Sunday, May 17, 2020

Microphone in the Wind

Brought to you by Email I Was Going To Delete.  Email I Was Going To Delete!  This week's Email I Was Going To Delete was about food stamps.  I was going to delete it... but then I thought, hmm!  I'm probably going to need that in the next couple months.  Better hang on to it... sorry, Lycos.  Also brought to you by Tara Reade.  Tara Reade!  Openly shilling for Vladimir Putin and against Joe Biden since 2020.  It's cute and all, but we're electing the leader of the free world here.  We know he's not a Sunday school teacher.  It's like all the people who now think Anita Hill is the biggest victim of all time.  Biden was there too, you know!  But we can't take Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court over this, oh God no.  Let's not go completely off the rails here!
Whelp, as long as the world's ending, here's a sad thing I saw today: there was an old woman holding up a sign that was PRO drinking and driving.  You know, nothing about Tesla's driverless cars; apparently, she was serious.  So now it's Mothers FOR Drunk Driving?  We want the killing to start up again?  I guess it makes sense; anything to take our minds off of the microbe currently ravaging the landscape.  I think the kill ratio's still holding strong at 6.8%.  Of course, we don't actually know how many people have it, how many have gotten over it, etc.  So let's try to focus on something else.  The American box office for the weekend's trickling in in fits and starts, which is why you can get a movie like First Lady to make an impact.  They're referring to it as Clueless in the White House, and not just because Stacey Dash is in it.  Actually, I would be shocked if it was actually more clueless than what we currently have in the White House.  Again, Right Wing filmmakers, God bless 'em, they keep trying!  Even Common Sense Media thought it was a piece of crap.  But whatever.  Corbin Bernsen is as good as Patrick Stewart.  A triumph in the era of Coronavirus.  Oh God, please quote me on that.  Worth the risk to venture out to the multiplex to see it.  All too worth it.
Meanwhile, there's another new movie out, with a classic poster to go with it.  It might be too British for me... or is Wolverhampton in Connecticut?  Anyway, it's got something in the title, sounds like a DIY fix-it manual or something... I mean, could it be #InstaFamous: How to Become Famous on Instagram?  No?  Well, how about 2 Thugs: How to Eat Cereal60 Second Film School Presents: How to Be a Producer maybe?  A Short Guide in How to Paint Houses perhaps?  A-List Kickstarter Campaign: How to GuideABC: (How to Be a) MillionaireAdvanced Texas Hold em Secrets: How to Beat the Big BoysAirlock, or How to Say Goodbye in SpaceAlain Petit on 'How to Seduce a Virgin'Alien POV: How to Be an Executive Producer for DummiesAnita Mo's How to Make a Music VideoAudioslave: Show Me How to LiveB Flat - or how to miss a blue noteBackfire: How to Destroy a Presidential CandidateBadger: How to Protect YourselfBear Grylls' How to Stay AliveBecoming Evil: How to Be Michael MyersBee Gees: How to Fall in Love, Part 1Béla Fleck: How To Write A Banjo ConcertoBingoboys Feat. Princessa: How to DanceBlue Man Group: How to Be a MegastarBMW Genius How ToBrewing the Blood: How to Make BloodBridgit Mendler: How to BelieveBroken: How to Make DV Look Like FilmBullets, Boots and Bandages: How to Really Win at WarCamp Rock: How to Be a Rock StarCarnage Feat. Mac Miller & MadeinTYO: Learn How to WatchChapter 2: How to BreatheChapter 2: How to BreatheCheetah Tips! How to Be Cheetah-liciousChef Jay: How to Get from There to HereCherry Healey: How to Get a LifeCHIKARA Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a DinosaurChristie's: How to BuyChristie's: How to SellClassic Educational Shorts: How to Be a WomanCooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life How to Survive Being a Plus OneCrafting Your Career: How to Turn Your Hobby Into a BusinessCraps: How to PlayCraps: How to Play to WinD.I.Y. or Die: How to Survive as an Independent ArtistDan and Dana presents: How to get sex in americaDarci Decorates: How to Cake Decorate - Volume 1Dazzling Photoshop: How to Create Masterpieces in PhotoshopDearreader: How to Turn a Book Into a MovieDelleile Ankrah: Teach Me How to DreamDer Generalmanager oder How to Sell a Tit WonderDeRay Davis: How to Act BlackDestruction Manual: The Complete Guide on How to WakeboardDiscover How to Make Original Audio Books from Scratch...Disobedience or How to Train Fighting RoostersDisobedience or How to Train Fighting RoostersDisobedience or How to Train Fighting RoostersDon't Know How to ActDown to the Crossroads or How to Make a Movie 'Suck'Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon LegendsDriven Hips: How to BehaveEasy Abby: How to Make Love More DifficulteHow: How to Make a Bike Rack for a GarageEnergy and How to Get ItEurobabes Know How to FuckEurotrip: How to Pick a DirectorEvery Prime Minister Needs a Willie: Or How to Be a DeputyEverybody Knows How to Spell LUVFirst Blood Part II: How to Become Rambo Part 2First Blood: How to Become Rambo Part 1FLAUNT: You Sure Know How to Hurt SomeoneFoolish Smarts and How to Lose ThemFoolshead Knows How to Take His PrecautionsFoolshead Learns How to SomersaultFree Show ToniteFungus the Bogeyman: How to Build a BogeymanGame of Thrones: Season 2 - How to Be an ExtraGeorge Burns How to Live to Be 100Glamour Magazine: How to Look SexyGoing the Distance: How to Have a Perfect DateGolden: How to Make a Billion Dollars the Easy WayGovernor Jack's How to Make a Web SeriesGQ: How to Be a ManHairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight"Mike Cernovich Livestreams" Hard Work, Hard Rest: How to Sleep Well, Reduce Anxiety, and Live BetterHey, Girl Teach Me How to OllieHigh Crimes: How to Beat a Polygraph with Sue Doucette"Vincent James of the Red Elephants" Hollywood and Low IQ Teens Tell You How to Vote in the Midterm ElectionsHouse of Odin or: How to Get a Part in GOTHow To (segment from television program)How ToHow ToHow to Abandon ShipHow to Ace an InterventionHow to Achieve G-Spot OrgasmsHow to Act and Eat at the Same TimeHow to Act BadHow to Act Like a Man When You Look Like a MaddowHow to Act on CameraHow to Act on Reality TVHow to Act StraightHow to Adopt a Dog on HalloweenHow to AdventureHow to AnimateHow to Answer the FoolHow to Apply for a Sexual PositionHow to Assemble Our PCHow to Astral Project"Vee" How to Attract GirlsHow to Avoid Annoying PeopleHow to Avoid Awkward SituationsHow to Avoid FriendshipHow to Avoid Sexual TemptationHow to Awaken Pure AwarenessHow to Bake It in HollywoodHow to Bang a BritHow to Barbecue with PigsHow to BeHow to BeHow to Be a 90's GamerHow to Be a Better AmericanHow to Be a Better Boyfriend Through LyingHow to Be a Better Lover: Bedroom BasicsHow to Be a BillionaireHow to Be a Black PantherHow to Be a BullyHow to Be a Cyber-LovahHow to Be a Decent Human BeingHow to be a Demoscene KingHow to Be a DetectiveHow to Be a DetectiveHow to Be a Director: 10 Easy Steps to Fortune and FameHow to Be a DJHow to Be a Famous Internet StarHow to Be a Fan with HexHow to Be a Female DirectorHow to Be a Gangster in AmericaHow to Be a GardenerHow to Be a GentlemanHow to Be a GirlHow to Be a GirlHow to Be a Good ListenerHow to Be a Grown UpHow to Be a HitmanHow to Be a Hollywood Player in Less Than Ten MinutesHow to Be a Hong Kong SuperstarHow to Be a KillerHow to Be a Latin LoverHow to Be a Little SodHow to Be a Loan SharkHow to Be a ManHow to Be a MartianHow to Be a Model (A 12 Step Plan)How to Be a Perfect Person in Just Three DaysHow to Be a PlayerHow to Be a PrinceHow to Be a Property DeveloperHow to Be a Rockstar: The Wasteful Consumption Patterns StoryHow to Be a SailorHow to Be a SeniorHow to Be a Serial KillerHow to Be a