Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A One-Debut Week! or Get Your Russell Simmons Visa RushCard NOW!!!!!

And the team of Scorsese-New DeNiro does it once again. I don't know how! I thought liberals were box office poison, and they don't come much more liberal than Leo, my friends. Of course, maybe it's just that he rubs elbows with 'em: Al Gore, Thom Hartmann, what have you. My good friend and I were scratching our heads over the latest installment of At The Movies with ... those two dudes that aren't named Ben. And they hated hated HATED Shutter Island! One of 'em said this was Marty's worst film since Bringing Out The Dead, and I'd probably agree with that. We both hated The Departed, but at least we SAW it! ...actually, I think I got BOTD on DVD somewhere. Some of the cast of Raising Arizona united again. Do people still say that about ol' Nic Cage? Well, I liked him in Raising Arizona... and to a lesser extent, Adaptation. But surely he's currently filming the greatest role of his life: Chapter 11 bankruptcy candidate? Must be the Season of the Witch or something! Tee hee hee...
And that's it! Only one film debuted this week! Man, talk about a slow week. Think of all the films that didn't even place in the top 10. Surely others were trying? No, next week will be a bloodbath. Will Kevin Smith finally be vindicated and crack the #1 spot? If only for one week? Or are people sick and tired of ol' Die Hard himself, Bruce Willis? I kinda am! Don't worry, BW, it's just the jealousy talking, of course. Also, I'm still steaming over Bandits. Can't do the action stuff forever now!

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