Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Seinfeld Curse strikes again!

And this time, it's not just taking down a new sitcom. No, it's turned slightly inward this time, or rather, more than slightly inward. Yes, we've all heard by now about Kramer's Comedy Club Meltdown. All the news stations are covering it, celebrities condemning it. What do I think? It was pretty bad. I didn't see the whole thing, but I know Kramer's not really a stand-up comedian (see Trial & Error) and as far as I can tell he's kind of a private guy in the Celebrity Cosmos. I'm shocked! I thought for sure his IMDb entry would have added this to his mini-bio by now! He went to Evergreen State College? Go Geoducks! Surely his Wikipedia entry ... oh yeah. Bill Bennett called, wants to exchange notes.
One of my co-workers today posed the question: "Will Seinfeld ever be the same?" Another of my co-workers piped up: "Yeah. It's a one-time thing: he was being heckled and he was just trying to get the guy to shut up." Alas, things are a little tougher on the rest of the Seinfeld cast these days. Or perhaps it's the way comedy in general is fated to go now that the Democrats are in power again, perchance to embolden the PC police once again. As Holden Caulfield says in "The Catcher in the Rye", you'll never be able to clean up all the "F*** You"s that people write on the walls. So too with the n-word. The stuff forever in the back drawers of the comedian's tool chest. Reminds me of a Chris Rock commentary on Weekend Update once, where he openly searched for the white people's n-word equivalent. I forget what he came up with, and can't find it online at the moment, but I think he and I would agree that 'cracker' just doesn't cut it. But we'll save that for another time. The point being, Finally! Michael Richards is back from obscurity, although probably not what he intended, but hey, he's still not as crazy as Mel Gibson, or the Borat frat boys. Borat frat boys? There's an anagram there someplace.

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