SexStarHow to Be a SocialiteHow to be a Southern RomanHow to Be a Startup in 21 DaysHow to Be a StonerHow to Be a SuperheroHow to Be a SupervillainHow to Be A Terrorist: In Hollywood with Abu NazirHow to Be a VampireHow to Be a VillainHow to Be a Wild ElephantHow to Be a Wise GuyHow to Be a WizardHow to be a World Music Star: Buena Vista Bhundu Boys and BeyondHow to Be a WriterHow to Be Absolutely FabulousHow to be AloneHow to Be AloneHow to Be AloneHow to Be an Action StarHow to Be an ActorHow to Be an Actress in LAHow to Be an AdventurerHow to Be an AlienHow to Be an Ex-Prime MinisterHow to Be an Internet Celebrity with the Food ChickHow to Be Australian... with Vin and RajHow to Be Bohemian with Victoria Coren MitchellHow to Be BraveHow to be British: Comic ReliefHow to Be BrokeHow to Be CoolHow to Be CoolHow to Be CreativeHow to Be Cute and Break HeartsHow to Be DeadHow to Be DeadHow To Be DeadlyHow to Be DeadlyHow to be Donna ReedHow to Be EdwardianHow to Be Eighteenth CenturyHow to Be England ManagerHow to Be Epic @ EverythingHow to Be ExcellentHow to Be FamousHow to Be FreeHow to Be FunnyHow to Be GayHow to be HappyHow To Be HappyHow to Be HappyHow to be HappyHow to Be Happy in a Loveless MarriageHow to Be Happy Though MarriedHow to Be Happy Though MarriedHow to Be Home SecretaryHow to Be HotHow to Be HumanHow to Be HumanHow to Be IndieHow to be Instagram FamousHow to Be KidnappedHow to Be Lonely & DepressedHow to Be LouiseHow to Be Miserable and Enjoy ItHow to Be More AsianHow to Be More AverageHow to be More InclusiveHow to Be OldHow to Be PerfectHow to Be PopularHow to Be RidiculousHow to Be SexyHow To Be SexyHow to Be SingleHow to Be Single in RioHow to be Suave: Dad EditionHow to be Suave: Dating EditionHow to Be Suave: Mom EditionHow to Be Successful by Using Pictures to Program Your Own MindHow To Be Successful Playing The Sax!How to be the Best Instagram BoyfriendHow to Be the Life of a Cocktail PartyHow to Be Today's Action HeroHow to Be Very Very Good at EditingHow to Be Very, Very PopularHow to Be YoursHow to Be: EmoHow to Beat a BullyHow to Beat BoredomHow to Beat the High Cost of LivingHow to Beat Your Sister-in-Law (at everything)How to become a believable characterHow to Become a Criminal MastermindHow to Become a Fascinating SpeakerHow to Become a Filmmaker with 10 DollarsHow to Become a Hollywood StuntmanHow To Become A PresidentHow to Become a Pretty GirlHow to Become a World Champion 28 TipsHow to become A ZombieHow to Become an Action Star in Ten Weeks (The True Story of How I Found Love)How to Become an AmericanHow to Become an Internet CelebrityHow to Become an OutlawHow to Become an OutlawHow to become clairvoyant and reach God-consciousnessHow to become extremely smartHow to Become FamousHow to Become Invisible: The Dawn of Digital Visual EffectsHow to Begin a Film About Javier AguirreHow to BehaveHow to BehaveHow to Blow a (French) KissHow to Blow Up a Helicopter (Ayako's Story)How to Blow Up Your BabysitterHow to Boil a FrogHow to Boil an Egg: Part 1How to Boil Potatoes: The FinaleHow to Boil WaterHow to Braid & How Not to Braid: Mom AdditionHow to Brand a Film: Jan-Christopher Horak on Saul Bass and 'Cowboy'How to Break 90 #1: The GripHow to Break 90 #2: Position and Back SwingHow to Break 90 #3: Hip ActionHow to Break 90 #4: DownswingHow to Break 90 #5: ImpactHow to Break 90 #6: Fine PointsHow to Break 90 at CroquetHow to Break a HeartHow to Break Bad NewsHow to Break Into FashionHow to Break Up a Happy DivorceHow to Break Up in 13 StepsHow to Break Up with Someone on VineHow to Break Up with Your DouchebagHow to Break Up with Your GirlfriendHow to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Before Football SeasonHow to Break Up with Your MotherHow to BreatheHow to Breathe UnderwaterHow to Breed GibbonsHow to Build a Better BeingHow to Build a Better BoyHow to Build a Bionic ManHow to Build a Carpet MonsterHow to Build a CathedralHow to Build a DinosaurHow to Build a FortHow to Build a GirlHow to Build a HumanHow to Build a HumanHow to Build a MentronHow to Build a PlanetHow to Build a RainforestHow to Build a RobotHow to Build a School in HaitiHow to Build a TerrariumHow to Build a Time MachineHow to Build an HO Train Layout: From Benchwork to Running the TrainsHow to Build an IslandHow to Build an O Gauge Rollaway Train Layout: Beginner & Advanced: Using Lionel O-31 Tubular TrackHow to Build an O Gauge Train Layout Beginner & Advanced: Using Lionel FasTrackHow to Build Your Vision from the Ground Up: Q&A With Bishop T.D. JakesHow to Build...How to Build... EverythingHow to Bury BettyHow to Bury the DeadHow to Buy a BabyHow to Buy a Mountain BikeHow to Buy a PuppyHow to Calm Her DownHow to Care for Your OrchidHow to Carry a PackageHow to Catch a ColdHow to Catch a ColdHow to Catch a CriminalHow to Catch a Feeling and When to Let It GoHow to Catch a GhostHow to Catch an ElfHow to Caucus in Iowa: BernieHow to Change a Boring Into Amazing Sunset Lightroom 4 TutorialHow to Change a Tire Like a Badass BitchHow to Change the WorldHow to Change the WorldHow to Change the WorldHow to Change the WorldHow to CheatHow to Cheat in the Leaving CertificateHow to Cheat on Your GirlfriendHow to Cheat on Your WifeHow to Cheat the BlueprintHow to ChooseHow to Choose a WifeHow to Clean a Cast Iron PanHow to Clean HouseHow to clean up your house in just one minute.How to Clean Your TrumpetHow to Collect Wild TreesHow to Come HomeHow to Come Out to Your ParentsHow to Commit FraudHow to Commit MarriageHow to CompostHow to ConHow to contact your Spirit Guides and AngelsHow to CookHow to CookHow to Cook Great FoodHow to Cook Like HestonHow to cook SamgyetangHow to Cook with Master Chef Pier ÖmerHow to Cook Your DaughterHow to Cook Your LifeHow to Cope with RejectionHow to Cover Up the Death of Your Best FriendHow to Crash a Car in Two HoursHow to Create a Vintage Look for Portraits or Weddings Using Lightroom 4 Presets TutorialHow to Cross a BorderHow to Cure a ColdHow to Cut a ThroatHow to DanceHow to Dance the ShagHow to Dance Through Time, Vol I: The Romance of Mid-19th Century Couples DanceHow to Dance Through Time, Vol II: Dances of the Ragtime Era 1910-1920How to Dance Through Time, Vol III: The Majesty of Renaissance DanceHow to Dance Through Time, Vol IV: The Elegance of Baroque Social DanceHow to Dance Through Time, Vol V: Victorian Era Couples DancingHow to Dance Through Time, Vol VI: A 19th Century Ball - The Charm of Group DancesHow to Date a Girl Who's Stronger Than YouHow To Date Beautiful WomenHow to Date CouplesHow to DealHow to Deal (with a Wedgie)How to Deal with an Axe MurdererHow to Deal with DemonsHow To Deal With DisappointmentHow to Deal with TelemarketersHow to Deal with Women: Volume IIHow to Deal with YouTube TrollsHow to Debate a Creationist?How to Define the RelationshipHow to Defuse a Bomb: The Project Children StoryHow to Deliver a Baby at WorkHow to Describe a CloudHow to Design an Interstellar Message for ExtraterrestrialsHow to Destroy Angels: How Long?How to Destroy Angels: Live in ChicagoHow to Destroy Angels: The Space in BetweenHow to Destroy Angels: Ice AgeHow to Destroy the World: FoodHow to Destroy the World: GamesHow to Destroy the World: RubbishHow to Destroy the World: TransportHow to Deter a RobberHow to Die in OregonHow to DigHow to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the WorldHow to Dine at René Redzepi's new noma (Without a Reservation)How to Dine VeganHow to Direct a CommercialHow to Disappear CompletelyHow to Disappear CompletelyHow to Disappear CompletelyHow to Disappear CompletelyHow to Disappear CompletelyHow to Disappear CompletelyHow to Disappear CompletelyHow to Disappear Without a TraceHow to Discover Habitable PlanetsHow to Divorce Without Screwing Up Your ChildrenHow to Do a Boston AccentHow to Do Bitesize MathsHow To Do EverythingHow to Do FloridaHow to Do ImpressionsHow to Do ItHow to Do It and Why; or, Cutey at CollegeHow to Do Killer Pull-upsHow to Do Research in the LibraryHow to Do Screenwriting GoodHow to Do the Asian SquatHow to Do ThingsHow to Do Your TaxesHow to Draw 'Futurama' in 10 Very Difficult StepsHow to Draw 'Futurama' in 83 Easy StepsHow to Draw a BunnyHow to Draw a Human HeartHow to Draw a Perfect CircleHow to Draw Comics from Script to PrintHow to Draw Comics the Marvel WayHow to Draw DogsHow to Dress for HalloweenHow to Dress for the End of the WorldHow to Drink Like a ManHow to Drop Out of CollegeHow to Drown a WolfHow to Drown Dr. Mracek, the LawyerHow to Dump a DickHow to Dump Your MatesHow to EatHow to Eat a BananaHow to Eat BaconHow to Eat EggnogHow to Eat Fried WormsHow to Eat Like a ChildHow to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy It)How to Educate a Wife?  