Thursday, February 21, 2013

Box office 2-24-13... oh, right! The Oscars

For some reason, the usual muses didn't move me to do the whole Oscar pick rigamarole.  But I can do a little Monday night quarterbacking, for what it's worth!  That's a shout out to Silver Linings Playbook, by the way.  Speaking of which, there was something about the Supporting Actor category that left me a little wanting.  Don't get me wrong, I love De Niro as much as the next film buff, but it's the Oscar he should've gotten for The King of Comedy... something like that.  I guess Waltz was the best way out for the voting bloc.  But how will Tarantino complete the trilogy?  What genre or age of mankind can he pervert next?  Cavemen?  Sci-fi?... that's it!  A caveman sci-fi pic!  Wouldn't you like to see a caveman stick his hand on a primitive fingerprint ID scanner to enter a secret cave?  Just me?  Okay, skip it.
What else?  Oh yeah.  Well, Sean Penn proved that an actor can win another Oscar after 5 years... no, wait, Hilary Swank did that a bit earlier.  And so it was for Daniel Day-Lewis.  And FINALLY!  Spielberg is now an actor's director.  Took him long enough!  And even though Robert Richardson didn't win this year, his influence is felt nevertheless.  Take Claudio Miranda's hair, for example... actually, it's the only example.
And, of course, everyone was supposed to be talking about how rude and crass Seth McFarlane, the Oscar host, was, but he was clearly outdone by The Onion with their comical tweet via the Twitter.  Have we learned nothing from Don Imus-gate?  Apparently not.

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