Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sequels, Remakes & Dragons - Oh My!

Boy! Seems like westerns are taking over lately. The Brave One (1957), 3:10 to Yuma, and Mr. Woodcock... well, sounds like someone in the Old West who ran a furniture shop, kinda? You know, and every wood cutter from Portland, Maine to Neah Bay, WA comes down and tries to beat ol' Mr. Woodcock at underwater basket weaving. Something like that. It practically writes itself, people! I still can't help but think Billy Bob's phoning it in on this one. That and the new Bad News Bears. What would Epperson say? Or Brent Briscoe?
Meanwhile, Superbad's still kicking ass, even if it is only at #4. It's got the third biggest total behind Rush Hour 3 at #9 and Bourne 3 at #7. It's a third if you think of it as The 40 Year Old Virgin, part 3, and Knocked Up as 40 year old Virgin part Two. Or maybe the latest incarnation of Animal House or... Road Trip? One of the two.
So far the only original thing on this Box Office is D-War at #5, unless you think of it as the latest Godzilla rehash. If there was only some way to stack it next to Robot Jox at the video store...
At #6 it's Halloween, still about a month short of the holiday it's based upon. I don't think it'll make it all the way til then. Oh well, at least it'll clear the path for Saw IV. Now that's got the hearts and minds: figuratively AND literally!
Bourne 3 - see earlier quip... Balls of Fury's hanging pretty tough at #8. It earned every penny of that almost 30 million box office take. Still, better keep the Reno! 911 day job, guys.
Mr. Bean 2 is at #10, almost having made as much as Balls of Fury, for one! Guess it'll drop off completely by next week, though. Does this mean the Mr. Bean animated movie is coming to America next?

Welp, better get going. Blogging while you're on the phone is hard! (:

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