How about... note to all who read this: DO NOT TRY TO EDUCATE A WIFE.  TIME'S UP, HUSBANDS.  THEM TOO.  Moving on, how about How to Enjoy Wine?  Enjoy responsibly.  Maybe How to Enrich Yourself by Driving Women Into Emotional and Financial BankruptcyHow to Enter a BedroomHow to Explain to Your Friend Why Politics Ruin EntertainmentHow to Extract the ColorHow to F*** a French WomanHow to Fail in AdvertisingHow to Fail in Hollywood... and Kill the DreamHow to Fake It in AmericaHow to FallHow to Fall in LoveHow to Fall in LoveHow to Feel in America TodayHow to Figure Income TaxHow to Fill a Wild Wet T-shirtHow to Film Your NeighbourHow to Find a HusbandHow to Find a Husband...How to Find EmploymentHow to Find Lake NoraHow to Find Love in New York CityHow to Find Love OnlineHow to Find Your ConfidenceHow to Find Your CreativityHow to Find Your DragonHow to FishHow to Fix a CarHow to Fix the Music IndustryHow to Fix the WorldHow to FlirtHow to Flirt with WomenHow to Fly a KiteHow to Fly the B-17 (Part 1, Ground Operations)How to Fly the B-17 (Part 2, Flight Operations)How to Fly the B-26 AirplaneHow to Fly: the Treasure in the SkyHow to Fold a Fitted Bottom SheetHow to Fold a Fitted SheetHow to Fold a FlagHow to Follow StrangersHow to Follow the CampaignHow to ForgetHow to Frame a FiggHow to Gain the Most Realistic Performance PossibleHow to Geocache Like a BallerinaHow to Get 6 Pack Abs in One DayHow To Get A Bae!How to Get a BoyfriendHow to Get a Council HouseHow to Get a DateHow to Get a Date Using SiriHow to Get a Girl in 60 SecondsHow to Get a GirlfriendHow To Get A Guy In Three Easy StepsHow to Get a Head in SculptureHow to Get a LifeHow to Get a Promotion: RaindanceHow to Get a Wellesley GirlHow to Get a WomanHow to Get Ahead at Medieval CourtHow to Get Ahead in AdvertisingHow to Get Ahead in BusinessHow to Get Ahead in LifeHow to Get Ahead...How to Get and Keep an AgentHow to Get ArrestedHow to Get Away with CheatingHow to Get Away with ItHow to Get Away with MurderHow to get better at dating apps (Tinder, Bumble and Hinge)How to Get CaughtHow to Get CleanHow to Get Featured on DeadlineHow to Get Fired from Your JobHow to Get Free PizzaHow to Get from Here to ThereHow to Get GirlsHow to Get Girls to Like Your Dick PicHow to Get Girls with Keith BrownHow to Get Grandma to Stop Using the F-Word with Funnel Cake FlowersHow to Get Her Number (5 Simple Steps)How to Get High in 2015How to Get Into Any PartyHow to Get LaidHow to Get LaidHow to Get Laid at the End of the WorldHow to Get Laid with FacebookHow to Get LostHow to Get LuckyHow to Get More SexHow to Get MuggedHow to Get Out of a Speeding TicketHow to Get Over a HeartbreakHow To Get Popular On YouTube, FastHow to Get Respect Without Being a Bully: Jordan PetersonHow to Get RichHow to Get Rich in 13 Easy StepsHow to Get Rich in Television Without Really TryingHow To Get Rid Of A Body (and still be friends)How to Get Rid of a GhostHow to Get ScabiesHow to Get SwaggerHow to Get Swagger 101How to Get the GirlHow to Get the GuyHow to Get What You Really, Really, Really, Really WantHow to Get What You WantHow to Get Your Dream JobHow to Get Your Friend a DateHow to Get... RevengeHow to Give a Relaxing MassageHow to Glasgow LingoHow to Go Faster and Influence People: The Gordon Murray F1 StoryHow to Go on a Man DateHow to Go Out on a Date in QueensHow to Go PlacesHow to Go to a French RestaurantHow to Graduate College at 17 But Finish High School at 18How to Graft the Tree of KnowledgeHow to Green Your HomeHow to Greet the DeadHow to Grieve ProperlyHow to Gromble a FlubHow to Grow a BandHow to Grow a Fig TreeHow to Grow a Man BunHow to Grow a PlanetHow to Grow Cymbidium OrchidsHow to Grow UpHow to Grow Your OwnHow to Handle a WomanHow to Handle WomenHow to Haunt a HouseHow to Have a BathHow to Have a Happy MarriageHow to Have a Moneymaking Garage SaleHow to Have an Accident at WorkHow to Have an Accident in the HomeHow to Have Fun!How to Have Sex After MarriageHow to Have Sex on a PlaneHow to HideHow to Hide a Dead BodyHow to Hold Your Husband - BACKHow to Hook Up Your Home TheaterHow to Host a BBQ with Richard KarnHow to Host UNiteHow to Hug a Man [An Instructional Video]How to HuntHow to Hunt Wild TurkeysHow to Immigrate to CanadaHow to Impress a GirlHow to Improve Your HouseHow to Irritate Harcore DandiesHow to Join a SororityHow to Join the Circus of Grimm: Red's StoryHow to Judge Character by the FaceHow to Juggle and Other Cheap TricksHow to Keep a HusbandHow to Keep a ManHow to Keep a SecretHow to Keep CoolHow to Keep the Red Lamp BurningHow to Keep Your Day JobHow to KillHow to Kill 400 DupontsHow to Kill a Celebrity and Get Away with ItHow to Kill a Dead SoulHow to Kill a ManHow to Kill a MockingbirdHow to Kill a PitchHow to Kill a RattlesnakeHow to Kill a RoseHow to Kill a ZombieHow to Kill a ZombieHow to Kill a ZombieHow to Kill a Zombie: Civil Undead ProtectionHow to Kill an AliasHow to Kill Christian: Or How We Made Our First Movie and Didn't Kill Each OtherHow to Kill My BoyfriendHow to Kill My GirlfriendHow to Kill Someone You HateHow to Kill Your BossHow to Kill Your Boss 101How to Kill Your CloneHow to Kill Your Girlfriend's CatHow to Kill Your Neighbor's DogHow to Kill Your Sister and Make Millions While Doing ItHow to Kill Yourself Without DyingHow to KissHow to Kiss a Dead GirlHow to Kiss a FrogHow to Knit a SweaterHow to Know GodHow to Know if You're a Douchebag: Anatomy of a DouchebagHow to Know If You're Dating a NarcissistHow to Know if You're DeadHow to Land a ManHow to Let Go of the World: and Love All the Things Climate Can't ChangeHow to Lie to Your WifeHow to Lie with ChartsHow to LifeHow to Listen to a PodcastHow to Live 100 YearsHow to Live a LifeHow to Live and How to Die: John Casey (1943-2017)How to Live BetterHow to Live ForeverHow to Live ForeverHow to Live in a CaveHow to Live Like a LadyHow to Live Like a Millionaire When You're a Million ShortHow to Live to 100How to Live with a Neurotic DogHow to Live with a Neurotic DogHow to Live with a Vegan Without Killing ThemHow to Live with WomenHow to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)How to Live Without ExperienceHow to Live Your Life CorrectlyHow to Look at a PaintingHow to Look CuteHow to Look Good NakedHow to Look Good NakedHow to Look Good Naked CanadaHow to Look Up to 10 Years YoungerHow to LoseHow to Lose a Girl in One DateHow to Lose a Guy in 10 DaysHow to Lose a Wife and Find a LoverHow to Lose at Arguing with Your WifeHow to Lose CompletelyHow to Lose Friends & Alienate PeopleHow to Lose HerHow to Lose Jobs & Alienate GirlfriendsHow to Lose SightHow to Lose the PresidencyHow to Lose Weight and Save the WorldHow to Lose Weight in 4 Easy StepsHow to Lose Weight in 60 SecondsHow to Lose Weight WellHow to Lose Your VirginityHow to LoveHow to Love a GeekHow to Love A SistaHow to Love the MudHow to Love Your DemonHow to Love Your LoverHow to Lucid Dream and Find Out Who Your Friends