Thursday, February 01, 2018

Short Reviews - February 2018

A.W.O.L. - With Scott K. Leslie as Sheldon's Brother Frank

Absolute Killers - With Patrick G. Keenan as Frank

Across My Land - With Timothy V. Murphy as Frank

An Act of War - With Joseph R. Gannascoli as Frank

"Agent Carter" "A View in the Dark" - With Carl W. Crudup as Frank

Alive or Dead - With L. Flint Esquerra as Frank

"America's Deadliest Home Video" - With Michael S. Thompson as Frank

"American Horror Story" "Chapter 6" - With William R. Moses as Frank

Anacapa - With Robert D. Steffen as Frank

And They Call It Puppy Love - With Michael T. Ybarra as Frank

Angela - With Rodger L. Phillips as Frank

The Attic Expeditions - With Michael A. Gemme as Frank

"Avenging Disco Vampires" - With K. C. Jacobs as Frank

Bahay ni Lola - With Allan K. as Frank

The Beginning - With Bruce St. Martin as Frank

Big Miracle - With Thomas R. Daly as Frank

The Big Steal - With Frankie J. Holden as Frank

A Birthday Card - With Tim D. Walker as Frank

"The Blue Knight" "The Pink Dragon" - With William C. Coleman as Frank

"Boston Common" "A Night in Camelot" - With John A. Zoida as Frank

Boundaries of Attraction - With Michael W. Fontana as Frank

Boxed Out - With John J. Pistone as Frank

Break - With Martyn G. Krouse as Frank

Bridgebuilders - With Bill D. Russell as Frank

Bury the Dog - With Joseph E. Murray as Frank

By the Gun - With Brian A. White as Frank

Calamari Union (Remake) - With ... the cast entire as Frank.  That's a first!

Carnival of Souls - With Richard C. Hawkes as Frank

"Caroline in the City" "Caroline and the Booby Trap" - With S. Frog S. Marc Jordan as Frank

Certain Death - With R. Brian Falkner as Frank

Chasing the Sun - With Raul S. Julia as Frank

Chimeras - With Kevin J. O'Connor as Frank

The Church of Phil - With R. Shane Bingham as Frank

Code Name Abdul - With Rome K. Chopra as Frank

"Cold Case" "The Dealer" - With Edward C. Gillow as Frank

Cold Room - With T. Maxwell Smith as Frank

"Cold Sweat" - With Patrick St. Esprit as Frank

Collide - With Bradley J. Birnie as Frank

Conundrum! - With Kalen J. Hall as Frank

Cop-Out - With Lawrence L. Simeone as Frank

Dark Leaves - With Robert G. Slade as Frank

Dark Streets - With Howard S. Miller as Frank

"Dead Serious" - With C. Stephen Foster as Frank

Deadwood Park - With Joseph R. Engel as Frank

Dear Santa - With Robert J. Vogl as Frank

"Dorogoy Malchik" - With V. Vakhlin as Pete Georgie Dim Frank

"Dream Street" "Money for Nothing" - With James A. Baffico as Dire Straits Frank

The Dreamer - With David R. Jarrott as Frank

The Dying - With Michael W. Mahoney as Frank

"The Enid Blyton Adventure Series" "Circus of Adventures" - With Wayne E. Lutton as Frank

Every Moment - With Francisco C. Torres as Frank

The Ex - With Barry W. Levy as Frank

"Faking It" "Homecoming Out" - With Anthony M. Bertram as Frank

"Family Matters" "Scammed" - With Mark L. Taylor as Frank

Flight of the Living Dead - With Kevin J. O'Connor as Frank.  Also featuring Richard Tyson as Paul Rudd... Judd.  Ashley Judd.  Paul Judd.

Four O'Clock - With Michael Z. Keamey as Frank

Frank and Azalee Austin - With Kareem M. Lucas as Frank

Frank's Book - With John C. Reilly as Frank

Freak on a Moped - With John R. Sexton as Frank

"Für immer ein Mörder - Der Fall Ritter" - Mitt Lukas T. Berglund als Frank.  Auch mit Hinnerk Schönemann als Frank Vulf Wolf.

