Thursday, February 07, 2013

Box office 2-10-'13

While the media still rages over the age of Rex Reed and the weight of Identity Thief star Kristen Wiig... I mean, Melissa McCarthy, ... I always get those two confused... the saturation bombing ad campaign worked!  #1 at the box office, despite the critics' protestations about the hackneyed plot and loopholes big enough to drive a truck through.    A mere C+ from The Onion?  Two stars from Roger Ebert?  Actual identity theft will actually go up because of this movie.  No one's paying attention to Jason Bateman, but I will, damn it... I will.  How many more directors will make you their avatar through which they speak, much like Michael Cimino's obsession with Mickey Rourke?  Alas, Bateman may not have a year as busy as his 2009 was, but he's got the Arrested Development movie coming up.  I swear, he must've been cloned by the same people who cloned Steven Soderbergh... actually, I guess that argument doesn't work now that Soderbergh's retiring.  Maybe his clone will keep working under any number of aliases; Mary Ann Bernard, Peter Andrews, Peter Hyams, what have you.  Speaking of which... damn, everything's related.  Soderbergh's last film ever, apparently, is Side Effects and it debuts at #3.  Well, he's sort of ending at the top of his game.  I think he'll come out of retirement early.  After all, lots of guys are still directing in their 60s and up.  The only other debut this week is the triumphant return of Argo at #8.  Eighteen weeks in the game!  Dayamn.

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