AreHow to MakeHow to Make $14,000 with your Music with Only $20How to Make 12 CookiesHow to Make a BabyHow to Make a BabyHow to Make a BabyHow to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of your MomHow to Make a Book with SteidlHow to Make a Canadian FilmHow to Make a Chocolate CakeHow to Make a CocksicleHow to Make a David Lynch FilmInstrucciones para flotar un muertoHow to Make a Deal with the DevilHow to Make a Dirty MovieHow to Make a DocumentaryHow to Make a DollHow to Make a Dollarbill in BrooklynHow to Make a FilmHow To Make A FilmHow to Make a FilmHow to Make a Film for Nothing (and Other Useful Information for Wasters)How to Make a Film in 48 HoursHow to Make a FreakHow to Make a GhostHow to Make a GuruHow to Make a Heart BeatHow to Make a HeartbeatHow to Make a Hit SongHow to Make a ManHow to Make a Million: Do Not Forget to Feed the ElephantHow to Make a MonsterHow to Make a MonsterHow to Make a MonsterHow to Make a MonsterHow to Make a Movie Using Web PromotionHow to Make a Movie: the PitchHow to Make a Movie?How to Make a Mullet: The Making of Night of the MulletsHow to Make a NightmareHow to Make a Number One RecordHow to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly SandwichHow to Make a Phantastik FilmHow to Make a PizzaHow to Make a QuesadillaHow to Make a Reality StarHow to Make a Royal Marines OfficerHow to Make a Sandwich from ScratchHow to Make a Sexy SandwichHow to Make a Silent FilmHow to Make a Snuff FilmHow to make a vineyardHow to Make a Zombie MovieHow to Make Afang SoupHow to Make an Adirondack PackbasketHow to Make an American QuiltHow to Make an AthleteHow to Make an Australian Feature FilmHow to Make an Independent FilmHow to Make an Old-FashionedHow to Make Artificial Life: a Synthia CellHow to Make BitchpopHow to Make Chicken Cordon Bleu on Ecstasy: Do Anything StonedHow to Make Christmas Carp?How to Make Cool Home MoviesHow to Make CrackersHow to Make Crushed GrapesHow to Make Delicious Acorn CoffeeHow to Make Dhyrak: A Dramatic Work for Three Players and Camera, Truncated with Only Two PlayersHow to Make FriendsHow to Make FriendsHow to Make FriendshipsHow to Make It BigHow to Make It in AmericaHow to Make It in Echo ParkHow to Make it in FilmmakingHow to Make It in Hollywood Before You Make ItHow to Make It in New York on $15 a DayHow to Make It in the Music Industry: Steps to Stardom, Vol. 1How to Make it to the Promised LandHow to Make Kimchi According to My Kun-UmmaHow to Make Love to a WomanHow to Make Love to a WomanHow to Make Love to My WifeHow to Make Meat LoafHow to Make Money on YoutubeHow to Make Money Selling DrugsHow to Make MoviesHow to Make Movies at HomeHow to Make Salisbury Steak (Meal)How to Make TeaHow to Make the Best Film EverHow to Make the Cruelest MonthHow to Make the Perfect Tea Party (for Dolls)How to Make Trick ShotsHow to Make Your First Billion... and Change the WorldHow to Make Your Husband DinnerHow to Make Your Lover HelplessHow to Make Your Own Paul Pilot RecordHow to Make Your Zombie FriendlyHow to MakeupHow to Manage a DivorceHow to Manage ExpectationsHow to MANifest® the Man of Your DreamsHow to Marry a BillionaireHow to Marry a Billionaire: A Christmas TaleHow to Marry a MillionaireHow to Marry a MillionaireHow to Marry a MinkHow to Marry a PrinceHow to Marry a VampireHow To Master DebateHow to MatterHow to Measure the Height of Standing Alone Object with the Help of Available FundsHow to Meet a Perfect NeighborHow to Meet Girls from a DistanceHow to Meet Judd ApatowHow to Meet WomenHow to Motion Capture with iJustineHow to Mount and Mattle ArtworkHow to Move OnHow to Mow Your Yard on PCPHow to Murder a MillionaireHow to Murder a Rich UncleHow to Murder Your WifeHow to Murder Your WifeHow to NotHow to Not Get RapedHow to Not Get RapedHow to Not Kill a WomanHow to Not Kill EveryoneHow to Not Rob a BankHow to Open a Banana with Correct EtiquetteHow to Open a DoorHow to Open a StrawHow to Operate Behind Enemy LinesHow to Operate Your BrainHow to Order Lunch Like a LawyerHow to Order the Perfect Flat WhiteHow to Organize Your Next D & D NightHow to Out-Drink YourselfHow to overcome fearsHow to PartyHow to Pass a Class in Ten Days or LessHow to Pass the TimeHow to Photoshop EveryoneHow to Pick Up GirlsHow to Pick Up GirlsHow to Pick Up Girls: A Guide for the Dating ImpairedHow to Pick Up Girls!How to Pick Up WomenHow to Piss Off an AfricanHow to Piss Off Your Girlfriend in 66 SecondsHow to Plan a Movie MurderHow to Plan an Orgy in a Small TownHow to Play 'Fantastic Gymnastics!' - Hasbro GamingHow to Play 'Flip Challenge!' - Hasbro GamingHow to Play 'It's Been Awhile' by Staind on Guitar TutorialHow to PlayHow to Play BaseballHow to Play ChessHow to Play CricketHow to Play FootballHow to Play GolfHow to Play IdiotHow to Play One Call Away by Charlie Puth on PianoHow to Play Pool: 8 BallHow to Play Rock Paper ScissorsHow to Play TabinetHow to Play the PianoHow to Play the Seduction GameHow to Please a Woman in 3 Easy StepsHow to Pose for PicturesHow to Prepare to Own a Home in CanadaHow to Prevent a Nuclear WarHow to Procrastinate 101How to Promote a MovieHow to Pull BirdsHow to Purchase a CarHow to Quit Smoking at the Moon HotelHow to Quit Your JobHow to ragga på girls at: HemmafestenHow to Raise a BabyHow to Raise a BabyHow to Raise a Streetsmart ChildHow to Re-Caulk a Bathtub by YourselfHow to Re-Establish a Vodka EmpireHow to Reach God Through Proper ExercisingHow to ReadHow to Read LipsHow to Read MindsHow to Read Music: Keyboard VersionHow to Read the BibleHow to Recapture Mewtwo: The MovieHow to Rekindle a FriendshipHow to RelaxHow to Reload Ammunition: Reloading Made Easy!How to Rid Your Lover of a Negative Emotion Caused by You!How to Ride a HorseHow to Ride a TrainHow to RobHow to Rob a Bank (and 10 Tips to Actually Get Away with It)How to Rob a Bank and Get Away with ItHow to Rob a HouseHow to RockHow to Rock a First DateHow to Run Away from Home: and other useful tips for the roadHow to Run Into LoveHow to RustHow to Save a LifeHow to Save a LifeHow to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your LifeHow to Save a Tribe: the women who rescued the SamaritansHow to Save UsHow to Save Water by Fixing Your Leaky ToiletHow to Save Your DarlingHow to Save Your Dog's LifeHow to Say 'No' to a Rapist... and SurviveHow to Say GoodbyeHow to Say I Love You with VideoHow to Say I Love You.How to Say I'm SorryHow to Scare AdultsHow to Scare the Sh*T Out of BurglarsHow to Score Your LifeHow to Score... a MovieHow to Seduce a PlayboyHow to Seduce a WomanHow to Seduce Difficult WomenHow to Seduce Michelle Obama (Secret Service Rap)How to Sell a Broken HeartHow to Sell a FilmHow to Fake a WarHow to Sell Your Husband a Washing MachineHow to Sell Your SoulHow to Sell Your Soul for Fifteen Minutes of FameHow to Set a House on FireHow to Set Up Your Single FriendsHow to Sex Your SnakeHow to Shape a Town?How to Shoot a CrimeHow to Shoot and Retouch the Milky WayHow to Shoot Boudoir PhotographyHow to Simplify and OrganizeHow to Sing Like a Famous PersonHow to Sink a Paper BoatHow to Sit in ChurchHow to Skin a CatHow to Skin a FoxHow to Slay a VampireHow to SleepHow to SleepHow to SM: Shibari no Technique 1How to Smell a Rose: A Visit with Ricky Leacock at his Farm in NormandyHow to Smoke PotHow to Smuggle a Hernia Across the Border"Mike Cernovich Livestreams" How to Solve the Problem of Internet HarassmentHow to Speak ClearlyHow to Speak to a Scottish PersonHow to Spell RevengeHow To Spell Revenge (Final)How to Sponsor a UterusHow to Spoon with Michael C. HallHow to Spot a NarcissistHow to Spot AsiaphilesHow to Stage a CoupHow to Stalk a VampireHow to Stand in Line for Star WarsHow to Stand Up for YourselfHow to StartHow to Start a BandHow to Start a BusinessHow to Start a RevolutionHow to Start a RiotHow to Start a WarHow to