Friday, May 17, 2013

My God! Spock!

Well, the critics agree: this Star Trek-themed action pic is certainly loud, choppily-edited, lots of hand-held camera... basically, Michael Bay-esque.  After all, J. J. Abrams worked on Bay's Armageddon some fifteen-odd years ago.  He's not John Sayles, after all!  Real people are so boring.
Well, Star Trek Into Darkness, as the kids call it, was indeed #1 this weekend.  The numbers are finally in... on the other hand, it didn't exactly dominate the competition.  You know, like Iron Man 3 did two weeks ago.  Oh, snap!  Nevertheless, a third installment is called for, with a time-travelling William Shatner meeting Chris Pine.  The ante has officially been upped; maybe they could call it something like Star Trek It Out, or the crew has to participate in the Vulcan Olympics in Star Trek and Field.  Or maybe Lawrence the Cable Guy can have a cameo as the new Cardassian president, appointed by the Cardassian Supreme Court, whose father was once Cardassian president... I think you see where I'm goin' with this.  He's a folks-y kinda guy who just wants to search the Earth for weapons of mass digitization in Aw Heck!  Star Trek.  The possibilities are finite, but large.
Well, Star Trek 2 was the only debut this week, but check out The Croods!  The filmmakers involved with this latest Pixar clone will indeed work again.  Nine weeks on the charts and still going strong.  It's risen to #5 from #7 last week!  What's the secret?  A great place to dump off the kids for a couple hours, I guess.  Meanwhile, Peeples is rocketing its way down the list, from #4 last week to #9 this week.  Now, for those of you preparing for the SATs, where will it be next week?  That's right!  #14.  Then after that?  #19...  I better go before I get into more trouble than I'm already in.

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