Sunday, November 04, 2007

Box Office Torte!

Must be hungry. Well we got some heavy hitters coming up in about 12 hours, folks. My prediction? Bee Movie at #1, American Gangster at #2 - with the caveat that A.G. will drop off even further next week, because of all the disappointed people who thought it was about Finch becoming a gangstah! Whatta Ripoff!
But let's get to this week's dregs. As you can see, Saw 4 is #1 with a scalpel! Over 20 million more than Steve Carell's 2nd 2007 project, Dan in Real Life. So much for all that Oscar talk in the commercials! Maybe I'm old fashioned, but if you've had a #1 movie already in the year, you're doing pretty good. But poor ol' Carell, he's the lunchmeat in a scare sandwich, and it ain't open faced, because 30 Days of Night is the #3 slice of bread!

At #4 it's the most profitable movie this week, The Game Plan with a whopping 77 million total. Rounding out the top 5 is Why Did I Get Married, the second most profitable.


As for 6 to 10, well, it's Michael Clayton, Gone Baby Gone, The Nightmare Before Christmas IMAX, We Own the Night, and The Comebacks, which has apparently fallen victim to this insiduous trend of comedies getting spanked by the IMDb Bottom 100. Oh sure, not as hard as Who's Your Caddy? but still, I didn't think it'd happen to my man in Amsterdam, David Koechner. I think it's time he made that movie with Mark McKinney about those two Aristocrats. (damn! Can't find an image...)
Speaking of Gone Baby Gone, where did The Darjeeling Limited go?

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