Saturday, July 07, 2012

Ted again? ...oh, right! Spider Man!

As some of you may know, I'm totally against this Spider Man remake... then again, it is in 3D, and Spider Man's a classy Brit now, so what's not to like?  Still, what does it tell you about Hollywood culture that they're remaking a $140 million film?  I guess Marvel doesn't respect themselves that much.  Same with 2003's Hulk.  Also quite expensive.  Well, it gives a chance for the computer geeks to do something.  They went to all that trouble to make a CGI Hulk.  Might as well give it something to do!  In Spider Man's case, they've finally got the outfit the way they want it.  Look for the new and improved version in the sequel.
Of course, DC's not immune to reboot fever, either.  Another Batman reboot?  How many times do we have to sit through the scene where young Bruce Wayne's parents are slaughtered in the alley by the Joker?  It looked quite handsome in Batman Forever, incidentally.
What else?  Apparently, people were flocking to the theaters this weekend for the air conditioning.  Oliver Stone's latest, Savages, partially benefitted from this, as did the Katy Perry docudrama Katy Perry: Part of Me.  Makes me wonder what is that part of her that we'll never ever take away from her.  Probably the skeletons in her father's closet that he's trying harder than ever to cover up.  Thanks a lot, Katy!
Meanwhile, in the world of Konigsberg, looks like Woody Allen's on his way to a Best Actor Oscar now that his 2012 film's out, Nero Fiddled... I mean, The Bop Decameron...  I mean, To Rome With Love.  Ah, but how I love a sweet title like that.  Ellen Page can perhaps finally put Juno behind her now.  Come back to Facebook soon, Ellen.  She's gotta compete with Penelope Cruz in this one, but I think she can hold her own.  Let me just end with one last swipe, as people don't seem to like People Like Us.  Oh, snap!  It's okay, though, because director Alex Kurtzman's already hard at work on that Spider Man sequel.  You'll get to that train wreck in the coal mine art house movie soon enough!  Hook up with Jon Jost if you really must for advice.

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