Game Seven - With Bradley E. Mittelman as Frank

"Gilmore Girls" "Say Something" - With Dale E. Turner as Frank

The Girl in the Green Dress - With Brian R. Norris as Frank

The Golden Donut - With Allen D. Edwards as Frank

A Good Catch - With Francis X. Bushman as Frank

Good Enough - With Manuel von E. Dixen as Frank

Good Taste - With William A. Carlson as Frank

Grace This Way - With Stephen F. Schmidt as Frank

Heart of the Dragon - With Stevie J. Hennessey as Frank

High Desert - With Edward B. Glinski as Frank

Hit List - With Peter D. Johnston as Frank

"Hogzilla" - With William A. Butland as Frank

Hollow Road - ...and the lightning strikes.  I mean, with W. Patrick Martin as Frank

"I Didn't Do It" "Doggie Daddy" - With Tom G. McMahon as Frank

"If Loving You Is Wrong" - With Donielle T. Hansley Jr. as Frank (10 episodes)

In the Name of My Father - With Anthony L. Gilardi as Frank

Inner Demons the Thrillogy - With Fritz J. Noble as Frank

Inner Rage - With Ronald J. Zambor as Frank

Investigation of a Dog - With Steven R. Barron as Frank

JDS - Jedem Das Seine - Mitt David O. Riedel als Frank

Journey to Paradise - With Ken T. Williams as Frank

"Jury" "Gerald" - With Nelson E. Ward as Frank

"Just Shoot Me!" - With Kevin P. Farley as Frank (5 episodes... okay, okay, 3 as Frank, one as Fireman Frank, one as Cowboy)

Kejar America - With David M. Wallace as Frank

"Kraft Theatre" "Welcome to a Stranger" - With David J. Stewart as Frank

Kuwait - With Hafid F. Benamar as Frank

The Lady in Red - With Joseph X. Flaherty as Frank

Landing Up - With James K. Fulater as Frank

"The Leftovers" "Two Boats and a Helicopter" - With Alan R. Rodriguez as Frank

Let There Be Light - With David Z. Roberts as Frank

"The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams" "The Redemption of Ben" - With Earl W. Smith as Frank

The Local - With David F. Nighbert as Frank

Lock 'n' Load - With Matthew J. Conger as Frank

"The Loop" "The Year of the Dog" - With D. Elliot Woods as Frank

Love Thy Neighbour to Death - With Robert J. Conant as Frank

Lucky U Ranch - With Michael A. Candela as Frank

"MacGyver" "The Challenge" - With Charles K(ristian). Pitts as Frank

The Matador - With Michael J. Fox Labbadia as Frank.  Also with Nick Thies as Frank, Young

Merchant of Evil - With George A. Bryant as Frank

"Midlife" - With Morris L. Walker as Frank

Miss B's Hair Salon - With J. Horton as Frank

The Moneymaker - With James C. Burns as Frank

The Next Three Days 3 Days to Kill The Next Two Nights - With James K. Fulater as Frank

Nibble - With Scott F. Evans as Frank

Nico's Sampaguita - With Rico E. Anderson as Frank

Night of the Living - With Hardee T. Lineham as Frank

Not the Profile - With Thomas F. Evans as Frank

Office Batman - With Tyler R. Riggs as Frank

One More Round - With Stephen C. Sepher as Frank

Paradise Lost - With Steven T. Robinson as Frank

Pawnshop - With Lee J. Campbell as Frank

A Perfect Pitch - With John A. Razzano as Frank.  Also with Alan Zino as Frank's Bodyguard.

