Monday, March 15, 2010

Auteur Watch - Cher

Gandalf! No, wait, it's Sauron. No, no, wait, it's ... my God, is that Cher? It can't be! Or maybe her albino twin sister? Or Priscilla Presley's twin sister? No, it is indeed Cher. Good Lord. Good grief. Great suffering Zot. At least, so says the IMDb. They must be wrong. Well, even Madonna couldn't pull off a look change THAT dramatic these days. But if I had to guess, I'd say the 80s were Cher's favourite cinematic decade of her career. Oscar noms, big leading roles. Somehow, the 2000s and her "cameo" in Stuck on You pales in comparison, I dare say. And yet, those wiseacres over at The Rotten Tomatoes Show on the Current channel voted Moonstruck the worst movie wedding, or something like that. Jaded hipsters: our new greatest natural resource. Not much directorially happening for Cher lately. I guess she was too much of a tyrant on her part of If These Walls Could Talk. But the power can be addictive. All those resources at your disposal. Flunkies who will do your every bidding, bring you hot chocolate, what have you. Stay busy, girlfriend! I believe in life after love, or however that song goes.

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