Sunday, March 19, 2017

You know, when you Get right down To It............

Faithful readers of this dreck I produce will surely note, especially if they use some flavour of "word cloud" software, that I've been saying that thing for years now.  Months even, when it comes to relationships between men and women.  I mean, aren't all marriages between men and women, and all stages of relationships leading to the pinnacle of marriage, just like Beauty and the Beast?  You know, she's a princess, and he smells like he just came in from shoveling various animal dungs at the circus.  Show biz, baby!  Nothing like it.
I think it has something to do with the Internet.  You work with a computer long enough, and you start to see the world in terms of Xs and O's... or was it 0s and 1s?  You know, Boolean-type logic.  If only Freud had access to an abacus in his time, modern psychology textbooks might be a lot different.  Alot. 
But new, cutting-edge HD/3D revampings of the same old stories can still turn a buck or two, and it's a happy day in the Magic Kingdom.  Why, even Walt Disney's frozen head must've cracked a bit of a smile!  Also, they had a blurb about it on my local radio news report.  "They say that the new Beauty and the Beast, despite the new gay character, is going to crack the 100 million mark!"  Well, I guess 170 million will just have to do.  Wonder if the Chinese have illegal Blu-Ray (TM) copies of it for sale yet... and WITH commentary, no less!  Sure, the commentary track is in Chinese and all, but they've got Celebrity Insight (TM) technology now!  They're able to fake the typical observations made on a commentary track.  You know, production went slightly over schedule; such-and-such was a pain in the ... to work with, but they brought their A game anyway; it was a joy, what have you.  And I finally wondered who's the director responsible for all this... Bill Condom?  Dude's on a veritable streak!  Good for him.  Between this and the last two Twilight movies, he's set for life.  All he needs to do is get those incessant calls from Michael Laughlin to stop, and life will be perfect.  One long, rosy crucifixion.
Now, the new Beauty and the Beast did well and all... or did it?  I mean, look at this!  Another debut debuted in the Top 10 this week.  No, seriously... LOOK AT !T.  It's called The Belko Experiment and, true to its subject matter, debuts somewhere below the Top 5.  If you want to be well within the limits of the Top 5, you need more conventional material.  But the director's not the important one here, though.  No, it's out-of-left-field Wunderkind James Gunn.  This is one of his small projects in between installments of the franchise-to-be called Guardians of the GalaxyVolume 2 is due out this May, and it's probably going to make about 170 million on its opening weekend.  Wonder when it'll actually turn a profit.

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