Monday, March 15, 2010

Deppity-Do x 2

All right, enough fooling around here. Time to do some damn writing and catch up. Let's start with this week's box office. Well, the bean counters over at Variety musta did a double take on this one. Why does ol' Johnny Depp keep trying to confuse the ladies who just want to love him with these weird-ass roles he plays? Why, even my friend's getting sick of him! There's a short list, you see, of movie stars they're tired of: Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Adam Sandler... it's a much longer list. Oh yeah, Jennifer Aniston, too. Anyway, Alice in Wonderland's still got legs, and now it's kind of a Hook thing: Alice's all grown up this time, just like Peter Banner. But this is the 3D cinema era now! Everything will be seen anew. Those Samsung 3D televisions are coming soon as well. It's just going to be that much harder for the camcorder pirates... unless! Hey, what if you hold up one of the 3D glasses to the camcorder lens? Awesome. Balance is restored to the force.
Anyway, we got four, count 'em FOUR debuts this week! Such as they are. There's Green Zone with Matt Damon. There's the A League of their Own reboot called She's Out of my League... I think that's the plot. Remember Me debuts at #4, and I can't believe it, ladies! I thought you liked Edward Cullen! Somehow the populace always knows when it's not Twilight, but the indie film they do in between blockbusters that's apparently not worth watching. Go figure. And finally, Kingdome Come 2010, AKA Our Family Wedding. Oh, but why doesn't this get the press that The Wedding Date got? The little non-Diablo Cody screenwriter that could? Move on dot org! These writers and director cash in their chips (own life story) for a shot on the silver screen and the best they can do is #6? The system works. Meanwhile, Avatar's run is almost over. Didn't last as long as Titanic, but oh well. It's a different cinematic landscape, but I think Cameron will be okay in the final analysis. Meanwhile, Cop Out and Brooklyn's Finest will soon be replaced by The Bounty Hunter, down at the bottom of the list, heh heh...

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