Start the DayHow to Start Your Own CountryHow to Start Your Own CountryHow to Start Your Own Successful BusinessHow to Stay Healthy, Live Longer & Cut Your Medical CostsHow to Stay MarriedHow to Stay WellHow to Stay YoungHow to Steal 2 MillionHow to Steal a BedHow to Steal a MillionHow to Steal an AirplaneHow to Steal the WorldHow to Stop a Man from Committing SuicideHow to Stop Being a LoserHow to Stop Being AfraidHow to Stop GodzillaHow to Stop MotionHow to StoppieHow to Strip for Your LoverHow to Study Your Bible for KidsHow to Stuff a Wild BikiniHow to Stuff a WoodpeckerHow to Sub-LetHow to Succeed at BirthHow to Succeed in Business Without Really DyingHow to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingHow to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingHow to Succeed in Film Festivals... Without Really TryingHow to Succeed with GirlsHow to Succeed with WomenHow to Summon Your DemonHow to SurviveHow to Survive 2How to Survive a BreakupHow to Survive a Broken HeartHow to Survive a Fall from 35,000 FeetHow to Survive a Horror FilmHow to Survive a Horror Film: Cabin in the WoodsHow to survive a killerHow to survive a killer 2How to Survive a MarriageHow to Survive a PlagueHow to Survive a Vampire AttackHow to Survive a Zombie ApocalypseHow to Survive a Zombie ApocalypseHow to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse in RetailHow to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse with Odo JohnsonHow to Survive a Zombie AttackHow to Survive a Zombie Attack (Public Service Announcement)How to Survive a Zombie Attack Part 2: The Return of Joey BurritoHow to Survive an Asteroid Strike: An Asteroid Day SpecialHow to Survive an EarthquakeHow to Survive Blank in CollegeHow to Survive High SchoolHow to Survive in CanadaHow to Survive in Freezing Michigan WeatherHow to Survive the 70s and Maybe Even Bump Into HappinessHow to Survive the End of the WorldHow to Survive the KnightHow to Survive the Los Angeles MetroHow to Survive the Property CrisisHow to Survive the Zombie ApocalypseHow to Survive the Zombie ApocalypseHow to Survive the Zombie ApocalypseHow to Survive University (Without Really Trying)How to Survive your Shitty JobHow to Swear ReligiouslyHow to SwimHow to Swim from Cuba to FloridaHow to TacoHow to Take a BathHow to Take a Great ShowerHow to Take a Slutty SelfieHow to Take a VacationHow to Take Stunning PicturesHow to Take the Perfect Hadoken PhotoHow to TalkHow to Talk AustraliansHow to Talk to a Film MajorHow to Talk to a Person Who Can't HearHow to Talk to Clouds with Gregor RossHow To Talk To Girls at PartiesHow to Talk to KidsHow to Talk to StrangersHow to Talk to WomenHow to Talk to Your Teen About SexHow to Tell a Campfire StoryHow to Tell a True War StoryHow to Tell When a Relationship Is OverHow to Tell You're a DouchebagHow to Throw a Great PartyHow to Tie a Double Windsor on CrackHow to Tie a LadyHow to Tie a NecktieHow to Tie a TieHow to Tie a Tie VideoHow to Time TravelHow to Train a Boyfriend #1How to Train a Boyfriend #4How to Train A Boyfriend #5How to Train a Boyfriend #6: usHow to Train a Boyfriend #7How to Train a DogHow to Train Your DragonHow to Train Your DragonHow to Train Your Dragon 2How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden WorldHow to Train Your Dragon: The Technical Artistry of DragonHow to Train Your Dragon: Viking-Sized CastHow to Train Your Husband or (How to Pick Your Second Husband First)How to Train Your Mars BarHow to Train Your PetHow to Train Your PrinceHow to Transfer Your Old Pets to DVD Before They DieHow to Trap a WoodpeckerHow to Travel ForeverHow to Tuck in Your ShirtHow to Twerk with SeniorsHow to Undress in Front of Your HusbandHow to Undress in Front of Your ManHow to Undress in Public Without Undue EmbarrassmentHow to UnMake a Bully, Vol 3. Stressing the NewHow to UnMake a Bully, Vol 4. Left OutHow to UnMake a Bully, Vol 7. CyberbullyingHow to Use a CondomHow to Use a PillowHow to Use a Universal RemoteHow to Use DianeticsHow to Use Dianetics: A Visual Guidebook to the Human MindHow to use Siri talk to textHow to Use the TelephoneHow to Use the UrinalHow to Use the YouTube Audio LibraryHow to Use Your CoconutsHow to Vajaculate: If You Build It, She Will ComeHow to View and Appreciate Great MoviesHow to VoteHow to Wash a Dog Who Barks for No ManHow to Wash Your Dogs, Newlywed Style!How to Watch FootballHow to Watch TVHow to Water RosesHow to WinHow to Win a GLAAAD AwardHow to Win an (Oscar) AwardHow to Win at BlackjackHow to Win at Checkers (Every Time)How to Win at Life with Kurt BenderHow to Win EurovisionHow to Win on the ThruwayHow to Win the BreakupHow to Win the Grand NationalHow to Win the Internet and Other Questionable EndeavorsHow to Win the US PresidencyHow to with CallalooHow to with DrewHow to with Kitty GibbsHow To With Tia and MiaHow to Work a Room with Keith BrownHow to WrapHow to Wrap a Dog for ChristmasHow to Wrestle with Geometry and WinHow to WriteHow to Write a Love SongHow to Write a ScreenplayHow to Write a Screenplay (That Rocks!)How to Write Like HemingwayHow to YouTubeHow To, Batman!How To: Be a ManHow to: Demon SummoningHow to: EcoFIRE(TM)How To: The MusicalHow to...How To's, Tips, and Business LessonsHow Tom Got His ScarHow Tommy Lemenchick Became a Grade 7 LegendHow Tommy Saved His FatherHow tough talk (ma asaab alkalam)How Tourette's Saved My LifeI didnt know how to tell youI Don't Know How to CookI don't know how to say this...I Know How to Quit YouI Know How to SpeakI Want Abs: A Documentary For Regular People Who Want To Get In Shape, But Don't Know How To Do ItI Want to Learn How to Fly FishS' afti ti hora kaneis den ixere na klaieiIndependent Artist United 2009: How to Do a FundraiserInspector Gadget Explains How to Use CinemassacreJak Na Internet/How to Use the InternetJane Doe: How to Fire Your BossJean-Paul Gaultier: How to Do ThatJenise's Kitchen: How to Make Grilled AsparagusJenise's Kitchen: How to Make Pan Roasted Chilean Sea BassJimmy's Guide to How to Win an OscarJoJo: How to Touch a GirlJoJo: How to Touch a GirlJon Richardson: How to Survive the End of the WorldJordan Peterson on the Channel 4 Controversy and Philosophy of 'How to Be in the World'Just Another Day: How to Survive an Active Shooter Event on CampusKeeping & saving or how to liveKeith Maroon: How to Make Any Honey Your HoneyKilimanjaro: How to Spell LoveKilling Dad or How to Love Your MotherKnow Your Rights: Why You Need and How to Get an ASL InterpreterKristina Wong's How To Pick Up Asian ChicksKylie Jenner Teaches You How to Use SnapchatLbrosfilm's Walter & Zilla: How to Prepare for the ApocalypseLearn How to Play 'Tonight You Belong to Me'Learn How to Play Guitar: Learning Guitar Step 1Learning How to SpeakLearning How to SwimLesson 5: How to Get Away with MurderLife and How to Live It with Dr. RajLil Wayne: How to LoveLiving: And How ToLorraine Pascale: How to Be a Better CookLove and How to Cure ItLove and How to Cure ItLow: Movie - How to Quit SmokingMasakano HOW TO shirizu dai 1-dan! ! ! Anata dake ni tei yosan de dekiru orijinaru AV no sakusei hoho o denju shimasu [sumaho hamedori-hen]Melania Trump's Cousins: How to Be a Model and Marry a BillionaireMile High: How to Win... and Lose... the White HouseMind Control Made Easy or How to Become a Cult LeaderMiss Potter: Katie Melua - When You Taught Me How to DanceMom & Sisters Teach You How to FuckMonstrous Bosses and How to Be OneMXPX: How to Build a Secret WeaponMyIndie How To'sNed Abdul Needs More Retail Space or: How To Say Goodbye To An Old FriendNile Rodgers: How to Make It in The Music BusinessNoam Chomsky, How to Ruin an Economy, Some Simple Ways: A Progressive VoiceNobody Likes a Bully: How to Stop Bullying in SchoolsNorthern Man: How to Make a MovieNOUHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW to SWIMOdds Are!: The Smothers