Sunday, August 14, 2016

America Commits 'Suicide' for 2nd Week in Row; place 'Sausage' joke here for 2nd Place

Very little fare for the tiddly-winkies this week, but Disney's latest reboot for the 3D market, Pete's Dragon, comes in at #3.  Reminds me of the thing from The NeverEnding Story (#1) that everyone thinks is too creepy now.  So while the kids are watching that, the teens are at Suicide Squad again, and Seth Rogen's latest, Sausage Party.  The Onion gave it about as glowing a review as they could, yet still just a B grade.  So picky. 
But I've just noticed that Bad Moms is hanging int here pretty good.  The first two weeks at #3, and only dropping to #5 this week!  Good demographics on the part of the creators of The Hangover trilogy.  Still unable to capture the inexplicable magic of that first and second installment, but they'll keep right on trying.  And lastly, let's all shed a couple Tears for Frears... Stephen Frears, that is.  His latest is the latest Meryl Streep project, and it's called Florence Foster Jenkins.  Personally, I think it should start like films used to in the old days, with a couple of cartoons... in this case, Streep's impersonation of Trump, the human cartoon.

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