"Pini" "Sunglasses" - With Robert H. Wainwright as Frank

Pink Eye - With Kevin L. Bright as Frank

Pledge of Innocence - With Thomas R. Martin as Frank

The Punished - With Fritz J. Noble as Frank

Quicksands - With J. Warren Kerrigan as Frank

Rabid Weight Loss - With John F. Beach as Frank

"Reba" "Best Li'l Haunted House in Texas" - With Andrew W. Walker as Frank

Repaid - With Jared M. Gordon as Frank

The Return of Tommy Tricker - With Charles V. Doucet as Frank

Rosy Takes the Stage - With J. Michael Ferniany as Frank

Run Chrissie Run! / Money Hunters - With Roger L. Howell as Frank

"$chitt's Creek" "Dead Guy in Room 4" - With David J. MacNeil as Frank

"The Scottish Play" - With David S. Hogan as Frank (6 Episodes)

Second Chance - With W. Keith Scott as Frank

The Secrets That I Found - With Benjamin J. Edwards as Frank

Serena and the Ratts - With Christopher J. Davis as Frank

Sever - With Joseph F. Meacham as Frank

Shelf Life - With Clay St. Thomas as Frank

Shuffles - With Archie D. Williams as Frank

Silence - With Richard S. Sargent as Frank

Simba - With Anthony M. Bertram as Frank

"The Six Million Dollar Man" - With Quinn K. Redeker as Frank (6 episodes)

So, What's in Jericho? - With E. Patrick Corbett as Frank

Speakeasy to Me - With Julian J. Fernandez as Frank

Static - With J. Ryan as Frank

Stitch in Time - With Michael X. Sommers as Frank

"Superstore" - With Rodney J. Hobbs as Frank (2 Episodes)

Table Manners: The Horror Comedy That Sings - With J. Colin Crawford as Frank

"Tales From the Crypt" "Curiosity Killed" - With Marshall R. Teague as Frank

Terminal Island - With Scott L. Schwartz as Frank

Terms and Conditions May Apply - With Justin C. Schilling as Frank

That Sun - With J. Emerson McGowan as Frank

That's E - With David R. Reid as Frank.  Also with Briahna Gilbert as Franks Daughter [sic].

They Die Lovely - With Edward M. Miller as Frank... also with Edward Miller as Frank.  Wonder if they're related.

"Thomas P." - Med Anders T. Andersen som Frank (5 episodes)

Til Death Do Us Apart - With Shailesh B. Trivedi as Frank

"Too Close For Comfort" "Shipmates" - With Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Frank

Too Many Holes - With Kevin J. Grotz as Frank

20 Something - With Robert J. D'Amato as Frank

"21 Jump Street" "Chapel of Love" - With Don (S.) Davis as Frank

"The Ugly Duckling and Me!" - With Morgan C. Jones as Ratso / Frank (4 episodes confirmed...)

"Valerie" - With Arnold F. Turner as Frank (4 episodes)

Whaling City - With Robert D. Murphy as Frank

What Are the Chances? - With Dan L. Porter as Frank

What Is - With Robert G. Silverman as Frank

White Lie - With Joel D. Wynkoop as Frank

Wild - With W. Earl Brown as Frank

The Wrath of Norm Polanski - With Dave T. Koenig as Frank

Yesterday's Forecast - With Brian J. Coffey as Frank

Chloe - With R. H. Thomson as Frank

"Compromising Situations" "First Time Caller" - With J. T. Maguire as Frank

Cromax's Curse - With J. R. Mangels as Frank

The Crooked Eye - With D. C. Douglas as Frank

Darker Suggestion - With C. R. Oberlin as Frank

"Deadbeat" "The Polaroid Flasher" - With J. D. Williams as Frank

Do You Like My Basement - With P. J. Williamson as Frank

"The Equalizer" "Shades of Darkness" - With J. J. Johnston as Frank

Fate - With C. W. Chandler as Frank

Footsteps - With J. R. Starr as Frank

Free Fall - With D. B. Sweeney as Frank

"General Hospital" - With R. J. Adams as Frank (2 episodes)

It's What Artists Do - With E. J. Subkoviak as Frank... and apparently, as the Artist, as he or she's the only one in the cast

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" "Undercover Mother" - With D. K. Bowser as Frank

Le Teen Nikita - With J. T. Richardson as Frank... Also with Luc Besson as Executive Producer.  Don't tell him tho!