Brothers Show You How to Gamble and WinPalutawa, How to Deal with PainParty Animals (or... How to Get to the White House in 5 Easy Steps)Patrick Dempsey Doesn't Know How to Cook PastaPeople in LA Just Don't Know How to Drive in the FirePeter Jennings Reporting: How to Get Fat Without Really TryingPhysicians Formula : How To VideosPlayboy: How to Reawaken Your Sexual PowersPoker: How to PlayPopcorn: How to Compliment a GirlPretty How TownQueercore: How To Punk A RevolutionQuest for Serendipity or: How to Become a CelebrityR.E.M.: Life and How to Live ItRadiohead: How to Disappear Completely, Live VersionRambo III: How to Become Rambo Part 3Raymond Blanc: How to Cook WellReality TV Secrets: How to Get on the Show!Recipe: How to Mend a Broken HeartRed Green: How to Do EverythingReel Life: How to Meet Your Perfect ManREX RAY: How to Make a Rex RayRuby Wax: How to Be HumanRunning to the Light: Tips on How to Live Your DreamSarah Beeny's How to Sell Your HomeScott Adams Teaches How to Be Interviewed by Mueller, Pass a Lie Detector Test Without Taking OneScott Adams Teaches You How to Distinguish Between President Trump's Flaws and His FeaturesScott Adams Tells You How to Build a Talent Stack that Helps You Predict the FutureScott Adams: How to Persuade Like Donald Trump!Sex Life or How to Read DossiersSex: How to Do EverythingShow Off! How to Be Cool at PartiesSingle & Searching: How to Find the Perfect Person for YouSkateboard How To'sSkincare Tutorial: How to Look Younger at 30Sobhraj, or How to Be Friends with a Serial KillerSon, How to Get Into Google?Spy Magazine Presents How to Be FamousStage Mums How to with Shaz & TraceStaging the Knack and How to Get ItStalking 101: How to Kill a GuyState of Emergency: How to Make a Protest MovieStay Sane Yoga: How to Not Lose Your MindStephen Thrower on 'How to Seduce a Virgin'Su-Swasth: How to Get Eternal HealthTaming the Beasts: How to Drive, Fire and Shoot Inside a 30-Ton TankTeach Me How to Do It!Teach Yourself How to Become a Drag Queen 101Teaching Kids How to Fight! The RackarackaThe Axis of Awesome: How to Write a Love SongThe Bed and How to Make It!The Brown Betties Guide: How to Look for Love in All the Wrong PlacesThe Case of the Deadly Flamingo, or How to Do Company ResearchThe Failure Delusion: How to Overcome Your Fears Through Meditation, Perseverance, and Visualization in 25 Easy StepsThe Fate of the Furious: How to Stop TorettoThe Game & How to Play ItThe Heimlich Maneuver: How to Save a Choking Victim: 2nd EditionThe How to ShowThe Infiltrator: How to InfiltrateThe Inspection House (Training for the Family in How to Act)The Intelligence Explosion: How to Stop a Robot from Turning EvilThe Justice League Presents: How to Stage an InterventionThe Juxtapose (How to Lose a Date in 60 Seconds)The Knack... and How to Get ItThe Living Dead: How to Survive a Zombie ApocalypseThe Man Who Knew How to FlyThe Mystery of Happiness: Who Has It & How to Get It - With John StosselThe Number 23: How to Find Your Life Path NumbersThe Off-Handed Jape... & How to Pull It OffThe Opposite Sex and How to Live with ThemThe Pad and How to Use ItThe Psychology of Fear, and How to Overcome ShameThe Shallows: How to Build a Shark"The Slavery Business" How to Make a Million from SlaveryThe Switch or How to Alter Your EgoThe Troubles of a Merchant and How to Stop ThemThe Usuals: Or (The Helpfulness of Others and How to Use It)The Watcher (how to silence your inner critic)The Working Actor's Guide to How to Memorize Lines Fast Using S.M.T.The World of Art Presents: How to Draw AnimalsThe World of Art Presents: How to Draw Monsters, Aliens, and DinosaursTo show tou minaToo Good to Be True: How to Avoid Rip-OffsTSF Channel Presents How to Really Pack a Backpack Parts 1-3Tunesday with Thomas Sanders: How to Talk to Your CrushUncle Fjonker's How to ThingsVanity Fair: Miranda Kerr Teaches Kids How to Speak with an Australian AccentVeggieTales: Bob & Larry's How to Draw!Video Workbench: How to Build & Paint FiguresVideo Workbench: How to Build Car ModelsVideo Workbench: How to Build Jet AircraftVideo Workbench: How to Build Science Fiction ModelsVideo Workbench: How to Build WWII AircraftVideo Workbench: How to Photograph Scale ModelsVindalosers: How to Win in IndiaWalt Disney World Presents: How to Use 360 Video with Goofy!We Don't Know How to StayWinter Viruses and How to Beat ThemXposure Photo Tips: How to Use Your TripodYour Evil Hand and You: How to CopeZombie 101: How to Survive as a Zombie...and Then There's Claude....Where's Rodney?2 Too Many: Where's the Party?  Nothing?  Not even close?  Well then, I guess it's just BACK TO THE WORLD THEN!!!  I MEAN, BACK TO THE DARLING BOARD!  DRAWING DORB THEM!!!!  Ooooops... sorry about shouting.  Okay, so the next... oh, wait!  It's actually in there!  Kewl!  What am I beating myself up over over here?  Note to self: make a note of which one it acutely actually is.  Anyway, meanwhile, back at the lab, Denmark is the new hot casting place.  Something about all those Lego's, perhaps.  The guy was just in a new miniseries about the classic vampire... it was a miniseries, right?  I can't keep track of this endless onslaught of pixellated entertainment.  This new one is something about an art dealer who tries to expand into the world of straight art theft.  Cutting out the middle man again, eh?  What, no superheroes?  No magic spells?  No cowboys or aliens?  Just a straight drama about normal people?  Bore Ring.  But oh well.  You can't take your eyes off the screen, or so I'm told.  But what was that title?  Something about burnt umber sierra... something like that.  It's neither here nor there, apparently.  But if I don't make a note of it now, I just KNOW I'm going to forget.  But what was that title?  I mean... could it have been A-ha: There's Never a Forever Thing?  No small irony there!  How about After the Micro-Brewery, Here's the Micro-DairyAh, Yes, There's Good Blues TonightAlice Donut: London There's a Curious Lump in My SackAnd Here's the NewsAnd Here's the ShowAnd Then There's JoeAnd There's MoreAnother Bad Creation: Where's Ya Little Sista?As Long as There's MusicAvril Lavigne: Here's to Never Growing UpBasement Jaxx: Where's Your Head At?Be It Ever So Humble: There's No Place.Bettina's Substitute; or, There's No Fool Like an Old FoolBill Engvall: Here's Your Sign AwardsBill Engvall: Here's Your Sign LiveBlur: There's No Other Way - UK VersionBlur: There's No Other Way - US VersionBound: Here's Johnny! With Christopher MeloniBritney Spears: There's No Place Like HomeBut Here's the CatchBut Wait, There's MoreBut Wait, There's More!Cabbage Patch Kids: Where's My Pony?Camp Lazlo: Where's Lazlo?Canvas Love: Here's What I Love About Canvas CulturesCarach Angren: There's No Place Like HomeCraig David Feat. Tinchy Stryder: Where's Your LoveDance Like There's No MusicDebra DiGiovanni: Here's the ThingDepeche Mode: Where's the RevolutionDial H for Help: Hey Dish, Where's My AMC?Donna Summer & Bruce Roberts: Whenever There's LoveDr. Suess's There's a Wocket in My PocketDude, Where's My Bar?Dude, Where's My Car?Dude, Where's My Chutzpah?Dude, Where's My Dildo?Dude, Where's My Dog?!Dude, Where's My Ferret?Dude, Where's My iPhone?Dude, Where's My Movie Quiz?Dude, Where's My Phone?Dude, Where's My Scooter?Dude! Where's My Music?Duran Duran: There's Something You Should KnowDylan Owen: There's More to LifeElectric Six: There's Something Very Wrong with Us, So Let's Go Out TonightEPSON: Where there's business there's EPSONFahim Anwar: There's No Business Like Show BusinessFive Star: There's a Brand New WorldGetting Behind Mary: A Behind the Scenes at 'There's Something About Mary'Gold! There's gold in the river!Gollocks! There's Plenty of Room in New ZealandGQ Where's the BarHalestorm: Here's to UsHank Williams Jr. and Hank Williams Sr.: There's a Tear