Saturday, July 14, 2012

No, Batman's next week...

Well, the season premiere of Breaking Bad's 5th Season's almost upon us!  There really is a Christmas in July!  Meanwhile, the latest installment of Ice Age is out.  I've lost count... I think it's the fifth one.  Why don't they just make a TV series out of it and call it a day?  Well, some film's got to be known as the one that opened the week before Batman.  Meanwhile, Wes Anderson's film is having the best run of, really, ANY Wes Anderson film ever!  It's hanging in there at 8 or 9 for the fifth... eighth week in a row.  Viva Coppola!  Oh, it's definitely time for a Best Original Writing Oscar for Wes, even though he'll really be getting it for Rushmore.  Woody Allen got one last year for less.  The only other thing worth noting is Katy Perry's documentary / promo film, hanging in there at #8.  It'll be a while before the sequel, looks like.

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