Sunday, May 06, 2012


Every once in a while, one movie comes along and makes all others its bitch.  This is one of those times.  And I'm assuming Batman 3 will be just as bitch-making, but it'll sure be hard to top.  Of course, these Batman movies also do well in their second week.  Will The Avengers be as avenging?  Who cares!  Two-hundred million!  I got into the wrong biz.  As for director Joss Whedon, well, he was born for this kind of work.  As David Letterman might call it, your fancy big-time storytelling for the big screen.  Like Cabin Boy!  There's your million dollar blockbuster right there.  A little something for the squirrels in Central Park.  I'm going to profile Joss later on just for this.  He's got brothers and fathers in the biz, and he's got a cult following... AND he looks like Brad Bird!  This was the job he was meant to do for a living, no question.
Yes, Avengers has thrown the whole box office out of whack.  Think Like a Man comes in second with just 8 million.  On a more upbeat note, John Cusack's The Raven stays strong at #7, and The Three Stooges hangs on at #10.  Not out of the race yet, at least not this week.  The Hunger Games will probably cross the 400 million dollar mark next week.  Stan Lee won't be the beneficiary of that one, though.

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