in My BeerHanson: Where's the LoveHeart: There's the GirlHere's 2 the ThroneHere's a Funny ThingHere's a Health to the Barley MowHere's a Straight Jacket Now Go SwimHere's a Thought with Charles ShaughnessyHere's ArchieHere's Boba Fett (Never Mind the Bulloch)Here's BoomerHere's DawnHere's Dick CavettHere's DuffyHere's EdieHere's EdieHere's Edie: The Edie Adams Television CollectionHere's Flash CaseyHere's GeorgeHere's GeraldineHere's Ginger!Here's Hal: Hal RiddleHere's Hal!Here's HarryHere's Harry: Remembering Gale GordonHere's HealthHere's HerbieHere's HockeyHere's HollywoodHere's HollywoodHere's Hoping!!!Here's How I know He Likes YouHere's How It Was: The Making of 'Firefly'Here's How You're Getting F**KedHere's How!Here's HowardHere's HoweHere's HumphreyHere's JaneHere's JohnnyHere's JohnnyHere's JohnnyHere's Johnny Web SeriesHere's Lookin' at You, KidHere's Looking at ThemHere's Looking at YouHere's Looking at You KidHere's Looking at You KidsHere's Looking at You, KidHere's Looking at You, Warner Bros.Here's LuckHere's LucyHere's Lucy Spotlight: Desi Arnaz Jr.Here's Lucy Spotlight: Lucie ArnazHere's Lucy: On LocationHere's One I Made EarlierHere's One I Made EarlierHere's Our Future in Front of UsHere's ParryHere's Peggy FlemingHere's TelevisionHere's Television EntertainmentHere's That Second Chance You Hoped For Robert H. GossHere's the DealHere's the DealHere's the GangHere's the KickerHere's the MarHere's the PlanHere's the Real Story about the Impossible BurgerHere's the RubHere's the StoryHere's the ThingHere's the ThingHere's the ThingHere's the ThingHere's the Thing: Behind the Scenes at talkRADIOHere's the Thing...Here's the Thing...Here's the Thing...Here's to Being BraveHere's to Big BearHere's to FlintHere's to Life: The Story of The RefreshmentsHere's to Life!Here's To LoveHere's to Love!Here's to MumHere's to NowHere's to Old FriendsHere's to Old FriendsHere's to RevengeHere's to RomanceHere's to the Betterment of All MankindHere's to the End of the WarHere's to the Future!Here's to the Heroes: A Night with the Ten TenorsHere's to the HopelessHere's to the Ladies Who LunchHere's to the Ladies Who MunchHere's to the LosersHere's to the Memory!Here's to the Next TimeHere's to UsHere's to Wishing I Had My Cats at the RaptureHere's to You, Charlie Brown: 50 Great YearsHere's to You, Mickey MouseHere's to Your HealthHere's What I Like: Fashion and Flowers. And Now I'll Tell You WhyHere's What I Like: Fruit. And Now I'll Tell You WhyHere's What I Like: Our Forefathers. And Now I'll Tell You WhyHere's What I Like: Russian Literature. And Now I'll Tell You WhyHere's Why You Should Be AfraidHere's William ClausonHere's Your Damn FamilyHere's Your FlagHere's Your HatHere's Your HatHere's Your HatHere's Your ManHere's Your MummyHey! There's Naked Bodies on My TV!Home Video Commentaries: There's a Bear"Cosmic Skeptic" Homosexuality Is Not Moral and Here's WhyI Think There's Something Wrong with MeI'm Twenty-Three and There's a Fucking Monster Under My BedIf Ever There's a TomorrowIf There's a Hell BelowImagine There's No Lennon - Apoptygma BerzerkiPhone 4S: Where's the iPhone 5?Kid Creole & The Coconuts: There's Something Wrong in ParadiseLatrice Royale: Here's to LifeLauv Feat. Julia Michaels: There's No WayLeanne Womack Concert: There's More Where That Came FromLike There's No TomorrowLike There's No TomorrowLonghair and Doubledome: Where There's Smoke, There's BobLove Like There's No TomorrowMama, There's a Man in Your BedMan, Where's My Shoe?Mariah Carey: There's Got to Be a WayMartin & Margot or There's No One Around YouMaybe There's a TreeMike Morningstar: Here's to the Working ManMost Positive View of the Direction of the Country Since 2005: But There's a CatchNativity 3: Dude, Where's My Donkey?!Never Mind the Sex Pistols, Here's the BollocksNowhere's ParadisNowhere's SkyO.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It HappenedPaula Abdul Feat. Randy Jackson: Dance Like There's No TomorrowPerspectives on the American Family: Allison Anders on Douglas Sirk's 'There's Always Tomorrow'Pharrell Williams: There's Something SpecialPizzazz: Where's My Movie?Play: As Long as There's ChristmasPublic Enemy: Where There's SmokeQuiet Riot: Well Now You're Here, There's No Way Back"Chris Ray Gun" Ray Gun Live! YouTube Took 200 Hours to Upload My Vid So Here's a Livestream InsteadRed vs. Blue: Where There's a Will, There's a WallScooby-Doo in Where's My Mummy?Shawn Mendes: There's Nothing Holdin' Me BackShirley Horn: Here's to LifeSiri, Where's Citibank?Slaves: Where's Your Car Debbie?So Here's What HappenedSo Many Years Later... - Pat Crowley and Gigi Perreau on Douglas Sirk's There's Always TomorrowSo Then There's ThisSo There's No Consequences?So There's This Guy...So Where's My Prince Already?Somos: There's More to Us!Stacie Orrico: (There's Gotta Be) More to LifeSteamed Hams but There's a Different Animator Every 13 SecondsSultans of Ping FC: Where's Me Jumper?SYML x Sam Feldt: Where's My LoveSYML: Where's My LoveTeena Marie: Here's Looking at YouThe Bert Convy Special: There's a Meeting Here TonightThe G! True Tinseltown Tale: Dude, Where's My Car?The Proclaimers: There's a TouchThe Sundays: Here's Where the Story EndsThe World Is Big and There's Room for a Lad Like YouThen There's CollegeThen There's LifeThen There's Mike and DarolThen There's the AfterlifeThere's a Bluebird in my HeartThere's a BoyThere's a Caterpillar in My Bok ChoyThere's a ChangeThere's a Clown in My ClosetThere's a Dead Man in the KitchenThere's a Future in ItThere's a Ghost in My HouseThere's a Girl in My HeartThere's a Girl in My SoupThere's a God on the MicThere's a Heaven Above YouThere's a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating CakeThere's a Hole in My BucketThere's a Hole in the Ozone Layer Just Above ClonbooThere's a LightThere's a Lollipop on My BedThere's a Looney in the FamilyThere's a Lot of 'Em AboutThere's a Lot of It AboutThere's a Lotta Lonely People TonightThere's a Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an UmbrellaThere's a Man in the WoodsThere's a Maniac in My House!!!There's a Message in Every Bottlethere's a money thiefThere's a Monster at the End of the FilmThere's a Monster in My RoomThere's a Monster in the OfficeThere's a Murderer in the Closet Too! The Origin StoryThere's a Murderer in the Closet!There's a Nightmare in My ClosetMartini: There's a PartyThere's a PlaceThere's a Place in Life for EveryoneThere's a Place with Adam PapaganThere's a ShelterThere's a Silent K in KnowledgeThere's a Sk8park in HeavenThere's a Special Place in Hell For Fashion BloggersThere's a Spider in the Shower!There's a Stranger in My HouseThere's a Stranger in my MirrorThere's a Sucker Born Every MinuteThere's a Viking in My BedThere's A War Going OnThere's a Werewolf in My Attic!There's a WillThere's a Woman in TownThere's Always a Better Way: Views on TrialThere's Always a CatchThere's Always a ThursdayThere's Always a WayThere's Always a WomanThere's Always HopeThere's Always HopeThere's Always JulietThere's Always JulietThere's Always MusicThere's Always MusicThere's Always Next SeasonThere's Always OneThere's Always RoomThere's Always Time for BasketballThere's Always TomorrowThere's Always TomorrowThere's Always TomorrowThere's Always TomorrowThere's Always VanillaThere's an End to an EverydayThere's Been a Change of PlansThere's Been a Miracle!There's Been a Murder: A Celebration of TaggartThere's Been a Terrible MistakeThere's Blood in the Punch BowlThere's Ghosts in ThereThere's Gonna Be a God Damn Riot in HereThere's Good Boos To-NightThere's Good in EveryoneThere's Good in the Worst of UsThere's Got to Be a Better WayThere's Got to Be a Morning AfterThere's Gotta Be Something MoreThere's HairThere's HopeThere's Hope AmericaThere's Hope MusicalThere's JohnnyThere's Just No