Monday, January 16, 2006

The Coens in "Crimewave"

Well, that's the last of it. All the celluloid cameo appearances of the Coen brothers. For some reason they're very picky about appearing on film; too bad Quentin Tarantino doesn't follow suit. Just kidding.
Anyway, a brief glance at the box office. Speaking of Tarantino, I haven't seen a Weekend Box Office tally that smacks of Payola since The Specialist beat out Pulp Fiction way back when. Anyone seen an ad for Hoodwinked? How does THIS leap to the #1 spot? Meanwhile, Tarantino recomendee Hostel drops to #5, but don't fret: that weekend getaway the film promises is still out there somewhere, even if family entertainment has won the battle this weekend.
In other unfair news, if you don't see James Franco in Tristan and Isolde, you can always see him in Annapolis. But I think we can all agree the real forgotten victim here is T&I director Kevin Reynolds. Oh, why must Kevin Costner be so vindictive? Can't he share the blame for Waterworld for a change?

As for the rest of the box office, it's pretty much all the stuff that's been there already, except for Last Holiday. Oh, Wayne Wang, what happened to you? If this winning track record keeps up, you'll have to remake Chan is Missing! After all, what is Last Holiday if not a remake of Maid in Manhattan? I prefer Maid to Order myself, but what can I say? The 80s was my big decade.

Well, it's time to go again, but before we do, we leave you with the following mantra. This will be more important around November of this year, and in 2008, but it never hurts to prepare early, right? That's what the Repubes are doing! Anyway, it concerns the economy, and it's pretty much all you need to know about it. It was delivered by the great Rob Corddry...

"...Simply put, Jon, supply-side economics is when a president cuts taxes. This makes people happy and him popular. The tax cuts deprive the government of money, and after eight years the deficit balloons to (an) astronomical size. Then, with the economy in tatters, a Democrat is elected. He has to cut the deficit by raising taxes, making people unhappy and him unpopular, perfectly setting up the next election where a Republican uses the Democrat's tax hikes against them to win back the White House, and start the cycle all over again. Four men won Nobel prizes for that, Jon."

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