Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jane's Dragon: The Motion Picture

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter... sheesh.  Well, one web reviewer had the guts to say that it's an affront to history.  I say it's just the kind of thing to get the right people out to the theatre this weekend.  You know, just to see how ridiculous it is.  Meanwhile, the collaboration between Tim Burton and Timur Bekmembatov, the Russian Tim Burton, continues unabated.  How did that happen, anyway?  Timur must have motel pictures or something.  That's the only think I can thing of... oh, right!  Brave.  Shoulda figured that.  Of course, Pixar's treading on dangerous ground here with a PG movie.  Bottomless Scots?  Scots at all, for Pete's sake!  Get back to the kid-friendlier fare: Toy Story 4, Bug's Life 2, that kinda crap.  Meanwhile, the best little Marigold whorehouse drops off the list, while Moonrise Kingdom slips below #10.  It wasn't Coppola's fault, nor Ed Norton's.  I have a feeling it'll be back next week, along with that new Steve Carell downer... he's living up to his Bob Bummer character after all!

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