Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spoilers: Oh, but I've given away too much already

And Soderbergh does it again, but in the final analysis, this isn't your typical Participant production. They've taken us through the meat packing plant looking glass, to Syriana... but I guess, in a way, it is your typical Participant production. I don't know.
But I agree wholeheartedly with my fellow viewing companion who loved the movie like I did but found the casting of comedians cute at first, then progressively more annoying. Culminating with that little pipsqueak Patton Oswalt... WHAT? I meant that in a good way! After all, he was Remy, right? Remy was arguably a pipsqueak?... oh, I'm in so much trouble. Jeffrey Ross is going to kick my ass. And even now I'm having second thoughts about The Soup's Joel McHale. He's a nice guy, but the FBI can't hire guys like him! It's just wrong!
As for the rest of the cast, well, they do what they can. It's a step up from Bubble, I guess. Melanie Lynskey's ship has come in again; either that, or Drew Barrymore was unavailable. But then again... The Kurgan as a lawyer? Puh-leeze. Then again, good career choice for an evil Highlander, I guess.
A brief word about the plot. Since The Sixth Sense, movies have trained us all to prepare for the inevitable repeat viewing, where we pick up all the nuances we didn't get the first time around. Such is the case here. Also, you might have to turn up the sound to 100 and put on the English subtitles. Yup, seems to be mumblecore, as it's called. Good label! And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the retro feel to this movie, mostly due to Marvin Hamlisch's delightful score. Like Sting rejoining The Police, Marvin's finally gone full circle in his career and gone back to his roots. Bananas, in particular. Watch that again, and you'll see what I mean!
I guess that's all I got. Go see The Informant! today!

Good double bill with: Shattered Glass, but if you watch them back to back, you might feel like blowing your brains out

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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