Elegant Way to Eat PopcornThere's Life in the Old Dog YetThere's Many a FoolThere's Many a SlipThere's Many a SlipThere's Many a SlipThere's Many a SlipThere's More Than One Way to Skin a ManThere's Music in the HairThere's Never Enough CabbageThere's No BusinessThere's No Business Like Show BusinessThere's No Charge for the HatThere's No I in TeamThere's No Jennifer HereThere's No Last ChanceThere's No Love for Valentines DayThere's No Need to Fear... Underdog Is Here!There's No PlaceThere's No Place Like AirportThere's No Place Like HomeThere's No Place Like HomeThere's No Place Like HomeThere's No Place Like HomeThere's No Place Like HomeThere's No Place Like Home: The Web-SeriesThere's No Place Like HomegirlThere's No Place Like UtopiaThere's No Reason....There's No Such ThingThere's No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy GoldsteinThere's No Such Thing as Good Guys: The Making of Fathoms DeepThere's No Such Thing as VampiresThere's No Such Thing as ZombiesThere's No Taste Like HomeThere's No Time for Love, Charlie BrownThere's No TomorrowThere's No TomorrowThere's No WayThere's No Wrong Way to Act!There's Nothing Out ThereThere's Nothing to do in NairobiThere's Nothing to Do in Perth!?!There's Nothing to ItThere's Nothing to Worry About!There's nothing wrong with meThere's One Born Every MinuteThere's One in Every OfficeThere's One Inside the HouseThere's Only One Barry FryThere's Only One Bob LatchfordThere's Only One ElvisThere's Only One Jimmy GrimbleThere's Only One MadonnaThere's Only One Paul McCartneyThere's Only One SunThere's Probably TreasureThere's Quite A Mess In The Theater TonightThere's Some Guys DownstairsThere's Someone for EveryoneThere's someone in the hallThere's Someone in Your RoomThere's Something About a SoldierThere's Something About a SoldierThere's Something About Ashley: The Story of HeadstrongThere's Something About BarryThere's Something About CarrieThere's Something About Christie... Murder Made SimpleThere's Something About GeorgeThere's Something About GoldieThere's Something About JosieThere's Something About MaryThere's Something About MaryThere's Something About Mary: Exposing Themselves - Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Ben Stiller, and Chris ElliottThere's Something About McConkeyThere's Something About MeganThere's Something About MerylThere's Something About MetalThere's Something About MiriamThere's Something About PatrickThere's Something About RomcomsThere's Something About the Virgin MaryThere's Something About WThere's Something About YouThere's Something About... DahlThere's Something About... MorseThere's Something Between UsThere's Something I Want You to KnowThere's Something in My RoomThere's Something in the Air...There's Something in the AtticThere's Something in the BasementThere's Something in the PilligaThere's Something in the PoolThere's Something in the SeaThere's Something in the Toilet!There's Something in the TrunkThere's Something in the Water?There's Something in the WoodsThere's Something in the WoodsThere's Something in The WoodsThere's Something Out ThereThere's Something Out ThereThere's Something Out ThereThere's Something Rotten in the State of DenmarkThere's Something the Matter with MontcriefThere's Something Under the BedThere's Something WrongThere's Something Wrong with Aunt DianeThere's Something Wrong with HillaryThere's Something Wrong with My Husband: The Clamshell PackageThere's Something Wrong with StephenThere's Something Wrong with SteveThere's Still GoodThere's Still Hope for Dreams (A Phamaly Story)There's Still Time to Push BackThere's Sunshine & There's PainThere's That Woman AgainThere's This GuyThere's Zombies Out ThereThere's... Johnny!Tony Bennett: Here's to the Ladies, a Concert of HopeTough Love, There's Nothing Like It!Transhumanism Is Dumb: Here's WhyTV Break: Where's My AMC?Underneath the Makeup, There's MeUntil There's No ChoiceUntitled: Blood Sign No. 1, 'There's a Devil Inside of Me'VeggieTales: Where's God When I'm S-Scared?Vince Giordano: There's a Future in the Past'Weird Al' Yankovic: There's No Going HomeWhere There's a BillWhere There's a HeartWhere There's a Swill There's a SwayWhere There's a Will ...Where There's a WillWhere There's a WillWhere There's a WillWhere There's a WillWhere There's a WillWhere There's a Will (Homeless Documentary)Where There's a WillWhere There's a WillWhere There's a WillWhere There's a Will There's a WayWhere There's a Will, There's a WayWhere There's a Will...Where There's a Will...Where There's Blame, There's a ClaimWhere There's LifeWhere There's Life, There's HopeWhere There's SmokeWhere There's SmokeWhere There's SmokeWhere There's SmokeWhere There's SmokeWhere There's Smoke...Where There's You There's MeWhere's a Cop When You Need One?!Where's Alan?Where's Angelo?Where's Barry?Where's Billy ChangWhere's Bingo Betty?Where's Bobby?Where's Cap'n CrunchWhere's Carlos?: These WallsWhere's Charley?Where's Charlie?Where's Charlie?Where's ClemWhere's DaddyWhere's Daddy!Where's Daddy?Where's Daddy?Where's Dookie Cannata?Where's Dookie Cannata?Where's Elmer?Where's Elvis This Week?Where's EverettWhere's George?Where's Helen?Where's HenryWhere's HowardWhere's Huddles?Where's HunterWhere's Jack?Where's JaimeWhere's JaviWhere's Jeremy?Where's Jesus?Where's Jimmy?Where's Johnny Fleischmann?Where's Johnny?Where's Jonny?Where's Julie?Where's Justice?Where's KellyWhere's KevinWhere's Larry?Where's Larry?: Seinfeld's Secret Guest StarWhere's Leroy?Where's Maddie?Where's Maria?Where's Marlowe?Where's Marty?Where's MaryWhere's Mexico?Where's Mickey?Where's MollyWhere's Mum?Where's My Baby?Where's My Baby?Where's My BrotherWhere's My Close-up, Mr. Thornton?Where's My Family?Where's My Food?!Where's My HomeWhere's My Husband?Where's My Inheritance?Where's My Lolly Bag?Where's My ManWhere's My Money?Where's My Peter?Where's my phone?Where's My Sandwich?Where's My Sandwich?Where's My Ship?Where's My Sister?Where's My Stuff?Where's My Wallet?Where's My Wandering Boy This Evening?Where's My Wandering Boy Tonight?Where's My Water?Where's My Water? 2Where's Norma NowWhere's Oliver?Where's PeteWhere's Picone?Where's Pookie?Where's Poppa?Where's Poppa?Where's Raymond?Where's Roman?Where's Sally?Where's SamiWhere's Stoner AtWhere's Sydney?Where's That Fire?Where's That Tiger?Where's the Baby?Where's the Beer and When Do We Get Paid?Where's the Bloody Money?Where's the Bus?Where's the CareWhere's the Cat?Where's the Center of the Universe?Where's the Fair?Where's the FireWhere's the FireWhere's the Fire Engine Daddy?Where's the Harm?Where's the HelpWhere's the Help?Where's the Key?Where's the LoveWhere's the Love?Where's the MoneyWhere's the MoneyWhere's the MoneyWhere's the Money, Noreen?Where's the Money, PeterWhere's the Money, Ronnie?Where's the Money?Where's the Music At?Where's the OpsWhere's the Parade?Where's the Party At?Where's the Party Yaar?Where's the Salt?Where's the Soul?Where's the Toffee: Morning Coffee?Where's This Party?Where's Tony?Where's Tuesday Monday?Where's Violet?Where's Waldo Now?Where's Waldo: The Second ComingWhere's Waldo?Where's Waldo?Where's Waldo?Where's Waldo?Where's Waldo? Fact or FictionWhere's Waldo?: RetributionWhere's Wallace?Where's WallyWhere's Walnuts?!Where's Watling?Where's WendyWhere's WilliamWhere's Willie?Where's WoodyWhere's Your Bobber?Where's Your Haystack?While There's LifeWhile There's War There's HopeWitness: Here's One for YouWonder If There's an App for ThatWTF? (Where's the Fish?)?  Nothing?  Not even close?  Well then, I guess it's just the old BACK TO THE EMPTY WORLD THEN!  I MEAN, BACK TO THE DARWIN BOARD THEN!!! OOOOoooo0000****8888@@@@ps... sorry about that.  I gotta go.  Penny Dreadful's on!  That's right... I've got a little bit of a life, you know!

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