Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hey! Remember the 90s?

No, my increasingly fatigued eyes aren't deceiving me, but I did have to double check Variety, just in case. It's not often I need a second box office opinion, but IMDb's been getting kinda flaky lately with all these movies that have the same title bombarding the Top 10. Good strategy, incidentally! Yes, one of the tewnty biggest box office hits of 1994 is just as potent today. The Lion King. Somehow, this has got to be Obama's fault. At #3, Drive debuts strong. Somehow, I can't help but think that Breaking Bad's got something to do with it. I heard they have a teaser clip of the 5th season. I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!! To continue the car theme, Breaking Bad's kinda doing donuts right now... but tonight's episode was pretty exciting. Nyaah, nyaah, gotta see it for yourself. A remake of Straw Dogs debuts higher than I thought at #5. Well, who among us doesn't want to see Kate Bosworth get raped on screen? ... they kept that part in, right? The location was switched from somewhere across the pond to the (American) South, without much loss of continuity. The Dustin Hoffman character is now a screenwriter, so this must've been based on a not-as-bad experience that director Rod Lurie had... I'm thinking it happened in the checkout line at Whole Foods. Close enough. But get back to the movies and TV shows about American presidents, okay, Rod? You're not going to re-remake Walking Tall next, I hope and trust? The final debut this week is Sarah Jessica Parker's latest movie called Tyler Perry's I Don't Know How She Does It... I may be wrong about Madea's involvement, I'm not sure. All I know is that they'll need to find a new title for Sex and the City 3. I'm outta here.

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