Sunday, February 04, 2018


Let me just start with the following Brain Fart (TM)... if you're like me, scary thought I know, you've probably been on the IMDb a lot, double-checking that your links are good.  Seems like a lot of 'em aren't, or they're doubles / re-directs.  Typical database for you.  But I've been seeing a lot of ads for two things: 1) "The Alienist" with an older, wiser Dakota Fanning... she's finally catching up to Amy Poehler's occasional portrayal of her on old "SNL" episodes, as the kids abbreviate it these days.  A little disappointed they weren't on this week; I've come to rely on the latest comedy inoculation for the virus-laden reality we live in today.  And second, it's Josh Duhamel's latest project called "Web of Fries."  It's been getting a lot of IMDb ad space, so I started to notice it in the midst of the little game I'm running.  You know, in search of a good time, just running my game.  The tag line seemed clever enough: "They DON'T want you to have fries with that."  Oh, this goes all the way to the top.  No fries, no second scoop of ice cream... but wait a minute.  Long story short, it's a big Taco Bell(TM) ad!  Just one big ad!  So I guess the real question is, it's time to play "America's Next SECOND Big-Time Celebrity to Take On a Full-Fledged Ad Campaign for a Major Corporation."  Who could it be?  Clay AikenRobin Lord Taylor?  Maybe David Patrick Kelly will come out of retirement to play a sufficiently menacing role.  On the bright side, Duhamel's finally given up the ghost and learned to love playing a dad.  Sigh; no more dates with Tad Hamilton, I suppose.  Had to happen eventually.
As for this week's box office, there's only one debut, and it's about the Winchester house.  FINALLY, it's being given the horror CGI treatment it deserves.  I've actually been on the tour!  Just shows to go ya, you stick around long enough in Hollywood, and your ship will come in!  Of course, having a coupla A-Listers in the cast doesn't hurt.  We got Helen Mirren and... someone else.  I just realized that Winchester's official IMDb page isn't getting the full IMDb treatment.  They're annoying, but it's fun to find the 'X' to click on to disable the Flash animation, or HTML 5 or whatever it is now.  Sigh... no more Flash.  Okay, so according to the poster, Jason Clarke and Sarah Snook... tee hee hee... are the other A-Listers that round out the already bulging cast.  Funny story... here's how Helen Mirren ended up taking the role.  She asked "Who's directing?"  And the tinny voice on the other end of the line said "Michael and Peter Spierig."  And she replied "Steven Spielberg?  I'll do it!"  A little disappointed to find out who actually was directing, but... meh.  A paycheck's a paycheck.  Besides, hanging around the house with a sulking Taylor Hackford's no fun.  Look, they're going to be called casting "DIRECTORS" sooner or later, so get over yourself!

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