Lindsey - With Morgan I. P. Fics as Frank

"Malcolm in the Middle" "Malcolm's Car" - With J. T. Kubala as Frank

Matched - With L. J. Grillo as Frank

"Men at Work" "The Good, The Bad & The Milo" - With J. P. Manoux as Frank

"Nina Needs to Go" - With J. J. Totah as Frank (15 episodes)... and after reading the plot description, I think I need to go, too.  I'm off to find A MORE WHIMSICAL PLOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Patriot - With L. Q. Jones as Frank

"Some Kinda Woman" - With S. A. Griffin as Frank and, as of this writing, this one's his main IMDb photo.  Why doesn't Terry Bradshaw follow this guy's sterling egg-zample?

Soulmates - With R. D. Mower as Frank

Street Language - With J. T. Richardson as Frank

Spring Breakers Student Loaners - With E. J. Tangonan as Frank

"That '80s Show" "Tuesday Comes Over" - With T. J. Thyne as Frank

Under the City - With D. J. Howard as Frank

Until Morning - With S. E. Perry as Frank

"Wizards of Waverly Place" "Halloween" - With Stephen A. F. Day as Frank

Woe - With T. J. McIntyre as Frank

¿Puedo Llamarte Carlitos? - Protagonizada por Vitelio Almeida como Frank

#27 - With Carter Ferguson as Frank

10 - With Bo Derek Evan Davis as Frank

"10 millions cash" - Avec Olivier Schneider son Frank

10 Seconds - With Rob Wilds as Frank.  Also featuring Judy Jackson as Frank's Wife.

100 Degrees Below Zero - With Steve Carlson as Frank

1000 Words - With George Kopecky as Frank

11 P.M. - With Manuel Renken as Frank

11:14 - With Patrick Swayze as Frank

1126 - Med Oddbjørn Hesjevoll som Frank

1132 Pleasant Street - With Mark Gibbon as Frank.  Also with Lucas Fassbender as Young Frank.

"12 steden, 13 ongelukken" "Een slechte partij (Ermelo)" - Med Rik Launspach som Frank

"12 steden, 13 ongelukken" "Een verstoorde droom (Vlaardingen)" - Med Eric van Sauers som Frank

13 Friday St [sic] - With Ben Cooper as Frank

"13 Stories TV Originals" "A Child's Crusade" - With Holden Haas as Frank

"1313: Wicked Stepbrother" - With Kayde McMullen as Frank (... I'm Facebook friends with the director, so...)

"15:52" - With Daniel Flood as Frank

"18 D" - With Carmine Caridi as Frank... Also with Vera Lockwood as Fran.

"18-Year-Old Virgin" - With Alberto Alvarado as Frank

1962 - With Steve Bakken as Frank

"1985-1986" - With Paul Saitowitz as Frank

"1st & Ten: The Championship" "A Mutiny on the Bull Team" - With Bo Sabato as Frank

2 Bedroom 1 Bath - With Costas Mandylor as Frank

"2 Broke Girls" "And the Alley-Oops" - With Darin Brooks as Frank

"20-Something" "Pilot" - With Richard Ryker as Frank.  Also with Zoe Bournelis as Fran.

"21 Jump Street" "Fathers and Sons" - With Gerry Rousseau as Frank

"227" - With Lee Weaver as Frank (2 Episodes)

24 Hours to Die - With Martin Nolan as Frank

24 Hours to Live - With Rutger Hauer as Frank

A 24k Gold Bear - With Garret Leblanc as Frank

25Gs - With Paul Redston as Frank.  Also with Steve Murphy as Franny Williams.

