Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Name is Earl

For once, all the critics were right! Low-brow finds a purpose. Also, the line between film and TV continues to blur. Anyway, the plot is, this character Earl Hickey is a crook who decides it's time to turn his life around, heeding the advice of Carson Daly who spoke of karma. Hopefully this season won't bring about that in-person guest appearance of Daly right away, or maybe he'll do it this next Tuesday and get it out of the way. And man! Was that Ethan Suplee? The Suplee of Blow and Evolution and that First 20 million debacle? I don't think so; he's entering his second career phase with a bang. I just hope Scientology can't take credit for his dramatic weight loss. One of my closest confidants pointed out that it looks a bit like 'Raising Arizona', and I whole-heartedly concur with that. What can you say? That film's still got legs!

Enjoyable enough show, and did you catch that little Guarantor of Longevity at the end? If he crosses off one thing off his to-do list per episode, we've got 257 episodes left already!! That's smart writing.

What else tonight? Saw a little of that future cable classic "Freaked", with Bobcat Goldthwait and Keanu Reeves in a guest shot. Only Keanu acts that way. As for Bobcat's character's untimely demise which seeming crushes that film's gentle spirit underneath the obnoxious exterior, I guess it was all worth it for the sock puppet man's last dying gasp; some stand-up comedian's idea has finally come to fruition. Also, it's about time to tear 'Death Wish' a new one, but we'll save that for later.

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