Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Islands Have It

Oh, it's a crackerjack week at the box office. Wish I bet on it at vegas. I figured Cop Out wouldn't hit #1, but I didn't think Shutter Island would beat it out for first place! Leo's still got it. Moving gracefully into the adulthood phase of his career, but he still looks quite boyish. Guess the moviegoing public's turning liberal or something! Why, heads must be exploding over at Fox Noise, but not to worry. Bruce Willis comes in a close second with Cop Out. We'll see how it does next week. America's just not ready to laugh right now. The other debut this week is something called The Crazies, apparently a remake of a George Romero picture. What, he couldn't remake it himself? What is it with him and zombies? It's like some kind of motif with him. Even movie characters are getting tired of zombies.

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