Sunday, July 29, 2012

Still 'Batman'

Once again, Christopher Nolan's latest superhero movie makes the box office its bitch.  Can he work similar wonders with Superman?  Of course, he's only producing it, but if it's PG-13 he must've seriously reigned in obnoxious director Zack Snyder.  Anyway, The Dark Knight Rises just recouped its production costs.  Filming in America ain't cheap!  Who dares challenge the Dark Knight's supremacy?  Ben Stiller's Men in Black with swears?  Puh-leeze... that got beat by Step Up: Revolution.  What else is new this week?  I still have to wait for IMDb to post the results.  According to Variety, the Olympics and the tragic Colorado shooting are dampening the box office, but it could still make a comeback.  It's the end of the trilogy, for God's sake!

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