Sunday, March 11, 2012

Auteur Watch - Karen and Jill Sprecher

Without a doubt, Jill Sprecher is obviously the alpha sister of this duo. Karen doesn't even have a photo of herself on IMDb! Oh, dude. I saw Clockwatchers and liked it well enough, and parts of Thirteen Conversations about One Thing, just before McConaughey entered his stoner dude phase. It probably started with this movie. Then again, there's something wrong with all of us when Parker Posey plays the office's Omega Bitch. And it's not to be confused with Star Trek Guy's Clockstoppers... damn! Another sibling pair to profile. But some auteur pairs weren't meant for the sliver screen. No, some go on to HBO greatness. In this case, Big Love. Oh, is there nothing Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman won't produce? No wonder Hanks was worried about his financial future one time on Letterman. He's got a wife and a twin brother to support... is Big Love's run finally over? For shame. Say it isn't so. I think it's coming back. In the meantime, Jill's got a cinema itch to scratch, so it's back to the 3D multiplex with her latest... her version of Fargo! Why not? Sam Raimi did it. Robin Williams did it. Melissa Leo did it. Even Carmela did it! I gotta go.................................

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