Sunday, February 14, 2010

Auteur Watch - Lizzie Borden

Ha ha, very funny. Well, I couldn't find a pic of Lizzie Borden, the filmmaker. Apparently, she was born Linda, but decided to change her name because it was close enough to the famous Lizzie Borden of folklore. Musta hurt her career a little bit. People would think she was hard to work with. So, which is it? Which Decade do you think director Lizzie Borden likes best, as she looks back on her full life and wonders silently to herself, where oh where did I go wrong? Was it the go-go 70s? Bell bottom pants, experimental hair styles, and the coolest music ever produced in the history of the universe? She made a film called Regrouping in 1976, and personally, I can't think of a better way to celebrate our nation's bicentennial. Let me check to see if my video store has it... as usual, I got too many things going at once. ...nope, don't have it. They don't even have a Lizzie Borden director section, the bitches!
Or perhaps it was the 80s? Punk hairstyles, big hair bands: handsome guys all. Damn, they even SUNG handsomely! And of course, Sally Cruikshank had to go and ruin it all with her damn stylish cartoons. L.B. made her trademark piece during this time: Working Girls... I assume it's Working Girls. I doubt it's 1992's Love Crimes! I'm just saying.
No, if I had to guess, I'd say Lizzie Borden's favourite decade has got to be the 2010s. She's got a Bob Marley documentary coming up! Fingers crossed; hopefully, she won't take all decade to get it done.

Wikipedia: Lizzie Borden (filmmaker)
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