Friday, September 16, 2011

Auteur Watch - David and Jennifer Chambers Lynch

Where to begin, where to begin... I forget where I saw the quote now; isn't the Cloud wonderful? The World Wide series of tubes? It's out there, though, and perhaps none better than Jennifer Chambers Lynch expresses the ennui of the nepotist working class in Hollywood, saying that she's happy to be getting back to work again. Oh, the Proles, how funny they are.
But let's get back to that conclave of icons, the late 70s, early 80s, when David Lynch paved the way for the tearing down of the American edifice upon which our preconceived notions once hung. It all started with Eraserhead, Lynch's take on parenting. The deformed, cackling child becomes father of the tall man. Then, on to bigger, more prestigious black and white projects with The Elephant Man... did you know that Demme wanted Hannibal Lecter to be the evil version of the doctor in The Elephant Man? Kewl! But just when Hollywood opened its doors to David Lynch, giving him the chance to direct Return of the Jedi, he said no thanks. What, is he crazy? Short answer: yes. Case in point: Wild at Heart, or the film shown to Alex during his eyedrop treatment. The stage was now set for Pulp Fiction to win the Palme D'Or. Crazy French!!
And of course it was about this time that Boxing Helena came out, amid much anti-fanfare. Well, a chick like Helena you apparently don't cut up all at once. And with that, the daughter is relegated once again to the shadows as the father reaches critical acclaim with such projects as Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive. Well, one does have to hand it to Twin Peaks: at least they knew when to quit. Breaking Bad, not so much. All I'm saying is: something big better happen soon, if only because the entire cast is now getting too much movie work! And so, after almost 20 years, the next generation of Lynches is ready to be the new generation of iconoclast. I haven't been able to figure how good Surveillance did amongst the critics, but judging from the projects on her plate, it musta did something. She must've come in under budget and not been too much of a bitch on set. Bronwen Hughes could learn a thing or two from Lynch's sterling example!

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