Friday, March 05, 2010

Auteur Watch - Sandra Bullock

Yup, no doubt about it, in your movie trivia SATs, what 2005 was to George Clooney, 2009 is to Sandra Bullock... at least, in terms of Oscars. This Arlington peach is up for the Best Actress category, if I remember correctly, for her biggest box office success of the year, The Blind Side. In a close second, The Proposal, and in a rather distant third, All About Eve... Steve. Sorry, a Freudian Oscar slip. I think this makes her the first former cheerleader to be nominated for an Oscar. See? Dreams DO come true!
But let's bear in mind that she can do more than just act! She's a producer AND a director! Well, she just made the one film. Here's how I think it went down: after working on While You Were Sleeping, she thought to herself, well! I'll bet even I could direct a movie! And she had just the script all ready and in the can to go: a little gem called Making Sandwiches. Unfortunately, she didn't have a budget for a feature length version, so the 30 minute version would have to do. And working with Eric Roberts probably swore her off ever directing again, but still, she gave it the old college try. And to her credit, there's nothing more pathetic in the biz's jaded eyes than making the feature length version of your short movie, which she hasn't been tempted to do yet, but don't deny the world your gift, S.B.! Direct again soon! Jump back on the horse!

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