Friday, May 31, 2013

Short Reviews - May 2013

Even I'm getting kinda burned out on these end-of-the-world post-apocalyptic movies, guys...

Three Days of the Condor - ...that was Sydney Pollack on the phone, wasn't it?  IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!

Marci X - I can't BELIEVE I didn't do this one before!  Shame on me.  Well, it disappeared off the Top 10 quickly.  It might not have made it on in the first place.  And I think I know why, because I watched a little bit of it, and director Richard Benjamin gave himself a rather juicy part in it.  And I couldn't help but think to myself, "WRONG CHOICE, RICHARD!  IT'S NOT THE 70S ANYMORE!!!  THIS FILM IS NOT ABOUT YOU...."  Well, I could've been real cruel and just said "The 70s called, wants its movie star back."

Icarus - See, this is why my blog is totally useless.  I thought I made a reference to this old claymation film before.  The way I found it this time was looking for Will Vinton's Mountain Music on YouTube.  Icarus is a second-hand icon, basically.

Frances Ha - Funny!  I always thought Greta Gerwig would hook up with Rod Webber.

Pacific Rim - Del Toro's Transformers

R.I.P.D. - Jeff Bridges tried to get some interesting photos, but the whole thing was shot in a Green Screen studio!

Dead Heat - Hmm!  Wonder where they got the inspiration for R.I.P.D. ...

Monsters University - A G-rated Animal House?  See, this is why people are going to eventually turn on Pixar.

"Will and Grace" - Hard to believe they got 8 seasons out of that!

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