Monday, February 17, 2020

Auteur Watch - William Dale Jennings

Another double-dipping member of the Auteur Club who's thrown off this mortal coil, and is now in Heaven, holding a light meter next to God's face.  Or maybe he's in the other place?  More fun for film directors and their lighting cameramen down there.  More reds.  But it happens that way a lot.  You got one great ... okay, one passable idea for a novel, and Hollywood turns it into a movie.  And then a TV series.  Hmm!  I sort of touched on that in this week's Box Office Watch!  Wotta small world.  I just need to get out more.  But the guy did try his hand at directing, as most people with his name have.  He was doing some research for his novel, and wanted to try something different.  You know, just to see if he could.  And so we get One Got Fat, apparently a movie about bicycle safety, which makes it probably the only bicycle safety movie with the cast of the Planet of the Apes in it.  I mean... how else to explain this?

...holy Crap!  It's right here on YouTube!  They've got everything.  Now, can you get some of the educational films from MY childhood please?  Some of those "Up on the Mountains / Down on the Plain / And Beside the Beautiful Sea" things where everything was dubbed in later?  Is that asking so bloody much?

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