Sunday, March 25, 2012

J.K. Rowling, eat your heart out!

I hate to divert from the most important news of today, but Yahoo! News keeps asking me "Is Cheney too old for a heart?" Do they really want to go to Guantanamo Bay? I say thank God he finally has a heart! I think it finally means that there won't be a chance that, when he is brought into the emergency room again, he won't be mistakenly taken to the morgue because he doesn't have a pulse. Worth every penny. God bless the organ donor program, and may it continue to be a horrible, horrible beacon for the rest of the world. Then again, look what happened to Robert Altman. I hope Cheney's surgeon was better than that guy. Anyway, yes, on to the big news... in a world where chaos reigns and evil flourishes, every once in a while a movie comes along and gives the box office a nice purifying cleansing and TOTALLY BLOWS AWAY the competition! I guess this means that The Hunger Games Part One is the one percent, taking the top 75% of this week's box office total and leaving the other 25% for the other nine losers to divvy up amongst themselves, including the other debut this week, October Baby. Hardly an October surprise, this is the best the Christian right can do on the unlevel playing field of Hollywood. Does former Duke boy John Schneider get to throw in a part about protecting the American flag from getting burned? If so, the directors are weak-willed.

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