Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The New Benchmark

There's a new benchmark for success in the film world, or rather, longevity, cult status, belovedness, what have you. When a movie becomes a musical, The Lion King, The Producers, Hairspray even. Now it's The Wedding Singer's turn, of all things! Somehow I don't think they're going to stay true to the spirit of Sandler, even though it's a bit watered down in that movie. Although rumor has it that Steve Buscemi will reprise his role on stage, and that it'll be a bit meatier than in the movie.
Speaking of all things Sandler, Grandma's Boy doesn't seem to be doing that well! It's already dropped off of the Top 10. Let us speak no more about it, it'll only make Sandler yell louder.
One last word on Allen Covert. He's going to play a character named Fred Wolf in an upcoming movie called Strange Wilderness. Small world! Very small world. Well, he's catching up to Tony Danza in that self-referential regard.

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