Sunday, March 25, 2007

Late night aneurysm

Three o'clock in the morning, it came without warning. Ah, I love cable. In what other medium can you go from Cape Fear to For Your Eyes Only? I mean, seriously? What lunatic is going to make such off-handed selections in a video store or off of Netflix? Anyway, time every once in a while to get up on my high horse, as someone has to on occasion. Me myself, I fear I'm far too susceptible to the opinions of the culture at large, and I just want to say this before I begin to live the rest of my life with the meme rattling around in my head of Gore / power bill. For those of you who've read this blog with any regularity you may have noticed that I am a Democrat, and I lean to the left politically. First of all, I don't even care about the details of this whole Al Gore and his Tennessee power bill thing. There's right wing think tanks all over it anyway. I first heard about it on Air America Radio when they let one of these rightie blowhards get their talking points out about it, and quite expertly at that. Even I thought the guy should get a promotion from the great sales job. There was this other wacko who called in to Air America claiming to be running for president. He said many things like, he loves everybody... well, almost everybody, and he recycles and he doesn't heat his house.

Doesn't heat his house? He went on to explain. Well, he lives in California, which is certainly not Minne-so-cold, am I right? He doesn't have to heat his house, and on that rare occasion when it does get cold in California, he just puts on a jacket! And then it came out... not like that Al Gore. Ah hah!!!!! AH HAHHH!!!! Trapped in his own web. Someone is, I don't know who.

I guess, for me, I need something a little stronger than the following joke: who knew? Someone in Tennessee has electricity. So, here's my question: how about Dick Cheney? How about this deferment-getting draft-dodger getting the Navy to pay HIS power bill? I want a Republican to tell me how this is any different. I want a Republican to tell me that it's totally different because Cheney can't be exposed as a hypocrite, because Cheney has nothing to be hypocritical about. Everyone already knows he's pure evil. Cheney's not trying to be environmentally conscious, because there's a good chance he would be accused by his fellow righties of jamming environmentalism down their throats, which these days is obviously the greater crime, if not the greatest crime of them all. Besides, all the working class Righties who aren't in Cheney's inner circle know better than to speak of the man, or make eye contact with him when in his presence. Also, I'd like to know how many solar panels Cheney has on his house. Or does he just have the diesel generators running 24 hours a day? Just throwing it out there. Oh yeah, didn't I hear something about Cheney's other non-Lesbian daughter working for Halliburton? Well, that's just old fashioned bootstrapping by another unfortunate Republican just trying to make themselves a little more fortunate, right? I mean, it's not Whitewater we're talking about, right?

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