Saturday, June 09, 2012

Probably Prometheus

...suddenly Seymour?  Oh, right!  The kid-friendly stuff!  Madagascar 3 cleans up with 60 million... but Prometheus comes in a close second at 50 mill!  The fanboys got some money in their pocket these days!  Charlize is also in the #3 entry, the Snow White thing.  So unfair.  She should be split up in a Sherman Anti-Trust suit.  Meanwhile, back at the lab, The Avengers is almost across the 600 million mark.  Zowee.  Hope that leaves something for Batman 3.
Another interesting trend's going on here.  In addition to the kids and the fanboys, retirees are keeping their entry afloat!  Did you know that The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has been holding steady at either #6 or #8 for the last five weeks?  It's been #6 two weeks in a row now!  Something's going on here... too early to call Oscar buzz?  Nah, it's gotta be an historical figure.  What's Peter Morgan written this year?  Or what's Michael Sheen starred in this year?

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