Sunday, September 18, 2011

Auteur Watch - Mary and Kevin McCarthy

Yeah, I'm just blatantly padding this out now. Neither one of these two were directors... but I did just find out that Kevin worked on many an occasion with director Joe Dante, and Mary got one of her books turned into a movie by Sidney Lumet, so you know they were hanging with the right people. They went from being the toast of the West Coast (Seattle) to being the toast of the East Coast! Kevin died in Massachusetts, so I guess he'd had enough of the Emerald City for one lifetime. What does it say about a man who's been in 100 films, and yet has his résumé shrunk down to four, one of which was his dynamic performance in UHF? Funny how that works. Kevin appeared in many a Dante pic, but never quite like Innerspace. That must've been a fun time. God rest both your souls, and now that you're both in Heaven, try and work on a project together, for all our sakes!!!

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