Thursday, September 15, 2005

Simpsons vs. Family Guy

Speaking of Fox shows, now that Family Guy's back from its hiatus - they made their deal with the Devil and he said Okay, you can come back to Fox on one condition: your show must skew to the right. One liberal animated show is quite enough, thank you! Anyway, there was some review in some magazine... Blender magazine, if I remember correctly, and they said how great Family Guy is if you just want to sit back and laugh, as opposed to the Simpsons, where they deal with all those icky moral issues. Well, enjoy it now, because someday the worm will turn and the show's creators will long for something more than just the cheap laughs. There was one joke where the Homer clone meets the Ramsey family (of JonBenet fame, yes) and he says to them "I will not rest until your daughter's killers are brought to justice!" And they say "Oh, no, that's okay!" I couldn't help but reflect that the Simpsons are a little more careful than that. I mean, some may say the Simpsons are tasteless, but they're my flavor of tasteless, damn it.


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