28 Days Later... - With Brendan Gleeson as Frank

2BPerfectlyHonest - With Adam Trese as Frank

2ND Take - With Christopher Fairbanks as Frank

"2point4 Children" "One Night in Bangkok" - With Don Henderson as Frank

3 Blind Mice - With Craig Kelly as Frank

3 Hours to Dusk - With Kevin Bishop as Frank

3 Mile Limit - With John McKee as Frank

3 Wishes - With Manuel Carrasco as Frank

3-Iron - With Tom Martin as Frank

3/4 - Avec Sébastien Higgins as Frank

3° kälter - Mitt Johann von Bülow als Frank

300 secondes - Avec Richard Lemire son Frank

300* - With Andrew Hernon as Frank

"32 Brinkburn Street" - With David Ross as Frank (5 Episodes)

39 Across - Avec Daniel Chenard son Frank

"3rd Rock from the Sun" "Auto Erodicka" - With Peter DeLuise as Frank

"3rd Rock from the Sun" "Dick Solomon's Day Off" - With Jerry Hauck as Frank

"3rd Rock from the Sun" "Hotel Dick" - With Tim Bagley as Frank

4 Conversations About Love - With Gary Lilburn as Frank

4 Dead in Ohio - With Owen O'Farrell as Frank

"The 4400" "Gone: Part 1" - With Barry Nerling as Frank

47 Minutes - With Andrew Diaz as Frank

5 Shells - With Chad Brummett as Frank

51 Degrees North - With Jamie Doyle as Frank

51st and Baltimore - With Neal Ryan as Frank

5ive - With Leonardo Santaiti as Frank

6 Bullets to Hell - With Aaron Stielstra as Frank

6 Minutes to Midnight - With Brandon Hitson as Frank

The 6 Month Rule - With Vincent De Paul as Frank

666 sq ft - With Theodore Bouloukos as Frank

'79 Parts - With Martin Barabas as Frank.  Also with Chris T. Margaritis as Frankie.

"7th Heaven" "Hot Pants" - With Bobby Edner as Frank.  Also with Stephen Collins as Rev. Heterosexual Child Molester Chase-Rottingham.  Hot pants indeed!

"7th Heaven" "The Known Soldier" - With Harrison Young as Frank.  Also with Stephen Collins as Rev. Heterosexual Child Molester Barstow-Pigott.

"8 Simple Rules" "Thanksgiving Guest" - With Tom McGowan as Frank

8 Uhr 28 - Mitt Fahri Yardin als Frank

8:46 - With Todd Lewis as Frank.  Also with Frank Durazzo as Man at bar.

8.5 Hours - With Art Kearns as Frank

"83 Hours 'Til Dawn" - With Terry Israel as Frank

"87th Precinct" "Step Forward" - With Byron Foulger as Frank

90 Minutes - With Grant Davis as Frank.  Also with Wayne Goddard as Francis.  Also with Robert Ristic as Jack... sorry, that was last year.  Oops!  Old habits die hard, me guesses's.

95ers: Echoes - With Mike Guido as Frank

"9ine" - With Ken Moreno as Frank (4 Episodes)

À moi seule - Avec Grégory Gadebois son Frank

À Rebours - Avec Paul Granier son Frank

"A to Z" "F is for Fight, Fight, Fight!" - With Josh Casaubon as Frank

"The A-Team" "Members Only" - With Scott Colomby as Frank

"The A-Team" "Pure-Dee Poison" - With Tony O'Neil as Frank

"A1 ko sa'yo" "House Party" - With Aaron Yanga as Frank

Aami & Frank - With Ricci Harnett as Frank

Aanmodderfakker - Med Dean Wijkhuizen som Frank

"ABC Afterschool Specials" "Hewitt's Just Different" - With Michael Luther as Frank

"ABC Afterschool Specials" "High School Narc" - With Joe Lisi as Frank

"ABC Afterschool Specials" "Sara's Summer of the Swans" - With Scott McCartor as Frank

"ABC Afterschool Specials" "Sometimes I Don't Love My Mother" - With William McNulty as Frank

"ABC Weekend Specials" "The Seven Wishes of Joanne Peabody" - With Garrett Morris as OUR TOP STORY TONIGHT... Frank

Abduction - With Gregory Rozakis as Frank

Absence - With Don Moss as Frank

Abusing Protocol - With Cass Pennant as Frank

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