Sunday, January 01, 2006

Auteur Watch: Coen Bros.

Not to get up on my high horse or anything, but you call yourself a Coen brothers fan and you don't know what THIS pitcure is? That's right, it's time for AUTEUR WATCH, and we look at the brothers Coen, Joel and Ethan. They've got quite a bit lined up. Looks like they're trying to do a 3-films in 2 years kinda deal like Spielberg, with Hail Caesar, Suburbicon and No Country for Old Men. Well, this is where all their years of organization pay off, is it not? And with digital film editing things should go a little faster. I still have somewhere, from a special about them on the Bravo! Network, back when it was still a little butch, they showed a bookshelf containing scripts with titles like Cult Cop and Johnny Skidmarks, kinduva L.A. Confidential lite. I'll have to look for that again... Ethan's got Gambit coming up at some point, but even he knows it's not the alpha project. Okay, that's about it, I've razzed them enough. For the only true info on the web about the boys go to the official Mike Zoss Productions website.
Oh yeah, and happy New Year and all that jazz. Gotta break up the continuum of days and weeks somehow, am I right?
p.s. I wonder if one of the stipulations of working on a Peter Jackson picture is you then have to go on the IMDb and vote it a 10, heh heh. Not always, I guess, judging from Kong.

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