Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Simpsons 17.1 - Bonfire of the Manatees

But first, a shout out to Jessica Alba who's got three big movies this year alone! See, honey, this is the nature of the biz. One typically starts out getting their career screwed by James Cameron, but after a couple years you bounce back in a big way. If Into the Blue is a #1 hit, your agent can take the credit! But the Maxim crowd will always love you, that's the main thing.

Anyway, a new Simpsons season is upon us, helping to dull the pain of September 11th. It's been a while since the season didn't start with the Halloween episode. I'm not used to it! The Simpsons movie is apparently still a couple years away, so we're stuck enjoying the show in the meantime. Alec Baldwin returns here, sans Basinger, as a manatee-loving biologist. The sultry teaser from the ads (snuggle films!!) is fortunately only in the first act, the repercussions of which were felt in the second and third acts.

How long can the Simpsons universe keep expanding indefinitely? It's still the most action-packed, joke-packed half hour on TV, one of the few things worth watching. I already forgot about the checkers-hustling chicken, but the football hobo was a hoot. "Thank you for your time."

New characters: Homer's country cousins, manatees, Alec Baldwin's character

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