detriment of our nation's forests.  Now forests are in peril because of architects and their lust for locally sourced materials.  Some things never change.  Here in the instant case, arguably Porky's ruse is much sneakier.  Hint: it's like Wimpy in Hello, How Am IAnd of course, the joke's ultimately on Porky and the last dodo, because a slightly smaller gang of dodo birds comes out of the woodwork and says "Hey!  He got the last dodo!  Dough-de-dough...."  Again, I'm slightly preferential to the finale of Porky in Wackyland... or am I?  I just don't know anymore.  But I will ask, because everyone's on the lookout for stuff that's creepy these days... there's that part where the dodo dances all over Porky and kicks him in the stomach repeatedly, and it's all Porky can do to clutch his stomach in pain and keep his eyes closed.  So, for the sake of all the pork pie hat hipsters out there, I ask... man!  WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH THAT?!!!!!  And now that I think about it, I can see the dodo's point.  I mean, say you're the last of something.  Wouldn't you get tired of the umpteenth person coming up to you and asking, "Are you REALLY the last of... fill-in-the-blank?"  It's like that time Homer and Apu went to the Kwik-E-Mart headquarters and the guy said "You may ask three questions..."  For some reason, I didn't get the joke about Apu's angry reaction after that one at the time.  Maybe I should drag it out of storage again.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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